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  1. And it's also my wife's Birthday. . . . appropriate for a lady married to a 6th and 7th generation Texan. Daniel Bird (6th) was even there that day and would serve Texas as a Ranger, a member fo the State Militia and as a lawman west of San Antonio (Junction area) after the Civil War. 18 Minutes. That's all it took for Sam Houston and the Texas Army to rout the tyrant Santa Anna. Texas was now free and an independent nation. And while it would not be a nation for long, those years became part of Texas' DNA. Texas is different and always will. This would also be one of the most decisive battles in American history. Now that isn't a Texas boast, it was the 1st domino falling in a series of events that would lead to the US stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 800 Texicans defeated a force of 1500 Mexicans, inflicting heavy casualties as retribution for the slaughters at the Alamo and at Goliad. The oft forgotten part of this story is that Texas was not the only Mexican state in rebellion. Santa Anna had illegally torn up the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and ruled as a military dictator. He was the Sadaam Hussein of his day and about as bad a military leader. Let us never forget our rich history nor the importance of the role Texas played and still plays in our great nation. Always loved how John Steinbeck described Texas: “Texas is a state mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word.” And it's also my wife's Birthday. . . . appropriate for a lady married to a 6th and 7th generation Texan. Daniel Bird (6th) was even there that day and would serve Texas as a Ranger, a member fo the State Militia and as a lawman west of San Antonio (Junction area) after the Civil War.
  2. I think he's one of the sharpest talking heads out there and REALLY enjoyed this read courtesy of Alex Dunlap on OB. "You're not going to like this, and Big 12 coaches aren't going to like me. I'm just going to say what the -- I've had a lot of conversations around the league, and sometimes Big 12 football is really hard to watch, especially from a defensive perspective. On the one hand, I give them a ton of credit for being creative offensively. They throw the ball -- I mean, just to give you an example, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State is 38-38 at halftime. It's fun television. It's exciting football. But 38-38 at halftime? And then I give University of Texas some credit because Texas played against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and USC, three of the top quarterbacks in the country, and Texas held those three quarterbacks and those offenses to their least output of the year. Texas plays a different scheme. Defense is single high, two high, a bunch of really sophisticated subpackages like an NFL team would. All three teams struggled. And here's Oklahoma State, who put up 38 in a half against Oklahoma, scored 10 in regulation against Texas because Texas played a different way than most Big 12 teams play and because Texas has athletes to execute the scheme. That's a long way of saying that a lot of us get tired of watching these wide receivers run down the field unimpeded against safeties that are playing quarter coverage and beat by five yards. It's hard to evaluate those guys. And in turn, when it's hard to evaluate them, then sometimes they get knocked down further than they should. It's just -- and, again, the last thing I want to say is that a college coach's job is to win football games. It's not to develop football players. It's to win football games. I'm not taking a shot at their style of football. I'm just saying it's a different evaluation for the NFL people."
  3. I am a big fan, think he will have a long productive NFL career. Runs good routes, can separate can go vertical and has good hands. He is also very good at yards after the catch. He's a tad short. My "sleeper' is Darice Fountain out of N Iowa (would not be shocked if the Boys take 2 WRs) and I would consider Antonio Callaway in the 6th if they think he's gotten his act together.
  4. Want no part of Sutton, he's a slower version of Dez, want someone who can separate better, can win the vertical game. I agree, in my perfect world Da Boys trade back (ala Travis Fredrick) add a 2nd or 3rd, take either Will H or LVE, then WR at 50 and then LB/OG with the extra pick. S with the 3rd round.
  5. If LB is the priority, LVE seems to be the way to go, worried about Evans a bit. I think Dallas needs 2 LBs in this draft. Some guys I like later Michah Kiser UVa Shaqueem Griffin UCF Tegray Scales of Indiana, very athletic. Fred Warner BYU
  6. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2018/4/18/17239044/cowboys-draft-2018-finding-the-next-star-receiver-for-the-dallas-cowboys-nfl-draft-2018-dez-bryant They take each WR, break down strengths and weaknesses, compare them to current NFL players (style wise) and provide projected rounds they think they will go. They even added some late round sleepers I like, Daruice Fountain (N Iowa) Antonio (Fla) Callaway and Tra'quan Smith (UCF)
  7. THS Football – Note of Interest

    Seems your trustees don't understand who holds the power. All stats below from Texas Education Agency. But then the biggest to education in this state is the over abundance of highly paid superintendents and bloated staffs.
  8. Translated. . . . I'll admit I turned into a fat lazy shit after I got paid. . .but I'll show'em now. F Dez. . ..good riddance. I'll bet lunch he doesn't break 1000 with any team and they get tired of his sideline antics too. will re-do my mock draft on Monday, I think DJ Moore is a player in Dallas future.
  9. What happened to Admiral McRaven ?

    ????? Not sure what you mean, he's a known fan of HRC and I was thankful she's too stupid to have picked him as her VEEP. . . . might have been the difference. . . . .blessed for her stupidity. He left for health reasons.
  10. Per all the rumor mills, gadflies and pundits, seems Dallas is very serious about taking an OG in the 1st 2 rounds. Personally I think 19 is too high for any of the OLs but that doesn't mean others will not be interested in moving up. Would either Pittsburg or NE switch 1st and give up their 2nd for Mason Rudolph? (not sure Lamar Jackson slides this far but if he does, this is even more likely) Or NE covets an OT and Conner Williams might still be there. Even dropping down to trade with Denver and add their 3rd and 4th (all those work value chart wise). 14 1st round talents but 60-70 2nd/3rd round types. So projecting a trade with Pittsburg who likes the big strong armed QB to learn under Big Ben. Keep in mind this draft is not just about 2018 but 2018-2021. Dallas' needs in no order: 1 Tech LBs (2) S TE OG WR Edge RB change of pace type JJ wants a young QB to groom as well. PS, used the handy dandy FanSpeak mock draft simulator. Some of the player evaluations are either way too high or too low but used the composite feature. https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/draft.php Dallas goes to 28 and takes Will Hernandez who steps onto the field in Frisco as the LG 1 With 2 picks now in the 2nd, Dallas takes Derrick Nnadi, 1 Tech/DT FSU then with Pitts' 2nd, they take Safety Justin Reid Stanford. Potentially 3 1st year starters. And frankly not opposed to Dallas taking a 2019 2nd + something to trade into this years 2nd round (or same thing in the 3rd) to add more talent in the Top 100 range. 3rd round is Hayden Hurst, have to get Whitten's replacement ready. 2 picks in the 4th, WR Donte Pettis UDub. Kid has great moves with the ball in his hands (All American punt returner) great hands and route running, very Dak friendly guy. It he's gone Chark LSU. Next 4th is Fred Wagner of BYU, very athletic, hybrid SS/OLB. 5th round: Shaqueem Griffin, UCF. Another OLB with ridiculous athletics though only 1 hand. Keep in mind that after round 3, you are drafting STs guys and players to be developed. Both Wagern and Griffin fit the mold of what Dallas likes in their LBs. With 3 picks in the 6th round, Dallas can target some lesser needs CB Troy Brown Bama If he doesn't fall to the 6th, Rashaud Gaulden CB Tenn RB Ito Smith South Miss, many like Hines of NCSt but Smith bigger guy with very similar skills QB Chase Litton Marshall, big strong arm, very accurate low INT/TD ratio. 7th round pick up a OT who can play guard, Cole Madison Wazzu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGCA05Jdjqs
  11. JMHO but don't think Shane is a good fit for this passing O. Having said that, I do not like the passing O design. Way too complicated. But then I don't like the offensive play calling either. . . So maybe I'm just old and crotchety.
  12. Way too early predictions - Longhorns

    This, 8 wins is the floor and cranks up the heat on CTH. We gave away 4-5 last year, were in every game but TCU. 2 biggest things I see, Anderson making the OL competition best of 4 as he is better than anyone the past 2 years. And Sam seizing the job and staying healthy. This is NOT a Shane offense, if there is a real QB competition in the fall, we might be in trouble.
  13. If there is an actual QB battle this spring/fall. . .we are screwed. And this from someone who leaned Shane (simplybecause UTWiz drove me nuts) but Sam outplayed Shane down the stretch. OL is my #1 by far, nothing else close concern. Not that we don't have questions basically at all position groups, but none of them compare to OL. . . We don't get that fixed,. . .. we are in for a VERY long season.
  14. Bobby pisses people off but he does have some excellent sources. Having said that, sounds like a click bait comment to me. . . . but I still expect at least one of the true freshmen to get significant game time this year
  15. THought I would make this summation it's own thread. We are about 3 weeks into Free agency and about 3 weeks from the draft Boys signed 5 players in FA so far and traded for a guy I think might be a very solid contributor. Working backwards, Da Boys just inked Marcus Martin to fill the OG spot vacated by Jonathan Cooper signing with Da Ray Duhs. Marcus Martin, 5th year pro from USC projected to be the starting LG and back up center. Very nice 2nd tier signing. Cameron Fleming, 4th year pro from Stanford, projects to be Dallas' swing OT. To me, a YUGE signing given the questions about Smith and this is a player who started 15 games for the Pats last year including 3 in the playoffs. We now have real depth along the OL. And in my wild world, assuming Ridley is gone and given the history of Dallas not valuing 1 Tech (the defenses biggest though not only hole), this means there should be 4-6 (at least) players at 19 Da Boys want and opens the possibility of a trade back to get another 2nd or 3rd (depending on who wants what). Love this as the rumor is Dallas only has 12-14 guys with 1st round grades but a very large pool of players with 2nd/3rd round grades. Allen Hurns, WR and biggest FA signing not counting Demarcus Lawrence of the off season. He was very productive (per game stats very similar to Dez' past 2 years) but he has missed 10 games or so the past 2 seasons. He might take T-Will's job very quickly and upgrade the WR corps. Dallas now has 7 WRs under contract and odds are very high they take a WR with one of their 1st 3 picks. But with this much WR talent, could this mean they try to draft the TE of the future? Lots of options now for Da Boys. Deonte Thompson, WR, was with both the Bills and Bears last year, 38 catches for 555 yards including a huge 11 catch 2 TD day. Also a well established KO returner. He's my #2 sleeper pick but is only on a 1 year contract. He has blazing 4.32 speed and good hands. he will stretch the D. Joe Thomas, LB Another young guy, 26. All of these guys are young and yet to hit their peak. Thomas started 8 games for GB and was picked up for depth and to replace Kyle Wilber. Jamize Olawale, FB. Traded with Ray-Duhs to replace Kevin Smith and frankly pretty sure this is an upgrade, maybe a serious upgrade. Smith is a better pure blocker but Olawale (a player Dallas signed as an UDFA in 2012 and he hung on the practice squad for a bit) is a much better runner and pass catcher. If Scotty L can pull his head out and design an offense around Dak, I think JO might be the sleeper find of the off season. Especially as a pass receiver off play action. One on One with a LB is a mis-match. Think he turns into Dak's check down guy. Of course I also expect to see Zeke's receptions increase dramatically next year. Summation: Dallas has made some good moves to shore up the WR corps and offensive line. If nothing else, we'll see some real completion especially at WR and we now have a serious upgrade at back up OT for either Bell or Green, neither of whom I expect to see on the roster. Also, everyone they have added is young. Now 7 WRs gets interesting as Da Boys like to carry 5. Do not be shocked to see either Beasley (last year of his contract and Ryan Switzer + Donte Thompson now on board) or T-Will , who likely lost the #2 WR spot the second Allen Hurns was signed(less likely but I can dream, PS, not likely T-Will is traded for some time) traded even for late draft picks. If it were me, Dez would be a 1 June cut but he's likely a Cowboy for one more year. UNLESS, someone like Ridley falls to them. Though frankly, give me James Washington in the 2nd or Anthony Miller from Memphis. . . .let the run game lean on Zeke and let the new WRs use their speed to spread the field. I fully expect Da Boys to still draft an OL player but now they don't have to do it at 19. . . in fact given some of the mockery that is mock drafts (and yes, I love them), Dallas could likely trade back and get a player they really like then use those draft picks to trade up in rounds 2 and 3. Holes to be filled, I doubt that Whitten's replacement is on the roster yet so I expect to see a TE drafted. There is still room for 2 (maybe 3) LBs, Sean Lee's replacement is not on the roster, love him but he's aging and injury prone. Secondary still needs a S, I'd be fine with Tre Boston or Kenny V but think they should draft a S as well. Jordan Reid or Kyser White from WVU would look good with a star. PS, scouting reports on Boston and Kenny have not been favorable but I think they still represent upgrades Edge rusher, we could lose both Lawrence and Irving (I wouldn't cry if the Colts signed Irving this year and we nabbed their high 2 then took Harold Landry out of BC) after this year. We certainly don't re-sign both And to me, the biggest hole on the team, a run stuffing pocket collapsing 1 Tech. Bad news, for some reason, Da Boys seriously undervalue 1 Tech. They did resign Price so they could go with just one more this offseason which moves Collins back to his natural 3 Tech. At 19, I am 100% on board drafting either Vita Vea (a beast) or Payne from Bama. .. .to me if either is there or Ridley, you take them. Otherwise trade back. Now if the S James slides into the 12-15 round range (really don't see this), I would entertain a trade up but it has to be a REALLY special player. Keep in mind there are quality 1 Techs available in the 1st 4 rounds including our own Poona Ford who I think would be AWESOME for Dallas. He is severely under rated. With 10 draft picks, Da Boys need (not in any real order) 1 Tech WR 2 LBs (make for great STs players too) TE OL Edge S