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  1. I guess. That's just one aspect of this offense that is missing. Do it to at least make OkSt have to prepare for it.
  2. Why is B. Jones returning punts now? What happened to Jake Smith?
  3. I'm not saying throw to the TEs 10 times, but incorporate here and there to keep the S and LBs at home.
  4. Very good first half, but one thing I'm a little disappointed in is that I was hoping to see a more concerted effort to incorporate the TE position in the passing game. It appears the Rice LBs are coming in on runs leaving them open to a seam route by the TE.
  5. Agree with bringing on Thompson, but I have a feeling Sam will play the first series or 2.
  6. Get up to 35-0 by halftime and get Sam and the starters out of there. Let Thompson play a whole half.
  7. Sam really needs to slide in a game like this. He is way to valuable.
  8. Good, maybe that gets Ingram out of his funk and he gets it going now.
  9. Best play of the year by Boyce......but he still F'ed it up. I'm kidding, great read by him.
  10. I know its Rice, but Sam looks on. 2 weeks in a row with a play over 50yds....how many did they have last year? Oh yeah, none.
  11. I like Keaontay, but he better watch it because there is a Rojo on his heels. Positive things happen when Rojo is in there. Nothing against Ingram.
  12. Furman 14 VT 3 at the half...there is your answer.
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