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  1. Still shaking my head that dumbass Patterson gave Smart an extension thinking the Rockets would hire him away.
  2. Mad Max alternative uniforms suck...should work in Texas’ favor
  3. Never said he was Smart, just pointing out the criticism of both. Not holding out for a conference championship, but a strong end to the season would be great.
  4. Just food for thought with my analogy. Smart has gone to a Final 4, which is pretty damn impressive, but that hasn’t helped us at all.
  5. I made the same coach analogy a few weeks ago, with my thought that Smart was getting hammered for similar issues but not Pierce. I hope both coaches can put it together and sustain winning programs.
  6. aggy can expand their footprint to Dubai, China, and Mexico....solid plan
  7. Webster knows his football as TV dad was Detroit Lion Alex Karas.
  8. What if Ahmad and Lowell were administering the Chinese water torture?
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