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  1. Wait, is that the lady that has an altar dedicated to Jimbo in her house? And probably a life-size doll of him.
  2. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but this information combined with the Giles tweet last night and VBs moms tweet saying she is hook'ed has me a little excited. Cautiously excited.
  3. Could also be that it sounds like mom is Hook'ed. I get it that ultimately it's the kids decision, but mom and grandma will have a say in this for VB.
  4. I'm pulling for Brown and hope he completely gets back to the way he was. He did go through something life changing. Regarding Robinson, you continue to recruit him until the ink is dry; however, there is something pulling him and it may be hard to overcome. With that said, UT needs to have a contingency plan and I'm just not sure what it is. Evans is a possibility (a slim possibility); Jace has shown interest but is committed elsewhere; Ty Jordan is possible but he seems enamored with USC. What else is out there that will make a difference the Horns should be going after?
  5. I hear you on OSU. Question for you Daniel, what the hell does Texas do now at RB? They made Bijan a priority and will not get him. RB is one position they need since the likelihood of Derrian Brown playing is slim. I know they look pretty decent for 2021 guys and maybe they can get by with Ingram, Whittington and Young next year, but the lack of depth will hurt.
  6. What the hell are they selling in Columbus? You figure they would take a little dip when Meyer stepped down. Nope, they're kicking ass in recruiting.
  7. Maybe it's the beer...Im not tracking and cant decipher this.
  8. It's been a while since she has made an appearance. Does her appearance mean something is actually coming soon? If so, offense or defense?
  9. Here is some positive news. Johnny Wilson sporting UT gloves at the opening
  10. I completely understand UT losing out of players like Ransom and Washington because the depth suggests they may not see the field for at least 2 years. That is a huge factor. However, I do not understand a situation like Bijan. If I was a highly rated RB I would be knocking down the door to get into a program like Texas that is building a solid Oline and needs RBs. The possibility of playing early and often is high here. Maybe Texas plans on keeping Whittington at RB from here on out and that has something to do with it.
  11. Fair enough and you're probably right. I find myself doing it as well. I sit with a Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Bama alum at work and all I hear is everybody is coming to them. I find myself saying, I'll just wait until the actual signing day before I'm excited.
  12. The Longhorn fans are a cynical bunch. All other fanbases are optimistic that everyone is signing with them, but we always look for reasons why recruits will not.
  13. agreed. Like I tell my kids, nothing worth it is ever easy
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