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  1. ou game................so you can see ou suck in person.
  2. LHN is now (Sunday) showing UT/Miss 2013 game that UT lost 44-23. I've never seen a UT loss shown on LHN Classic College Football before.
  3. Why isn't that UT/ND Cotton Bowl game ever on LHN? One of the best games ever.
  4. Hope all celebrate this day.
  5. Thanks. Yeah, it looks like a numbers game now.
  6. After reading the recruiting posts for months I still can't decide on where UT stands on the quality as of today. With 10 being most outstanding on a scale of 1 to 10 .....just where are the Horns as of today?
  7. Was never an OB member. I left Hornfans after several years and came here. HF had an "elite" group of members who could say anthing that came into their minds. Other members not so much. Ridicule became tiresome and thankfully I found Hornsports.
  8. Just watched tech beat pigs 5 to 4 in elimination game in Omaha. I hate tech, but I hate pigs even more.
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