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  1. New State Fair Foods

  2. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Late to the thread, so sorry if this has already been answered. Is Chris Warren hurt, or is Beck stupid?
  3. USC still remembers

    Vince Young to current Longhorns: "Go out there and show the world we're Texas football" https://www.hookem.com/football-news/football/vince-young-current-longhorns-go-show-world-texas-football
  4. USC still remembers

    Bevo isn't going to LA: https://www.hookem.com/football-news/football/bevo-xv-cant-los-angeles-hes-not-happy
  5. USC still remembers

    Go home, USC...you're drunk: https://www.barkingcarnival.com/2017/9/11/16291550/usc-denial-part-ii
  6. Report: Patrick Hudson Out For The Season With Torn ACL

    Terrible news. Prayers go out to the big guy for a speedy recovery.
  7. Herman and Heard

    I found it interesting that Herman said that Heard would get even more work in that package, and will continue to do so, even if Shane is healthy. I think Herman likes Heard's overall competitive drive and play making ability/potential. I'll still take these comments with a grain of salt, but it's still interesting. That said, I know dbut will like hearing this.
  8. Based on Herman's presser, sounds like Gary Johnson may have been dealing with an ankle injury leading up to the Maryland game.
  9. USC still remembers

    How convenient...and annoying.
  10. https://twitter.com/BON_SBNation/status/907300359227494401
  11. USC still remembers

  12. I'm definitely preceding with cautious optimism after this game. I haven't had a chance to watch a replay of the game, but some thoughts after watching from the stands: I loved Malik and Gary on the field together. Still frustrated we didn't see Gary against Maryland, but I'm trying to move on, and I definitely want to see more of that combo. Keep giving Warren the ball. I'll admit Kyle is a great blocker and he had a couple of good runs, but the majority of his runs were frustrating. I liked what I saw from Daniel and Toneil, even though it was mop-up duty carries. As the season goes on, I hope to see them get more carries. I thought Sam played an admirable game considering it was his first start as a true freshman. He definitely has some accuracy issues, but I think he will improve over time. I still think you start Shane if he's healthy, but only if he's healthy. I appreciated the D pitching a shutout, but we got lucky on throws that a more accurate passer would have made us pay for. That said, hopefully this gives the D some confidence.
  13. SJSU Film Review (by Ryan Bridges)

    Thanks as always, Ryan. We definitely got lucky with some overthrows and inaccuracy from their QB.
  14. QB Isn't the Problem (by Ryan Bridges)

    Live look-in at DMAC at his computer... But on a serious note, I hear ya DMAC. We definitely have serious problems on defense as well.