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  1. Michigan has been playing great ball but it will be very tough for them to beat Vandy.
  2. Agree. I had a couple of aggy start giving me crap one night at a concert (I was wearing a Horns cap) so I started destroying them with facts. They knew they picked on the wrong person and then finally one of them played the "We're in the better conference" card. I just laughed.
  3. Yea, we need hitters. If I remember right, we had 1 player in the starting line-up hitting over .300. You watch some of the Supers & CWS and teams have the majority of their line-up hitting over .300.
  4. Texas beat Georgia by the same amount Bama did, 7 pts.
  5. I was rooting for the winner of Tech vs Fl St to win it all and Tech won.
  6. Congrats Daniel! As a father of daughters myself, my advice is buy a big gun and make sure every boy who comes over sees it. You're welcome.
  7. Watching last years championship game, this young man was easily the best player on the field. I remembering hoping that he would attend Texas. Guess I wont have to guess anymore!
  8. Chuck Norris wears Earl Campbell pajamas.
  9. Horns fall to the Cardinal 3-2. Great job by the team to get that far! HOOK'EM!
  10. Ditto to the above. I would guess that he is homesick since he appears to be real close to his mom. Best of luck to him on whatever he decides.
  11. Man, you have to feel for that okie lite golfer on that missed putt! However, it's the Horns to the finals!
  12. I just saw this on the Austin news. I love the part where the female reporter asked him if they spoke with any of the victims "No" or the NCAA "No". Doesn't sound like a complete vetting to me. Disgraceful, shameful and disgusting. Sorry b@st@rds. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/high-school/high-schools/2019/05/28/mount-vernon-superintendent-jason-mccullough-speaks-art-briles-hire-vetted-coach-briles-best-ability
  13. Mt Vernon should be ashamed but obviously, they're not. As the one article states that someone already posted, they sold their soul for football. I hope they lose a lot of games, if not all of them, while Briles is there.
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