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  1. MikeV73

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Hamm going to run some gassers?
  2. MikeV73

    Friday Night Lights – Week 4

    Can’t wait for this playmaker to hit the 40 acres.
  3. MikeV73

    View from the Cheap Seats-Horny Toads

    I’m betting he will rebound from this performance.
  4. I’m waiting for the aggy posts that declare their loss to Bama is a win because it keeps the sec NC title alive and well!!! Idiots.
  5. Sterns is a stud, this dude is a game changer.
  6. Horns exterminate the frogs!!!!!
  7. It’s like Forest Gump, it will explode off of his knee when he hits top speed today.
  8. MikeV73

    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over USC

    Yes, calling plays to best utilize talent which has been an issue here for quite a few years. Hopefully last week’s game shows signs of a positive future for us.
  9. MikeV73

    Quick baseball note

    The Dos XX world’s most interesting man will be staffing the beer kiosk on game days.
  10. MikeV73

    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over USC

    He sure looked good throwing within Leach’s scheme. Lots of slants and outs on target. I saw three TDs up the middle to wide open WRs.
  11. MikeV73

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Would be interesting if coaches like Saban tweeted “Plan B....” right before they pulled a scholarship from a commit.
  12. MikeV73

    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over USC

    Watching usc v. WSU this evening and usc is absolutely awful. Defense looks worse than against us...let’s hope Texas is actually improving and didn’t just beat a crappy usc team.
  13. MikeV73

    OK You play defense.....now what?

    Brett Bilesma is feeling orgasmic as we speak....oh wait, that is actually ED. I have referred him to our Jacomides urology thread.
  14. MikeV73

    Paging Echeese

    Can’t just vacate your lucky seat after a win...gotta stay put and keep the mojo rolling through this Saturday.
  15. MikeV73

    HS Members Prediction Thread: TCU

    Where did you get this news?
  16. MikeV73

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Haven’t seen a good rat bastard post in quite some time either.
  17. So Temple beating Tulsa by two TDs...they just might pound two of the teams we struggled with this season. On another note Temple has dudes wearing storm trooper uniforms on the sideline holding play call cards/posters. How stupid is that...rhetorical, not actually a question requiring an answer.
  18. MikeV73

    Friday Night Lights – Week 4

    So much like that massive English JUCO lineman we offered who played soccer and could be the largest PK ever in a pinch, Wiley is a Swiss Army knife guy who can throw as well. Solid.
  19. MikeV73

    DKR South End Zone Architecture Firm Selected

    Seems a prior article said the capacity wouldn’t change...just upgrade in facility and experience.
  20. Ok, never heard that before and is quite disturbing if true. Who is the poster who seems to know everything there?
  21. MikeV73

    Friday Night Lights – Week 4

    Jared Wiley played QB last week with his stat line above....did we know he was playing QB this season? Was he filling in for an injured player? Am I just behind on intel?
  22. MikeV73

    HS Members Prediction Thread: TCU

    Exactly my thoughts on the 2016 ND game and the hype that it developed...but it didn’t materialize and ND sucked the rest of the year as well. Did enjoy that game though!