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  1. Ppl its obvious that Urban Meyer is about to be the next HC of USC and he’s bringing Bru along with him
  2. My god I’ll say it since everyone wants to be secretiv. it’s already being leaked, Bru McCoy is coming to Texas folks lol if it happens it’ll go down tomorrow
  3. Who would want to ride the bench for 2 more years and not start until basically their redshirt junior year? From Rising’s stand point I can absolutely understand why he wants to transfer, he’s better than Sam in my opinion
  4. So Bru’s Parents are realizing that there’s no guarantee that KK will be at USC for the next 3-4 years and that Helton could be fired next season. There’s no doubts about UT’s stability. Seems like things are good for Texas right now
  5. Yup, no consistent running game outside of Sam using his legs
  6. Our running game would be even worse if we didn’t have Sam at QB
  7. Who’re the other top backs in Texas for 2020?
  8. So uhh missing out on Sanders and Cain... if we miss out on Evans next cycle then changes need to be made
  9. I’ll take a RB class of Cain and brown edit: double post, my bad
  10. Wrong! You think Alabama and Georgia aren’t paying players just because they’re good teams is false
  11. Does the staff know of the current 5 star that’s coming to us?
  12. What up dawg, the 2016 recruiting cycle up here was fun as hell
  13. Cain is down to Texas and Penn State and is torn on his decision. Most likely choosing PSU
  14. Heard Bama is visiting other RBs and that Sanders dad is pissed at Alabama. Down to Texas and Georgia and Texas still has the lead
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