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  1. Wtf, Ringo was all Texas at one point. That's very disappointing to read. Question, if he makes it in for the June 21st weekend, is there a chance to get back in it?
  2. is Kate making an appearance this weekend SHA?
  3. Agree with SHA, this is huge. It's one thing to have a top OOS pick UT for a OV, but to get him on campus on his own dime prior is gigantic. Shows how interested in UT he really is. It's so interesting seeing the big difference between UT and ATM recruiting. ATM = Everyone is coming here and if they dont then the coaching staff didnt want them. (optimistic, but Illogical) UT = Texas is in a good position and has a shot, but it's a long shot. No one is a given. Need to keep on recruiting. (pessimistic at times, but logical).
  4. Such a promising start to the season only to finish like that. I thought this team would be average after the loss of Hamilton and DJ and with Clemens leaving, but I actually thought the pitching would be better than it was, especially the bullpen. I also thought Zubia was prime to take over the role Clemens vacated (maybe not quite at that level, but at least half the level).
  5. So question, would the Horns have stayed put and not pursued Mitchell if Floyd didnt have his diagnosis? Also, I hope we eventually get to see Floyd playing at DKR, but there is a good chance that may not happen.
  6. I totally get what you're saying, but I would like to have a kid of his quality, both in talent and morals, on the Longhorn roster. Good for Steele for making the right decision for him. Also, I thought he was a CB and not a S. I gotta tell you that I wouldn't mind having another lockdown CB on this roster. Cook and Green are top level talent and Kenyatta Watson seems to have the tools, but they need competition to stay sharp.
  7. So I was playing one of the NCAA football games and I recruited Kirk and Collin Johnson (yes, I created them). Game 1 of the season and Kirk gets injured and is out 6-8 weeks. This kid cant even catch a break in the virtual world.
  8. Hmmm, because she finally woke up and said, "Hey, I'm Kate Beckinsale, why am I dating Pete Davidson?" Not much different than Christy Brinkley finally realizing who she was and married to Billy Joel.
  9. good article! In regards to the Oline, I dont know why I just assume Braun will be on the left side between Cosmi and Shack. Would it make more sense to put someone like Angilau or Kerstetter at that spot where the experience could help (ok, I'm thinking more of Angilau)? I've heard nothing but great things about Jr. and it sounds like he is just nasty which is the way I like the Olinemen. This way you can put Braun on the right side to help out with the questionable RT position.
  10. I actually thought he entered the portal previously. Didnt he participate in Senior night this year? Wish him the best of luck and thanks for helping turn this program around.
  11. Wait, are you becoming increasingly impatient or are you saying we got a mauler, a hunter, and a quick one?
  12. Concur on all points. I would add that I was encouraged by both the DL activity and the OL pass blocking. OL run blocking got better as the game went on.
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