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  1. Our offensive line is better than it’s been in many years and is only going to get better. I’d make sure Herb Hand stayed in Austin if I was Tom Herman. I think every starter we have on the unit should get a chance at the next level with Cosmi being a first rounder.
  2. What’s going to be interesting is when some of the RB’s start getting healthy what to do with Roschon. The kid is no joke at RB. High energy, aggressive runner. I wouldn’t be quick to move him back if he keeps progressing as I think he will.
  3. 45 freaking points given up. Orlando ain’t it
  4. Said it earlier. I like Orlando ok but I wouldn’t cry if he got a head job somewhere and we get an elite defensive coordinator
  5. THAT’S play calling. Everybody in the stadium thinks Sam is going to run and you throw it. NICE JOB!!!
  6. Yancy McKnight showing up now. Devin running over them boys
  7. Our offensive line is better than it’s been in a really long time. Herb Hand
  8. You get down there and drop passes in the end zone and miss opportunities and we won’t beat the top teams.
  9. We ain’t back yet. Keep recruiting and maybe we will be but we aren’t yet. I like Orlando but there are better defensive coordinators around than him. Ones on the other sidelines
  10. Cosmi is a badass. He’s won most of the snaps tonight. He’s a high round pick when he comes out.
  11. Everybody in the stadium knew what was coming
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