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  1. A Request, Please

    Well you failed to capitalize all letters in "THE" referring to THE University. . . And I missed your "get off my lawn" meme. . . ..besides I always thought dirt burglers was a classy way to mock a school who's fight song honors those who literally "stole" land.
  2. Kenny Vaccaro to Da Boys

    Would love him with a star but Da Boys need players with 3-5 years go give them. DJ at the end of his career. . . .but if the money is right. . . .Jerry could create a Longhorn reunion this year. Kenny DJ Earl. . .
  3. Kenny Vaccaro to Da Boys

    Not sure Kenny going to demand huge money but he would be a big upgrade plus that would allow Jones to slide out to CB. Think Da Boys can work it to add one mid tier FA money wise.
  4. Burnt Ends - 02/12/18

    Alphio Randall. . . . 5 star out of HS, 5 star out of JUCO. . . .complete bust at TEXAS, not sure he ever cracked the 2 deep. HUGE dude though.
  5. That's the rumor out of Frisco. .. . and I actually thought Da Boys should have traded for him last season as he fell out of favor with the Saints. Now if I could package a deal to bring him AND Sean Peyton back to Dallas. . . .that would be a grand slam home run. Hey, I can dream Would love it, he would be a GREAT fit as Da Boys need a S which allows Byron Jones to slide back to his more natural corner position. https://thelandryhat.com/2018/02/10/dallas-cowboys-allen-robinson-dez-bryant-replacement/ Former Texas Longhorn and current free agent safety Kenny Vaccaro checks a lot of the boxes for what the Cowboys’ current front office have been known to look for in prospective free agent acquisitions. Vaccaro is a former first round selection, who has yet to live up to those lofty expectations and is still young enough, at 26-years old, to improve. Last year, Vaccaro posted a solid season with the New Orleans Saints, recording 60 total tackles, 1.5 sacks, seven pass defends and a career-high three interceptions. But the young safety has struggled with inconsistent play his entire career which has resulted in his benching at times.
  6. What did I say (no telling actually)?
  7. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2018/02/13/texas-assistant-jason-washington-named-big-12-recruiter-year Texas landed one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. And a big reason why was cornerbacks coach Jason Washington, who was named the 247Sports Big 12 recruiter of the Year. Washington ran point as the Longhorns reeled in the most talented defensive-back class in the country, reeling elite secondary prospects like Anthony Cook, Jalen Green, Caden Sterns and D'shawn Jamison. Washington also helped Texas close strong in his role as the primary recruiter for four-star wide receiver Joshua Moore. Texas finished with the No. 3 class in the nation. Only Georgia and Ohio State ranked ahead of the Longhorns. Before coming to Austin, Washington was the cornerbacks coach at Houston. He joined the Longhorns with Tom Herman in December 2016.
  8. Burnt Ends - 02/12/18

    it is I was just sharing a story about another actor. Sorry, I did not make that clear. Scott was hilarious in his role as an allegory for Curtis LeMay. . .
  9. Burnt Ends - 02/12/18

    Great movie. Sterling Hayden was a Marine and OSS agent, earning a Silver Star in WWII, he played the part of Crazy base commander in Dr Strangelove. As an OSS agent, he work with the communist partisans against the Nazies in Yugoslovia and after his return to the states, joined the Communist Party. Which ran him afoul of the McCarthy hearings and put a serious dent in his Hollywood career (though in truth, his passion was travel not acting). Casting him in that role was one of Stanley Kubrick's ways of giving DC the finger
  10. The 2018 Schedule

    OSU lost way too much. .. 7 we should win . .. .5 that are toss ups. Agree with your finishes.
  11. For football dorks in the off season

    Appreciate it. Trying to keep the conversations going in the off season.
  12. Stole this from Wiz at OB. . ...he's a goofy shit but actually a good dude. Anyway, 3 lengthy write ups on how different defensive formations work. TO/TEXAS' is the 3rd link and will share some below. http://sportstreatise.com/2018/02/a-glossary-of-modern-defensive-formations-pt-i/ http://sportstreatise.com/2018/02/a-glossary-of-modern-defensive-formations-pt-ii/ http://sportstreatise.com/2018/02/a-glossary-of-modern-defensive-formations-pt-iii/ The 3-2-6 defense Personnel: Three DL, two LBs, two CBs, four Ss The 3-2-6 is basically a recognition that the 3-4 isn’t optimal for defending spread offenses and the expansion of a dime package into a base defense. Texas embraced the 3-2-6 last season when it became clear that A) spread offenses didn’t have a great answer for the two-robber coverage and Texas was better as an all around defense by playing more versatile athletes (i.e. four safeties) rather than specialists. I don’t know when exactly the Katy Tigers embraced the 3-2-6 but their legendary 2015 defense played like a 3-2-6 despite utilizing current West Virginia safety Jovanni Stewart as a de-facto DE and the 6-5, 222 pound LB Hunter Stinson as a hybrid LB/safety. The Tigers evidently start by teaching their outside linebackers as safeties before moving (presumably the bigger, stronger ones) them down to the outside LB spots. This gives them a ton of versatility that I’ll detail here just in how they can handle the dreaded trips formation: In this call they bring the weak inside-backer up the A-gap, preferably late and disguised, and drop the free safety into cover 2 on the boundary while playing some brand of quarters coverage to the field. Between the nose, WILB, and two DEs the defense is filling all four interior gaps and spilling the ball outside to the middle LB and the two S/LB hybrids I’ve labelled as “S” and “J.” In this call they drop that jack safety deep into cover 2, play cover 2 on the opposite end, and roll the free safety into the “2-robber” role where he’s a free hitter against the run. The three DL and two inside-backers account for the interior gaps and can easily adjust to any pullers or motion and then that free safety is typically playing downhill and wrecking everything from the robber alignment. It’s essentially the same as an old Tampa-2 defense except the middle linebacker starts the play deep and can come downhill from there. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this, especially given how successful it was for Texas and Iowa State last season. That robber is a devastating weapon against spread run games which haven’t yet adapted to account for him. So you can tell that the design of the 3-2-6 is a tad different than the 3-4 even though it often has the same structure, the goal here is more about plugging the interior and spilling the ball to speedy players on the perimeter. It’s also more about having matchup and coverage flexibility in a fashion similar to the 3-3-5 but with an even greater emphasis on using flexible athletes. Like the other three-down fronts, the 3-2-6 relies heavily on having a really good nose tackle that can control the A-gaps and command and resist a double team. Without that, it unravels. Additionally, it’s finest deployment will come from having versatile and sturdy safeties in the outside LB positions. The 3-2-6 is basically a defense for teams that get amazing nickel play and then ask, “how can we get more out of these guys?” It’ll probably be a mainstay for Texas in the coming years, especially after this 2018 recruiting class that included six top rated DBs, one of whom is 6-4, 200 and born to play a hybrid role.
  13. Not unlike we longhorns, the guys at Blogging the Boys like Poona and think he got shafted by not getting a combine invite. Yet, in the past five years, about 35 snubs per year get drafted while 110 invitees go undrafted. When asked why, Brugler didn’t mince words as he believes that too many draftniks are committed to their preseason grades. As Brugler says, “there just aren’t 300 players better than Ford.” Gotta love good pub for a Horn and the article lists 5 other players Da Boys should consider in the draft who were snubbed by the Combine. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/201...nubs-that-could-fit-dallas-cowboys-2018-draft PS, Spring drills have not begun. . . .there is no football other than NFL draft stuff and I am a minor draft geek, not unlike winter stove baseball talks.
  14. I agree love our QB mix, just pointing out we're still running on potential not performance.
  15. While you are correct we are better off than we have been since Colt left, our QB room is still more potential than accomplishment and RJ is a HS senior.