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  1. Not hardly... I don't date sheep. Then that's one thing you have in common with aggy. They love them some sheep.
  2. Anyone old enough to remember the Smurfs from TCEH back in the 80's? Not tall, but very skilled. Chapped my butt often.
  3. OldHorn...I seriously doubt you read that the post reads 2121.
  4. I bet Texas has the #1 ranked class so far.
  5. can anyone else hear the future Aggy conspiracy theories about Karic's rise in star rating due to his commitment to Texas?
  6. Just read the Yahoo Sports article on Hayden's commitment. These two 2021 guys seem like they will be extra big time recruiters for the coaches.
  7. I was at a game in Lincoln, NE David's Freshman year. I saw a woman with one of those photo pins with #16 on it. Being in close proximity, I struck up a conversation with her and her husband saying that I grew up around Lubbock and was glad to see a prospect from the area make it to Austin. It turns out, my dad coached David's dad in Little League and my oldest brother went to school with the parents. So, I agree, with a bit of bias, that David Thomas "may just be the best TE ever to play at Texas." I hope Lake can come very close, if not pass David, however. I kinda hope that with each new player.
  8. Taylor Hamm -- Turns out we created our own smoke. Sorry, fellas. This one couldn't be bought. (Nah, he'd never admit that)
  9. or those kids might just be smart enough to realize it as well.
  10. There were memes all over my FB feed of how TCEH's back was sore once again from carrying the Big XII into the post season. I was hoping Tceh would go 0-2.
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