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  1. I need some Fall Ball

    Must be getting closer.. 42 players on the roster, must be down to 35 by the Spring Semester. http://texassports.com/roster.aspx?path=baseball&roster=285&sort=class
  2. I need some Fall Ball

    Just about that time!! https://twitter.com/TexasBaseball/status/907368675279347712
  3. I need some Fall Ball

  4. I need some Fall Ball

    So am I, as I am wondering if the pitchers that he saw during the summer league are of the same quality that he will see either on campus or during the season next spring.
  5. I need some Fall Ball

    I do not like the period from the end of Summer Ball and the beginning of Fall Ball..too dang quiet for me! in other news, this weekend is the Official Weekend for the Class of 2018 and fall ball begins for Longhorn Baseball September the 30th!! so the end is near for me!!
  6. Texas Baseball Recruiting

  7. Texas Baseball Recruiting

    David Pierce has put a bullseye on the City of Houston in recruiting.