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  1. Anybody know if Parker Braun is going through summer conditioning workouts?
  2. Wonder when they are going to have their summer pool party Herman and Co. have been putting on. That usually gets a commitment or at least goes over well.
  3. I thought he said he was committing June 3rd
  4. Yes I forgot they did slap Ole Miss a little bit there. Thanks. It’s just inconsistent or usually not at all. After that Baylor fiasco and did nothing when they should have had the death penalty, I just don’t see them doing much. I think a lot of schools know that and are cheating. Hell they had recordings of LSU basketball coach offering money and did nothing. Just so many cases of cheating and nothing happening to them. It is what it is.......I guess
  5. We’re talking NCAA here. There isn’t anything they could do or NOT do that would surprise me. I.e. Baylor, LSU, Ole Miss.......list could go on all day. Nothing done to any of them.
  6. A lot of players tweeting that this program isn’t for everyone one. (Caden Sterns) Say it louder for people in the back (BJ Foster) We don’t kiss anyone’s A** (Coburn) And probably others I have missed
  7. Yes oldhorn you’re right. There’s been alot of towns that thought they had the next Earl or Billy but they didn’t. My point is those guys rarely come along. Usually once in a lifetime you get to see one like that. I know recruiting has definitely changed alot over the years but I want kids that want to be here. Those kids will fight till the end. In today’s landscape, most are looking for the fastest way to the NFL. I guess a Coyote can still dream.
  8. You know most people on here won’t agree with me, but after those comments from Evans...........unless he’s Billy Sims or Earl Campbell, I’d just move on and find me another back. If he’s one of those two then I’d chase until the end. Just my opinion.
  9. We get this kid and Landon Jackson from Texarkana next year.........well it’s going to be bad on QB’s for awhile.
  10. Uh Oh things must be slow. Mike and SHA are at each other. That’s when I know we need a commitment
  11. Show a deal on Twitter that Chad Lindburg is visiting A&M
  12. I’m really glad our team decided to fight here at the end of the season. They could have just shut it down and lost in the first round. Shaka and his staff deserve credit for getting them ready and getting them to fight. He’s got a good recruiting class coming in and some good players coming back. I’m definitely hoping for the best moving forward. Hook’em
  13. Former Longhorn Chase Shugart suspended 50 games for 2nd failed drug test. Not good
  14. I wonder how involved these analyst can get in recruiting? I guess they can help with pretty much anything on campus.
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