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  1. Gabe Brooks put in a CB for Jaylen Garth so there’s that.
  2. Texas didn’t make in Clark Phillips’ Top 12.
  3. Lil’Jordan Humphrey is going to the NFL
  4. Do you know what time he’s suppose to sign?
  5. Say what you want about A&M but at least they have recruiters.
  6. TexAgs saying rumor is DE Braedon Mowry is at Texas on a visit.
  7. What if his decision is not an actual commitment but him committing to an all star game?
  8. We lost to University Lab tonight 46-55. I can honestly say Makiya Tongue is not a receiver, Jaqueline Roy wasn’t disruptive, Christian Harris is built well but didn’t really do anything. The guy that won the game for them was running back Mike Hollins. Hollins should be ranked higher, that kid is a tank and is the best player on that team.
  9. KK to USC according to Bruce Feldman. Is it time to let McCoy go now? I really wanted him in this class.
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