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  • Texas Basketball falls to #7 Kansas 80-78 in Lawrence on Monday night


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  1. Has anyone heard if David Beaty is still working in a consulting role? I haven’t heard anything and was just wondering
  2. TexCoyote

    Another Shaka shitshow

    You know I have heard people mention Beard. I am not positive but i think Tech just upped him till 2023, so there would be a chunk of change to buy him out there. With buying Shaka out and Beard out, you are talking about some serious money.
  3. TexCoyote

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Any information on this Drew Richmond OT from Tennessee? I know Herb Hand and Tim Beck are following him. He's played a lot of snaps at Tennessee. Big physical looking guy. I think we are going to be ok in the OL. We have two very good starters back and pretty much Kerstetter has played a lot and is going to be good. I think some of these young lineman we were able to redshirt should be good. It just wouldn't hurt to have a transfer of Drew Richmond's caliber. Calvin worked out really well. I know Herb Hand is on the trail so we should be good.
  4. And Shaka is getting routed by Oklahoma St at the half by 17
  5. Why I started with For What it's worth. People can take it with a grain of salt until they hear an official word.
  6. For what it's worth: Just saw where Kliff Kingsbury is interviewing with NFL teams. It didn't say which teams. It said he must have resigned at USC. Jay Glaser tweeted and Mike Farrell retweeted.
  7. TexCoyote

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Did Catalon ever sign anywhere? I saw something that showed he was still a verbal.
  8. TexCoyote

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Tom and Stan need to make a trip up and talk to this back Jerrion Ealy. Seeing a replay of the game at the fitness center. Kid is a heck of a back
  9. Saw where Pittsburgh fired Shawn Watson. Man that Charlie Strong era, coming off several years of Mack Brown shutting it down really set us back. Hopefully we are on the road to clawing out of the mess that had been here since 2010
  10. TexCoyote

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I’d like to have him but I would sure like LJ to come back. Colin, LJ, Devin, Eagles, Woodard, John Burt, Josh Moore, Jake Smith, Washington, Whittington, Pouncey..and all those good TE’s I don’t have the roster in front of me. Might have missed someone. I can’t imagine a more loaded Receiver core. Sammy established now. It’s about to get ugly in a beautiful kinda way
  11. TexCoyote

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Rivals predicting Bru to USC.
  12. TexCoyote

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I really don’t mind them doing the Horns down, but I would hate to have a big moment and all I could do would be down sign of my biggest rival. No teams will admit it, but they are obsessed with what Is going on at Texas. Always keeps one eye peeled on us. I would rather be holding up my teams sign.
  13. TexCoyote

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Washington and Whittington will definitely play early and often
  14. Some of our teams? Aggies crack me up how they are behind all SEC teams because they are in their conference. I and I think most people on here wanted Alabama to curb stomp Oklahoma. All of our fans want TEXAS to win and could care less what other conference foes do. It’s just a different mentality, I guess. The day before the Sugar Bowl I was at the fitness center on the elipital with my Longhorn shirt on. Get this.......a Razorback fan walked by and said that I should wear that shirt proudly because the Dawgs are coming. A Razorback fan LOL. It was pretty comical.
  15. Watching that game last night as well as most of the other games, we are going to miss Gary Johnson. I hope some of these guys that we’re signing can help try to fill the void. Dude is a baller