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  1. Amazing outcome of the regionals. Florida Atlantic still up, 2-1 over Florida, after getting out of a bases-loaded bottom of 3rd. Trying to beat Florida twice, to advance. This is the last qualifying game. Winner plays Auburn. Going to bottom of 4th. Duke (my daughter, a Junior next year) beat GEORGIA! TWICE to advance, gets to play Sand Aggie. Oregon State eliminated LSU, on to a Super Reg. Horns Hosting !!!! Hook'em Pending the outcome of this late ESPN2 game, here are the matchups. Auburn vs. Gainesville Regional winner (Florida vs. Florida Atl) Duke vs. Texas Tech South Carolina vs. Arkansas Tennessee Tech vs. Texas Washington vs. Cal State Fullerton Vanderbilt vs. Mississippi State Stetson vs. North Carolina Minnesota vs. Oregon State
  2. I quit going three years ago primarily due to the 2,000,000 WATT Gawdzillitron. The material on the board is distracting and stupid. It so loud you cannot talk or holler at your comrades near you or at strangers in front of behind you. It's as if you're not even at a football game but some crazy Hoopla ACL concert of infield of a NASCAR event. The screen, the scale of the side of a midwestern barn or airport hanger, should be limited to plays and replays with NO FREAKING SOUND that's overly audible while the game is in play. ONLY noticable if one chooses to look over. Make it a CHOICE -- not a damned COMMAND by sheer display. As it is, the damn thing DOMINATES the entire stadium even before the game begins. It's the damnedest, dumbest idea a football stadium ever conceived. In lieu of commercials in general, the screen and it's borders should be used to support only UT academics and events and history. Nothing outside the university. Zero commercial use or promotion. Get rid of the borders of graphics. make it plain, pure, elegant and simple. For live action and replay. And, at only a few intervals over the course of the game, promote and honor UT functions, students and history. The Game Day atmosphere at DKR is atrocious until the Gawdzillitron is solved and limited to a minor support role and not a dominating role as is the case up to now. Last few times I went I had to wear concert ear plugs but should have brought ear protections suitable for an outdoor range (that I won't fully describe here). Or maybe it's just me. I'm pissed at loud overhead music in stores, especially Trader Joe's on Great Hills Trail where I have to wear said ear plugs. Whole Foods Gateway can be just as obnoxious. All such noise and "music" is at the expense of patrons and is an idea only in the heads of those managing said venues. I think it's all aimed at consumption. Years ago the founder and owner of (___ won't say here___) Pizza here in Austin told me that (won't identify by category here, but he did name a category) restaurants play loud music to increase beer sales. Patrons must elevate their voices just to talk to one another. That then elevates their own energies and drives them to keep ordering more beer. So the overhead music is not to please or create atmosphere, but to drive consumption. I have no clue what the AD thought the Gawdzillitron was aimed at promoting. Maybe that, too, is all about consumption. Certainly not Game Day Atmosphere. Certainly not the pure game of football. Certainly not a classic college game experience. How about revisiting the atmosphere of the Jan 2006 Rose Bowl and having no more than what was evidenced during that game? Sound levels of this kind purposely generated and produced in a business environment are degrees of ambient encroachment on the lives of those nearby. For such as the Gawdzillitron, ight as well be pouring buckets of ice water over everyone's head. Ala, Ice Bucket Challenge. I will not go to another DKR game until that damned Blaster is reduced to a support role that never once interferes with fans focusing on the only reason they are there. The game. And their fellow fans. What we have now is a Television on Steroids running at AC-DC Rock Concert Audio Levels.
  3. Epictetus

    Keith Jackson Passed Away

    Wasn't sure anyone on this board would remember Kern Tips. Ah, Sat afternoons listening to SWC games on the radio. One phrase I remember as "swing the gate play." Weren't those sponsored by Mobil or Humble Oil? I heard today that the 2006 Championship game was Keith's last to call. Perfect!!
  4. Epictetus

    Andrew Jones diagnosed with Leukemia

    Puts life in perspective. I've a daughter in college, 1400 miles from home (Durham, NC) and while she worries only about grades, I worry about safety and wellness. Thoughts and prayers to Andrew, his family and those dearest to him.
  5. Epictetus

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    One thing I began to realize as the second half unfolded, in particular the 4th quarter and the last half dozen exchanges of drives between Georgia and Alabama, and final 5 min of regulation and overtime... The athletes on the Bama squad. They are awesome athletes. Recruiting matters. Speed, size, ability to play over-the-top late in the game. To me they ended up looking like a pro team against a college team. Georgia was not prepared for the freshman passing attack, and lost their composure as the game wore on. Longhorns need comparable athletes and depth. I think Ohio State vs Alabama is the game that was missed. A week to prepare for just one game... Meyer might have done a better job for 60 minutes.
  6. Epictetus

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I just learned that. Like I said, I was working off to the side. Just saw a tweet that BOTH QBs are frosh. Amazing. I stand corrected.
  7. Epictetus

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I'll borrow space here for a post on tonight's title game. It ties to recruits anyway. Trying to get work done on the side, but every time I look over at the screen, Georgia has the ball. With 13-0 lead, looking at the Bulldogs QB on the sideline what I see is a grown man. EDIT: HAVE since learned that the Georgia QB is also a freshman, as is the replacement Bama QB. 22:24 Central. Until the Longhorns can stay in the program and develop a Grown Man's game here, we aren't going to be knocking heads and asserting ourselves on the field. I know I am old school, starting here in Fall of 1960 and living through all the title teams... on campus for first 3 and in town for the 4th.. but I will never waver from the fact that it requires senior (and junior) leadership and maturity to put a solid team on the field, along with star players who have developed. We need 21 and 22-year old student-athletes, some as 5-year players having a red shirt season. We need to stop relying on freshmen, sophs, some juniors, and a handful of seniors, with good players pondering their NFL career after playing a couple dozen games over 2+ seasons.
  8. Epictetus

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I'd look at Newton's Corbin Foster. 4.0 GPA, aims to be a doctor, 1st Team All-State, Defensive MVP of state title game (that Newton won), and was a state leader in tackles at 240. He may be 3A, but I'd still look at him. 6' 220, is patient, does not overrun pursuit, has good angles, and can wrap up. I know Newton is not a top school academically. My sister (a retired teacher there) knows his parents and talks about his solid family background and unified effort in his life as both student and athlete. The kid is grounded. I would not like to see him end up at Baylor or A&M. If he can handle the academics, I'd sure give him a look. http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/corbin-foster/pLVcjFY2EeW-8KA2nzwbTA/default.htm
  9. Epictetus

    ******Army All-American Game Thread******

    Everything is measured against the Texas Longhorns. 'nuff said.
  10. All good reading going into Jan and headed to the second national letter of intent day... NLID? ... whatever.
  11. Damn tootin' he's worth it!! Build the foundation for years to come!!
  12. Epictetus

    2017-2018 Bowl Schedule

    The second game is more defensive. Alabama looking to have that New England Patriot 'system' and edge. If the Tide takes this one and the title, will be lots of beer talk in the off season. Conference runner-up and 4th place seed romps.
  13. Epictetus

    2017-2018 Bowl Schedule

    Unwise squib kick with little time before end of first half allowed the field goal to cut Georgia's deficit from 17 to 14. Then with go-ahead gift scoop & score and little time left late in 4th, allowed Bulldogs to drive the field and tie it up. Then... the list goes on in OT. If OU had to lose, what better way than double OT. And again, college football's ranked teams are giving us games that resemble flag football. Or, I guess, routine Big12 football, sans Todd Orlando defense in the mix. OU - Georgia combined team stats: 45 first downs 1,058 yards 102 points Compare UT - Missouri. Texas wins by 17 points. Combined team Stats: 34 first downs. 670 total yards 49 points Thank you, Michael Dickson !! Hook'em !!
  14. Epictetus

    2017-2018 Bowl Schedule

    Georgia is headed for the top recruiting class and Kirby Smart has them playing hard-hitting football, often stretching the limits of legal hits. I watched a lot of the sec title game and they were punishing the Auburn players. Since the 2nd half gotten under way, doing the same to the Land Thieves. Saban may not hold the edge in the sec much longer.
  15. Epictetus

    Thinking of pulling for OU in the playoff?

    Okay, I'm convinced. And I'm thinking now, Georgia is going to route OU. I watched the SEC Title game, and Kirby Smart had his players knocking the snot out of the Auburn players. Very physical play.