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  1. Will there be a write up on this one?
  2. Therefore, you have been able to assess things more clearly and with less bias.
  3. Congratulations!! A new Longhorn is born.. \m/
  4. Hibbeler lead off single Ellis bunt pop up to catcher, 1 out Kennedy fly out to LF, 2 out Todd strikes out
  5. Quintanilla comes in to get the last out. going to bottom of 8 tied 4-4
  6. Bloop single to RF ties the game. Runners on the corners
  7. Here we go again...Top of 8 4-3 Horns with 2 Out Runners 1 & 2.
  8. Pinch hitter Bertelson draws walk...bases loaded. 1 out. Shaw hits into DP. Top of 8 Horns up 4-2
  9. Horns add one in the bottom of the 7th. Runners on 1st and 2nd...Peters shows bunt and takes it on the hand...busts his nail on his index finger it seems.
  10. Going to bottom of 5 with Horns leading 3-1 Pitcher Cobb got 2 Ks, 1 hit and a Fly out.
  11. Bottom of 4. Texas leads 3-1. Horns got all of theirs in the first. Xavier plated their run in the 3rd.
  12. @Sirhornsalot does this commitment by Jaden Hullaby not deserve a Kate appearance?
  13. Henley out and Whelan in for the 7th. Still 5-2 after 7
  14. Henley has thrown something like 113 pitches. a career high.
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