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  1. Malik Jefferson

    i'm hoping that he decides to stay. i'm sure it's a hard decision with the money staring him in the face. hopefully, he talks with ricky about why he decided to stay for his senior year. the Longhorns definitely need some senior leadership.
  2. for the season ticket holders out there, i'm sure you received the email regarding the potential repeal of the 80% tax deductible donation to the Longhorn Foundation. apparently, the Longhorn Foundation is accepting next year's donation this year. anyone taking advantage of this?
  3. Friday Night Lights – Regional Semifinals

    i'll be shooting at the mansfield vs prosper game tomorrow. i don't know anything about these teams; so don't know if there are any prospects. it is a 5A div I playoff game so should be a decent game.
  4. DeShon Elliott Declares For NFL Draft

    good luck to him. i don't blame them one bit. they have the talent. it's hard to turn down $$ when you don't come from $$.
  5. Friday Night Lights – Playoffs Rd 1

    hebron vs allen - i was at the hebron vs plano game earlier this year. i've been at 2 allen games when they played plano and plano east. the qb for hebron was pretty good from what i remember. he could sling the ball. this could be a shootout.
  6. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    as much attention as we get for the skill players, it's perplexing why we don't get as many of the big bodies looking at us. there's plenty of need and the lack of depth should attract.
  7. Friday Night Lights – Playoffs Rd 1

    i'll be shooting (photos) the plano vs trinity game friday night. i don't think there are any Texas targets at the game. i don't know anything about trinity but plano has a couple of good running backs. if they had a better qb, they'd go far in the playoffs. since they don't, i don't think they go very far.
  8. i made the same comments about espnu during the game as well. the coverage sucked at times.
  9. with our struggling offense, i don't see the baylor game as an easy win. i hope that buchele has a good outing.
  10. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    if we win by 3 tds, there will be some qb controversy
  11. let me preface this with, i haven't read all the comments in other threads. if you're 6 yds out and your rushing game is anemic, why not put the 6'6" guy in the lineup if you're going to pass. nothing against heard but he ran straight out of bounds. an experienced receiver doesn't eliminate himself from the play by going out of bounds; especially in that crucial part of the game.
  12. For Sale: UT vs osu tickets

    i still have these tickets. game time is 11am. i don't know how hot it will be in Austin this weekend but my seats will be in the shade around 11:30am.
  13. Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    2nd play of the game was a pass from tisdale to wease for around 80 yrds. tisdale throws a good slant. he did that a couple of times that went for long tds. tisdale looked very poised and made some really good throws. i was at the hebron/plano game earlier this year. i thought the hebron qb was just as good as tisdale. as far as wease. he had several inches on the cb and ran by them several times. he had a back shoulder pass that he caught and went in for a td called back on a holding call. he also got pretty cocky in the 3rd quarter. i could see him talking trash to the cb and he was pointing to the scoreboard. allen's OL was huge. i don't think there was a DL that was as tall or taller than any of the starters. plano didn't score a td until the 2nd string came in at the beginning of the 4th quarter. i got some good pictures of wease, tisdale and the OG from IMG.
  14. Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    there is also an OG that Texas is looking at for allen. what is his number? EJ Ndoma-Ogar — 4-star OG — Allen i found it: 75 there are pictures of him on maxpreps. looks like he played at IMG last year and now at allen..... his parents just happen to move to allen from florida????
  15. For Sale: UT vs osu tickets

    yeah sorry about the time. the time of the game hasn't been posted. my google calendar shows 11am; which is not correct. tickets still available. okiehorn, let me know if you want them.