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  1. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    If Wisconsin wins out they are in. Obviously if Alabama wins out they are in. Same goes for Miami. But, either Miami or Clemson are going to lose so the loser is out. If total chaos were to ensue we could be looking at a playoff of Auburn, Central Florida, the winner of Clemson/Miami and one of the following: Wisconsin, Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC/Washington State winner and a 1 loss, non-champion Alabama.
  2. It is becoming more obvious that Alvarez is the brains at Wisconsin. Apparently he hires coaches that will play to his vision of Wisconsin football. Wisconsin is what Nebraska was.
  3. Happy USMC Birthday.

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Mack Brown for AD?

    I agree about Mack SHA. He is a natural for CCO.
  5. Mack Brown for AD?

    Mack Brown is a huckster. This is probably indicative of those who want to rekindle the ATM series. Go forward not backwards.
  6. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss To TCU

    Buechele is terrible. The throw in the 4th was his only good throw of the day. The game was over. The two completions in Texas’ scoring drive were 50/50 balls. The plays being made were by the WRs. Period. I agree that he showed toughness. I admire him for that. He is a bad QB.
  7. Astros World Series

    I have some brandy that I have been looking at since Sunday night. I'm not much of a drinker anymore but if we can find a way to win tonight I am going 5 inches deep into that bottle. For me, before I was even aware of Longhorns or Oilers or any other team I loved as a young child I loved the Astros. We win and I can guarantee you I will get drunk and be sobbing (happy tears) at the same time. Come to think of it, if we were to lose I might have to get drunk and shed some tears of disappointment. I prefer happy tears like when Vince floated into the end zone. PS Favorite Astros: J.R. Richard, Jose Cruz, Terry Puhl, Cesar Cedeño, Charlie Kerfeld, Craig Biggio, Hunter Pence, Jose Altuve and George Springer.
  8. Astros World Series

  9. He and Hemphill-Mapps are extremely talented. H-M is a frickin' gamer. He makes me nervous on punt returns at times but the kid has it.
  10. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss to OU

    I completely agree.
  11. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss to OU

    The point that I was responding to was a poster said that Malik has been playing at an elite level this season. DJ was a fantastic player and I believe MJ can also be a fantastic player. If MJ continues to perform and improve as he has shown this season I believe he will be in that fantastic neighborhood. If he gets even light years better than he has been performing this season and does so consistently throughout his senior season we MIGHT be looking at an elite player.
  12. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss to OU

    Please elaborate if possible. For example, which feed were you reading? What is the source of division/friction? Etc