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  • Texas will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, December 1st @ 11:00 AM in Arlington, TX. Game will be televised on ABC
  • Texas Basketball (5-1) loses to Michigan State in title game of Las Vegas Invitational 78-68


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  1. Yea, HOAs/restrictions are really common in the Austin area. Sir, thanks a lot of the info. I will ask what type of Bermuda it is. You were right about the limitations of what can be planted in the front yard.
  2. Unrelated to your article above but we're thinking of buying a new build and the builder/neighborhood (Austin area) requires the lawn to be Bermuda grass. I've always had St Augustine grass but from what I understand you have to water B more frequently but not as long/deep as SA. You have a link you would recommend me reading as to the differences/advantages/disadvantages of the two types of grass? Appreciate any advice/info you can provide.
  3. Volleyball team lost to BYU last night 3-0 (23,23,21). I still think Texas should have been a top 4 seed (play all the games at home minus the Final Four). They had the 2nd SOS and 3rd RPI. The good news is they only lose 2 SRs.
  4. tejasrulz

    Attending games?

    I've had football season tickets now for 30+ years. I make most but did miss some in the past if my kids had activities on the same day. In the past couple of years, there have been some games where I let my kids (who are now adults) go. It's what a dad does. I've been to multiple baseball, basketball and volleyball games over the years but here lately, I find it more comfortable watching from my couch quite honestly. Oh, the beer is cheaper at my house too. Edit note: The FEC seating sucks if you're 6' or taller
  5. tejasrulz

    Another Shaka shitshow

    Hopefully they build it where someone 6' or taller can sit comfortably. If not, I'll be one of those watching from the couch. Oh and stick the students down low like Duke does it.
  6. tejasrulz

    Another Shaka shitshow

    21 FTs to 8 FTs, that was the difference. Some of those 21 FTs shouldn't have been taken while there should have been more than 8 taken. Agree
  7. tejasrulz

    Initial Thoughts: Texas to play Georgia in Sugar Bowl

    That was the night your destiny of being in the landscaping business was fulfilled.
  8. tejasrulz

    Initial Thoughts: Texas to play Georgia in Sugar Bowl

    To be the best, you have to beat the best. Let's do this!
  9. There were several calls the refs missed that were in ou's favor, several. But hey, at least the Big XII got a team in the hunt for the playoffs, right?
  10. As much as I hate ou and I do, they belong in the playoffs ahead of tOSU. Sorry but that's true. If they pick tOSU over ou tomorrow, that would be total BS.
  11. Maybe I'm stupid, naïve or just a pumper but I'm pleased with the direction this program is headed.
  12. tejasrulz

    No. 17 Texas falls to Radford, 62-59

    I'm a huge fan of Smart but that game was ugly. Yes Radford beat Notre Dame in South Bend but still.
  13. tejasrulz

    Sam (Ehlinger) The Savage

    So Kyler is stating he would be with his teammates while getting ready to shake hands with Boyd, a Texas DB? Humm
  14. And their only Big XII loss was to who? Yep, Texas.
  15. tejasrulz

    Jimbos Nephew

    They don't lie, cheat or steal, however The University of Texas makes it appear they do through their Burnt Orange Conspiracy machine. Come on java, don't you pay attention?!