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  1. I have been taunting my irritating KU buddy that one of our teams is still playing tourney ball. He is the first text I get as soon as Texas looses a game....but he goes all quiet on the western front when KU losses. Can’t handle it when his team looses, hibernates. Also fails to acknowledge his alma mater plays football. while he might be correct he doesn’t even follow his school’s team.
  2. They kept feeding Roach the ball at the end to run the offense. He was careless with the ball and didn’t set up anything except isolation BS, when he didn’t turn the ball over.
  3. So based on her bio she was a player to be named later in the Bru McCoy acquisition from USC Welcome aboard Dina!
  4. Mic’d up off the field would be more interesting
  5. I think he was owed 8 mil if let go before April, around 5 if after April? Sounded like they were negotiating a settlement.
  6. Is that Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmel show proposing to his lady?
  7. I’m hoping the Baker kid can move into the lineup next season. Hope he isn’t overrated, I haven’t seen him except random highlights from HS ball on Austin local news. Will need a presence in the middle as Hepa is a wing who launches threes. Ramey, Febres, and Coleman have that covered and we need some muscle down low. Hamm with potential. Of course this just means we need someone to actually coach these guys next season!
  8. OT. Sims hops saves the day there with a solid block at the rim.
  9. Roach too tight on D there. Let the dude miss a fairly contested shot there.
  10. As I have abandoned the Texas baseball game I now am the only person not at the drum watching the Horns hoops game. Pissing away a lead with crappy defense and shooting as usual here. The shitshow continues. Where is CDC this weekend? Is he watching hoops? Inquiring minds need to know.
  11. So today the hitting comes alive after all of my complaining, and the pitching sucks. Can’t win. Let’s put a full game together more than just one game in a series.
  12. I will never again be overconfident with this team that we have a game in hand after having a big lead. Is Shaka coaching this team this weekend?
  13. First, where has our middle relief pitching gone? Second, can the fake awards roulette wheel spam thing please stop popping up when I click to read a thread?
  14. Solid effort thus far. Horrible referee action leaving time on the clock after Texas missed shot last possession. Should have run the clock out as it wasn’t a shot clock violation. Led to a crappy defensive play, or lack of defense, on a Hail Mary heave from the end line that gave Xavier a last second 2.
  15. Food for thought: bama just canned Avery Johnson after 4 seasons with a better record than Smart has at Texas. Does bama have higher expectations of their basketball team and coach than Texas? SMH.
  16. Let’s not forget to include daddy Foreman in that package deal...he was awesome!
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