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  1. He won’t lose his ability. If he stays with his trainer, he will probably eat healthier, work out 24/7, and fill in any academic gaps that could have held him back. It might actually help him. Any timing issues can be worked out fairly quickly. If I were the kid, and it were possible, I would throw myself into working out and academics, graduate in December and enroll. Screw it!
  2. You can always look up the North Forrest school rating on the TEA website under accountability ratings. It won’t tell you how many fights they have a day, how many kids are in his classes (usually average class size is skewed toward the lower end), what chaos is going on in the classroom, etc. You are saying he cannot go back to North Forrest and play? If so, it sounds like his only option is to stay in Tomball.
  3. Does that also apply when they knock off early due to poor attitude, yada, yada?
  4. Then say it with me, u-n-d-e-f-e-a-t-e-d. It’s easy, and it’s really exciting.
  5. Fish, I was so excited about that game! Brought out the party clothes, you know the burnt orange ones. Even had a kerchief for my Aussie. It never even occurred to me that we would lose it! I have a feeling that this season will be special. Hook ‘em!
  6. I will not concede a game before it is played. My prediction is: We go undefeated.
  7. Oh ye of little faith, do you remember 2005? Similarities: Jr QB. (Yes, I know that Vince was a RS and I’m still a girl) Good Tight Ends Good O-Line Speed on Defense We almost, I said almost, lost 2 games that we shouldn’t. I often worried that Vince might not be able to continue after he took a hit. What’s the rest of the story?
  8. Hey fellas, I’ve been trying to listen to this for 20 minutes & cannot get it to play. What is going on?
  9. I heard great things about Sweat last week. Bigger, stronger, ripped, happy.
  10. Nor should it be, but it’s great that the young man knows enough about us to know how significant that jersey is. Hook’em!
  11. Robinson just looks like a great kid. Open, honest, he looks like the kind of young man who can lead a lockeroom and team. I want this type of player all the time! Hook ‘em, Bijan!
  12. Whoa, baby. That’s some elevation!
  13. I hope Derrian Brown makes it all the way back. He has already made remarkable progress. All the way, Derrian!
  14. Hook em, Lake! Welcome to the 40. Hope you catch a pass just like Peschel did from Street during the Arkansas game. So happy for you Hook ‘em!
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