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  1. mctmatt

    New Top 25 poll

    I am sorry but I think we are ranked much higher than we should as I do not see us being better than Georgia, Florida, and a few others. I think we belong somewhere between #11 and #15 honestly and that West VA and Tech could add a two more losses to our resume before conference play ends.
  2. mctmatt

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Wow , dodge a bullet as that should have been caught for a TD. Texas is going to need to gut out a win today by running the ball and taking control of the line of scrimmage.
  3. As always my friend your professional advice is much appreciated , will give this a try.
  4. Sirhornsalot , Here in Elgin TX the 100 acre forest keeps getting floodier and floodier as Winnie the Pooh once said. With all the recent rains and it looks to be the same for the next several days I am seeing that the area of my yard that has St.Augustin grass is turning yellow as the water I guess is leaching out the nutrients . The rest of the yard is green and growing like it was spring. Did a weed and feed in September but no per-emergent. Our soil is sandy here , but if you have any recommendations would appreciate. Just bought the home in June and in parts of the yard there is St.Augustin and the rest is Bermuda.
  5. mctmatt

    HornSports Members Prediction Thread: Baylor

    This game has me nervous as I worry the players will take BU lightly . No predictions but just shut down Baylor's run game and make Brewer beat you throwing the ball . We should be fine if that happens.
  6. mctmatt

    Could we se OU twice this year??

    I will be honest and say that I think it would be very difficult for us to beat OU twice as I think Murray would play much better the second time around and we might not be as healthy as there are no easy games it seems this year. Not sure how I feel about facing a new DC.
  7. mctmatt

    Mike Stoops let go

    Offense scored 45 points so no question that the defense was going to take the blame for this one and give OU credit they did not hesitate to pull the trigger .
  8. What is the chance we have to play this game all over again in the conference title game. I know there is a lot more football to be played, and any of the teams we now have left can certainly steal a victory from us if the team does not have their head in each and every game. I hope we do not see OU a second time this season as this was enough for me this year. Hook'em!
  9. mctmatt

    HornSports Members Prediction Thread: OU

    Hey Guys , Have been away and not able to post lately , but wanted to get on and give my prediction for this weekend ball game. First everyone should understand I picked Texas to beat Maryland and we ended up getting beat. I gave no prediction against Tulsa until right before half and said Texas was going to blow them out and then we almost got beat. Since then I picked us to lose against USC and TCU and then we go and win those games. So with that information and not wanting to hex the horns I predict that OU will blow us out of the water , we don't have a chance. If we are able to gain one yard I will be surprised....lets see is there any other comment I can make ...just so everyone knows this kills me but if it works I will do this all the way to a bowl victory!!!!
  10. mctmatt

    HS Members Prediction Thread: USC

    No, USC and Texas are not the football powers of years ago, but a Texas loss to me would change the trajectory of Texas future with Herman. He would go from a Head Coach enjoying the benefits of rebuilding a historic program to nothing more than another Coach who is trying to sell the illusion that progress is being made and begging us to wait for next year. will be like watching a sadder version of GlenGerry Glen Ross movie! So yeah this game is very important for Texas in my view.
  11. Wow, have to admit when the Aggies moved to the SEC i thought for sure they would crash and burn. I will admit that I was wrong and our athletic program needs to really step up.
  12. mctmatt

    HS Members Prediction Thread: USC

    My prediction is we are unable to run the ball on USC defense and that our special teams especially the punter have a bad night as USC takes home a victory 34-14.
  13. mctmatt

    Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Tulsa

    Ehlinger has not grown as a QB from last year to this year and that is sad. I agree with others that a change is needed but I fear Tom will not make such a change because he is smarter than everyone else and some how he would view it as him being wrong as a coach just like his choice of Beck as the OC. I hate to say it but Tom Herman is not the answer so the quicker this all blows up the quicker we can move on to the next coach. Look at how many coaching hires most programs go thru before they find the right one. How many did Texas go thru before we hired Mack, how many will Nebraska go thru before they find the right guy. Hell look at Tennessee who is still searching and A&M has had how many since Slocum. No we are still in a coaching search as we just have hired two since Mack. We probably have one or two more before we find the right guy.
  14. Tom will say in the presser that he is proud of the team for fighting thru adversity and that he did see this team grow and improve from last week....Tom , I know when a team looks bad and this team is BAD!
  15. Hell , I am about ready to cheer for Tulsa just so this whole shit show gets exposed and Tom really feels the weight of his job at the Texas Longhorn Head Coach!