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  1. He wasn't going to get *that* much faster in a year, and ultimately the tweener status cost him - in the perception of NFL scouts. Too slow to be a speed threat and not quite big enough to dominate jump balls. Another year wouldn't change that really. Although I do agree that had he come back and **very importantly** been a dominate, featured receiver he would have been drafted higher based on the publicity he would've received. However most likely he would've been used next year similar to last since the Horns have a pretty good set of WRs. Based on the outcome, obviously staying another year would have been the better choice on the chance he broke out from the pack. I can't imagine he was told before the draft that he would be a high round pick based on his measurables. So he seems like a guy who was just ready for the next challenge. I hope he proves everyone wrong.
  2. Doug Flutie would be the obvious comparison... another QB people thought was too short. At the time they said he was too short to see passing lanes over OLine in the NFL. Although that never made sense to me since it's not like college OLines are that much smaller. Either way, like you mention with everything spread out now the passing lanes are more spread out also. Still Flutie had some good success in the NFL, and also in the Canadian leagues that had offenses then more like the NFL today. Murray's speed, arm strength, and vision will make him an intriguing prospect.
  3. Think I saw where he has two kids enrolled at Clemson and not even interested in HC gigs right now. Be interesting to see if that changes after tonight.
  4. Yeah, looks like he does... although technically is "Associate" HC. Can there be more than one hyphenated HC titles... Is that too weird?
  5. Doesn't that likely mean someone will be assistant head coach?
  6. @MikeV73 and I were discussing that... We were kidding around about that play, mostly about our armchair playcalling abilities. Certainly wouldn't put on Young that series since GA was playing some stout defense. Glad to hear Young power drove someone on the scoring play... thanks for pointing that out. We were serious about finding roles where he can play smash mouth, cause he can turn on beast mode.
  7. I'd like to see that some also... so many defenses now geared for the spread. Mixing in a power look with Young opening a hole could take some pressure off Ehlinger. Running from the I would help Young as RB also. He needs to know where he's going when he gets the ball. I agree that his confidence is shot, but still think he can be good in the right situations. I think he lost confidence after he fumbled a few times in short duty. He looked really indecisive after that, partly due to just focusing on not fumbling.
  8. I somewhat agree. Young is a mystery. I think his biggest shortcoming is vision cause he's always running into the back of lineman. It's the lack of vision that really hurts him in short yardage. But physically he's got ability to run over people, so always left with the feeling he should've got more yards.
  9. Understood. It's a legitimate question though, and I don't know the answer. Do we want the conference to bet on undefeated teams that won't need to worry about style points for the playoffs? Or do we want the conference to bet on one loss (and maybe even undefeated teams) that need a last game to make a case for the playoffs? Ultimately that's the question everyone needs to answer. Keep in mind that the B12 had the lowest margin of victory than any other conference. With quality across the league it's hard to make it through undefeated (except for truly dominant teams). This format is actually better than the old format where weak division teams could get a chance at a conference championship. I always thought that was even more ridiculous. I also thought the Texas team in 2008 was actually better than 2009, but we saw what happened at Tech. This format back then would've given us another chance. Either way, this year it sends a contested one-loss team to the playoffs, and Texas gets to play jawja in the Sugar Bowl (which could really propel us into next season). So this year the game worked as designed. As silly as it is sometimes to get these rematches, overall it's better for the league so far.
  10. I tend to agree, but it's not just about the money. They brought it back after TCU got snubbed for the playoffs. An interesting what-if is whether or not ou would've made the playoffs had it not been for the game yesterday. Had that not happened it might have been osu. While I don't like things that favor ou, Texas could be in the same position one day. Any time the committee has to decide on a tie-breaker of one-loss teams then the most recent impression tends to be the deciding factor. So even though the B12 CPG tends to set up ridiculous repeat games, the current system for the playoffs almost mandates we have one. Of course that can shoot a team in the foot someday, and this normally wouldn't apply to undefeated teams. However any B12 team on the cusp of the playoffs will always want one more game to prove themselves.
  11. Mack was a godsend to the Texas program. If he wants to spend his retirement coaching in one last opportunity then more power to him. Besides, he should be fully recharged at this point and likely more energy than most his age. Maybe he doesn't have a lot of years left but could make UNC a better destination for HCs in the future. The assumption that UNC has the clout to hire any of these 'young coaches' is a little presumptuous anyway. Plus, I'm excited because I get to break out my Mack Brown impersonation again. So... winners all around!
  12. The rankings aren't as important as the evaluations, but they are an indicator of the relative strength of the class versus other schools. It's difficult to compete at a top level if you aren't consistently getting classes that are ranked in the top 10 (maybe 15). So in that sense, the ranking in aggregate gives a snapshot of the health of recruiting overall. From an individual player perspective, I've always looked more at the other schools who took an interest than the player rank. If all of the top schools evaluated a player and wanted him also, then that player has been vetted pretty thoroughly.
  13. Having a tougher team is worth the injury risk. Once Texas gets the depth they want then the injuries won't hit as hard as they do right now. By extension, some of the defensive issues we're seeing will be solved by better depth also. If we had the right players available there's no reason to think this year's defense wouldn't like last year's (and this year up until 3 games ago). The same complaint was made about Jimmy Johnson and the early 90's Cowboys... that he drove them way to hard in preseason. Didn't stop them from winning Super Bowls. Of course that was pre salary cap, and they had really good depth also. Texas just isn't 2 deep yet across the board. Once the backups are practiced juniors/sophomores, instead of true freshman, the performance hit won't be nearly as bad.
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