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  1. Hiwood

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    Here is my take on the QB situation : sit Sam the next two weeks, if you play him in the OKST game and he gets the shoulder hurt even worse, then he is done for the year...Shane is good enough to play for this team, let him show it.. and dont think for a second that someone would love to pile drive Sam into the turf and really mess that shoulder up
  2. Hiwood

    Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Baylor

    Is this shoulder injury the same shoulder that he hurt during his senior year in high school? Im no doctor but my brother is an ortho rehab/pain management MD, and an AC sprain is the type of injury that lingers and may have to be addressed at the end of the season, if it holds up that long...The bye week will help but dont expect him to throw at all this week...lots of ice,PT, and prayers
  3. Hiwood

    HornSports Members Predictions Rankings

    looks like Tulsa is better than most gave them credit for . They darn near beat USF
  4. I will say Texas is back when they win the Big 12..The OU win was great for a whole myriad of reasons...but focus on the big picture its the conference championship and in the conversation for a playoff spot or a NY6 Bowl game
  5. Hiwood

    Longhorns jump to #14 in Week 7 Coaches Poll

    Texas wins out and the schedule takes care of itself...We actually need OU, TCU and USC to keep winning to make our wins over them that much better...many of the teams ahead of us still have head to head match ups...For once Texas controls its own destiny
  6. Im thinking that this team might have finally bought in to the Tom Herman era, they were a different team
  7. How did this team lose to Maryland ? Are expectations now that we run the table and anything short of that will be a letdown...
  8. Hiwood

    HS Members Prediction Thread: TCU

    The line opened at Texas minus 2.5....it has shifted to TCU minus 3 I like TEXAS as a home underdog, especially after TCU comes out of a physical game vs Ohio St where they had a chance to win it
  9. Hiwood

    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over USC

    as much as I enjoyed a "must win' game...I also think USC is not even close to being a #17 ranked team...but a W sure is sweet, especially over a storied program
  10. Hiwood

    *****GAME THREAD: TEXAS VS. USC*****

    WTH is up with Herbstreit, why is he hating on UT and comparing us the last ten years to PITT...
  11. Hiwood

    The Good, The bad and The Ugly: Maryland

    If this is true or even remotely true, it makes perfect sense..CS was popular with the players, so along comes Herman and not everyone has bought into his schtick yet, that also includes the loyal Horn fan base. I am sure there is some resentment from half the team that was in the Shane is our QB mindset, and along comes a freshman, now a sophomore and he is the QB with mixed results. Saturday's results did nothing to solidify the divide Until this group wins as a team against a superior team, they won't really be a team
  12. Hiwood

    Five Thoughts Following The Loss To Maryland

    after yesterday's flop I am very concerned about USC and OU, they both have some serious firepower and will hang a ton of points on the Horns if they play like they did yesterday Like any true Horn fan, am I bitter over the dismal performance at MD, you damn right I am, I expected more, we deserve better
  13. Hiwood


    where is this Todd Orlando defense ? already given up 17 points in just over one quarter...not. a good trend
  14. Hiwood


    what an idiotic move by Johnson, way to get yourself kicked out of the game
  15. I really like the way the new AD is bringing back pride and spirit back to town. Some of his plans may seem a little grand but the formation of a Texas Hall of Fame at DKR is a great start, along with other game day improvements... What really impressed me is that he wants UT pride to be throughout the state not just within the confines of the Austin City limits. I think that Herman has the right man to help him bring the program back to National prominence, and get the band wagon fans to sign on for more than just a casual ride.. I think he is going to make it cool to once again be Longhorn proud off the field...and I think Herman will give us a product to be proud of on the field