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  1. His dad was a coach, did he transfer with him? I remember his dad was shot in the chest by a former player I believe, but I don’t remember if that was at that time or after GJ was done playing HS ball?
  2. Yes, Jimbo is the pillar of righteousness and a great leader of men. Just ask Jameis Winston how Jimbo graciously ignored all of his stand up actions and allowed him to win games for his coach. Great role model that every parent should be proud to lead their sons. Idiot.
  3. Exactly, aggy needs to take their seat at the bottom of the line in the pretender chair.
  4. Aggy failure is directly related to Georgia’s football team. Good one.
  5. So if a recruit commits to Bama does it mean he does wan’t to work hard for Jimbo? No, that is only the case/lame excuse when a kid chooses Texas. Idiots.
  6. The term “stalwarts” always makes me cringe...you old school posters known what I’m talking about. No offense JB
  7. Talking to CTH last, I like that scenario.
  8. Does this mean the women’s hoops program has a pending commit?
  9. Borrowing the teasip thing from aggy says it all.
  10. Good to see to see you posting Miguel, hope all is well. I read a walk-on RB was sent to the hospital, didn’t get details on what happened. I think he was released. edit: just saw someone already posted the hospitalized RB info above.
  11. He sums up aggy well with “good not great”. Or is it “mediocre not good”?
  12. Did Urban come back to give the team a pep talk?
  13. My post started as a joke regarding academics at UT vs Auburn, but then backtracked a bit thinking maybe he had difficulties. Sounds like he is a smart kid, but sounds like the engineering angle was bogus.
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