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  1. 3 thoughts following Texas' series win against ULL

    As in past 5-6 years I am concerned about timely hitting However let's give then 10-12 games before we start throwing things!
  2. ***Game Thread: Texas Baseball Alumni Game***

    Man it's Great to have college baseball back- can't wait to make my first game !!
  3. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I'm told O'Neal has left am heading East !!
  4. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Anderson and Tucker signs -- Give Beck some major help ---- I'm down for 10 Win season and on our way to next step !!
  5. I'm confused but not a fan of either existing coach Guess TH isn't either -- guess we wait and see !
  6. Keith Jackson Passed Away

    He was my second favorite of all time behind only The Great One -- Kern Tips !!
  7. Best UT Class Ever?

    My last comment on this -- you judge a class after 4 years based on Results NOT competition --- Before what's his name gets upset it's just my opinion !
  8. Best UT Class Ever?

    Let's look back on this topic and see who in the world brought race into this conversation !
  9. He's worth it ! Hope we can keep him a couple years !
  10. Best UT Class Ever?

    Gosh I'm sorry didn't realize to be considered you had to have black players !! Results Results Results
  11. Best UT Class Ever?

    Yes Thanks for the research-- does bring back great memories !
  12. Best UT Class Ever?

    I always thought the WorsterBunch was considered the best class ever ?
  13. Brandon Jones Injury Update

    Chip Brown moving to college station or the Bar on the corner that knows him well !!! If he did this in the 1700's he would be Hung !