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  1. Conner Williams returning for WVU!

    I just think he has proved himself to the NFL that he is a first round draft selection already and there is very little that will be gained by returning for another year . The risk in my opinion is much greater than the reward .
  2. Conner Williams returning for WVU!

    I admire Conner's dedication , but honestly I hope he does not play as his future is now with the NFL and I hope that Herman does not put his future career at risk for these next two games . Connor has been something special and I just think he needs to be protected from himself on this one.
  3. If the Aggies do win out then no change will be made despite what the fan base wants. With both games being away I think they could end up losing both then all bets are off on if they keep Sumlin
  4. The ripple effect of is where I think Texas might be concerned as I can see Iowa State or UCF going after Orlando if their coaches decide to make the move to one of the jobs that will be opened. If Chad Morris does go to A&M or another program heck lets say Tech then SMU will be on the hunt. This is why I love college football as the story off the fields are like a continuation of the season with winners and losers.
  5. Yeah just saw where Tennessee fired Jones and that he will be owed almost $13 million unless something else was negotiated. Aggie's might decide to wait with so many other schools making changes. I think Old Miss will also be trying to make a permanent hire. One friend is telling me that Mike Leach is getting mentioned for Florida. I would not be surprised to see Florida State make a change as Jimbo has the program headed in the wrong direction .
  6. We know that Florida will be hiring , and I have no doubt Tennessee , Arkansas will also be making changes this season . Nebraska and UCLA might still be a year away and I would not be surprised to see Snyder at K-State retire again after this season. What effect will this have on our coaches and those in our conference and are there others I am missing?
  7. Mack Brown for AD?

    Never hire someone as an AD who still thinks they should be a HEAD COACH!
  8. Staff Predictions - Kansas

    I will be honest as this is a game that if we win by 42 points or more, that will not give me any great feeling that we have accomplished something special or that we have a program that is vastly improved. Kansas is just that bad and if our offense does struggle then Tom should feel the pressure as he is responsible for hiring Beck!
  9. How many SEC schools will be looking for a new Head Coach this year, then you add in UCLA, Nebraska possibly. A&M will probably not be a better offer than Florida and if Nebraska pulls the trigger , plus Tennessee and Arkansas just not sure if A&M will be more attractive than these I mentioned.
  10. Oh please let them be foolish enough to hire Briles. They very well could be making the mistake that Nebraska made when the fired Bo Pelini who at least won more than he lost.
  11. *****Texas vs. TCU Game Thread*****

    Why do we even want this horrible offense to even play in some meaningless bowl that we might get beat. I don;t see us beating WV and Tech is not going to be a gimme. Geeze this sucks.
  12. Common Guy Prediction Thread - TCU

    TCU has a good offensive line and some very good running backs. I also think they are much healthier than our Longhorns so I have to give it to them with a 31 to 24 victory as we are still a year away.
  13. I think it is like a car seatbelt the tighter the better in terms of protection ... this is my guess.
  14. Who's Starting QB vs Baylor???

    Good point about the injury to Heard's hand as I forgot about that. So we basically do not have a healthy QB at this time.
  15. Who's Starting QB vs Baylor???

    Was the year before last that Baylor had no QB so they basically put their best athlete back to take deep snaps and just let him run the ball with an now and again deep pass to keep the secondary honest. Texas won the game but I think Baylor almost pulled out a win .