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  1. Wow. I must be getting senile. Fresno St lol. Yea Tulsa
  2. I said Herman was a Fraud but who here didnt think that after losing 2 openers to Maryland and a shitty showing vs Fresno St.
  3. Besides HoeU this is the one game I wanted us to win. For 4+ years TCU and Patterson have been a thorn in our side. Good game. After the pathetic showing vs Maryland and Fresno St I thought it was over. Then again Herman lost some of those at UH as well....SMU is a prime example. Keep momentum up. Hook em
  4. This officiating crew sucks monkeys balls. Seriously how was that PI not called he was draped all over him. Total bullshit
  5. DMAC

    *****GAME THREAD: TEXAS VS. USC*****

    Very physical game on all fronts after a slow start. Great win. Now play the same way vs TCU please.
  6. DMAC

    Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Tulsa

    ^^ Sums it up for me
  7. DMAC

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Started counting the number times Herman says "really really". 12 times this afternoon in his PC and all I was thinking each time was Herman is really really full of shit His response to the question about how some fans hate his arrogance and never admits to staff mistakes? "I love our fans" F this guy.
  8. DMAC

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Herman is a fraud. Listen to him presgame and postgame then watch the games. Its like he is in fantasy land. I turned off his press conference when he said "winning is really really hard" (vs Tulsa). GTFO We need a well established HEAD COACH. F@#K this OC/DC flash in the pan crap. Make Texas Football Great Again.
  9. DMAC

    Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Tulsa

    Tulsa hasnt won a road game in 2+ years. They only won 2 games last year. Somehow Herman tried to paint Tulsa as a worthy test because every team Texas plays gives more effort beause we are Texas.
  10. Not buying playing tense crap. Is everyone is Austin high or something? Herman looks giddy about tonight. Tulsa won 2 games last year. This will be a nightmare season. Herman is either a good actor or completely delusional.
  11. FIFY #FIREHERMAN Last year we blamed the OL and rightfully so. What now? Tulsa...T-U-L-S-A would be beating us right now if they didnt miss 3 FG and dropped 2 TD passes. Herman is a fraud. Im officially off the Herman Bandwagon.
  12. No but each coach has to rebuild. Hes still rebuilding its only game 2...... Charlie had rebuild now Herman has to rebuild, right? Oh wait please dont say aggie already had talent. That would be an oxymoron
  13. Freshmen look good. Ingram should be #1 back Foster and Stearns will be stars. Our lack of dominant DL is blatant. Not biting on a win here could easily be 21-9 at home vs Tulsa should cause a little concern. Is Nick Rose the Tulsa kicker?
  14. DMAC

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I understand what you are saying but in all fairness rebuilding has zero to do with Porter split out wide on the final drive or Keontay going MIA for the entire 4th quarter. Maybe Herman should rebuild his decision making/staff/whatever. Because he has some good players but Herman is a bonehead