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  1. Yep. Told you ..you was gonna have your hands full
  2. Daniel you gonna have your hands full this weekend buddy
  3. No doubt Herman and staff is working nonstop on the 2020 class and leaving no stone unturn. They are recruiting Dorbah hard..and a whole bunch of others. I agree with your friend there yeah we will see OOS kids in this class again.If anything, Herman knows how important DFW is...
  4. He will make all his official visits everywhere when the time is right. This will go all the way to NSD
  5. Basically what Herman is saying to Jumbo lol is this"you wanna play? Lol let's play" Lol
  6. Oh hell I just guessed lol I.happen to hear it from a sports announcer one time and I just remembered it
  7. Umm Daniel lol just how much butter are we talking about for popcorn?lol
  8. If Texas has an amazing season and I do mean whoop ass season. Flood gates will open
  9. I think Frosh means college Freshman if I'm not mistaken
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