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  1. They used Super Bowl odds to slot teams so I doubt Dallas drafting 23rd but will go with it. Brandon Jones #19 pick to the 49ers Collin Johnson #38 to the Bills. As far as Da Boys, they have them going WR at #23 Henry Ruggs/Bama which I don't see, Dallas pretty loaded at WR unless they let Cooper walk. Would rather have the next pick, CJ Henderson CB Florida as I think they might let Byron Jones walk (can't pay everyont) Then USF TE Michael Wilcox at #55. Certainly a good position fit. Based on this mock, I'd be trading back for top flight S help Yeah, way too early and nothing but mental floss/masturbation but it's at least football talk. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/gallery/2020-nfl-mock-draft-2-rounds-tua-tagovailoa-justin-herbert/ CBSSports has 5 QBs in round 1. No Horns in round 1 and Dallas at #19 picking S Grant Delpit from LSU. . . sorry great pick but Dallas isn't drafting at 19. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2020-mock-draft-five-quarterbacks-go-in-first-round-as-patriots-draft-tom-bradys-replacement/
  2. https://collegefootballnews.com/2019/06/all-big-12-football-team-preseason-top-30-players-cfn-preview-2019 Dying for some real football. I actually wrote the TEXAS preview for these guys back in 2003 or 2004. My 1st published article. After that, we didn't fair so well on the All Big XII team Now what is ODD to me, Collin Johnson ranked #6 in the conference but does not nab a 1st Team wR slot as the 2 OU WRs are ranked ahead of him. . .. 2019 Preseason CFN Big 12 Top 30 Players 1. QB Sam Ehlinger, Jr. Texas 2. WR CeeDee Lamb, Jr. Oklahoma 3. WR Tylan Wallace, Jr. Oklahoma State 4. QB Jalen Hurts, Sr. Oklahoma 5. WR Jalen Reagor, Jr. TCU 6. WR Collin Johnson, Sr. Texas 7. LB Kenneth Murray, Jr. Oklahoma 8. TE Grant Calcaterra, Jr. Oklahoma 9. C Zach Shackelford, Sr. Texas 10. RB Trey Sermon, Jr. Oklahoma 11. RB Chuba Hubbard, Soph. Oklahoma State 12. DE JaQuan Bailey, Jr. Iowa State 13. CB Adrian Frye, Soph. Texas Tech 14. QB Brock Purdy, Soph. Iowa State 15. DE Reggie Walker, Sr. Kansas State 2019 CFN College Football Preview: All 130 Team Previews, Win Total Predictions 16. QB Charlie Brewer, Jr. Baylor 17. CB Jeff Gladney, Sr. TCU 18. S Caden Sterns, Soph. Texas 19. S Greg Eisworth, Jr. Iowa State 20. LB/S JoVanni Stewart, Sr. West Virginia 21. DT James Lynch, Jr. Baylor 22. OT Lucas Niang, Sr. TCU 23. QB Alan Bowman, Soph. Texas Tech 24. CB AJ Green, Sr. Oklahoma State 25. OG Jack Anderson, Jr. Texas Tech 26. DT Ray Lima, Sr. Iowa State 27. QB Austin Kendall, Jr. West Virginia 28. LB Jordyn Brooks, Sr. Texas Tech 29. S Brandon Jones, Sr. Texas 30. RB Kennedy Brooks, Soph. Oklahoma
  3. They didn't see it that way after listening to Will McClay, Hill was their "pet cat" and frankly I really like the pick. They should have traded up to the top of the 4th with their 4th comp pick and 5th to get one of the 3 Safeties still available. But I was shocked that JJ and Will didn't call for my input.
  4. More I read on Tony Pollard, he seems like a Kellen Moore pick than a Jason Garrett pick. Very interesting so see how this year's offense plays out.
  5. Thank you sir On Whitten, he's only back for a year, they still need a TE of the future but hopefully Shultz and/or Jarwin develop.
  6. Medal of Honors are earned not won. There was no contest.
  7. View from the Cheap Seats-Cowboys Draft The annual NFL draft, otherwise known as the NFL's talent meat market is always a bittersweet day for football fans. On the plus side, every NFL team sees the hope of the future, not unlike college football signing day, where the team adds new talent to help take them to new heights. The bitter side, we have entered the 4 month desert without real football. 31 August seems so far away from today. This year's draft from Nashville set records for both viewership and attendance. Anytime the future of the staff is uncertain, the draft takes on a different tone which impacts draft decisions. Jason Garrett is working on a very short leash and wants players to help him win NOW. Steven Jones/Will McClay have taken a longer view over the past 6 years. Cheap Seats opinion is that there should have been more focus on winning now and Dallas made a big mistake trading back not up. Additionally, if JG is gone, no idea what type of offense Dallas wants to run. Now if JG does get replaced, in the Cheap Seats perfect view, Kris Richards becomes the new HC and Kellen Moore still runs the offense. While we would love Sean Payton, he's not free till 2021 and don't want to give up a pair of #1s for him. But that issue still impacts the way Dallas has to view the draft. The Dallas Cowboys started the weekend already having hit a home run with their 1st round pick. Not only is Armani Cooper better than any WR in this year's draft, he also was the catalyst for Dallas' playoff run in 2018. 2nd best trade in Dallas history after the famous Hershel Walker trade that produced 3 Super Bowls. In an odd irony, Oakland would use the 27th pick traded from Dallas to draft a Dallas Safety target in Johnathan Abram. Personally we're glad Armari helped add another division crown to Dallas' storied history. Let's face it, Dallas is pretty loaded and clearly a team "in the hunt" for a playoff spot with expectations of returning to the promised land. The point, there are not lots of holes to plug new guys into. So while all drafts are about building for the future, this year should have been about adding some 2019 key pieces. With picks #1 and #2, Mission Accomplished. After that, mixed bag Full disclosure, Dallas has been one of the very best teams in the NFL in drafting since Will McClay arrived and clearly knows LIGHT YEARS more than the Cheap Seats but we'll counter that we think, Dallas tried to get "too cute" this year by trading back to gain what we see as career backups at best instead of trading up to acquire talent that can contribute beyond special teams or back up roles in 2019 and 2020 Biggest hits: Armani Cooper, Tyerstin Hill Conner McGovern and Tony Pollard Biggest misses: Trading back (should have traded up), Donovan Wilson & Reports are Dallas was not high on CGJ or the Bama S Thompson but were high on Thornhill, Rapp and Nassir Adderly as potential picks at 58. All would be gone by 90. And it should be mentioned, Dallas has talked for years about focusing on Best Player Available at a position of need. Not the same as BPA. For example, this year, zero need at QB. In summation, we think Dallas whiffed badly on available players at S and TE who could be key pieces in the future but we also think Dallas addressed some of the other needs such as DT, back up/change of pace RB, CB, WR and OL depth. We rate the draft a B, leaning to B+. So let's break it down round by round 1st then we'll talk some UDFAs cuz we think there could be some players there. Round 1-Amari Cooper. WR For a 2019 draft pick, he was the catalyst for a playoff run. This might go down as the 2nd best trade in Cowboy history after Hershal. Dallas picked up a Pro Bowl caliber WR in the prime of his career and a WR far better than any WR in the 2019 draft. Had they not made the trade, they likely are drafting about 15-20. The downside, they have to pay the man right away but he'll be worth it. Dallas will lock up a Top 10 NFL WR in his prime and have him for 6-7 years. Dallas has their #1 WR. Rank: A+ Round 2-Trysten Hill. Flat love this pick. Many think it was a reach and he'd have been there at 90 but not sure. Dallas viewed this as making the secondary stronger by bringing in a player who can be disruptive up front and Trysten is a very athletic 3 with a strong motor. Rod Marenelli loves him. Keep in mind, Dallas lost to the Rams because they gashed our Front 4. Historically the 2 positions Dallas undervalues is DT and S on defense. When you love a player at a position of need, you don't worry about drafting him a round too early. PS, not sure outside of Tyrone Crawford Dallas has a DT who isn't on a 1 year contract today. Rank: A Round 3-Conner McGovern. No question the highest rated player left on their board so from the BPA stand point, a very good pick for 2020. They passed on 3 safeties they were interested in, Hill from MSU, Hooker from Iowa and Redwine from Miami. Since McGovern projects as a 2020 starter at OG (assuming Williams slides to RT and Collins is allowed to walk), while the move does not help 2019, a tough but the right call. Rank: A-. and the minus only because he's likely a 2020 guy not 2019. Round 4-Dallas made 2 moves in the 4th, one that we are warming up to the choice, the other we believe a mistake. Tony Pollard RB Memphis. Dallas needed a backup to Zeke but they drafted a gadget player with outstanding speed/quickness. He is versatile enough to line up in the slot. Kellen Moore gets a pretty talented toy. This pick has the potential to be really special depending on how he is used. Not to mention one of the top return guys in college the past 3 years. Frankly he might take Tavon Austin's roster spot/role. Grade: B+ Round 4 Comp: This is where we really begin to disagree with Dallas' strategy. Dallas traded back to land more picks. We would have packaged this pick to trade up to the #7 pick in this round, Willis MSU, #14 Hooker Iowa or #17 Redwine Miami. 2 of those 3 rated as potential NFL starters by NFL.com All players with the talent to not only make the team but contribute on more than special teams Not one of the additional picks grades as a potential NFL starter. Grade: D Round 5-(trade down pick) Michael Jackson CB Miami A project for Kris Richards. Has the size Richards likes but lacks athleticism. Odd for Dallas that places more weight on athletic guys. Rated a back up/special teams guy by NFL.com. don't see the value trading down for him. Grade: C-/D Round 5-Joe Jackson DE Good value in the 5th. Jackson has NFL size but needs to polish technique. Very productive in college and known for being a strong effort player which masks his lack of elite athleticism. DE room is crowded but we see him making the team and being a rotational guy going forward. Grade: B- Round 6-Donovan Wilson S Aggie. (trade down pick) A liability in coverage, not even on the radar on several draft sites. Not very athletic, which is odd as Dallas really likes athletic guys. Bit shocked Dallas did not pick a player like Jimmy Moreland from James Madison (he would go 5 picks later) who was very athletic and productive in college albeit at Division II levels. Another trade up option would have been going up to #8 in this round to take Jaquan Johnson S, Miami who had significantly better college production and far more athletic. Not sure DW is even a true "backup" at the NFL level, special teams guy. Grade: D/F. Sorry, Dallas screwed up trading down and would have been better off trading up for a player who can contribute and make an impact this year and next. Would not be shocked to see 2 of the 3 trade down prospects fail to make the team. Round 7-(trade down pick) Mike Weber RB, the Ohio State. Drafted to be a back up, projects to be a back up. Insurance if Zeke goes down. Clear need identified by Da Boys though RBs pretty easy to find in the NFL. Grade: C+ Round 7-Jalen Jelks DE Oregon-Dallas again lands a guy projected to go higher who was productive in college (2nd team All Pac 12) and played both outside DE and inside 3 Tech so offers some position flex. Outstanding speed off the edge. Lacks ideal size and more pass rusher than run stuffer, clearly needs to get stronger but has the tools to be molded. NFL.com ranks him as "chance to be NFL starter". If he pushes someone off the roster and simply plays a rotational role, home run in the 7th. Grade: B Undrafted Free Agents: Dallas is one of the better NFL teams at identifying UDFA talent. See Tony Romo, Miles Austin and Cole Beasley to name a few. Will focus on the guys we see having the best chance to make the team: Mitch Hyatt, OT Clemson. 4 year starter. Frankly shocked he wasn't drafted. Consensus All American last year and 4 year starter. We expect him to make the roster Chris Westy, S/CB Kentucky. 6'4" so he has great size (which Richards loves in his DBs) great speed (sub 4.4) works best in press coverage and his length is a nightmare. While he made All Freshman SEC, he spent the next years coming off the bench. Kris Richards might be the best thing that happened to him Daniel Wise, DE/DT Kansas. Athletic and productive player (All BigXII). Crowded DT space but another "position flex" guy. Keep in mind, outside of Hill, everyone else on a 1 year deal Jaylen Guyton, WR UNT, Kid can fly and has good size plus WR skills. Another who fell into the "should have waited a year". Crowded WR room but he has a shot to make the club. Jon'vea Johnson, WR, Toledo, another kid with outstanding speed and athletisim and 3 years worth of production. Lacks great size. Dallas picked up 4 LBs as UDFA. The least crowded position group on the team with a real chance for at least 1 of the 4 making the squad. Today's best guess would be either Andrew Dowell Mich St or Jason Phillips from Okie Lite has the best shot. The most interesting signing might be Larry Allen Jr of Harvard, the son of Hall of Fame OG Larry Allen, potentially the best OL in NFL history. Making no bones that Will McClay and company are far more well versed and talented at this than some fan posting from the Cheap Seats, we still believe a couple opportunities were missed which could have added more "win now" talent. Give us 1 more quality starter over 3 back ups anyday, still more to like than dislike about this year's draft.
  8. It is a great thing this Republic of Texas. My favorite line from the Declaration of Independence: the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic, Long live Texas
  9. True dat But I am more that a tad surprised schools like Pigs, Miss St etc did not try to raid Texas more. Ole Miss took advantage for awhile but by and large, only school really helped was Aggie and you have to wonder how much of that was TEXAS being down.
  10. keep hearing this tossed out as part of the sky is falling crowds claim that we lost anything of real significance when aggie left. So went back and looked at the years before aggie left (2007-2010) vs 2015-2018 and how the schools in the SEC West "raided" Texas. Now I left off Bama cuz they can recruit where ever they want and were "raiding" Texas long before Aggie lied to the BigXII, cut bait and ran. Make no mistake, Bama has done well but they were doing fairly well before, they are the 800 lb gorilla. And moving to the SEC definitely benefited aggie's recruiting and so has hiring Jumbo. Let's start with the 2 schools you would assume benefited the most from playing games in Texas. LSU Before Aggie: 2 five stars 10 four stars After Aggie: 0 and 10 four stars Pigs Before Aggie: 1 five 9 fours After Aggie: 0 five 7 Fours Really surprised that Pigs have not taken advantage of more SEC exposure to Texas kids. Ole Miss (they benefited the most but they also benefited from Freeze buying players) Before Aggie: only 3 star kids After Aggie: (2016 accounts for most of this) 1 five star 8 four stars Miss St Before Aggie: Shut out After Aggie: 1 four star QB from DFW Didn't look at Auburn, Georgia has never recruited Texas. You would think that LSU and Pigs would have benefited more due to their proximity but simply not the case. Ole Miss seems to be the only program who really benefited and that was mostly 2016, Greg Little, DeMarcus Lodge (both NFL bound this year) So can we get all the agroid lovers to stop with this silly myth. #1 thing that keeps Texas kids staying in state is TEXAS playing well. PS, LSR top 100 shows 2 to Bama (duh, 800 Lb gorilla), 1 to Georgia (finally popped their Texas cherry) 1 to LSU 1 to pigs. Other than Aggie and those kids are staying in state.
  11. We were already enjoying a wealth of riches at WR but I suspect we lose 2-3 to the portal after spring (no, not going to speculate names). Here is where we are for 2019: From @benbrookhorn 's excellent 2 deep. http://www.wootown.com/ut/2019/roster.pdf CJ, John Burt and Duvernay are Seniors. CJ will open as one starter, does Duvernay hang onto the other spot? Eagles (staff loves him, does he take Duvernay's spot?), Moore and Pouncey as RS Sophs Epps and Woodard as RS Freshmen Whittington likely a RB/hybrid for 2019 though back to the WR room when Evans arrives in 2020? We shall see McCoy if he plays WR, does he step into LJH's role immediately or an outside WR role? Smith does he battle for the starting slot? Washington (RS 2019) & Lewis (RS 2019) Going to be A LOT of WRs on our sidelines this year and next. And some of those guys listed will get passed this spring.
  12. Thaise "Thai" Borba Graham Veterans Service Officer Cass County P. O. Box 19 Linden, Texas 75563 Phone: 903-756-5221 Fax: 430-218-8272 Good place to start.
  13. GoFund me says lewisville and yes, it does matter though everyone I listed except the County Veteran Service Officer (he needs to call the one in his county) is statewide so they can still be of assistance. Hopefor the Warriors has an online application process that will get them started.
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