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  1. CeddyB012

    Calvin Anderson visiting Okie.

    Crazier things have happened in recruiting. He could go to Norman and get swept of his feet.. now idk how anyone goes to Oklahoma and has that happen but apparently it happens.
  2. Crap. Was really hoping Calvin Anderson wouldn't visit Okie. Word is he's visiting this weekend and then will make his decision between us, them, auburn and mich. Don't like that Okie is getting the last word with him.. they have a spot for him with Orlando Brown moving on. It's not top flight panic mode but it does leave me feeling uneasy. This is a huge need for us and would be a huge gut punch to lose em to okie with how impactful getting that LT position figured out is and his connections to Austin. Losing out on him to the land thieves would be a huge kick in the balls.
  3. CeddyB012

    Roschon Johnson

    IF we win though.. which is a big if with as many questions as we have on offense (including the coaching staff). There's reasons to believe we might not have a top 5 class this year though.. there were a lot of things in our favor with the 18 class.. Herman was the hot new coach who brought with him some sex appeal and familiarity from Houston.. there was a lot of talent in the Houston/E. Texas region which we do much better in than DFW where the talent seems to be located this year.. and aggie was firing their coach. Now, if we win 9+ games I have no doubt we'll have a top 10 class again.. but don't be surprised if we don't just completely dominate the state like we just did.
  4. CeddyB012

    Roschon Johnson

    With Sam, Rising and Thompson on campus I doubt RJ would see time on the field his redshirt year. Shane could conceivably still be here too.
  5. CeddyB012

    Roschon Johnson

    LOLOLOL. Please let this happen and let aggie get its feelings hurt again. I've heard the rumor that Gunnell will decommit wonder why people are feeling that way?
  6. CeddyB012

    Roschon Johnson

    Yeah, it's really exciting to finally be getting to the point where we can behave like healthy power 5 programs when it comes to QB development lol. The sky's the limit for RJ though he can do it all on the field.. with his arms and with his legs. Kid is special.
  7. CeddyB012

    Roschon Johnson

    Yeah, I'm with you bud.. I'm still a believer in Sam too. I think a serviceable OL and adequate running game will do him wonders and he'll take a huge step forward this year. I'm still sold on him being the guy moving forward.
  8. CeddyB012

    Roschon Johnson

    Well, I agree that there is a big question mark if either of those QB's can stay healthy for a full year.. but hopefully the OL takes a step forward and at least gives those guys a chance. I'm more worried about Ehlinger getting concussed with his running style than just getting hurt, he's a pretty stout dude. Remember, Rising is coming off an injury himself.. I remember reading a report that even now he's still not planting on his leg very well. As for the rankings, I'd rank all of em ahead of Shane in talent level but for the overall health of the program I hope that Sam and Shane do enough on the field and stay healthy enough to afford the newbies a redshirt year. It's been so long since we were afforded that luxury and hopefully we're getting to the point where we can actually allow these guys to develop and mature before just throwing em to the wolves. As good as even Vince was he didn't really blossom fully until halfway through his redshirt sophomore year, Colt didn't blossom really until his redshirt junior year. As for RJ, I'd be shocked that with the talent Herman will have around him by the time he's a redshirt sophomore if he isn't ready to take the college football world by storm which would be when Sam exhausts his eligibility. That's why I reasoned that if Sam cements himself as the starter that I could conceivably see the other guys never really making an impact if they're not able to supplant Sam.
  9. CeddyB012

    Roschon Johnson

    Yeah like I liked Risings jr tape and Casey was ok.. elusive little dude but like.. I wouldn't be surprised, especially if Sam cements his status as the started this year.. if neither one of those guys ever see the field here lol. I don't think it will take long for even those guys themselves to figure out.. Yeah that guy is better than us lol he's light years ahead of those guys even right now imo.
  10. CeddyB012

    Roschon Johnson

    Waiiiit.. am I the only one, what the hell is going on here? I've heard people talk about Roschon Johnson and there seems to be campers on both sides.. some say he's got a chance, others say he's ok and talk about his bad 40 time and such. Yo, his junior film is low key the best and most exciting highlight tape I've seen in a few years. I really don't think a QB jumped off the page like that to me since maybe Deshaun Watson's and all the way back to Vince Young at Madison and I've watched a tonnnnnn of film for QB's. WHY THE HELL IS THIS GUY NOT A TOP 5 QB IN THE COUNTRY? No, seriously. I want a legit answer? Does he not go to camps or something, did he have a bad showing in a 7on7 setting.. like, I'm no pro scout but I know beasts when I see him and I legit can not tell based solely on his film why this man amongst boys isn't a 5 star recruit and hold an offer from every team in the country. What the hell is going on? Oh you don't believe me? Give me one QB's HUDL from the 17 to 19 classes that looks more sick than this dudes: http://www.hudl.com/v/28Z3UR
  11. CeddyB012

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I don't think he's as fast but watching Garrett Wilson's film.. he sorta reminds me of Antwan Goodley from Baylor a good few years back. Same sort of build and playmaking ability.. I think Goodley was more of a burner though. How y'all like that comparison?
  12. CeddyB012

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Yo, i'm not saying Kate Beckinsale is ugly or anything.. but yall need to get out more. She's no where close to a ten and just walking around town you'll find shorties way finer than her left and right. Y'all way to hung up on this chick.