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  1. I look forward to this every week
  2. View from the Cheap Seats-Red River War

    The more I see Lil Jordan Humprey, the more I like him. Get the ball to that kid.
  3. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss to OU

    There is no question there are a lot of issues this team needs to fix. But in my opinion (admittedly unprofessional) there is one thing we need to fix and it probably cost us the game against USC and OU. It is on film now and every team we play will try to take advantage. My description is this...two wideouts lining up against 3 DBs...receivers run some kind of downfield route where they cross...inside receiver runs to the sideline, outside receiver runs to the middle of the field and all 3 DBS go with the same receiver. The result is a receiver running wide open with no one near him. I'm fairly sure both long TD passes Mayfield threw were this kind of play and it happened in the USC game as well. I'm not smart enough to break down the plays and sort out all the reasons why...but I know this, no matter what, we cannot have opposition receivers running around with no one near them. If we are DBU, this shouldn't happen. I don't believe in moral victories...but we are seeing some good things. I really want to see this team get on a roll and win games from here on out. Hook 'Em!
  4. I am Baker Mayfield AMA (Ask me anything)

    Ha! The jokes on you...she's been shunning me for 37 years...so far
  5. I am Baker Mayfield AMA (Ask me anything)

    Did you know that OU sucked before you transferred there, or did you find out after you got there?
  6. 5 Thoughts Following The Win Over KSU

    my thoughts and comments: I love this group of WRs. They catch well, they run well with the ball, and I can't decide who is my favorite. Agree with everyone's comments that the OL play was a highlight. I look forward to continued improvement. Sam is the QB1...he earned it. He seems to be a bit of a gunslinger and tries to fit the ball into tight windows at times. ..but all the good ones do. I loved when he flattened the LB! I'm still concerned that opponents WRs seem to get VERY open. I'm not smart enough to determine whether it is someone making mistakes, bad defensive calls by the coach or what...but I'm concerned. I do like our defense as a whole. I just don't understand why we can't get a stud kicker. Right now, I assume that TH doesn't trust his kicker when he goes for it on 4th instead of taking a "sure" FG. I hate that. Otherwise, I might assume he is trying to be aggressive or make a statement saying we will do what we want and you can't stop us. As a general observation, special teams just scares me a little... As a Dad, I told my VB playing daughter when she was riding the bench to go to her coach and say, "Coach, what do I need to do to get better?" At the same time, hustle in practice, be vocal encouraging your teammates, be engaged during the games instead of pouting on the bench, and when you have a chance to play, play your butt off!. Foreman's Dad may be right...if the Coach doesn't like you, you may not play. So tell your kid to do the things that will make the coach like you. In every team sport in the world, coaches love the kids that hustle, have a good attitude, support their teammates. Don't tell your kid "it's not your fault." And maybe, just maybe, there are players who are better than you are...so go out there and help the the team be better by practicing hard and being ready to be the "next man up." There is absolutely no upside to a parent using twitter to express frustrations. //end rant// BTW, my daughter had that convo with the coach, hustled, worked hard, and earned a starting spot! Hook 'Em OU still sucks
  7. 5 Thoughts Following The Win Over KSU

    I thought the same thing...could barely stand to listen!
  8. Doesn't Look Like Texas Plays With Same Speed as Other Teams

    You are either brilliant or delusional...we shall see...
  9. SJSU Film Review (by Ryan Bridges)

    I look forward to seeing this every week...thanks
  10. *****Game Thread - Texas vs. San Jose State

    There were a lot of positives today. I'm still concerned that receivers are getting behind our defensive backs on a regular basis. Had SJSU been playing a QB who could throw, the game would have looked different.
  11. Buechele update - 9/7/17

    In the immortal words of Dalton (played by Patrick Swayze) in the movie Roadhouse...Pain don't hurt
  12. The reality is, if Shane can't go, Herman has to have a backup for Ehlinger...that will be Heard. If they aren't working Heard with the 2s this week and trying to put together some set of plays that he can run ( I was under the impression they already had a small package for him to run ), then this staff is not as good as we would like to think. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that we WANT Heard to be the QB...we just might NEED him to be the QB.
  13. I was in Houston for Harvey...I needed something to make me feel a little better...the Longhorns weren't it... 11 penalties for 117 yards...this is the thing that concerns me more than any other. I enjoyed the aggy game. OU still sucks.
  14. Inside the Rebirth of Texas Football

    Really good stuff...but I'm ready to see some Ws on the field