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  1. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Sometimes no matter how hard you try.... You can't make this sh*t up.
  2. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    It's definitely a good thing to have both be prepared to play. Texas can't afford to many more games this season.
  3. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Totally agree an all points. Malik played the best game of his career IMO, scouts must have been salivating.
  4. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    I said the same thing..... WtF
  5. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    What what.... Instant classic!
  6. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    We have to be happy no matter what happens now.... Texas team is in good hands going forward. VERY FEW HAD IT THIS CLOSE!
  7. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    I was at a party where the Canelo vs GGG fight was first and just tuned in... 14-10... What happen to the blow out?
  8. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Have a laugh ladies and gents to get the blood pressure down before the game, calm the nerves....
  9. QB Update

    Or one game.
  10. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Is Vince Young going to jump into Heard's uniform? I hope your right. I hope your right.
  11. Staff Predictions for the Texas & USC game

    I hope you guys are wrong. If Texas wins is PAC 12 overrated or is Texas back? See what I did?
  12. QB Update

    I'm still a believer in Shane but if he can't go, he can't go. If Sam wins the job, he's our QB period...until he's not. I want Texas to win, it's simple.
  13. QB Update

    In my best Ron Washington voice... " That's the way football go". I'm hoping he has the performance of his life.