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  1. So we only have 2 guys, who happen to be injured, that can hit?
  2. I know he's an aggy but RC is a pretty good person.
  3. Call it a hunch but we'll need more than 1 hit to win the game. 2 Big XII shutouts in a row suck. People call Smart out for not recruiting scorers, can we call Pierce out for not recruiting hitters?
  4. So Woodward went to LSU but aggy still wins because it's still $ec, no?
  5. I don't Twitter but the answer is: All of the above
  6. Second shutout (1 hit) in a row for the Horns in Big XII play, 5th overall this season. Does baseball have a NIT tournament?
  7. Texas doesn't deserve to be ranked in the Top 25, harsh but true.
  8. A home series loss to the worse team in the Big XII. Same song, different day
  9. People quit college to work all the time, myself included. Sometimes that avenue is the best one to take. I wish him well.
  10. Different conference, same ol aggy "been a refs call away from relevance".
  11. Yea but aggy has the $ec $ec $ec trump card they LOVE to play so....
  12. Just our luck, probably the best first 2 innings of the year and the game gets cancelled.
  13. So you're saying women are heartless? That's pretty daym sexist if ya ask me!
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