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  1. java

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Bogey, I agree with you. Your take on the 2nd quarter was the same as mine. And the officials blew 2 calls on Baylor, the lateral and another loose ball. I need to watch the film again. Interesting, the Bears had 2 games of film on Shane against them, but only film of Sam against other teams. Sounds like they knew exactly how to defend Shane. It was pretty obvious that it took Shane time to get in sync with the receivers I would really like for Sam to learn not to take the big hits. He takes many more than he needs to. Oldhorn, glad I was able to help. Hook ‘em!
  2. java

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    No, we looked the same way during the game. Strange thing tape, it doesn’t lie. Guess y’all listened to Herman’s PC. Sam has an AC sprain, yes, and should be throwing by Thursday or Friday. Will confirm with MRI. Hook ‘em!
  3. java

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Guys, I will probably check out for the afternoon. I really want the team to win, but reading complaints while Beu is in there is hard for me. Not because he doesn’t play as well as Sam, but because many of you have been calling for Beu. Now you are blaming the coaches. That’s tough. Hope we win. Hook ‘em.
  4. java

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    I doubt broken clavicle. He threw some passes after that injury, didn’t he? He wouldn’t have been able to do that with a broken cb, would he?
  5. java

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    I’m sure Sam wants to be out there. He started 6 and played in 6 He had to leave this one. He may already know if it’s just a part of a game or more. Its got to hurt. And it’s something he has always wanted. I am pretty sure that’s all it is.
  6. java

    Tom Herman O.C.

    btw, Herman is better than Meachem, but talent matters. Why did he take a job at KU? They have been going through coaches like they actually have a football history. It’s crazy.
  7. java

    Tom Herman O.C.

    Hello all. I stay very busy during the week. It’s a bit silly when I think of it. Leave home at 6 and get home between 5 and 6. Anyway, I think Herman is at his best when he is really busy. Have an OC, fine, but Herman calls the plays. It’s better this way. Keep qbs ready. He did that just fine at the osu. It was hard to believe he had three ready, but he did. Success is in the details that most can’t be bothered with. Hook ‘em!
  8. java

    Tom Herman O.C.

    IMO, it looks like it’s both. 2nd year in same offense, which is the first time we’ve had that in a while. And, we have the man who knows it best running it, which is always for the best. Herman doesn’t seem to have any problem doing it, either.
  9. java

    Tom Herman O.C.

    The offense is more fluid. Some might call it a ‘beautiful symphony’. ☺️ Hook ‘em!
  10. Thank you for asking. I’m feeling much better, and all of my blood test results (and other tests) have been really good. Doc has me on a 6 month visit schedule now, which is much better. I always feel really fortunate when I go in. He generally has me see his PA. His patient load has really grown, and his reputation has, as well. I don’t think I’ve seen him for a year, but he always checks my results, and makes the decisions. I can detect it in the way my case is handled. I see so many people in there who are very, very sick. I have been been very blessed. Funny story: my first chemo treatment in 2015 was the day Texsd played Notre Dame in Southbend I had one of the smallest treatment rooms at the big hospital downtown. What a mistake. My daughter, sil, sister, and bil were there with me My son-in-law had set up my laptop for the game. That treatment seemed so fast because I ate breakfast and watched the game through most of the treatment. The poor nurses could hardly get in, but didn’t complain at all They said they liked to see people surrounded by family. Now, if we had only won the game... Hook ‘em!
  11. I agree that it was well-officiated, but wasn’t certain about the holds. Who was the guilty party? btw, is Ingram ok? Thought he left the game a little gimpy. Was hoping he didn’t aggravate his knee. He is pretty valuable. Think of the value the Freshmen brought! It’s pretty amazing.