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  • Texas vs Iowa State kickoff will take place on Saturday, November 17th @ 7:00 PM at DKR-TMS in Austin
  • Texas Football schedules Georgia for home and home series in 2028 and 2029
  • Texas Football ranked 13th in AP Poll and 14th in Coaches Poll


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  1. Epictetus

    Five Thoughts: Iowa State

    SHANE by Jack Schaefer He rode into our valley in the summer of '89. I was a kid then, barely topping the backboard of father's old chuck-wagon. I was on the upper rail of our small corral soaking in the late afternoon sun, when I saw him far down the road where it swung into the valley from the open plain beyond. ... (how it began) ....... He was the man who rode into our little valley out of the heart of the great glowing West and when his work was done rode back whence he had come and he was Shane. - The End - Back in late '80s, training one weekend on location--a month in advance--for a triathlon at Bass Lake near Yosemite, at the time living in the Bay Area, I visited a local bookstore in nearby Oakhurst, the shop owned by a lady, who, as I was browsing, up and asked me my favorite books, and I said Education of Little Tree and SHANE. Turns out the lady was the daughter of... Jack Schaefer, who, at the time was living in Santa Fe, NM. He passed away a few years later, in 1991. As a writer of the west he had never been farther west than Ohio at the time he wrote the novel. He was a newspaper man, staying up late at night writing essays on his own time, then wrote SHANE. I first saw the movie in Silsbee, year it was released. My grandparents lived nearby in Kountze. Years later came to appreciate the book as much as the film, if not more so. Recommend U. of Nebraska Critical Edition (1984). Essays, analysis, background.
  2. Epictetus

    Friday Night Lights – Week 12

    I hail from Newton... Fri night, a Facebook Eagle fan page showed a mobile phone video clip of Carthage stadium 35 min before game. Half empty. The next game is in Henderson. Both towns are north of Nacogdoches. Each about 100 miles from Newton. I saw a bracket of the 3AII playoffs. Lots of games. Could be the sellout crowds will be at Quarters, maybe some Regionals. Certainly semis. I'm thinking a lot of fans aren't willing travel to every single playoff game. Some Newton fans maybe waiting for the big trip to Arlington. Here's a tale. I'm an older guy. In high school my senior year Jasper played Brady (and I think was at Brady, but "out there:")... likely a quarter final game. A freaking train from Jasper made the trip. I got off school that Friday and made the trip (Jasper is just 15 miles from Newton). Jasper lost. A player for Brady--Scott Appleton. I'd end up at UT the next year and was there for the run that class made. Good memories. To think Newton will be after it's 5th title. Think it's the fifth.
  3. Epictetus

    HornSports Members Prediction Thread: Iowa State

    Finally... a double-digit win
  4. Epictetus

    HornSports Members Prediction Thread: Iowa State

    Defense goes extra loose to insure Iowa State will lose. Finally... a double-digit win with a controlling 4th quarter close-out. Horns 37 Cyclones 20 Bonus: Halftime -- Texas 20, Iowa State 10 Texas scores first, and Iowa State does not score in the 1st quarter or 4th quarter. Horns win T.O.P. 34:00 -26:00
  5. Epictetus

    Five Thoughts: West Virginia

    "Orlando does best when he's in attack mode. " Ditto!!!
  6. Epictetus

    Five Thoughts: West Virginia

    Was this afternoon I became more aware of the full extent of injuries before and during the game. My biggest thought following the game?.. that AP did not drop Texas. Left them at #15. Since when in the 8th weekend of the season do you lose a game like that... making it 3 losses on the year, and second in conference... and don't drop a position in the AP poll? And it's your second loss in a row... this late in the season Lose to OK-State in a prime time road game with a few dozen shoot-yourself-in-the-foot erratic plays/miscues/penalties; come back home in a nationally-televised game and lose the way that went down... and Sunday afternoon only 14 teams in the country ahead of you in the AP poll after losing two straight. OU has one loss at AP #6. Sole loss --Texas. WVA has one loss, and jumps from AP #13 to #7... having just beat Texas. Common denominator for both teams positioned for the conference title: TEXAS. I'm going in a circle... to make the point more than one way. There's national respect for this 3-loss program. The program should go into Tue practice with a positive attitude to finish 9-3, with still a mathematical chance for the BigXII title game and a major New Year's bowl. Okay pounce on me for going full aggie on this whole matter. I can take it. Just trying to get over how bummed out I have been.
  7. Epictetus


    WVA has a tougher finish than Horns. This ain't over yet. Anybody know what happens if WVA beats OU? ,,, ... and OU, TX and WVA win the rest of their other games? WVA hosts TCU WVA at Ok-State WVA hosts OU BEST: win out finish 8-1 in conf, only loss to Iowa State TX at T-Tech TX hosts Iowa State TX at Kansas BEST: win these, finish 7-2 in conf, loses to Iowa State and WVA OU at Tech tonight: after INT inside their 10, down 0-7 right now. OU hosts Ok-State OU hosts Kansas OU at WVA WIN first three of these but lose to WVA and have two conf loses: Texas and WVA TX and WVA in title game in Arlington right?
  8. Epictetus


    BOOM!! now DEFENSE
  9. Epictetus


    Here we go... smashhhh mouthhhh footballl... (Johnson calls from booth)
  10. Epictetus


    Watson seem inspired by play of Ingram.
  11. Epictetus


    I think Horns close this thing out with tough play last 13:51
  12. Epictetus


    My dumb insert of the day: Florida getting hammer by Mizzu. ... SEC is overrated. They play each other, and only 2 in opposing division. ' 8 conference games. you kidding me? They play a cupcake the week before Thanksgiving. IN ORDER TO KEEP THEIR RATING LATE IN THE SEASON!!! Plus overall weak NC schedule. Alabama likely only team in SEC that could go undefeated in BigXII. Their schedule is no longer a grind. I LOVE JOHNSON IN THE BOOTH FOR FOX !!!!! ps. And lately they lose half their bowl games to other conferences. So there.
  13. Epictetus

    HS Members Prediction Thread: WVU

    I went Scottish Guy satire, but only to cover my premonition and worry that it was going to be what it was with Okie Lite. I sincerely believe Horns win this one by whatever means. A slobbersnocker if it be. Through 8 games, avg score has been: 31-25 Toss out OU game and the average is: 29-22 So, 6.5 point difference; opponents low to mid 20s. Even BEFORE I ran that, I was thinking: Horns mid 30s, WVA low to mid-20s. My theoretical mind was proven experimentally!! ha! I would say 34-24, but feel this squad is ready to chew heads off nails both sides of the ball. TEXAS: 42-24 -- solidifying a run to a Dec 1st title game in Arlington.
  14. Epictetus

    Texas vs. West Virginia kickoff time set

    Best I can tell, the font face is very close to Rockwell