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  1. Texas Offers A&M LB Commit DaShaun White

    Herman just wanted to wait for him to commit elsewhere so he could flip another commit. I like his style
  2. OU

    I will always say hookem when i see that video until the day i pass. Hookem
  3. Connor Williams Injury Update

    Iv had a torn pcl and was out 4 months. A sprain cant be that bad.
  4. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    I remember being in a basketball tournament as a kid that required 2 losses to get knocked out. We lost to an inner city powerhouse team by 2 points. We knew we were good but didnt know how good... anyways we were crushed after the loss. My coach was so god damn giddy and happy after the game. I asked why, we just lost. He said after what he saw he knew we were going to not only make it to the championship game but were going to smoke the team we juat lost to. We ended up doing just that. I know we lost but after what i saw i know that we have a good team that is goimg to wreck havok moving forward. We found out how much of a weapon sam and collin johnson are and our defense is the real deal. We need a new OC but we will be ok. 9 win team is what i saw.
  5. It rest with oline and dline. Oline were god awful and the dline were just as bad.
  6. *****Game Thread - Texas vs. Maryland*****

    Its time for the back up qb to take the wheel tge rest of the season.
  7. *****Game Thread - Texas vs. Maryland*****

    Holy crap, christmas is finally here. I didnt think i was going to make it. HOOKEM
  8. It Begins.... (2017 Fall Camp Thread)

    I have kodi, what addon do u recommend for the games?
  9. It Begins.... (2017 Fall Camp Thread)

    That is selfless love right there
  10. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Im starting to wonder if the same post championship loss bug that bit mack brown has bit alabama and nick saben. There recruiting class is weak
  11. Inside the Rebirth of Texas Football

    dear lord, i hope Herman brings us back to the top of the mountain. the last 8 years have been torture. Great article
  12. It Begins.... (2017 Fall Camp Thread)

    Brewer having his stripe removed is encouraging, we need all TE on deck ready to go.
  13. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Who is it!
  14. It Begins.... (2017 Fall Camp Thread)

    Maybe this picture was actually taken in the 90's.
  15. It Begins.... (2017 Fall Camp Thread)

    if we are going to keep posting pictures of our equipment room on social media then we need to get herman to renovate that room, otherwise we need to have all pictures taken of the locker room. That room looks like its from the 90's.