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  1. Stay calm and party on, guys! Herman has built a winning culture, and from that culture our winning tradition has re-emerged. I am loving it. That video was amazing! After football, Mr Jackson may have a future in film. Welcome to the 40! Hook ‘em!
  2. Did he go back into the portal? Did his Mom say she wanted him at UT? I’m teaching Summer School and we started Thursday. Quite honestly, it’s time to pay attention to the next class and the 2019 season. I wish McCoy all the best, but your first semester away from home is rough, regardless of how far away from home you are. It is something everyone must adjust to. Hook ‘em!
  3. His life has always been regimented, as he said, he was always grinding. Now, he had choices to make, and in my opinion, the first semester is the most difficult. I recall Lee Jackson’s mom saying he wanted to quit and come home his first semester. She wouldn’t let him because she knew it was best for him. I think from a public perception the first transfer was understandable. This one appears questionable. May God help him if he decides he wants to transfer again because I don’t know how that will go. If he transfers to USC, Godspeed. If he doesn’t, Hook’em!. For certain, I loathe the off season!
  4. Bear, I’m not certain I want our guys to look like that. Would their ‘home runs’ clear the fence in Omaha, at the Disch? Don’t know, and not convinced.
  5. Ah, well the fellow in Austin has done wonders for people I know, but they aren’t athletes. Peyton’s injury was neck, definitely spinal. There should be options to evaluate.
  6. I would like to know what they are feeding those guys in Stillwater? They are big. How old are they?
  7. Gabe, from what I understand, Austin has a top notch spinal surgeon, if that is required, but don’t do anything until you are comfortable. It is your body and your career. There is also Dr. Andrews in Birmingham. (Think that’s his name). You should talk to Peyton Manning. Not the same injury, but he talked to a lot of people & saved his career. Chip Brown is generally a drama queen, and plays loosely with the truth. UT did the right thing. It’s better to give up a few months of football than a lifetime of walking, or even perhaps, breathing on your own. Don’t give up on your dreams, just remember, patience is a virtue, particularly at times like this. Hook ‘em! java
  8. P. T. Isn’t a big deal as far as durability. It happens to many, many athletes, but when you have access to the kind of medical care our guys do, why deal with it. Just fix it, and move on. It’s not like Sterns wasn’t already performing beyond his 6 months in the program last fall and watching hours of film whenever he had the chance. There is no need to rush these guys back.
  9. ...Texas is now 3-1, as Galindo blathers on and on. I forget, whose side is he on? He was actually calling for a review when they called a Longhorn safe earlier, and now he’s bragging on Rice players. Seriously, I never want people to lose their jobs, but with Lowell I’m on the edge. Maybe a demotion?
  10. Now, now, be a team player. The big boys up front are important, but it is a T. E. A. M. game!
  11. I hate that for Floyd. He is one of my preseason favorite players. A big thank you to the Texas A Department for sparing no expense in screening our atheletes for injury prevention. If this is the same congenital I am somewhat familiar with, it is a narrowing of the bone structure surrounding the spine cord. Is that correct? i don’t know what treatment/treatments are available, but surely something is that will yield positive results for his future as a Longhorn. Carpe Diem, Gabe! Hook ‘em!!!
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