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  • Texas Basketball falls to #7 Kansas 80-78 in Lawrence on Monday night

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  1. Family situation has come up -- two tickets lower deck 32yd line row 35 -- asking face valve If interested leave your number - I will call !
  2. Royal 60

    HS Members Prediction Thread: TCU

    I agree we can win this thing-- its time we turn this thing around -- A win tomorrow would give me Real Hope for the future!
  3. Royal 60

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Let's hope the weather isn't a factor so recruits can get the full impact prior to and during the game !
  4. Royal 60

    HS Members Prediction Thread: USC

    My heart goes with 20-17 UT. My head goes with 24- 14 USC
  5. Royal 60

    ***Super Regional Thread: Tennessee Tech vs Texas***

    WOW just can't believe it Really Really overachiers !!!
  6. Royal 60

    ***Super Regional Thread: Tennessee Tech vs Texas***

    We just do not have a dominate starting pitcher -- we are lucky to get this far !
  7. Royal 60

    Ole Miss v Tenn Tech game

  8. You know this stuff better than I do -- really hoping Aggies go anywhere But Austin . Regardless my butt will be in my seat enjoying a Austin regional !!!
  9. I'm guessing #1 Texas. #2 seed UH. # 3 seed am. # 4 seed TSU. Nothing to back this up just a guess !
  10. Royal 60

    ***No. 24 Texas @ No. 9 Texas Tech Series Thread***

    This team is hard to understand ! We lose 4 games to KSU and WV BUT we take 4 games from ou and Tech !!!! Go figure
  11. Royal 60

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Mark is ......well I better not say it . Forget it
  12. We have to win One this weekend --Two would be Huge !
  13. Royal 60

    ***Texas @ Texas A&M Game Thread***

    i do think this game will tell us a lot about this year's team Can we win a game against a good team on the road --Can our pitcher meet the challenge that a hostile crowd represents and throw strikes -Can we get a key hit when needed--I have concerns that theses things will happen Hope I am wrong !
  14. Royal 60

    **Texas @ Kansas State Series Thread***

    Man hoping we could pull it out -- Need the next two !