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  1. tejasrulz

    ***CWS Elimination Game: Florida vs Texas***

    Thanks to all who posted and gave us updates throughout the year, yall did a great job! I'm many things but a liar I'm not. Earlier this year I thought we'd be lucky to finish in the middle of the Big XII and we'd be sweating a bid just to play in a regional, let alone host it. Thanks to the players and the coaches for a good season! HOOK'EM!
  2. tejasrulz

    **College World Series Thread**

    Just saw a young girl on TV with a Miss St hat, banana and an Alabama tee-shirt. In other words, typical $ec fan.
  3. tejasrulz

    Cannot Log out of Hornsports

    I just did it but it's not real clear how to do so. In the upper right hand corner you will see your username with an arrow that points down. Click on said arrow and you will see "content" and "settings". Under each you will see dark colored bars. The sign-out bar is the last one under "settings". Click on that bar and you're out. Be that said, why sign out? If you're worried about Russians, don't worry comrade, we're not watching you.
  4. tejasrulz

    **College World Series Thread**

    I don't twitter but if this man really needs a poll to determine which one is better, well I couldn't help him anyway.
  5. Have to give the Hogs credit, them boys can hit. What sucks is most appeared to be from the state of Texas.
  6. tejasrulz

    ***CWS Opener: Texas vs Arkansas***

    That 2nd pitch on Reynolds was a strike?
  7. tejasrulz

    ***CWS Opener: Texas vs Arkansas***

    The Hogs are kicking our butts, no doubt. However I thought I saw about 5 pitches that were called balls that were strikes before the delay. Anyone else seeing that or is it just me?
  8. tejasrulz

    ***CWS Opener: Texas vs Arkansas***

    I thought it was 5-2, did I miss something?
  9. tejasrulz

    What you need to know: Arkansas

    On the news here in Austin, they had the kid who will be starting for the Hogs on and he said he was going to throw his best stuff and if Clemens can hit it, so be it.
  10. tejasrulz

    What you need to know: Arkansas

    If you get a divorce in Arkansas, are you still cousins?
  11. tejasrulz

    **College World Series Thread**

    North Carolina got a big break when that guy was called safe at 3rd even though he was tagged out twice (almost 3x) on the play. Not sure why the NCAA wont let coaches challenge that but they wont.
  12. tejasrulz

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    But, but Jimbo has a natty! - aggy
  13. Not sure who Tom Hernan is and if he's better than Jimbo Fisher. However I do know that Tom Herman is 1-0 vs Jimbo.
  14. So pardon my ignorance but what is the recruiting violation regarding this?