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  1. Connor Williams Injury Update

    Followed by And
  2. Other Games . . .

    Famous last words lol
  3. Couple More Roster Notes For USC


    I'll be there! Driving up from San Diego either Friday night/Saturday morning. Know any good tailgates?
  5. Friday Night Lights – Week 2

    This is what I love about Texas High School Football...I saw a patient yesterday in clinic, and after seeing my Texas Longhorn badge holder, he asked where in Texas I was from. Turns out he is from Cuero and was going to be home on vacation this weekend and was very excited to go to the Cuero vs Yoakum game. We probably spent about 20+ minutes just talking football lol
  6. Aggy just blew a 34 pt lead, lost

    I love that the fake spike got the Aggy defense even though the clock was stopped anyway because the last play was both a 1st down and got out of bounds lol
  7. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Adrian Peterson I think said he made his decision after he visited for a RRS that OU destroyed us in, but I think your point still stands and that's the exception, not the rule.
  8. Alright, I'll throw in my .02 TL;DR Tough loss, season's not lost yet, don't fire Tom, Shane can still be the guy, coaches screwed us on offense, players need to man up on defense. Nick Saban, in his first year at Bama (after many years experience, a BCS Championship with LSU, and NFL head coaching experience) came in to Bama, went 7-6, lost 4 games in a row (including one to Louisiana-Monroe), lost the Iron Bowl, then scraped a bowl win against Colorado in some mediocre bowl. He went on to build the most dominant program in my (short) lifetime. Is Tom Herman = Nick Saban? No, probably not. But Saban didn't have the fairy dust either. Is Tom Herman "the guy"? I sure hope so. I still think so. But you can't project a coach based solely on one season, much less one game. Let's see where they go from here. I disagree with you guys saying Shane isn't "the guy" and doesn't have "the moxie". I don't know whether he is or not, but I certainly think that he still has the potential to win A LOT of games in burnt orange. SHA, you're a former QB, so maybe you know better than me...and I don't remember watching those games with Major at QB...but did he have to deal with his OLine not being able to block 3-4 guys, a defense that dropped 7-8 defenders all game long because his OC called 60 pass plays (52 pass attempts plus the times Shane scrambled on a called pass) and made no attempt to establish a running game, or a defense that couldn't stop exactly what they knew was coming when he seemed to will his teams to victory? Because that's what Shane had to deal with this week and I felt like he played well enough to not lose his job (not a ringing endorsement, I know, but he didn't play perfectly and definitely has room for improvement). I felt like he made mostly accurate throws (although it seemed like his deep throws were not as accurate as they were last year, but we know he has the capability to make very accurate deep throws), was able to hit the guys he was targeting, made good reads (hard to do against 7-8 in coverage), and ran hard when his number was called. I think calling for him to be benched in favor of Sam is premature and wouldn't have changed the outcome of this game. A lot of people on other boards are also talking about "is it the players or the coaches?" A good question considering that the players have been the constant over the past 3-4 years. I think on offense, it was definitely the coaches. Not establishing a run game, calling empty set pass plays on short yardage situation even when they were dropping guys into coverage, and not sticking with things that were working. I think the offensive skill players played really well (other than RBs b/c they didn't get the opportunity). OL needs schematic work for sure. Defense? It's hard not to look at the players. The whole game DL was not winning their 1-on-1 matchups to create pressure, LBs were filling wrong gaps, DBs that are supposed to be able to cover were losing matchups down the field and giving up 3rd and longs (I'm looking at you Kris Boyd), and there was a lot of diving at ankles instead of actual tackling. I was most disappointed on Saturday that we were out physical-ed, because all we heard during the offseason was that the coaches' goal was to field a team that was physical and hard hitting, and I saw the exact opposite of that, especially on defense (even with the occasional good play made). I don't know enough about defense to comment on their scheme, but I've seen a lot of people comment that it was very complicated and complex, probably to our players' detriment. Fixable issues? I hope so. Don't give up the ship just yet. One game does not make (or unmake) a season. The season is not yet lost. Herman's tenure as Horns HC is not yet lost. Our recruiting class is not yet lost. Hold fast, I have a feeling that we'll be just fine. I'll be watching for improvement against SJSU. For those of y'all coming to Cali for the USC game, I'll see y'all in LA in 2 weeks. Hook 'Em! \m/
  9. Friday Night Lights - WEEK 1

    P.s. LOVE that you just need to copy and paste the URL to embed a tweet. Makes it so much easier...fantastic work HS staff!
  10. Friday Night Lights - WEEK 1

    I believe that's Craig Way on the LT-Judson call Judson 42-32 AT HALF. I think they're playing first to 80 wins lol
  11. Site updates

    If you click on the Orange dot/star that is on the left of the thread title on the board, it'll take you to the most recent post
  12. Friday Night Lights - WEEK 1

    — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011
  13. SEC Bias discussion

    At DFW airport. Ummm what?
  14. Baylor running thread.

    Briles now has a job...in Canada *vomit* CFL team adds ex-Baylor coach Briles to staff http://es.pn/2wCVSOY