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  1. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    Shane cannot take one of the big boy licks that Sam took. PERIOD. Shane's 'beautiful deep balls' are irrelevant when he is knocked out a la Ash. Shane has made his living on 5-8 yard hooks and 50/50 balls to Johnson et al. When he wings a prayer Longhorns admire the spiral. When Sam does the same he is taking unnecessary risks. Horse crap. Further, Shane is not a leader. How do I know? I have eyes. He inspires nobody. This is not directed at you echeese. I simply want to be the voice of sanity in Guyana. Sam is the QB. He will only get better and he heightens the play and the balls of the entire squad.
  2. Next 5 Games

    It has been years since I have screamed with joy over Texas football. When Sam hit Foreman I was screaming so loud I scared my dog and cat. I was at the Alamo Bowl when TCU came back from 31 down. I was that level excited last night.
  3. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    We don't do moral victories but we speculate how Buechelle would have won? Echeese, I look forward to your analysis weekly during the season. I always learn more from people with different opinions. Good job again
  4. Next 5 Games

    After last night I have come closer to your opinion. What a tough ass performance last night. A lot of things have happened the last 5 years or so. I have seen Texas lose so many damn games in so many different ways. What I haven't seen Texas do in years I saw last night. Football is a tough ass sport played by mean ass people and Texas looked tough and mean again. Despite the loss I am extremely encouraged in their future.
  5. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    There is no QB controversy. If people don't know who the starter is after last night they are never going to know.
  6. The Horned Frogs had Kyle as a verbal commitment and Texas had Darius Anderson. Texas flipped Kyle then Darius flipped to TCU. You just never know.
  7. Unless there is something we cannot see, Warren appears to be superior at RB. I do see Porter's potential and he is rather young and should only improve. I have heard it said that Porter is the more competent blocker. I haven't bothered to confirm if he is or not because we have many people here much more dedicated to breaking down film. But if we accept that Porter is the better blocker then it would stand to reason that the more Shane plays, the more Porter plays.
  8. Next 5 Games

    On a positive note I never expected Texas to compete for a national championship in year 1 of Tom Herman. Although I would love to see Texas win at USC, I am placing all value of this season on how Texas plays within the BIG XII. Texas can win this weekend. Oddsmakers say they won't but they CAN. Regardless, nobody should throw up their hands if they lose this game. Conventional wisdom says they should lose. If Texas can put up 5-4 or better in conference I will consider year 1 of Tom Herman a smashing success. Baby steps
  9. Next 5 Games

    USC - loss OU - loss OSU - loss KSU - loss/pick 'em ISU - win/pick 'em If Texas gets out of these 2-3 I think that will be par for the course. 3 wins would be great. 4 or more out of these 5 would be phenomenal.
  10. Herman and Heard

    Buechelle's injury has given Herman all the cover he needs. Herman is a disruptor of the status quo, and he knows he is, but you cannot do it all at once. As many of us have learned on this website, Buechelle is a scared cow to some.
  11. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    I am glad this series is back in 2017!
  12. View from the Cheap Seats-SJSU

    Very nice analysis echeese. Regarding the Shane/Sam 'controversy', it has already been reported that Shane is likely out a possible three weeks. Assuming like you have that Shane is the better passer and recognizing the fact that he has the experience advantage (5-8 in 13 starts I believe), if Shane was 90%+ healthy I do believe he would start. However, assuming there is some validity to the three week prognosis I think starting Sam this week is the play. If Sam loses, he was supposed to lose against a stout USC squad. If Sam loses it validates the theory that, if healthy, Shane might have done better. And lastly, if Sam wins you will have yourself a full-blown QB controversy but you will have just beaten USC in LA. There are just some guys that win. They may not have prototypical size, arm, etc but there is something intangible that factors into the way they play and, more importantly, the way others play when they are on the field. This is my impression of Sam. I am not predicting a Texas win at USC (I think that would be more a function of the defense if that occurs) but a good showing by Sam will be only beneficial to the Longhorns. In fact, assuming that Shane assumes QB1 upon his return to fitness, I always believe that healthy competition will ultimately reveal who the starter should be.
  13. Aggy vs Nicholls St.

    Right. Texas could become a very good team if they continue to believe.
  14. Mayfield planted the OU flag at the 50 in the Horseshoe post game. That was for the Ohio State band dotting the I after the game in Norman last year.
  15. Aggy vs Nicholls St.

    I saw it. I just want to preemptively shut up the people up who argue for Shane.