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  1. I wonder how involved these analyst can get in recruiting? I guess they can help with pretty much anything on campus.
  2. I am really glad he will be around. He is a good coach and can flat out recruit.
  3. They better be ready, which i am sure that they are. Those Cajuns will pack the house. It's a great environment to play. They will be chanting all game long. I've been down there many times.
  4. So is Calvin Ashley OL from Auburn. Former 5 star...............................Herb Hand??????
  5. Just saw where Freshman DE from OU, Ron Tatum has entered the Transfer Portal
  6. A winning University of Texas is bad for everyone's recruiting in the state of Texas.......except The University of Texas.
  7. Bru and all the new guys now enter Yancy McKnight’s world and they are going to love it
  8. I’d be surprised if Bru or Jordan Whittington play defense. Dudes like them don’t come along that often. We want them touching the ball as much as possible. Just my take
  9. And one of them was Fong. Could someone please pass me a Bru?
  10. Y'all people are circling this site like a pack of Coyotes circling a dead cow. It's really shameful. I wish y'all would just quit. It's causing me to not be able to refresh my page as quickly :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) Ooooooooooooooo
  11. Winter conditioning is starting today. They are fixin to be in and learn Yancy's world. I love to see when they start talking about that and how the younger ones are surprised by the whole thing. I felt like for years we didn't have a S&C coach, but we got one now.
  12. Has anyone heard if David Beaty is still working in a consulting role? I haven’t heard anything and was just wondering
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