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  1. Yea, I'm seeing it down here in the Austin area but nothing official yet. Appears he was on a motorcycle, with a female passenger on back, when a minivan pulled out in front of them on 2222. They are probably trying to alert family before releasing the names.
  2. Any young man who uses music from Phil Collins in his video is alright in my book!
  3. His HS coach is an aggy (nice guy really) so I can see this.
  4. Thank you for the great advice and tips as always Sir! BTW, I always load my spreader on the driveway. Like you stated, easier to clean up!
  5. I've been to many Texas vs ou games, many games at DKR (season ticket holder for almost 40 yrs now) and saw Texas play LSU in the Cotton Bowl when Simms was a senior. Based on the above, I would go to Texas vs LSU this year. Simply because Texas and ou play every year, LSU doesn't visit Austin that often. Sad thing is I wont be able to attend the Texas vs LSU game this year but my daughter gets my tickets. Hope you're able to score some!
  6. He seemed emotional after his decision, i.e. tears of joy. Happy for the young man, HOOK'EM!
  7. It's been a little of 30 days so maybe I should wait until August or will that be too late for weed & feed?
  8. We just built/bought a house that has new Bermuda grass. I was going to fertilize with some weed & feed tomorrow (supposed to have heavy rains late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Should I wait until August or since it's new grass go ahead?
  9. David Thomas may just be the best TE ever to play at Texas so yea, that would be a huge comparison.
  10. Hasn't Herman already coached against Fisher and won? (rhetorical question alert)
  11. So now Common Core math is required to follow recruiting?
  12. Michigan has been playing great ball but it will be very tough for them to beat Vandy.
  13. Agree. I had a couple of aggy start giving me crap one night at a concert (I was wearing a Horns cap) so I started destroying them with facts. They knew they picked on the wrong person and then finally one of them played the "We're in the better conference" card. I just laughed.
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