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  • Texas will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, December 1st @ 11:00 AM in Arlington, TX. Game will be televised on ABC
  • Texas Basketball (5-1) loses to Michigan State in title game of Las Vegas Invitational 78-68


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  1. I want to see who actually will be playing as some players from both sides will have grade issues, opt out for draft, and of course there will be those that just cannot help themselves once they get to Bourbon St and end up being sent home for doing something stupid.
  2. mctmatt

    Initial Thoughts: Texas to play Georgia in Sugar Bowl

    I don't think Buechele finishes his career at Texas as I think he will transfer out and I think that will play a factor as to how the Coaches move forward with Buechele. I actually do not see many programs other than smaller college programs having much interest in Buechele.
  3. mctmatt

    Initial Thoughts: Texas to play Georgia in Sugar Bowl

    Bowl games have become difficult for me to measure any team by as so many players often times opt out to prepare for the draft and a few have been known to play cautiously so as to avoid any kind of injury. Then you add in the Coaches who will often times use it to play all new starters and bowl game events that become a distraction. With that said Orlando better have a defense that can stop the run are it will be a miserable game.
  4. Folks , just my opinion but I honestly believe we are better team than OU , but they were just better prepared for this game and their coaches just out coached our staff . That is just frustrating to me as there is no guarantee we make it back to the conference championship next year so when you have the opportunity you better cease it and we did not do that .
  5. It is kinda hard to argue with an OU Fan and say "Hey we won the Red Shootout" and their reply is who the fu@k cares we just beat your ass for the conference championship !
  6. I know that I am upset , but I honestly do not think we were prepared well at all for this game today. We did not execute well , both offense and defense played poorly. We were not much better than how we played in Kansas and that is unacceptable for the talent we have on this team. God this sucks.
  7. There is your ball game and the victory at the Red River Shootout has been just wiped away as if it does not exist with this loss today. Damn !!!!!
  8. Did we get out Coached today . I get so frustrated with this team as I know they are better and we made OU look like they have a top 10 defense. I am also tired of Orlando ...hell I am just upset probably regret typing that tomorrow.
  9. God who is suppose to be covering that guy!!!!
  10. Now we need a long slow clock eating touchdown drive.
  11. Our defense already looks tired ....dang!
  12. Just saw this Hire from my old alma mater and not sure how I feel about it , but any change right now is better than the direction we were heading . Wish him lots of success but this is a pretty evenly matched conference and the games are fun (if your on the winning side) . I think having a 5th year QB such as Grier to work with helps a lot so not sure how much credit he really should be given but congratulations and go Bobcats!
  13. mctmatt

    Mack Brown

    I think North Carolina is a complete tear down program that is going to take a lot of energy and time. I just do not see Mack being able to turn the program around.
  14. mctmatt

    Tech is Firing Kliff

    I think Mike is just using Tech to help him get an extension and higher pay for him and his staff.
  15. mctmatt

    Happy Birthday SirHornsLot

    Sorry I am late to the party but want to wish you a happy belated birthday Sir!!!!