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  1. Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference Updates (November 20)

    Which just goes to show you how bad the Big XII refs are. They need to review the that stats if OPI can be reviewed, why not an obvious faskmask call? I've watched that play several times and if no facemask and/or push in the back by the WV o-linemen, I don't think Hager hits the QB the way he did.
  2. Offensive Grades: West Virginia

    The running backs got an A- due to the o-line's blocking. Based on that, they should be graded the same in my opinion.
  3. Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference Updates (November 20)

    However he did check to see if he could if I heard him correctly. In other words, he knows it was a bad call.
  4. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Even after that aggy architect screwed up their stadium? aggy being aggy
  5. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    We actually did ou a favor by knocking out the WVU QB and agree that ou will roll. If the Big XII title game is between ou & TCU, I'll pull for the Horn Frogs even though I thank Patterson's a jerk.
  6. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    I'd rank Wisconsin over ou just for the simple fact they are undefeated. The male announcer, for being a WVU grad, was very fair on what he saw. He disagreed with the penalty on Davis, stated the refs missed the faskmask on Hager and questioned the catch the WV WR caught shortly after Hager's ejection. You take away several questionable calls/no calls on that drive and the WV offense would have been shut out.
  7. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over West Virginia

    You're friends with Steve Buechele?
  8. Yea, even the announcer on TV said that was a bad call. Oh, he played his college ball at WVU so he wasn't being biased.
  9. I agree with you, it was helmet to helmet. However as Dan Neil said on the LHN, it takes time to regain your balance from having your head jerked down. The O-lineman was also pushing Hager in the back after he released the faskmask too. Both of which happened before the target call and right in front of one of the refs.
  10. *****Texas vs. West Virginia Game Thread*****

    Fair enough but he made the play of the game today!
  11. Dan Neil was going off on the LHN and he even called the refs "idiots". The others on there as well said it was a terrible call. I really think Texas should try and appeal it.
  12. It was 28-14 I wonder if Texas can appeal Hagar's targeting call based on the fact his faskmask was being held thus his head was down and the O-linmen push him into the QB?
  13. Kyle Porter

    I know this young man has caught some flack on this board but he played very well today. Just not carrying the ball but his blocking played a key role in Sam's long run. Maybe Tom knows what he's doing after all?