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  1. Spring Game Takeaways and Observations

    Also interesting that Cosmi and Kerstetter got better grades than the vets. IMO the vets have been dissapointing through last year, but Kerstetter was an undersized tackle who was getting beat from what I remember last season. He is more of a guard from what I remember, especially at his weight as a true frosh. I'm assuming he has bulked up from last season.
  2. Spring Game Takeaways and Observations

    How did Cosmi fare in the spring game? Can't remember him being mentioned, or his play being talked about. Of course I wasn't glued to the TV either.
  3. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Was just joking with another assimilated AM campus. Different schools....commerce was East Tx St and Kingsvle was Texas A&I I believe.
  4. Spring Game Takeaways and Observations

    Wasn't there chatter last season about Vahe playing center?
  5. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    He is not Texas AM-Kingsville worthy
  6. Spring Game Takeaways and Observations

    Shack seemed to "roll" quite a few bad snaps at the QB last year. How is he as a blocker Daniel? Would we benefit from a move to guard with him or is he purely a center? Just thinking....
  7. ****** TEXAS SPRING GAME THREAD ******

    Carter fumbling in the first is not going to help him get playing time this season.
  8. ****** TEXAS SPRING GAME THREAD ******

    They just ran a promo on next season's schedule showing all of our pick 6s and bad plays against each opponent. Who is the idiot who put that together for OUR SPRING game? WTF?
  9. Agree with you cheese, now get off my lawn!
  10. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Wow, it's a shame we didn't sign this guy
  11. New Grad Transfer WR To Know

    So did about five other guys!
  12. Agree, Smart has not run an appropriate offense to utilize his talented players. It would seem the HAVOC system would be good for a team without an identity to put pressure on the opponent. Not sure what he is doing, not sure if he knows what he is doing. I already figure we will suck next year losing Bamba, but now we have lost half of the team early as well.
  13. Still need guards. Long eligible after transfer, Coleman and Febres back, hopefully Roach....that's all of the guards I believe. Definitely don't need ostekowski bringing it up the court.
  14. Too many guards leaving, aren't all of our commits bigs or forward types? Not a good situation, we need guards who can shoot.
  15. Herman mentioned he hoped Nelson would be back in a few weeks. Is Nelson injured? Is he on hiatus pondering a transfer as has been mentioned before? Hopefully he stays and excells next season.
  16. Looking like Killebrew with #40 and those guns! Just hope he doesn't inherit the Killebrew late hit tendency.
  17. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Injuring a 66 y/o disabled woman. Let's see how he tries to spin this incident.
  18. UT Baseball RPI/SOS

    Have to laugh after first reading the thread title as RIP/ Save our Ship Texas baseball at first glance. Completely wrong idea at first glance
  19. Just read a tweet on bleacher report that former Horn Montrel Meander worked out at Grambling's pro day today. Didn't know where he went after getting kicked off the team by CFS.
  20. Jacob Young to transfer from hoops program

    I thought he was on the rise in the program. Should have played more minutes IMO. Shot selection improved since last season...still questionable at times this season. His improved defense impressed me this year. Dissapointing, he could have been a key asset to the team next year. Losing him and most likely Eric Davis does not help this team get better next season. Shaka needs to get that resume polished up if he hasn't already. Of course a hefty buyout won't hurt him.
  21. So did Longhorn Frenzy go down the worm hole and disappear after his identity was used, or do we just not have access to his stuff anymore? Asking for Juan Grande.
  22. Well, did make it closer to home.
  23. This is great PR for LHN!
  24. Mo Bamba announces he will enter the NBA Draft

    FT line says it all...well not it all but did cost us quite a few games this season.