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  1. Texas Lands 5-Star Athlete Jordan Whittington

    there isnt a QB in the state that wouldn't want to throw to this guy...This could be the start of a very special class in 2019
  2. Team News

    I like that Herman is keeping with the team rules...with all the blue chippers they signed it tells me that ALL the jobs are wide open next year...I think we will see a whole different squad next year with a whole new attitude..This year was transition time...
  3. RIP Tommy Nobis

    One of the greatest players to ever wear the Burnt Orange, the story goes that DKR and his staff were concerned over who was going to wear the #60 after Johnny Treadwell, Nobis not only exceeded Treadwell but insured a legacy that will live forever in the history of the Longhorns Its too bad that only a few of us on here were old enough to get to see him play and realize he was the gold standard in college linebacker..the Butkis Award should have been named for him
  4. Texas to face Missouri in Texas Bowl

    I am ready for closure on this first year of the Tom Herman era..I am excited to see what kind of a recruiting class he can bring in. I guess we will find out who really wants to be here and be a part of the new attitude and culture that Herman brings to the table... To the outgoing Seniors, Thank you for your time on the 40 Acres, sorry that you weren't exactly set up for success, but I for one appreciate your loyalty to Longhorn Nation
  5. I am flipping channels between the FAU/UNT game and the Big 12 Game and cant see WHY we cant run a dynamic wide open offense like these schools play..We have the athletes...
  6. I cant believe Im saying this but the person that needs to mentor Tom Hermann is........Mack Brown
  7. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    after last night debacle, they dont deserve a bowl appearance, but I guess for the good of the program they need to go..It remains to be seen which team will show, I sure hope its not the team we saw last night
  8. I am mad, disappointed, and to be honest NOT surprised....This bunch does not have that winning killer attitude, I hope and pray next year's version has more moxie and more heart....and a bit more talent We Texas fans deserve better...I hope that Hermann makes the adjustments necessary and recruits the type of talent needed to compete and win at a national level
  9. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    where we want them to go and where they are contractually bound to go might be two different things.....
  10. blown assignment, dodged a bullet there
  11. where was this offense all year
  12. seen more imagination in the offense in the last two quarters than we have seen all year Keep It up Horns and we shock the world
  13. https://www.cfbhall.com/about/blog/2017-hall-of-fame-class-bob-mckay/ Congratulations to former AllAmerican and Longhorn great Bob McKay on his induction to the CFB Hall of Fame, long overdue and well deserved..little known fact that his sister was an Arkansas Cheerleader during the infamous 1969 UT vs Arkansas game..Without McKay blocking there was no Wishbone, he and Bobby Weunsch were awesome
  14. because the student/athlete is entitled to certain amount of privacy , by legal standards. Why expose the University to any further legal issues
  15. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss To TCU

    Saturdays game proved to me that we currently have above average talent...above average aint gonna cut it...this team will look drastically different next year and then the following year..The coaching staff is doing its best to stay in the game with less than blue chip talent..With the exception of a few first team All Conference players on defense , there are no such athletes on offense... Asking Hermann and staff to make a winner of CS recruits is unrealistic, the program got used to losing and its hard to shake that DNA, TCU was the first game that the Horns were never in a position to win..Never thought I would see a day that TCU would dominate Texas this many years in a row, like a bad dream... Not throwing in the towel, but ready to change the identity of this one..