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  1. What happened to Admiral McRaven ?

    Health issues
  2. Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    Some notes from Football Brainiacs: *Have heard more high praise for Caden Sterns. It sounds like he’s competing with Brandon Jones and it’s a competition. *Heard from additional sources that between the two freshmen, Cam Rising is standing out. One source said he throws a prettier ball than both Casey and Sam. I asked a source if Cam could legitimately take the spot from Sam and was told it’s simply too early to tell. http://texas.thefootballbrainiacs.com/2018/03/open-post-tuesday-march-20th/ A couple notes of interest on the linebacker front. I’m told that the staff has been working Malcolm Roach out at OLB and McCulloch has been taking reps at MLB. Was told that there is a belief that Roach can play, and is taking to, the OLB spot. He currently weighs around 255 lbs. So, perhaps a bit bigger than you would normally see a Jack/B LB but the man moves well. I’m told that McCulloch will likely get reps at both MLB and OLB and is expected to play both. One person I spoke to believed McCulloch has ample athleticism and diversity of skill to handle both spots. This seems like an obvious move to find the combination of guys that ensures the best athletes are on the field. We’ll see how the experimentation goes. http://texas.thefootballbrainiacs.com/2018/03/open-post-weekend-march-16th-18th/
  3. Last night I watched the Jacob Young I've been waiting for. If we get into the tourney, we will be a headache for whoever we play.

    Even though it was a loss, I was really proud of the team for fighting until the end. Considering how undermanned we were, this one could've been ugly. I am and will always be a Jacob Young defender, so I was glad to see him have another solid game. Here's to hoping Mo can play Saturday.

    Loved seeing Jacob get some playing time and come up big. Hopefully he can keep contributing for the remainder of the season.
  6. Hoping for a decent crowd tonight. We need the win!
  7. *****Texas vs. Oklahoma Game Thread*****

    Huge win for the Horns. I haven't seen the Drum that full and heard it that loud since I was in college. I knew something was different walking up to the arena when scalpers kept asking me for extra tickets, and clusters of students walked by me annoyed they couldn't get in. All the rows were filled up, all the way to the top. Amazing to see the potential atmosphere for basketball games when the fan base shows up.
  8. It's just one sentence, but I'll take it. Please let the dream come true of a smaller, fuller arena... https://www.burntorangenation.com/2018/2/2/16964748/texas-longhorns-new-basketball-arena-private-partner-erwin-center-replacement The Erwin Center replacement will be “smaller and more intimate” than the current arena, which seats 16, 734. Concourses are meant to “put the fan experience front and center."
  9. ****Texas vs #10 Texas Tech Game Thread****

    LOL, that hair is horrible. And yep, there were so many out of control, bull in a china shop drives to the basket.
  10. Prayers

    Thoughts and prayers coming your way, SHA.
  11. ****Texas vs #10 Texas Tech Game Thread****

    That officiating crew was a complete dumpster fire. They should not be allowed to officiate another game this season. Proud of the guys for continuing to fight, especially considering Mo, Matt, and Jase fouled out and the injuries during the game. Matt missing those free throws though...I have no words. He hits at least two of those, we win the game.
  12. Loving the development of Febres. His 3-point shooting is going to be vital to our success the rest of the way.
  13. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    https://www.burntorangenation.com/2018/1/26/16936632/reggie-hemphill-mapps-transfer-texas-longhorns-football After two seasons with the Texas Longhorns, sophomore wide receiver Reggie Hemphill-Mapps will seek his transfer, according to Horns247. The Football Brainiacs first reported the Manvel product’s decision.
  14. Well it’s official....

    Happy birthday!
  15. New Title For Derek Warehime?

    Hmmmm, Super K reported the following breakdown: Drew Mehringer coaches outside wide receivers. Corby Meekins coaches inside wide receivers. Herb Hand takes over tight ends and offensive tackles. Derek Warehime would then have interior offensive linemen. LOL, seems like this is a work in progress?