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  1. What time is Eaton announcing on Friday???
  2. I know that. I saw your comment above. I couldn't remember..
  3. If I'm not mistaken i believe it was after he was done playing high school ball
  4. I remember when GJ Kinne moved from Canton to Gilmer. I believe it had something to do with family reasons. But I do know that UIL was swarming all over that situation like glue.
  5. I believe alot of it could be behind the scenes where they are being careful on how the cards are being played on this one
  6. If it's who I think it is on the WR position..he is taking notice
  7. Better yet they need to stay on him right once he committed
  8. Really Sha... couldn't put a good pic of Matthew M. on here
  9. This is gonna be carried all the way to NSD
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