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  1. Doesn't Look Like Texas Plays With Same Speed as Other Teams

    You are either brilliant or delusional...we shall see...
  2. SJSU Film Review (by Ryan Bridges)

    I look forward to seeing this every week...thanks
  3. *****Game Thread - Texas vs. San Jose State

    There were a lot of positives today. I'm still concerned that receivers are getting behind our defensive backs on a regular basis. Had SJSU been playing a QB who could throw, the game would have looked different.
  4. Buechele update - 9/7/17

    In the immortal words of Dalton (played by Patrick Swayze) in the movie Roadhouse...Pain don't hurt
  5. The reality is, if Shane can't go, Herman has to have a backup for Ehlinger...that will be Heard. If they aren't working Heard with the 2s this week and trying to put together some set of plays that he can run ( I was under the impression they already had a small package for him to run ), then this staff is not as good as we would like to think. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that we WANT Heard to be the QB...we just might NEED him to be the QB.
  6. I was in Houston for Harvey...I needed something to make me feel a little better...the Longhorns weren't it... 11 penalties for 117 yards...this is the thing that concerns me more than any other. I enjoyed the aggy game. OU still sucks.
  7. Inside the Rebirth of Texas Football

    Really good stuff...but I'm ready to see some Ws on the field
  8. Dang allergies are acting up again...great video
  9. You Have 15 Bucks. Build Your Team.

    I'll take VY, McFadden, Harvin, 01 Miami, and Pete Carroll...assuming I get performance from VY and all position players as in their best season
  10. Herman Builds New Texas Foundation

    Good stuff, Primal...I'm ready for some football!!
  11. Break Out Player 2017

    Good thread...I'm going with Shane Buechele. I think he solidifies himself as a leader and a QB.
  12. 2016 recruits

    Who won the argument?
  13. Texas Picked To Finish 4th in Big 12 Media Poll

    K-State at 3? Really?
  14. Favorite non-Texas teams?

    Living in the Houston area, I watch UH and cheer for them. It isn't the same as the big leagues so I don't feel any conflict. I'll watch aggy just to hope they get beat...I just won't watch OU.
  15. Texas Announces Decision On Reese Leitao (He's In)

    Just wondering...did anyone else have to look up moral opprobrium?