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  1. Other Games . . .

    Our first field goal of the year?
  2. Other Games . . .

    You called it! Defense!!
  3. These should be Big 12 reps.
  4. I think Warren starts too slow. He has to get up a head of steam to be effective.
  5. Shane isn't ready, not with Heard in there. Now, Williams is down. Crap!
  6. Looks to me like the D is looking for redemption. They may need some rest though.
  7. This is why Cory said selling Sam shouldn't start. Big environment. Only one start. Doesn't seem necessary.
  8. Is Darnell rattled.
  9. I thought ties went to the offensive player.
  10. I thought our D looked good on 2 fourth downs Mike!
  11. Goal line stand!
  12. Man, defense is going to get tired. Warren needs to get some yards-lots of yards.
  13. I think Rowland may have them gun shy.