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  1. Not to accidentally spiritually summon a former Hornsports member, but is this our former “esteemed colleague” and Dubai enthusiast from years ago?
  2. So I guess nobody except LSU should be confident about their team. These idiots are confident in their team and that is ok with me. Even LSU fans calling us sips, which is stupid no matter who says it. I guess their defense was kick ass last year, just ask any aggy. Lastly, I guess Sam is a pathetic QB that their coaches and team shouldn’t game plan for him. Sounds good to me, feel free to ignore him and let him roll.
  3. Hardly...guess he and the team don’t give a crap when Texas beats them.
  4. Didn’t he have the same short shorts on the LSU photo op? Must be his thing
  5. I didn’t realize the dodgeball guy was an aggy alum.
  6. Wow, this guy is so smart he must be an AD at a big time power 5 school. Texas sure is fretting about not having aggy on the schedule and has no clue what they will do with their schedule. Does this guy actually read what he writes or believe the voices in his head? Idiot.
  7. Or when he lets an accused rapist win him a national championship....oh wait, that was jumbo...
  8. So Evans is plan B or C? They will only recruit him if these other guys bail, and jumbo will magically earn his commitment....laughable.
  9. Yes, these recruits are taking naps right now in a shed with Rhett Bomar. Just a rumor...no wait the Bomar shed thing was proven.
  10. Try to avoid using “sooner”. It’s 10:47 and ou still sucks.
  11. Wow, this guy must have Herman’s office wire taped to have all of this solid intel.
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