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  1. Note On Connor Williams

    Stay healthy Mr. Williams my 49ers have a top 5 pick coming and they need you.
  2. *****Texas vs. TCU Game Thread*****

    Drinking a few beers the game, just in case need to soften the blow... Nervous about this one.
  3. *****Texas vs. TCU Game Thread*****

    Alright, alright, alright.
  4. Common Guy Prediction Thread - TCU

    They won. They came into the 2nd half and closed the game out. Good teams don't usually loose two in a row.
  5. Common Guy Prediction Thread - TCU

    Texas faces the same issue that it faced with OU. TCU is coming off a loss and they are going to be pissed and more focused. I never pick against Texas but this will definitely be a defining win if they pull it off. 23-20 field goal in final minute.
  6. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Can't blame him he knows he's 1-2 round player he can take care of his mom whichever I believe is his main priority outside the lines.
  7. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    They are all gone, unfortunately.
  8. Mock draft

    Niners just Got Jimmy G from the Pats. They are going to move down or likely take best available OL. The oline is atrocious, I'm a fan, it's been painful to watch. Williams to the Niners 3-7 after Niners trade down for a team desperate for a QB.
  9. Play calling for this game was extremely questionable IMO... Oklahoma beat them in first half Texas gave it up in the 2nd.
  10. So... I don't want to be a negative Nancy. If Herman and Texas pull this off I will not say one negative thing about this team the rest of the season. Dear Baby Jesus I hope your listing.
  11. That's what I remember too. So far... This looks like a 5-7 team which is heart breaking. *Today
  12. What did the Longhorns do to piss of the football God's?