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  1. Staff Predictions - Kansas

    I want to see an offensive game plan built around Texas strengths size and speed at WR and also a game plan that limits O-line weakness with so many pass plays that require QB to stand in pocket and in run game stop with delay draws if O-line has trouble holding blocks at least give RB running start before D-line arrives in run game attack on edges with stretch plays to Carter run jet sweeps with Duvernay and LJH Texas defenses better dominate
  2. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss to OU

    this game was lost in first quarter and half of 2nd quarter. you just can not get abused 20-0 before team decides to play. I know Texas fought back played with great heart but that was a bad 20 minutes or so. Beck has to give RBs a chance call run plays that fit personnel i.e. quit running delay draws with Warren or running Porter straight into middle of the line and even if run plays do not gain huge yardage they allow O-line to take fight to defense keep running throw in a jet sweep or 5 ,run the stretch play Carter did well in kstate game. Orlando made huge mistake not playing with spy on Mayfield early in game just can not let QB like him have running lane.
  3. 5 Thoughts Following The Win Over KSU

    the biggest story line besides the end of QB competition was the pass blocking really improved of the new O-line starters after very rough 1st quarter they gave Sam a pocket also they blocked well on QB run plays but the inside run game blocking needs drastic improvement Beck seems to have really hard time running a RB multiple times to force defense to stop play, not play caller because kstate never stopped Carter on stretch play then he would come out then no carries at all the safeties and LBs had hard time with kstate pass game early then could not tackle the backup QB Beck and Herman need to take Texas WRs advantage they have against every defense. size, speed, ball skills and depth
  4. QB Tidbit For KSU Game

    for now Shane is the starter when healthy but when Sam plays he may win job with his play the o-line needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap kstate offense puts stress on LBs and Safeties who both have to determine if it is rb run play or pop pass then defend Ertz with QB draw plays which are called most on kstate 3rd down plays
  5. The Conservatism of Texas Football Staffs

    anytime you are a road underdog if you have chance to end game go for 2 usually OTs favor the more talented team the especially at home
  6. Interesting note regarding the Kansas State depth chart

    Yes it is illegal to recruit players on other teams until they have release from school but there are always ways to let the player know a transfer would be accepted
  7. Toneil Carter's skill trainer..and bag man ?

    staff needs to find a way for Warren to get 20 carries a game then the 2 frosh need carries before Porter
  8. Staff Predictions for the Texas & USC game

    my heart says Texas 41-38 my eyes say USC 49-28 hope my heart knows more than my eyes
  9. Warren and Porter Interchangeable?

    this reminds me of playing J.Gray after his injury when D`Onta was clearly more productive. most of Porters yards against SJSU came late in game in 1st half he averaged about 3 yards a carry while Warren was around 10
  10. R.I.P. Sean Adams

    Really sad news to hear of the death of Austin radio host and great guy Sean Adams today. He was such a positive person and great father to his son and daughter
  11. SJSU Film Review (by Ryan Bridges)

    Moore is impressive as a blocker no way he should not be starter. maybe Leitao can add pass catching to TEs. these defensive players seem to either not know their assignments or are so convinced a teammate will not do his that they try to play 2 positions
  12. My Thoughts Following The Maryland Debacle

    First thing these offensive coaches need to decide if a TE is on team or just go to 4 WRs then decide if the O-line mistakes were physical, mental or both and find a RB start giving them most of run plays on defense the same players played the same sloppy defense as last 2 years. Orlando needs to decide if current players will play their assignments or not if not give someone else a chance
  13. Potential Injury News

    I think Shane has talent but he can not lead an offense for 12 games where he throws 50 times and leads team with 15 carries
  14. I know this is about the first 6 games but I believe the OSU game is just as important that is 3 preseason top 10 teams so by game 7 Herman needs at least 1 top 10 win ( i know ou will not be top 10 when game in Dallas is played ) so 5-2
  15. Harrison by the time Jordan Shipley finally got to play at Texas he was 40 years old but I like your thoughts on Josh and CB is place where a true frosh can play early. I would put Chris Warren on this list he just needs to find a way to be available for game days week after week. Josh Rowland at kicker is easy to overlook but FG kicking has been a disaster for Texas lately. Elliott and Jones should be huge upgrade over what has started for last 3 years at safety. Graham on d-line is someone Horns need badly as proven depth is non existent also need 2 of the backup DT`s to be able to play 20 snaps or so apiece