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  1. tejasrulz

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    Possible but if you really want a good conspiracy story, what if it was some rich Texans who wanted Charlie gone?
  2. tejasrulz

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    That game was worse than Grant Teaff's last game (Texas at Baylor) which was horrible.
  3. tejasrulz

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Sorry 605, I just saw your question about the crowd but mig is spot on with his assessment. I'll add the ones who were there were loud. As far as the cruts, I sit on the west side so I could only guess they enjoyed themselves. Oh and in my original post, the "non-backward pass" that was (I've seen the replay) was the 1st offensive play of the 2nd quarter, not in the 1st Q.
  4. tejasrulz

    AP Poll, Week 8

    I admit I'm surprised Texas is ranked ahead of UG. Just need to continue winning.
  5. tejasrulz

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    I thought I saw where Shane was 3-0 as a starter for Texas? Granted I'd rather have Sam as my starting QB but only if he's ready. In Herman I trust, HOOK'EM!
  6. tejasrulz

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Was at the game and just finished reading through all 16 pages of this thread. I could have sworn Texas pulled out a win but I'm starting to wonder now. I see no mention of the 1st quarter backwards pass from Baylor that the refs ruled an incompletion. The replay at the stadium made it seem like it was a backward pass, comments? It appeared once Sam was gone that Baylor stacked the bow basically daring him to throw. It also looked like they clogged the middle thus making Shane throw either deep of long sideline passes, both which are tougher than slants over the middle. On Shane's INT, it appeared Duvenay (sp?) never turned to look for the ball. That was on #6, not #7. The Texas D gave up too many 3rd and +10 yards for 1st downs. I'm sure the coaches will address that. Ingram's a stud and will be even better when he is 100%. 6-1 and bowl eligible! HOOK'EM!
  7. tejasrulz

    Staff Predictions: Baylor

    Yea, he has been doing well (only missed TCU I believe) but this week I'm on team Jameson.
  8. Well lets us know what he said please!
  9. The ol heard from a friend who heard it from a friend
  10. On the local (Austin) CBS sports last night, Hager opened up about how he wanted to quit when his father figure (I assume Strong) was fired and how others felt the same way. He said Orlando wouldn't let him quit and eventually he and the rest of the team bought into what Tom and the staff were saying. Guess we know why we had the year we did last year eh?
  11. Several different players held and all were legit, even the ones against ou.
  12. Yea, I watched his show too. I wanted to see if he would give Texas credit which I never heard but he did state several times ou could have played better. I did hear him praise Sam though. BTW, Mike Stoops just got fired about 1 hr ago.
  13. I said the same thing near the beginning of this thread. Great minds.....
  14. I'd like to believe the Texas D had something to do with Murray being off some. This may have been the first time in his career that he was hit and/or harassed so many times in one game. Be that said, the young man is a stud. I bet aggy wishes he had stayed. Is this his first loss since maybe his JR high days? Edit note: He lost as an aggy starter vs Auburn. Stearns looked human during this game. I loved the LJ pass to Johnson. There was a John Burt sighting, maybe his first appearance all year? Sam had a great day. He also has a very good group of WRs to throw the ball to. Ingram and Watson give Texas 2 very good backs. Did you notice the blocking Ingram did on 2 of Sam's TD runs? Last but not least, the OL was blowing ou's DLine off the ball most the game. A couple of stupid holding calls may have prevented Texas putting this game away early in the 4th quarter. Great win by the Horns! Oh yea, ou sucks!