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  1. There are a number of players in the league that have had this. He can be back. He needed a redshirt year anyways.
  2. I can’t imagine what their interpretation of their life is when they aren’t thinking about their football team.
  3. I feel pretty good about us landing Linburg
  4. Yep you had me stumbling out the gate. Good job
  5. Is anyone going to comment on how the visit went with Milton?
  6. They have a national presence but do not have local talent to our extent. We now have both. Win a college playoff game and it will get crazy.
  7. Herman is following the Saben blueprint. Only difference is our local talent is better than Alabama local talent.
  8. It’s funny that they see themselves as a marquee matchup. I like the idea of playing them for no other reason than reminding the world that they suck year after year.
  9. So what is the deal? When can we expect our next shhhhhh alert?
  10. Have your heard anything from your brother about recruiting?
  11. I see the point now and definitely agree. We won’t be cake walking until we have consecutive 10 win seasons and have proven that we are a dominant force year in and year out.
  12. I don’t know... Herman better be the most enjoyable person to work for or these coaches better be sold on the fact that they have the greatest chance of a future HC job. human nature especially among the best is to be compensated very well.
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