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  1. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    http://texas.thefootballbrainiacs.com/2017/09/open-post-wednesday-september-20th/ I think he meant "rhymes" instead of "reminds". So Rising is recruiting Jaylen Waddle.
  2. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    ........ We would never lose to Iowa State......nvm I suffer from selective amnesia
  3. Chris Warren III

    Post this on Ryan Bridges evaluation thread. Yea I saw the same thing.
  4. Well said. I watched TH presser and he got very defensive with the question about the 4 carries. TH says well he was only averaging 3.8 and then comments 20 carries = 72 yards. He was obviously irritated by the question but how do compare averages with only 4 data points is just a bad excuse. You cant have a run game if you never try to establish a run game. News flash it takes more 4 carries before you say "We tried but it failed." Beck called Porter and Warren equals. Porter should not be carrying the ball. I remember watching the play where both Porter and Warren were in the backfield and handed off to Porter with Warren leading blocking. Yea that makes sense doesnt it. I would like to see more Carter and Daniel. TH seems to instill a little fear in reporters. Check out his presser about 20:38 when he was asked about Beck and Warehime. Notice at the end how he says "Thats an interesting question" and proceeds with blanket stare at the reporter for a few seconds. ROFL I couldnt tell but it sounded like Bohls was the recipient which makes it even better if so.
  5. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

  6. So what we are saying is 1. Use porter cause he blocks decently but averages 3.8 ypc. 2. Use Warren cause he averages 8.2 ypc but whiffs on blocks. Screwed either way. Maybe give Carter and Daniel a shot.
  7. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    UT boosters should pony up and extend Sumlins contract.
  8. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    This should be top priorities but this years class is thin especially in state.
  9. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I read somewhere he was favoring Bama. Any insight after Saturday?
  10. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

  11. Next 5 Games

    So many games we would get blown out over the last few years and I was hoping that wouldnt happen. We still made mistakes on Defense but WOW those kids played so hard and fast. I havent been that excited about defense in years. It seems like injustice just to point to few great games. Nelson, Ford, Charles O, MJ, Johnson, Wheeler, Hill, Shark, and so many more played with such intensity and speed it was amazing. I jumped off the sofa when MJ came through the gap like a freaking bullet to clock R Jones on his butt. It was amazing. Yes we still have some issues. Boyd always bites on double moves. Locke needs to shed blocks better. Right before half, Wheeler left R Jones on his route to go after Sam Darnold. Maybe he thought he had help behind him but I doubt Sam was going to run 56 yards but Jones did. Not taking anything away from Wheelers game because I have picked on that kid the last 2 weeks and he came to play. Sam made a slew of mistakes. Three sacks in a row, He got lucky throwing across his body a couple times. All in all he still gave us the lead on the #4 team at Coliseum in only his 2nd game. In the end we beat ourselves and should have beaten USC even with zero help from some no calls. Beck needs to get his head out of his ass. Why CW3 had only 4 carries is inexcusable. I was amazed he wasnt running on the last drive. If our defense comes to play like that every game we could run the table.
  12. Beck said in his Q&A that he goes with whoever Stan Drayton wants in there. Its been said Porter is the better blocker but I find that ironic when both backs were in the backfield we handed off to Porter while Warren was lead blocker for Porter. The result 2 yard gain. Seems ass backwards to me.
  13. Other Games . . .

    I hope they dont fire him.
  14. Next 5 Games

    Im sticking with 4-1. We win the next 4 if our defense plays the way they did last night. Hell we could run the table if we play like that. Proud of our defense and the speed at which they played. We need to stop beating ourselves.
  15. I just watched it again and last night and he did say that. Cant find the transcripts though. Even Lowel commented after the post game "Well it appears Herman is sticking with Shane when he is healthy"