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  • Texas Basketball falls to #7 Kansas 80-78 in Lawrence on Monday night


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  1. best throw of the night
  2. Hiwood


    in light of the allegations of Zack Smith concerning Herman, I would think Applewhite would be person non grata...the program does not need that kind of scrutiny...forget what Major did on the field, his off the field baggage would make for a media feeding frenzy
  3. WTH Sam , throwing into double coverage
  4. This Texas team sure doesnt look like a THIRTEEN point underdog
  5. With almost a month to prepare for the game, it gives both teams to get healthy and work on a new game plan and add plays that they may not have shown during the regular season..not much disguise to how Texas plays their DB's in coverage..single coverage on an island..They have to find a pass rush or Fromm will eat them alive
  6. Oh how I remember that game, I was in Dallas at the time, we made a Georgia QB a living legend..I so wanted to kick Fred Akers ass for the way he coached that game..You can tell I don't hold a grudge much...
  7. Georgia ia a well built team, they are built like Alabama by a very good coach in Kirby Smart. They are where TEXAS wants to be..TEXAS will have to make every possession count. I just fear that Georgia may be too physical for TEXAS
  8. on paper this is not a good matchup for TEXAS, but I am hoping that they are getting a Georgia team that really doesn't want to be there..Texas has everything to gain from this game
  9. No pass rush at all, Murray has time to make a sandwich
  10. DB coverage is horrendous, guys are losing their man in one on one coverage
  11. Has Sam thrown to LJH at all today, looks like everything is aimed at CJ
  12. How do both safeties get beat in coverage
  13. This reminds me of the Texas vs Nebraska game ( James Brown game) where everyone wrote Texas off before the game was even played..ALL the talking heads are talking about OU being in the CFB playoffs...I would like nothing better than to see Texas knock them out of that position