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  1. It is a great thing this Republic of Texas. My favorite line from the Declaration of Independence: the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic, Long live Texas
  2. True dat But I am more that a tad surprised schools like Pigs, Miss St etc did not try to raid Texas more. Ole Miss took advantage for awhile but by and large, only school really helped was Aggie and you have to wonder how much of that was TEXAS being down.
  3. keep hearing this tossed out as part of the sky is falling crowds claim that we lost anything of real significance when aggie left. So went back and looked at the years before aggie left (2007-2010) vs 2015-2018 and how the schools in the SEC West "raided" Texas. Now I left off Bama cuz they can recruit where ever they want and were "raiding" Texas long before Aggie lied to the BigXII, cut bait and ran. Make no mistake, Bama has done well but they were doing fairly well before, they are the 800 lb gorilla. And moving to the SEC definitely benefited aggie's recruiting and so has hiring Jumbo. Let's start with the 2 schools you would assume benefited the most from playing games in Texas. LSU Before Aggie: 2 five stars 10 four stars After Aggie: 0 and 10 four stars Pigs Before Aggie: 1 five 9 fours After Aggie: 0 five 7 Fours Really surprised that Pigs have not taken advantage of more SEC exposure to Texas kids. Ole Miss (they benefited the most but they also benefited from Freeze buying players) Before Aggie: only 3 star kids After Aggie: (2016 accounts for most of this) 1 five star 8 four stars Miss St Before Aggie: Shut out After Aggie: 1 four star QB from DFW Didn't look at Auburn, Georgia has never recruited Texas. You would think that LSU and Pigs would have benefited more due to their proximity but simply not the case. Ole Miss seems to be the only program who really benefited and that was mostly 2016, Greg Little, DeMarcus Lodge (both NFL bound this year) So can we get all the agroid lovers to stop with this silly myth. #1 thing that keeps Texas kids staying in state is TEXAS playing well. PS, LSR top 100 shows 2 to Bama (duh, 800 Lb gorilla), 1 to Georgia (finally popped their Texas cherry) 1 to LSU 1 to pigs. Other than Aggie and those kids are staying in state.
  4. We were already enjoying a wealth of riches at WR but I suspect we lose 2-3 to the portal after spring (no, not going to speculate names). Here is where we are for 2019: From @benbrookhorn 's excellent 2 deep. http://www.wootown.com/ut/2019/roster.pdf CJ, John Burt and Duvernay are Seniors. CJ will open as one starter, does Duvernay hang onto the other spot? Eagles (staff loves him, does he take Duvernay's spot?), Moore and Pouncey as RS Sophs Epps and Woodard as RS Freshmen Whittington likely a RB/hybrid for 2019 though back to the WR room when Evans arrives in 2020? We shall see McCoy if he plays WR, does he step into LJH's role immediately or an outside WR role? Smith does he battle for the starting slot? Washington (RS 2019) & Lewis (RS 2019) Going to be A LOT of WRs on our sidelines this year and next. And some of those guys listed will get passed this spring.
  5. Thaise "Thai" Borba Graham Veterans Service Officer Cass County P. O. Box 19 Linden, Texas 75563 Phone: 903-756-5221 Fax: 430-218-8272 Good place to start.
  6. GoFund me says lewisville and yes, it does matter though everyone I listed except the County Veteran Service Officer (he needs to call the one in his county) is statewide so they can still be of assistance. Hopefor the Warriors has an online application process that will get them started.
  7. Lewisville area. Contact County Veteran Service Officer (940) 349-2950 Chris Kyle Resouce Center in Roanoak, (701) 866-2758 Army Relief Fund https://www.aerhq.org/Contact-Us Texas National Guard Family Foundation (supports all US Army now) https://www.txngfsf.org/ Have they reached out to Hope for the Warriors? AUSA? Both groups with state wide reach and assistance money. We (TVC) approved the VFW assistance money, reach out to the local chapter.
  8. Casey staying Da Boys kicked Scotty L to the curb If I didn't just get back from R Lee Ermey's funeral, I'd say the week couldn't get much better. Heard rumors that as scout team QB, Casey gave our #1 D fits. Personally always thought he fit this O better. Wish Rising and Boo, especially Boo, all the success. Do not blame them for leaving at all.
  9. JG is being re-signed. Don't like it but if Scotty L and his mini-me go, all the better. Bad news is one rumor is they might promote WR coach Lal which would seem to be more of the same to me or moving deck chairs on the Titanic. They need a new, run/pass option style OC to fit Dak's talents and a QB coach who can actually help coach him up. .
  10. View from the Cheap Seats-Da Boys Tough loss/What's next A tough and ugly loss. Dallas is simply not as good today as the Rams. Rams are not only more talented but significantly better coached. And it's the coaching where the widest gap exists. Sucks to say but it's true. Had Dallas brought their A game, win was there for the taking but the Rams ran the ball down Da Boys throats (273 yards rushing) and stuffed Dallas run game. A Cinderella season came to an end last night. And as much as some want you to think Dallas got blown out, hardly the case, they lost by 1 score, on the road. Now parts of the game (front 7), Dallas' O scheme were flat ugly but Dak had the best game by any QB playing on Sat. This includes NFL MVP Patrick M, Jared Goff and Andrew Luck. He wasn't perfect but he played well enough for Dallas to win. The tone of the game was set early by both coaches going for it on 4th and short. Making a statement both teams were playing to win. Dallas would go for it 5 times, making 4 but the one miss was indicative of the way the game went. Dallas ran up the middle 4 times. Rams were ready on #4 and stuff Zeke. This in the 4th quarter (11 minutes and change) and the score 15-23. This a drive Dallas had to have points to have a real shot of getting back into the game. #5 would see one of the rare good play calls as Dak rolled out with Zeke trailing on an option play that gained the 1st down easily. Out Coached Rams simply out coached Dallas. Granted they have slightly better talent and were the better team but the difference was coaching. Sean McVay was creative in both scheme and play calling. He kept Dallas off balance the entire night. Wade Phillips (DC for the Rams) lives to stick it to Dallas who fired him. 2nd time his D has abused Dallas' O but he always gets a big assist from the worst OC in the NFL, Scotty Linehan. Dallas has 2 serious handicaps in coaching. Scotty L is the worst OC in the NFL. He made his "reputation" with the Vikes when he had Randy Moss and Chris Carter as WRs, Robert Smith as his RB and Randall Cunningham as his QB. Frankly it would be hard to fail with those guys. He would ride that wave to an HC gig with the Lions where he would lead them to an 0-16 season. But it's the NFL where retreads keep getting hired and for some un Godly reason, Jerry brings him to Dallas to work with Tony Romo. Rumors are the 2 got along like oil and water. Romo know for basically calling the game at the line. Scotty also runs a timing based passing offense relying on a drop back passer. Neither Romo nor Dak is a drop back passer, both are best on the move. Dak needs to be in a run/pass option O making heavy use of play action. It appears Dak has been "coached" to stay in the pocket and not run. There were several opportunities for him to take off and only 2 designed runs called for him all night. Scotty L is handicapping Dak's development and costing Dallas games. The other issue is with a coach who 85% of the time, is the nuts. But Rod M swears he doesn't need quality DTs to run his D. WRONG In football and in baseball, you win by being strong up the middle. Rams rushed for 5 yards a pop, Dallas for 2.3. End of the day, Goff's jersey was clean and Dallas failed to get really pressure on him. Why? Largely because we don't have pocket collapsers up front. And Rod M is on record as saying he doesn't need them. The other liability is Dallas plays a pair of Safeties who likely do not start for any other quality defense. They both play their hearts out to their credit but a talent up grade is needed. If we were not clear, the #1 cause of this loss was Scotty L and his horrific/makes Tim Beck look good play calling. Completely failed to take advantage of what the Rams were doing on D (we have no doubt Wade Phillips knew exactly what Dallas was doing on every play), never kept the Rams off balance, could not sustain drives, failed to use play action, failed to run one of the best running QBs in the league (2 carries for the game), constantly ran Zeke into the middle vs the strongest middle DL in the NFL (monumentally stupid). Dallas has reached it's level of incompetence with Scotty L. What went right Dak had a very good game. Yes, made some mistakes but played well. Of the 4 Saturday QBs, he finished with the highest QBR and within 10 yards of Patrick M. and more TDs (run and pass) than the other 3 Gallup and Cooper Future is bright with these 2 young WRs Despite getting abused in the run game, Dallas bowed up 4 times forcing FG tries against the 2nd or 3rd best O in the league. 5th Forth and short, Dak and Zeke run the option right, pitch to Zeke, easy 1st down. What took so long Michael Gallup developed over the year into a 1st class WR and had a career night against the Rams, including a 46 yard over the shoulder grab to set up a Dallas TD. Season view, Da Boys were down 3-5, Cheap Seats was saying "tank for draft picks". At the bye, they traded for Amari Cooper. Price was steep, this years 1st rounder. Impact was YUGE. Cooper sparked not just the O but the entire team, Dallas goes 7-1 down the stretch beating the Saints (best team in the league?) and Iggles twice. Draft pick is now no better than #25 which takes out some of the sting but a BRILLIANT and gutsy move. Especially considering JJ's last 2 trades for WRs didn't pan out as well. 5 Key plays that doomed Da Boys #5 ZERO sacks. and by the 2nd half, little to no pressure #4 1st drive 2nd half, 3 and out. Not one play but Dallas blows 2 chances to score at the end of the 1st then one at the start of the 2nd. Dallas never got the rams out of their game. #3 3rd and 7, :52 seconds in the 1st half Dallas at the Rams 36. Sack taking Dallas out of FG range score 20-7 #2 3rd and 14, Rams 40, score 13-7. 2:36 in 1st half. Dallas forces an incomplete pass only to have Bryon Jones called for his fingernail scraping Rams WR facemask. #1 4th and 1, 4th quarter 11 and change on the clock down 15-23 at the Rams 40. 4th straight 4th and short, Scotty L calls run up the middle. Yeah, not like the Rams knew that was coming. The dagger in the heart Where does Dallas go from here Dallas fielded the youngest team in the playoffs this year. Zeke won the rushing title. Team showed great resilience starting 3-5 then going 7-1 to win the NFC East for the 3rd time in the last 5 years. The roster is loaded with good young players. Major bullet dodged as Kris Richards was not nabbed for a HC gig anywhere. Some really dumb teams out there as Richards is a REALLY good coach. Good news/bad news. Good news is Da Boys enjoy $55 million in cap space, bad news, Dallas has a great many young players they need to sign. And there are some serious questions, especially along the OL where 3 players have Top 4 on the team salaries. Does Travis Fredrick return? Tron Smith is not the All Pro OT he once was and for his production, over paid. Should not be any question D-Law is re-signed and room could be made cutting Crawford (potential for a re-work of his contract) and. . .dare we say it. . .Sean Lee. Love Lee but clearly the injuries have taken their toll. Or extend him, reducing his hit and he being a back up and defacto LB coach. 1 more year left on Dak, 2 on Elliott but you know Elliott wants a new deal. Suspect they sign Elliott and hold off on Dak. Cheap Seats would re-sign Armani Cooper in a heart beat. Half the cap space would come from cutting Hurns and TWill. Stephen Jones and Will McClay actually pretty good with the Cap. Dallas, Dak and Zeke deserve an OC who is creative and a QB coach who can help Dak develop. Scotty L and his mini-me Kellen Moore needed to be shown the door as soon as the plane touched down. If we were in charge, both would have flown home Southwest. Hard to believe Jerry and Jason don't see that but both seem in love with Scotty L. Dallas cannot advance further with Scotty anywhere near the sidelines.
  11. ???? Green is a DB and while we have experienced players up front, Shark is the only one who has been much more than a place holder. Roach needs to be a DE, he's not as effective as a LB. Hope the young pups learn to bite in a hurry, if we were talking 2020 D, yes that will be salty. Right now we're quoting Dandy Don, potential means you ain't done it yet.
  12. The sunshine crew won't like it but you cannot simply replace experience with talent. Football doesn't work that way. 2 new CBs, only one with significant PT and our entire front 6 turning over. Though the only team that has elite WRs across the board will be OU but every team seems to have at least one elite WR if not 2. Less concerned about the replacement OLs though still a concern, how quickly can we gel and how well can we establish a run game and above average TE play?
  13. View from the Cheap Seats-Dawgs How SWEET it is . . . ..(see what we did there sweet. . .sugar bowl) One word to describe this win? PHYSICAL #2 in the BigXII vs #2 in the SEC. The entire Horn team, including Bevo showed up ready to play. Bevo took offense pre-game to Uga, the yapping Georgia mascot and went after him, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. TEXAS came out and kicked the shit out of the Dawgs for 59 minutes. No clue what happened in the last 46 seconds (2 ejections, 3 penalties and gave up a TD when the D was wandering around lost and the coaches couldn't figure out a time out was needed), Coach Todd and his guys seeming lost their shit but for 59 minutes, the TEXAS D made a YUGE YUGE statement. Dawgs came in rushing for 251 yards a game, TEXAS/Coach Todd's crew held them to 72 yards. Was great listening to Kirby Smart post game saying "give credit to Tom, they out physical led us, they out coached us" You could not have drawn it up better. #1 thing TEXAS needed to do was take an early lead and force Georgia to throw. Georgia is 0-3 this year in games where Fromm threw 24 times or more. Coach Todd and the TEXAS D harassed Jake Fromm at every turn. One of the early notes made was that TEXAS was out coaching Georgia and clearly in Smart and Fromm's heads. TEXAS took the Dawgs completely out of their game. Georgia entered the game #4 in the FBS with 7.3 yards per play but would only yield 4.4 vs the Horns. TEXAS balled out. 10 wins for the 1st time since 2009. 1st "Major bowl win" since 2008 Fiesta Bowl. CTH now 2-0 in bowl games at TEXAS. CTH and TEXAS finishes the season on a serious high note after (to quote CTH) the loss in Dallas left a serious bad taste in the mouth of the Horns. Does this win push TEXAS into the Top 10? Not sure but they will be moving up from #15 and likely open next year Top 10. Sadly despite kicking the crap out of Georgia, they likely do not climb over the Dawgs in the standings. Make no mistake, TEXAS lined up against a more talented team, a more accomplished team and TEXAS played harder, out hustled and out wanted the Dawgs from Georgia. Football is an angry and emotional game. TEXAS simply wanted it more tonight. Both the staff and the players played to win. Twice CTH went for it on 4th down, the results, 1 1st down, 1 Touch down. In fact the only real "questionable" move was the on sides kick to open the 2nd half. Gotta give it up for the Seniors, they played like it was their last game. No guys pussing out to get ready for the NFL draft. Charles Ominahu, Tre Watson, Anthony Wheeler, Gary Johnson, Davante Davis, PJ Locke, Kris Boyd, Chris Nelson,Patrick Vahe, Calvin Anderson, Brecklyn Hager. tip of the cap to these young men. Who would have imagined TEXAS playing for the Big XII title and winning the Sugar Bowl after the Tulsa game where face it, most fans were questioning whether CTH had the "right stuff". 7 times TEXAS would face ranked teams this year, twice Top 5 teams. TEXAS would go 5-2 vs the ranked team and 1-1 vs the top 5. Let's go "big picture" for a second. BigXII would face SEC teams 4 times in the bowl post season posting a 3-1 record. It was pretty funny listening to the fans at the game chant "over rated over rated". We will admit, despite the Horns leading wire to wire, the announcers could not stop slobbering over the Dawgs, simply annoying as hell. Bittersweet typing this tonight. Last Cheap Seats for more than 8 months. This is truly a labor of love. Thanks to our small but demented following. Offensive Player of the Game: Duh, Sam E, 3 TDs, Sam is the Man. Honorable Mention to Tre Watson who balled out for 5.1 a carry and ran hard every time he carried the rock. Lil Jordan not far behind. Defensive Player of the Game BJ Foster with some huge hits tonight including creating a fumble. Honorable mention: PJ Locke with an INT to snuff out a Dawg Drive. Where do we go from here? Future is bright. Step #1 is to use this high profile win to wrap up a 2nd straight Top 10 class. TEXAS can still use a RB, an OL (or 2 depending whether you count Shepard as a commit or a target) and another DL plus a wild card. A grad transfer or 2 would not hurt our feelings. As the All American games go on, it's seems the players we landed are showing well for themselves. The defense will see the biggest turnover this spring as we lose 7 starters including all 3 DLs, 2 LBs and both CBs. Does Brandon Jones try to grab the brass ring or does he come back as TEXAS best secondary player. On offense, the TEXAS fan base will be on pins and needles seeing if Collin Johnson and/or Lil Jordan jump to the pros. Depth at RB is a concern and TEXAS will need to find a TE though there are plenty of good options. Biggest offensive issue will be replacing 3 starting OL. Good news, TEXAS also returns 2 starters and one player in Kersetter who has extensive starting experience. Biggest challenge for CTH will be managing success and inflated expectations for the coming year. TEXAS will start the year ranked in the Top 10 most likely and will at least be a co-favorite to win the BigXII. TEXAS' 2nd game in 2019 will be in Austin vs LSU. Should be very interesting.
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