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  • Texas vs Iowa State kickoff will take place on Saturday, November 17th @ 7:00 PM at DKR-TMS in Austin
  • Texas Football schedules Georgia for home and home series in 2028 and 2029
  • Texas Football ranked 13th in AP Poll and 14th in Coaches Poll

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  1. Monsieur ATX

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

  2. Monsieur ATX


    Man I’m hyped for this game
  3. We aren’t back until we’re competing for national championships consistently
  4. Monsieur ATX

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    My source said it’s Kenyon Green
  5. Monsieur ATX

    HornSports Members Prediction Thread: OU

    Texas 28 Oklahoma 24
  6. Monsieur ATX

    Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Tulsa

    Lincoln Riley is a superior play caller to Herman as much as I hate saying that
  7. Demas just committed to A&M, man we f##king suck while A&M continues to trend up smh
  8. Monsieur ATX

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Communication on the backend of the defense is still an issue
  9. Monsieur ATX

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Brandon Jones did have a great game and looks much improved from last year, this was just a bad call from Orlando
  10. Monsieur ATX

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    True 1 game doesn’t make a season, I’m still optimistic of this team but until then we’re a mediocre ball club
  11. Monsieur ATX

    Texas is not an elite program

    LHN should have never happened, It’s been a disaster for the BIG XII that resulted in A&M and Missouri leaving and our arrogance also resulted in Nebraska & Colorado leaving
  12. Monsieur ATX

    Five Thoughts Following The Loss To Maryland

    Literally had the same conversation with a Michigan fan earlier who said he feels like Michigan is cursed as I do with Texas. I simply told him we’re blue blood programs. One of these days we’ll be great again
  13. Monsieur ATX


    Pretty obvious that Herman has taken over play calling. Just do it from now on