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  1. Brewster joining Fisher at A&M

    East Texas recruiting just got tougher for Texas and the other schools with Traylor now at Arkansas. I read a post that Arkansas' current roster with Texas HS recruits is only 11% of their total football roster; look for that to significantly increase. The reason being is because Bielema only signed 15 kids from Texas in the last 5 years. I have a feeling Texas fans will look back and see Herman letting Traylor go as a mistake. I will add that Morris to AR will be a better hire than Fisher to Aggie. I do not see Fisher making the connection with the Texas HS coaches like Morris.
  2. Friday Night Lights – Week 8

    Celina beat Caddo Mills 34-28. Celina has lost to Argyle and Liberty Christian of Argyle. In regards to Gilmer, I was there last Friday night for the PG game. This was one of the best HS games that I have ever seen in person. The loss was Gilmer's first district game loss at home in 17 years. That is an impressive stat for a HS football team. Gilmer is still very good; however, they have lost to Carthage and Texarkana Pleasant Grove. PG has a very physical and dominant offensive line which translates well for a running team. In addition, they are very good on defense with some play makers. I look for these two teams to meet again deep in the playoffs.
  3. Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    Texarkana Pleasant Grove at Gilmer is a big game for East Texas Friday night. The winner of this game will probably win district. Do not be surprised if Gilmer loses this game. PG has a really good team this year with potentially 3 D1 players. This should be a great game.
  4. 2017 Recruiting Thread Part 1

    I do not see Carson making it to Texas. He was given every opportunity at Liberty Eylau; however, he does not have the best reputation.

    7. LaGaryonn Carson (6’5, 260) DE, Liberty-Eylau HS (Texarkana, TX) lost to Atlanta 31-26, Friday. No stats available.
 THIS WEEK – vs Pleasant Grove, Friday, 7:30 p.m Carson did not play last week and was told he is not playing this week.

    Big 4A game in East Texas Saturday night #3 Gilmer at #5 Carthage.
  7. Carson was back at practice yesterday. I do not know if he has any positive influences in is life besides his coaches, but he needs some outside of football.
  8. I was told he has been kicked off the team. He cannot get along with his HS coaches which has been a problem for some time.
  9. 2017 Recruiting Thread Part 1

    He tends to be lazy at times. I hope it works out for him because he doesn't have the best home life. I have asked about his grades but have heard different reports.
  10. 2017 Recruiting Thread Part 1

    Speaking of McGuire, I took my son to his first deep snapping camp at Cedar Hill in December. Cedar Hill has been hosting the Rubio Deep Snapping camp for the last couple of years.. McGuire was there but I did not meet him. All participants and parents had to go through the field house to get to a gym. On every wall, above every door, in the weight room, and in the rest rooms were statements that pertained to character and team building. In addition, there were lots of pictures of past players that went on to play college and pro football. I realize other schools do things like this as well, but I was really impressed how things were laid out. I got the impression that he has attention to detail, structure, and discipline. I could see why Strong would be interested in him.
  11. Make Traylor the OC and move on. Texas needs something positive after this mess. At least it would change the conversation from Cumbie and Gilbert. Even though Traylor is 1 year removed from high school, he has proven he has the ability to sell a program that has a dark cloud over it.
  12. I can't imagine major colleges contacting this guy after filing this lawsuit.
  13. Sonny Cumbie and Texas

    Read on another board that Traylor accompanied Strong to interview Cumbie.
  14. Burton saying

    And he is evidently good at what he does. Traylor is definitely getting a rep as a big time recruiter.
  15. Burton saying

    I don't know for sure if Gilmer recruited players. People on Smoaky were always quick to say Gilmer was recruiting. A good example was the Lynch kid that went to Baylor. He was at Troup prior to enrolling at Gilmer. I don't know all of the specifics, just pointing out why some people feel negative toward Gilmer. Traylor was Gilmer for 15 years.