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  • Texas vs Iowa State kickoff will take place on Saturday, November 17th @ 7:00 PM at DKR-TMS in Austin
  • Texas Football schedules Georgia for home and home series in 2028 and 2029
  • Texas Football ranked 13th in AP Poll and 14th in Coaches Poll


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  1. 3 guys on the line at the 3 yard line???? so we are forcing him to run. this was a bad defensive setup from the start. there is absolutely no confusion on reading this defense.
  2. Rotty22

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    what about if usc hires mccoy's high school coach.....
  3. Rotty22

    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over Tech

    the pass rush is non-existent. rushing 3 and barely getting any pressure, both backup qbs (osu, tech) carved up the back end. if you're only going to rush 3, expect to allow the qb to find an open area. that's what we saw. sure they'll be times that one of the 3 get to the qb, but that's more of the exception.
  4. that would mean that we beat ou a 2nd time. i'll be happy with that and the team exceeded my expectations.
  5. i'm all for getting the best talent on the 40. but when was the last time a 1-and-done got us deep into the tournament or even a big 12 championship?
  6. Rotty22

    HornSports Members Prediction Thread: Baylor

    35 UT -14 baylor they forfeit 14 points before the days over.
  7. Rotty22

    Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    i'll be at the plano east / allen game. of the 3 plano teams, plano east will be the best bet for a plano team to give allen a run for their money. both teams have qbs that can throw down field accurately; wrs that can high point the ball; allen's offensive line is huge. this is going to be an interesting game. i think plano east can score with allen; not saying they'll beat them.
  8. Rotty22

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    is this the kid from the same school as gary johnson?
  9. i would say we are on the right track. when we consistently win and are consistently in the polls, championship games, top tier bowls, then we are back.
  10. Rotty22

    Longhorns jump to #14 in Week 7 Coaches Poll

    was talking to 2 ou alum on the way back from the game. they named tcu, kstate and wv as games they think will give ou something to worry about. ou usually (in the past) takes care of business down the stretch. i agree wv is going to give us a great game too. i'm still thinking ou in the championship game.
  11. Rotty22

    Longhorns jump to #14 in Week 7 Coaches Poll

    we'll see ou again in the big xii championship game. we'll have our work cut off for us again; except it'll mean a lot more. i don't care about polls. win and things will take care of themselves.
  12. Rotty22

    HornSports Members Prediction Thread: OU

    you can call him whatever you want but that doesn't diminish his talent. he will be the fastest qb that UT D will face to date; maybe all year. if we don't put pressure on him AND contain him, it's going to be a long day. if we can get to him, which we haven't all year, maybe we can rattle him. i'm going with the heart. UT 35 ou 31
  13. Rotty22

    Commitment Spotlight: Tyler Owens

    welcome aboard
  14. Rotty22

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    at least this will stop the "replace herman" narrative.
  15. bring on the recruits!!