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  1. LJH just ran a 4.79 first attempt. Ouch. I think that may have been the slowest WR time of the class so far
  2. Lol yeah I’m just giving him a hard time. Relax
  3. Wouldn’t necessarily say that. Alabama’s local talent is the entire US. They pull top guys from everywhere.
  4. Gotta remember that a lot of teams make their season by beating us. We get no weeks off as teams give us their best shot week in and week out. Were by far the most hated team in our conference. No team is going to sleep on us next year
  5. Texas should never lose anyone in a lateral move. Promotions to positions we do not have available is one thing and is understandable like OC or DC to Head Coach. But what’s the point in being the richest program in the country if we can’t beat out compensation packages of Oregon or any other school for that matter.
  6. Another one 2 hours ago. Or was this for mookie?
  7. Maybe move him to LB eventually when he gets bigger
  8. I would prolly play him at safety with Foster in the nickel on passing downs and prolly as a box safety for run looks
  9. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/former-missouri-tutor-completed-coursework-12-student-athletes looks like Washington made the right choice signing with us
  10. I can’t wait to see what the longhorn frenzy thread is saying now LOL
  11. per EJ Bru signed his financial aid agreement with Texas.
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