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  1. Please curb stomp tt. amen.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Hornsportsters

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  3. Common Guy Prediction Thread - sand aggy

    I just want to win and look good doing it.
  4. Michael Dickson Named Ray Guy Award Finalist

    Should be a shoe-in for this.
  5. Mayfield.. typical Jack***

    Lincoln learning well from Stoopy and Berry. Nothing changes up there.
  6. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    Anywhere but aggy.
  7. Offensive Grades: West Virginia

    Much better.
  8. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over West Virginia

    C. Williams confirmed that he is a BEAST.
  9. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    Nothing good ever comes from an ou win.
  10. Mayfield.. typical Jack***

    After all. It's ou. You expect this behavior.
  11. Common Guy Prediction Thread - Hillbilly aggy

    Happy to admit my prediction of a loss was wrong. Good win for the Horns. .......P.S.... F the refs.
  12. *****Texas vs. West Virginia Game Thread*****

    Horns doing a good job of staying in their own way.
  13. *****Texas vs. West Virginia Game Thread*****

    I watch a lot of football and I have never seen it done.
  14. *****Texas vs. West Virginia Game Thread*****

    Athletic Director needs to raise hell about this.
  15. Common Guy Prediction Thread - Hillbilly aggy

    I would certainly like to enjoy a Saturday of football for a change.