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  1. Correct thinking. Why not Kliff Kingsbury. Shot in the dark.
  2. See if I can remember the gist if what I thought I heard Mark Richt saying this morning by phone-in to Colin Cowherd... This will be Richt's 3rd season with Miami (hired Dec 2015). Last year they went 9-4. This season, undefeated and hosting ND in College Game Day setting. The coach told Colin that last year they lost 4 close games by average of one score. I looked em up. Lost by 1, 7, 21, 3, for an 8pt/game average. He said this year they have won four close games. I looked up those scores. Won by 4, 1, 8, 4, for an avg of 5pt/game. He told Colin they are learning how to win, how to win close games. Again, Mark Richt's 3rd season at Miami. Leaving out Maryland -- as I've written elsewhere on this board, four of the five Horns' loses are to current Top-15 teams, two of those are #5 vs #6 this weekend. The loss totals are by: 3 (2OT), 5, 3 (OT), 21, for avg of 8pt/game. The four Top-15 teams (leave out Maryland) Horns have lost to have a combined record of 33-6. Tom Herman's first season. Three very close losses and one (described above) by 21. Avg 8pt/game. (Plus the one-off Maryland game). And all this with the defense starting slow in two key games (OU and TCU), and "blowing it" in coverage with late lead (USC, OU) and not holding it together in OT with OK-State, and so on. First season. An offense with one hand tied. Learning how to play tough physical football. Mark Richt is in his 3rd season, bringing out the Turnover Chain, and hosting Game Day this Sat against 1-loss ND (lost by 1 pt to Georgia), with a chance to drive for the ACC title and maybe the Final Four. According to 'those recruiting ratings' Horns still sitting in about #2 spot nationally. One each all-purpose and pro-style QB on the way, rounding out a slew of 4-stars. I think both QBs will be here for spring. First season. Mark Richt in his 3rd season. That's when you find out what you got. Mack Brown only won two Big12 titles, the first came in the 8th season. But did go 9-wins ... then 10-wins... consecutively.. getting there. That held up the perception and the recruiting -- even with 5 straight loses to OU, two of them half-a-hundert blowout types. But it was 8 seasons before it became conference, or national, title.
  3. Holton Hill suspended for remainder of the season

    I can only add 'like reactions' to the outstanding anecdote and comments. Well done.
  4. Thanks. Hook'em! Ford is a good name in athletics at UT. Before TJ on the hardwoods, I enjoyed Tommy Ford on the gridiron.
  5. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss To TCU

    I don't have the time to do it, but would be interesting to see the years of experience/eligibility of the depth charts we've been facing vs. ours. I have never fully adjusted to the lack of junior/senior laden teams that were around here decades ago. I'm old school back to Yearlings when freshmen did not play. I remember several things... - Senior leadership was one. Juniors and Seniors led for the most part followed by upstart very talented Sophs who could get playing time. - The excitement of the "Sophs" getting a chance to play. - Games put away late in 3rd quarter and 'subs' coming in. - A good QB was a senior, or maybe played his final two years. Street took over after early games (I believe) with UH and then Texas Tech (maybe he took over during that Tech game?) .. but, after that game Street became the starter and never lost a game. Finished that year and then went undefeated regular season the next. IMHO, a team needs juniors and seniors in the trenches (strength positions) for both experience and leadership. I believe the '04 and '05 teams were junior/senior-laden, including the TE position. His final year, wasn't VY a 4th year player having red-shirted? The program lost the rollover/staggering (year-to-year) of experience in the offensive line by the time Brown was exiting. Also fell behind the curve doing the same at the QB position. Okay I found a 2005 depth chart. Listed for a Colorado game on the sheet I found-- Conf title game? http://www.netitor.com/photos/schools/tex/sports/m-footbl/auto_pdf/05gameweek-cu-depth.pdf Skill positions down to FR and So can produce if complemented by experience and leadership from TE / Tackle-to-Tackle. TE, David Thomas, Sr RT, Justin Blalock, Jr RG, Will Allen, Sr C, Lyle Sendlein, Jr LG, Kasey Studdard, Jr LT, Jonathan Scott, Sr Split End, Limas Sweed, So Tailbacks, Jamaal Charles, Fr, Selvin Young, Jr FB, Ahmard Hall, Sr Flankers, Brian Carter, Sr., Nate Jones, So QB, Superman Next in line on that depth chart, tackle-to-tackle. TE, Jr. Neale Tweedie RT, Sr. Wm. Winston RG, Fr-RS Cedric Dockery C, So. Dallas Griffin LG, Sr. Mike Garcia LT, So. Tony Hills We could use some transfers and JUCOs and time to recruit across three seasons to build the base.
  6. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss To TCU

    Not that this means anything... In-conference losses are three, to these teams. Current 5-Nov standings and rankings. #5, 8-1 Blow-U avg 48pt, scored 29 on Horns #8, 8-1 TCU avg 37pt, scored 24 on Horns Shut down for long stretch after early 10pt lead. Cashed in a late TD. #12, 7-2 Ok-State avg 49 pt, scored 13 on Horns (10 in regulation) Combined record of the three: 23-4 Add this Horns loss: #15, 8-2 USC Oddly, the Maryland loss was the widest margin, and scored the most on Texas. Discounting opening loss to Maryland those four loses are to current Top 15 teams. (Contrasting that to beating a then-ranked team that falls far by mid-season if not out of the Top 25) On the field Texas is not getting blown out and destroyed -- but losing by one TD average to top-ranked teams (omitting Maryland in my analysis). With maybe the worst offense, by production and by appearance one can possibly imagine. The offense is so tepid it makes the entire game look as if we are being crushed by 3-4 scores. How important would it have been to hold off USC from scoring in the final 45 seconds? Could have carried over to the late lead against OU... over to the OT snafu against tOSU... Just hope those four "near losses" by avg of one TD does not infuse an attitude of not winning. I'm just tying to keep in perspective that those four losses I just described are to Top 15 teams this late in the season, two in the Top 8, and a combined record of 31-6. Texas average loss to those four: 7.0 pts. With no offense. How's that for a TexAgs moral write-up!!!
  7. Common Guy Prediction Thread - TCU

    I don't supposed Scottish Guy will go 62-3 this week. Does he give the same score every time? Seems like it, the infrequent times I hear him. Speaking of stories... giving my age away again... I was in the stands, about in the "Card Section" wearing white button down collar shirt (probably white socks, too) in the infamous game where James Saxton went down and took a hit to the helmet... in which game Buddy Iles (who in fact hit Saxton on that play) took a long pass from Sunny Gibbs for game's only score. That changed my view of TCU forever. Never got over how I see that school and colors. Oddly, the first college game I ever saw in general... Texas vs TCU in Austin on band day. Our high school came to Austin, all the way from East Texas, to march in a parade and attend the game. We sat in the curved end zone I remember. All afternoon the running back from TCU -- Jim Swink -- ran all over the field. If that's not enough... my high school Principal took myself and couple of friends to Baton Rouge for a Saturday night game between LSU and... TCU. Have no idea how TCU fit in for all those occasions. The big deal for that game was two things. I got to see how crazy Sat night is driving near the stadium for such a game, as I recall it was all the thick black coffee, likely spiked with whiskey. And I got to see Billy Cannon. For that year with LSU, as I was told, all four in the backfield were from the same Baton Rouge high school, named Istrouma. After beating Ole Miss later that season with the famous 89-yard late punt return by Billy Cannon, LSU lost the SEC title, finished #3 in the nation, while Syracuse ended the season #1, and in the Cotton Bowl, Jan 1960, defeated.... Texas. Cannon ended up signing with the Oilers. This Sat night, it's Texas-TCU. Again. Game on. I'll go... TEXAS 30, TCU 17
  8. Astros World Series

    I just wish for an adequate income that: players loved each other, the team, the franchise, where they live, management and ownership, and would sign for whatever it takes to remain -- and owners would do their part to "make it so." But then, I'm not in that position so can only speak from the outside. I just realized overnight that in accomplishing this, the Astros beat three classic programs: Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers. Just think of the legendary players for all three of those. We're talking all-time. Doesn't get any classier. This makes up for so many disappointments for a long, long time.
  9. Astros World Series

    A lot of baseball is about stories, so... here goes.... Wrap up... My brother (from Nacogdoches, me in Austin) texted through the series. So I am texting that I won't call right after the game.... there were 2 out and one more out needed to close the thing...so we can watch the wrap-up uninterrupted.. when the final hit ball went into play... had my head down looking at the phone but heard it... immediately glanced up in time to see the fielding and throw. BUT... I missed seeing the pitch and swing LIVE as it happened. Lesson: nothing beats real time in anything. I can never recover that moment, only replay it. So the final play that won it... I was looking at the face of a freaking phone. Texting. Second, I'm among those who enjoyed tonight having been to the Astrodome when they were Colt 45s. Dumbest thing I ever did back then (or where they Astros by then?)... went to an afternoon weekend game to see... get this... Valenzuela pitch. He was a big deal then. One of the few games I ever saw. I did not go to many. Maybe went to 3-4 games in my life. Irony that it was the Dodgers!! But... the biggest irony.. next day's game I missed the next day... having focused on seeing Valenzuela pitching ... Nolan Ryan pitched a no-hitter that Sunday afternoon. Some time later, Ryan is pitching against the Phillies to try and win the American League flag. Hit ball to the mound, he reaches for the ball just enough to deflect and impede it's progress for someone else to make a play, and he doesn't make a play. I think bases loaded, and the game got away after that. Game proceeds and Houston loses and do not make it to the series. I'm at a bar on Westheimer and almost cried, mostly for the players and their disappointment. Tonight was sweet. I have in my drawer. Still. The ticket stub to the only World Series I ever saw. Fenway Park. Red Sox and Cardinals. I was in the Air Force on Cape Cod at the time. A guy who had to fly and couldn't use his tickets gave em to me and a buddy. 7th game. Carl Yastrzemski was the main man for Red Sox. Gibson was on the mound for Cardinals. Who won. So I experienced being in the stands losing a World Series. Tonight at home got to experience winning one. Long journey for that to happen. Of course I learned to despise the Cardinals. ... .... who swept the Astros not long ago. And,.. that completes the circle of my Colt 45 / Astro / World Series experiences. Stros win! Stros win! Stros win! (play on a phrase, if you happen to know it) And one final note on it... Nov 1st is my birthday!! Could not have been a more unique moment in sports for me. Kinda like... "4th and national championship..."
  10. *****Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

  11. *****Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Been wanting for weeks now #30. Foot work, movement. It was insane to have played #25 for as long as we have. I wrote just the other day... #30 and #3... get them in the game. Get them in space. Get them moving. Also, glad to see "real" hurry up offense. Not this stand-and-stare for 20 seconds at the sideline. One other thing... first and goal inside the 3 I'd never EVER throw a pass on first down. Low percentage, wasted down.
  12. Shane Buechele Named Starter Against Baylor

    I have a lot of confidence in Shane now. From what I just read, the offense may come out Fast Eddy Nelson... "fast & loose."
  13. 2018 Football Schedule Released

    So we play an away game at Kansas on Friday of Thanksgiving Weekend. Certainly have entered strange times. I remember all those years driving east 290 Wed after class, then either through Brenham or take 21 through Bryan, eventually getting to Huntsville and on down the road into E. Texas, that time of year with a game at Austin or College Station. Trees bare. Special time of year. A game that made sense. Decades later... at Kansas. I just looked out the window. No flying cows. So I guess it's not a dream.
  14. Is T. Carter starting this week?

    LOL !!! <--- one of the few times I've ever used that... ever
  15. Is T. Carter starting this week?

    Agree with all. #30 with slants or traps... anything to get moving quickly and not directly into a pile straight ahead. Is it time for an I-formation? Some kind of 2-back lineup? A lead blocker to clear a gap to extend yards through a hole. And... #3 catching the ball in space. As I recall he was instrumental in the USC game. Here it is from the box score. Armanti Foreman 5 catches 38 yards 7.6 per carry 1 TD Longest 17 And as I recall that was an important TD, left-to-right to the side of the end zone, to take the lead after a 91-yd 14-play drive. I'd like to see him get some plays. If depth chart and practice issues can work favorably.