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  1. Would have liked to see what Thompson can do with a real pass play
  2. Looks like they’re getting a little cute with some of these defensive calls. Could be trying out a few things
  3. Time to pull the 1s off. Let’s let these young guys play
  4. Overall, the blitz packages look better. Last year I was constantly frustrated with the slow developing blitzes we had. Cleaned up execution. Team speed looks much better overall. Looks like the coaching staff finally has the bodies and traits they’ve been looking for. The talent of the depth chart is showing right now. Also, I’m sure you will see more passing. I think the coaching staff trying to protect the RBs
  5. Sam just looks so much better. You can see his comfort level in this offense
  6. Concerning how non of the receivers can’t get open with all the pressure their bringing. But looks like the line has been picking it up well.
  7. Green looks like a player. Moves well and is super long
  8. For sure. LA Tech knows who the weak link is. Been attacking his side all night
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