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  1. ***No. 24 Texas @ No. 9 Texas Tech Series Thread***

    This team is hard to understand ! We lose 4 games to KSU and WV BUT we take 4 games from ou and Tech !!!! Go figure
  2. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Mark is ......well I better not say it . Forget it
  3. We have to win One this weekend --Two would be Huge !
  4. ***Texas @ Texas A&M Game Thread***

    i do think this game will tell us a lot about this year's team Can we win a game against a good team on the road --Can our pitcher meet the challenge that a hostile crowd represents and throw strikes -Can we get a key hit when needed--I have concerns that theses things will happen Hope I am wrong !
  5. **Texas @ Kansas State Series Thread***

    Man hoping we could pull it out -- Need the next two !
  6. I wasn't going to say this so early in the season but I have some real concerns with Pierce. I hope he can turn things around but I will be surprised if he does .
  7. I would like to believe this team will be fine But I disagree -- our hitting as it has been for 3-4 years is inconsistent Now our pitching is inconsistent Now our defense is inconsistent -we even saw a critical base running mistake that was huge . I have stated this before Don't take Kansas for granted they are playing really well and their three starting pitchers are better than our three (right now) Let's hope we can pull out 2 wins this weekend -- it won't be easy.
  8. I want to go on record tonight That playing 9 games in 11 days is crazy dumb considering the last 3 are Conference games -—Just my opinion !
  9. Hope we don't take Kansas series for granted - 6 games before Kansas - WOW which is just a week from Friday !
  10. Glad we took game #3 But boy game 2 sure was hard to take Its early but believe we will improve as the season develops.
  11. Hope the weather holds -- Joeywa Thanks for your updates You are one of the guys I really enjoy keeping up with !