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  1. They need to change their town from College Station to DumbAzzVille! My gpa told me a long time ago, if it smells like a turd, looks like a turd, it probable is an aggy! LOL
  2. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    How are our chances? 50/50? 80/20? Would love to see him in Burnt Orange.
  3. Texas Hosting a MAJOR Surprise Visitor...

    This is AWESOME! If Jimbo does not pull the offer, his credibility is gonna go down like the Titanic. I love it, now recruits will see what he is made of no matter which way he goes.
  4. Anyone hear any news on how AJ1 is doing? More concerned about his health than playing career. Nothing but true blessings for him. #AJ1 #HookEM
  5. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Wouldn’t be surprised if aggy tried to claim that Natty too. Jumbo would be doing backflips, he would have a ring made and start showing it off. LMBO
  6. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Mama does not look happy at all. What is the old saying, “ If Mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy!” My Grandma always added, somebody gonna get a limb across the behind, too.
  7. Hypothetical question . . .

    I would ask them to all go get tested for drugs or aggey blood .
  8. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    That is good news!
  9. I hope the room is needed and a better product hits the court. If not CSS could be hearing these words, “Clean ur locker out coach, time to move on.” I really hope he turns it around.
  10. Any concerns about Shaka after the Banks/Young departures? Is this a CS situation for next year? I like CSS however, is he trying too hard since he arrived and is over analyzing things? Or just not getting bodies that fit his system?
  11. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Any new word on how the UOVs went with the TEs yesterday?
  12. Praying for our friends in Austin

    Prayers for all responders and innocent people involved in this tragedy, my heart hurts for them all. I spent time in the sandbox, I know the damage these kinds of crazies can do, not pretty.
  13. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    How do we stand with Mr. Hicks?
  14. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I realize these are young kids, and some play games. However, if we get EY, Green, Shepard, Bragg and Johnson, BIG12 would be put on notice. And aggey should go to the back Of the line for Texas Recruits. As Van Halen sang, “ That’s what dreams are made of...” Hook’EM!