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  1. Good luck to Shane , not sure he will see much more playing time but certainly understand his decision.
  2. I have no defense for Shaka as his time here has been very disappointing as I had expected so much more from him when he was brought to the 40 acres. We have had great players here but most have been one year and done which I hate and wish the NCAA would find some way to address and discourage Coaches from recruiting such players . Just my two cents.
  3. Jalen is a good player and wish he was not going to Suck U!
  4. Kids want to play and if they are not getting to play then they will look at their options. What I want to know is what are the Coaches telling these guys that will convince them to stay. By putting their names on this list it allows other teams to contact them and basically try and recruit them. It will be more about which schools reach out to these kids and what opportunity they have to offer that will be the deciding factor for these players. If Scott Frost at Nebraska tells them you can be starting or at least playing next year they may take a chance and transfer. If Texas State is calling and not many others , then you will probably stay in hopes you get some playing time.
  5. Started out what 7-0 for the season and then Charlie Strong and South Florida just cratered. Last night losing to Marshall while playing in Florida just confirms to me that he is a Defensive Coordinator but not a Head Coach . I do not see him making it past 2020 as the Head Coach of South Florida.
  6. A&M has put all their money on the table from new stadium , to their $75 million dollar coach and this is exactly what happened when they hired Jackie Sherrill . As I warned everyone when they hired Fisher watch out as the Aggies are about to dominate the state of Texas when it comes to recruiting. Cheating or dark dark shades of gray , it will not matter as they are all in and honestly there is nothing that will stop them especially the NCAA . If they do it will be years down the road and way after the fact. For me we have two teams we have to stay ahead of when it comes to recruiting and that is Oklahoma and Texas A&M . How we did against those two teams is how I will judge.
  7. I want to see who actually will be playing as some players from both sides will have grade issues, opt out for draft, and of course there will be those that just cannot help themselves once they get to Bourbon St and end up being sent home for doing something stupid.
  8. I don't think Buechele finishes his career at Texas as I think he will transfer out and I think that will play a factor as to how the Coaches move forward with Buechele. I actually do not see many programs other than smaller college programs having much interest in Buechele.
  9. Bowl games have become difficult for me to measure any team by as so many players often times opt out to prepare for the draft and a few have been known to play cautiously so as to avoid any kind of injury. Then you add in the Coaches who will often times use it to play all new starters and bowl game events that become a distraction. With that said Orlando better have a defense that can stop the run are it will be a miserable game.
  10. Folks , just my opinion but I honestly believe we are better team than OU , but they were just better prepared for this game and their coaches just out coached our staff . That is just frustrating to me as there is no guarantee we make it back to the conference championship next year so when you have the opportunity you better cease it and we did not do that .
  11. It is kinda hard to argue with an OU Fan and say "Hey we won the Red Shootout" and their reply is who the fu@k cares we just beat your ass for the conference championship !
  12. I know that I am upset , but I honestly do not think we were prepared well at all for this game today. We did not execute well , both offense and defense played poorly. We were not much better than how we played in Kansas and that is unacceptable for the talent we have on this team. God this sucks.
  13. There is your ball game and the victory at the Red River Shootout has been just wiped away as if it does not exist with this loss today. Damn !!!!!
  14. Did we get out Coached today . I get so frustrated with this team as I know they are better and we made OU look like they have a top 10 defense. I am also tired of Orlando ...hell I am just upset probably regret typing that tomorrow.
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