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  1. I’m sure it’s us and Georgia, with Georgia being #1
  2. I was hoping Texas could of offered him, he was just at the QB Academy on Sunday. He’ll be a top 50 recruit by the time he’s a senior. I also happen to be on the coaching staff for the team this kid plays for.
  3. Gabe Brooks put in a CB for Jaylen Garth so there’s that.
  4. Texas didn’t make in Clark Phillips’ Top 12.
  5. Lil’Jordan Humphrey is going to the NFL
  6. Do you know what time he’s suppose to sign?
  7. Say what you want about A&M but at least they have recruiters.
  8. TexAgs saying rumor is DE Braedon Mowry is at Texas on a visit.
  9. What if his decision is not an actual commitment but him committing to an all star game?
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