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  1. I’m sure this gets his foot in the door from his view point. He can launch from here after a couple of years of success as long as he doesn’t have more issues with his football players. Mt Vernon is a pretty tight community, those kids will be on a tight leash from all the parents. i imagine that if there is even a hint of an issue that the entire state will come down on him. I still think it’s too soon for him to be allowed to come back personally.
  2. Yeah, well, Arkansas is probably doing the same thing we are. I don’t know for a fact but I imagine they are so seems we aren’t as deep as they are in the bull pen. Again, van horn is a tough couch to play against, he’s always had UT’s number.
  3. We’ve always had trouble with Dave van horn even when he was at Nebraska, he’s a heck of a baseball coach. I predicted he would win a national championship some day and I still believe that.
  4. Holy cow, I know it’s early in every sense of the word both in the game and season but are these signs that this could be a special season? Wow
  5. Just moved in to a new house and was going through stuff and found this.......
  6. I like are chances against everyone on the schedule IF we come to play each week. Big challenge for Tom is going to be getting them motivated to play against a seemingly lesser talented football team.
  7. Sec doesn’t know how to play defense either like the big 12 ......for shame for shame
  8. Sec looks so soft to me, they can’t handle big 12 physicality
  9. 48-24 Georgia, Georgia has too many great players and is where Texas is trying to get, very similar to Nebraska/Texas game in 1996 big 12 championship. So I’m hoping for a similar outcome and not like the 1990 cotton bowl with Miami. If Texas plays an inspired game for 60 minutes they can pull off the upset .... Texas is not supposed to win but this is why they play the game.
  10. kinda, glad we won and looking back OU struggled to beat Army and clemson barely escaped against syracuse so i guess all of them but bama has weak games but i desire more from MY team. Whats freaking odd is that Ehlingers accuracy comes out to 80% at the finally tally which is really good but damn i swear i've never seen any one as far off on some of his throws as him.
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