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  1. Landon Jackson has been offered by OU.
  2. Texas was also the only team he saw three times from the sidelines this past football season. He has a teammate that is not getting the attention that he is. Marcus Burris is already 6'4" 245 lbs. Not as athletic as Jackson is at the DE position. Burris is projected as a DT. If he grows a couple more inches, he could be a tackle. He has very long arms. Burris made big strides this past football season as a 10th grader. Burris was a guest with Jackson for one of the Texas games.
  3. I would say 80% Texas for Landon Jackson and 20% A&M.....may not be that much for the Aggies. He likes Texas...still a lot of recruiting left for him. Also, Jeff Traylor is recruiting him for the Hogs. I would say that the Hogs would be second to Texas.
  4. I saw him in person yesterday and he is unreal. He has such a quick burst that just allows him to accelerate through the hole. He is in incredible shape and is extremly strong. There is not enough credit given to his offensive linemen. He had a couple of road graders that could move. Whittington's dominating performance made me think of the last high school player that had such an impact on a game. Basil Shabazz from Pine Bluff, AR did the same thing to Texarkana AR High in the 1990 Arkansas State Championship game. Before some claim it's AR high school football, go look up Basil Shabazz. He never played college football. He was drafted and played minor league baseball. Texas is getting a good one in Whittington and he will be fun to watch over the next few years. Keep an eye on PG next year and Landon Jackson. Unfortuanely, Jackson had season ending knee surgery at the end of the regular season. He should be ready to go by the start of his junior season and he likes Texas.
  5. He is a good one and will only get better. He is still 15 years old. Currently, he is 6'6" and 225 pounds. He has put on 30 pounds since last season. He has yet to be blocked one on one when he is stood up and is on the tackle's outside shoulder. He has a very quick first step.
  6. It has been a fun ride watching these kids play. I watched several of these kids play in the youth leagues when they were 11 and 12 years old. I never expected that they would develop and grow to win a state championship. It just shows that you never know how kids are going to grow mentally and physically. However, it does help to have an incredible coach that gives direction and a belief that you can be a winner. Keep an eye on Josh Gibson. He is only 39 years old and is a rising star in Texas HS football. I would like for him to stay at PG; however, I can see him going on to bigger and better opportunities.
  7. Texas Tech was the only Big 12 school to offer him....the rest told him he was too small. He is 6'3" and 200 pounds. I look for him to red-shirt in order to add more weight. He is a very good student in the classroom and works hard in the weigh room. I look for him to have success at Tech.
  8. They should wait until after all championship games are played before awarding all state.
  9. Like I said, he just has the "It" factor. The kid is a winner and is fun to watch.
  10. I don't know much about Manvel. There is just something about the Jones kid at QB for HP. I watched him the other night against Denton Ryan and the kid is a player. He made play after play against a team that I thought was more athletic than HP. He just seems to have the "It" factor.
  11. This is my last response to you because this has become futile. You have proven that you are a shallow individual. I get enjoyment out of Texas HS football. It is not a priority. My priority is my God and my family. I have always said you can learn about individuals through message boards and social media. You have definitely proven my point.
  12. Exactly, that was my next question. As my mother has said "You must get older to gain Wisdom".
  13. No one has said PG is "elite". They execute the plan and play discipline football. PG is not going to "Wow" you like some spread teams. It is a different brand of football. As far as Graham, they won their Region so that was who PG had to play. If Graham was in District 7, I honestly don't think they would had made the playoffs. I will say it again "This game will be won in the trenches".
  14. Evidently, you post on the FSSW app because this is the type of juvenile posts that are prevalent on that site. With that being said, it is obvious WOS has a great team and tradition. I am not going to comment on all of the non-sense that you have posted on this thread. I will say that if WOS does not control the line of scrimmage on both sides, then it could be a long day. I have seen film on the WOS offensive line and I have seen bigger and quicker kids that the PG front 7 has handled this season. I know "WOS is fast" so is Texarkana AR High and others that PG beat. If you don't know, AR High won the Class 6A State Track Championship last year. Those kids play football too and were fast, but they got beat as well. In addition, this entire game is on Youtube. PG has heard the same comments each week that you are spouting. Before you comment about the WOS stopping the Wing T, PG runs more of a hybrid. There is a difference or they would not be playing their 16th game of the year. I expect this to be a close game and low scoring because both teams have great defenses. Good luck and hopefully both teams come out injury free.
  15. I have driven by the steel plant a few times this football season and each time I think back to when that place was booming. It is sad to see the negative impact that facilities such as Lone Star Steel can have on a community when they shutdown. I did stop in Daingerfield and eat at Outlaws BBQ for the first time. Very nice place. Also, looking forward to the book. As I have said before, lots of good memories during the 80s following the Tigers during the playoffs.
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