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  1. Probably his top 5 or decision for UA or AA game.
  2. These look very promising of Kelee. J Wash is certainly happy
  3. one more of Kelee in Herman's office. This does not suck at all. In fact, it's pretty cool
  4. This is fantastic to hear. Man, it would be awesome to have him pull the trigger early and start the ball rolling.
  5. Yeah, from what I've heard it's going to be hard to keep Angilau out of the starting lineup. I've also heard great things about Christian Jones. Man, it feels good to have depth. C - Shack, Kerstetter G - Angilau, Braun, Okafor or Ghirmai, (I'm calling it now) Tyler Johnson makes the 2-deep. T - Cosmi, Kerstetter, Jones, ???? Reese Moore or Okafor (swing man)
  6. huge comeback today and great series by this team. That got the bad taste of the UTSA debacle out of the mouth. Just build on this, keep working on getting the pitching rotation down, and keep up with the timely hitting and OBP and this team will be a force in Omaha.
  7. Awesome two games so far. Now it's time to greedy and go for the sweep. However it ends up, Horns just announced their presence to the College Baseball world.
  8. Just curious, but why isnt Joshua Eaton rated? I dont put all my stock in the services when it comes to evaluating talent, but this one has me a little perplexed. This kid does have some good offers out there.
  9. exactly, he needs to get out of his own head. I remember being in a "slump" and it seemed to take a while for me to stop thinking so much and just play. Of course that was ages ago.
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing. Half the time he is just looking.
  11. No way. Jordan has way too much upside. Also, Devin has 1 year of eligibility left not 2.
  12. Of course he is because he is currently committed to them. Let's see how the narrative changes when Demas flips to someone else. Their schtick is so tiresome and frankly not worth our time.
  13. And George is not that good either, plus Evans is only rated that high because his competition isnt that good. He would be a poor to avg RB in the SEC.
  14. That was a nice weekend. Cooper is a game changer and 3 olinemen down; 2 to go.
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