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  1. mctmatt

    ***** NFL DRAFT THREAD *****

    Dallas understands the importance of having a great offensive line. Congratulations Connor,
  2. mctmatt

    Dave Aranda Says No To A&M

    Sir what it reminds me of is how Jackie cheated when it came to recruiting and that is what I see happening all over again with Fischer .
  3. mctmatt

    Dave Aranda Says No To A&M

    I am just seeing shades of the Jackie Sherrill all over again and the new attitude at A&M is just win at any cost including NCAA violations. Trust me with the amount of money that is being spent in La La Land there is no way they are going to run the program within the rules of the NCAA. Hell, mobile phone sales probably increased in College Station when Fischer was hired as they probably issued him, the Athletic Director, and all of the new Coaches with 5 separate phones so their calls could never be tracked back to them.
  4. mctmatt

    Houston Hires Kendal Briles and Randy Clements

    If Houston wins then all the Houston fans will come on board as winning seems to have a magic way of changing one's perspective! I am in agreement with others here who are asking if Major is feeling a lot of heat already. I have just a few friends who said that many voices are being heard that Todd Orlando should have been named the Head Coach and not Major.
  5. mctmatt

    Thinking of pulling for OU in the playoff?

    I am pulling for OU to win it all and could care less if they would cheer for us or not . It is up to Texas to make its on history going forward . Beside don't we share in the revenue they receive for advancing !
  6. mctmatt

    24 Second Time Clock

    I agree and maybe a return of QB's who actually have to think and make their own audible at the line of scrimmage.
  7. mctmatt

    24 Second Time Clock

    Not at all , what I would like is for the offense to have only a few seconds to make adjustments once they reach the line of scrimmage or break the huddle . I think it would actually shorten the game.
  8. I know most will not feel the same as I do when it comes to the 24 second clock and how today the offense wait until they are at the line of scrimmage to then have the Coaches start a chess match of calling the play based upon what they see in the defense. I wish the rule would be adjusted to allow for time to regroup in the huddle but once they leave the huddle then the offense only has 8 seconds to run the play. It just bugs me to see a team come up to the line of scrimmage with 15 seconds still on the clock and they start watching the sideline for play calls and adjustments . Before the Coaches and the players had to do a little guess work as to what play might be called in the huddle based upon the down and yardage .
  9. mctmatt

    Please FIX this site

    I am getting so many pop up ads that it is making this site very difficult to come to even with pop up blockers and other tools . It takes forever now for pages to load. Will not keep coming back if this keeps up.
  10. mctmatt

    5 Quick Thoughts: Texas vs. Missouri

    I have to stand up and fully admit that I did not see us winning this game with so many key players missing . I like my crow fried with some gravy please ! With that said never been so glad to be so wrong. Congratulations this was a huge win for the Coaches, players and the program . ....
  11. mctmatt

    4 more to miss bowl

    I must have missed it as the paper made it sound like this was new events that just happened. Oh well, just heard there is some guy over in North Korea that is talking smack...LOL! Hope everyone of you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  12. mctmatt

    4 more to miss bowl

    Per this morning Austin American Statesman running back Carter, Humphrey , TE Gray broke team rules and DT Nelson is out with an injury. I am starting to think that a bowl win is not likely!
  13. mctmatt

    Brewster joining Fisher at A&M

    Sir, agree with you regarding Morris and Traylor as they will be hitting the hotbed of East Texas as both coached in that region and have already built in relationships with many of the Coaches. Fisher and Brewster have the new factor but that will quickly fade if the wins do not follow. I do not fear Fisher and Brewster as recruiters when it is done fairly without breaking any of the rules....however I feel this is Jackie Sherrill all over again and the big money at A&M is all in and willing to take the risk just so they can get a title .
  14. Per Orlando Sentinel Tim Brewster is heading to A&M to join Fisher so this will have a big impact for future recruiting battles which will make it that much more exciting. We definitely have to be better next year and we really need to impress in the upcoming bowl game. Here is the link. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/florida-state-seminoles/chopping-block/os-sp-acc-fsu-tim-brewster-tamu-20171212-story.html
  15. mctmatt

    Orlando Candidate for SMU Job

    Oh Crap! If he is denying it then it means he has already signed the contract and hired a Realtor ...LOL!