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  1. *****Texas vs. West Virginia Game Thread*****

    Dumb. Stupid. Should know better EVEN as a Fr
  2. Hearing Fisher to am regardless of what happens in last two games !!! The guy saying that is former All Americam @ am -- Time will tell !
  3. Maybe one of them will hire Beck from us !
  4. Conner Williams returning for WVU!

    It will help Now will it make a difference-- I think it should He sure can't make it worse
  5. I agree -- Win out no change Lose one or both of final two I believe a change will occur .
  6. IF Aggies win out -- who thinks they make a change ?
  7. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Kansas

    You know I am totally puzzled about the use and non use of certain guys !! I am going to observe till season end before I judge w/the rest of you But I will say this not blown away by Herman YET . Hope my gut is right and we will roll in '18 ! Will admit I thought we would be a 8-9 win team this year--WRONG two years in a row now --Guess I am getting old.
  8. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss To TCU

    I have had Season Tickets for 47 Years This is worse offense I have ever seen from the guys in burnt orange .
  9. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss To TCU

    Thank Goodness for Baseball--V'ball--ladies B'ball -- Things on football front are Sad
  10. If he Wins out --- he is back! Hope that happens !,,
  11. Friday Night Lights – Week 11!

    Not too many people will notice But Canyon Lake vs Taylor for the District title --- this may be (sure be ) CL's first our right championship in school history in football --- V'ball did it two years ago ! School is about 8 years old. Go Hawks !!
  12. I think maybe two Sunday players -- C.Johnson and C.Williams---However Williams played like crap today but he's better than that !
  13. I was Very disappointed -- Both coordinators got a F -- how can we not be able to run the ball-- how can we not cover receivors--how can Maryland run up the middle for hundreds of yards -- how in the world did we get so off track--Coaching ? LHN ? Lack of talent ? Not having a D1 level QB ? Maybe all of the above I don't know !
  14. Season Tickets

    Got mind this morning !!
  15. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    IF we have double digits wins this season---Man this class will kick butt !! We have to Win No excuses !