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  1. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    Would be the loser of the ACC title game? If so, and sorry to sound like a defeatist but I want no part of Clemson or Miami right now. Frankly Miss St (Texas Bowl) is a bit of a scary match up but more winnable.
  2. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    Watched Fox's CFB playoff show. This sucks to say but OU got 5 votes of 6 for winning it all. Auburn took the other vote. Lots of them picking Auburn to knock off Bama and tOSU to knock off Whisky. Bama and Clemson . .. zero votes to win it all. Going to be interesting.
  3. View from the Cheap Seats Signature Win & Welcome back Mr Williams We want to ask, where has this game been all year? Against a quality opponent on the road, TEXAS looked liked the team we expected all year. Coach Tom has a signature win for the season and TEXAS is going bowling. Yes some will cackle and squawk and act like this is beneath them. . .ignore the trolls. Let's face facts, you have to go back to the 30s to find an era of TEXAS football this bad and we're not getting out of it over night. What we do have is 2 extra weeks of practice this team needs desperately. What we do have is a start to build upon. 1 more win and we are assured a winning season for the 1st time in 4 years. Oh and couldn't help but notice rolling across the ESPN feed on the bottom, TEXAS sits with the #2 recruiting class in the nation. Kids are buying into what CTH is selling. Many will tell you (starting with guys like Nick Saban) it's not X's and O's, it's Jimmies and Joes. Now the Cheap Seats thinks you can have both. D List quality broad casting We'll start with our biggest bitch of the game, well besides some very questionable officiating but that seems to be pretty standard every week. Down side of playing suck ass football is getting stuck with the D List announcing teams. No clue who this woman is but she was dry and slightly nasally while her partner epitomized the term "dumb jock". What these two lacked in charisma and interest in the game they made up with a complete lack of insight and awareness. In fact through the whole broadcast they seemed more interested in updates from Ant Man in the studio than what was happening on the field. Clear they didn't do their homework either, unless you were a star, they struggled to say your name right. Good news, we wager we never get stuck with them again. OK, rant over Stop me if you have heard this before. . . . .Defense abuses another Top 10 offense WVU would come into the game ranked #7 in scoring. TEXAS' D would leave holding them to 7 points including a 1st half shut out. Now in fairness, knocking out their starting QB Grier in the 1st quarter was a huge plus but their back up was an excellent passer. Maryland game aside, there is no question that the job Coach Orlando has done rivals the work of Greg Robinson and Will Muschamp in recent history. Other quality O's:OSU averages 44 points a game, this D held them to 13 (with OT0OU averages 46 points a game, D held them to 29USC averages 36 ppg, this D held them to 27, with OTBaylor is a Top 50 O, held them to 7You win championships with defense and Coach Orlando is taking care of his side of the ball. Poona Ford and Chris Nelson with strong games along the DL. Make no mistake, Holton Hill is very much missed but thought the secondary played very well overall considering the talent they were facing. DeShon Elliott with a quality pass break up on a pass that would have been 6 without his strong hands. Run game? Where'd this come from? Now we should offer a disclaimer, WVU is not a great run D. But this team has not been able to really run the ball all year. Not so today. Inspired by Conner Williams return, the OL played very well and were able to open holes for our RBs and Sam to run through. TEXAS would rack up 223 yards rushing on 5.5 per. Big part of this was Sam E's gallops but let's not over look Daniel Young making his case to be next year's RB #1 and Kyle Porter's best day as a horn, way to go Kyle, you've taken some heavy flak, especially here from the Cheap Seats but you showed up to play today.Biggest offensive negative was TEXAS going 6 of 15 on 3rd down. This is something that has to be fixed next year if TEXAS is going to take the next step and challenge for the BigXII title. 2nd biggest negative was a really 'WTF" pick 6 from Sam down in the red zone which at the time made it a game.Otherwise, Sam passed the ball very efficiently going 12/19 and 7 ypc and 136 yards but more importantly, 2 TDsNot to be outdone, props to Tim Beck (or whomever called plays) we saw some creativity, we saw TEXAS play to it's strengths and we saw a game that kept WVU off balance. And to be clear, we are big fans of the WVU DC, he's done excellent work over the years.And the throw back play from Heard to Sam is a call we've wonder where was all year. Great call better execution. 2nd favorite play was the HBack seam route to Chris Warren who has really found a niche on the team. Weekly Ray Guy award update Sadly, because of field position, our Thunder from Down Under punter Michael Dickson was forced into some short punts that might hurt his average but what a weapon he has proven to be. WVU would be forced to start at their own 9, 18, 35 (from our 25), 27 (after a 16 yard return) 15, 24 then in a great play by Kris Boyd, he caught the punt at WVU's 4.Coming into the day averaging over 48 yards, due to field position, he would leave with a 43 yard average on teh day. Hope they are tracking punts downed inside the 20, Michael is MONEY. Hopefully the voters for the Ray Guy award will focus more on his dropping the ball deep not overall average. What this means Coach Herman has a signature win on the road. In fact 2 of the best wins of the year were on the road, something pundits and coaches will tell you is hard to do. Team is going bowling so it accomplished a big pre-season expectation. This is also something to point to for our recruits and who we land down the stretch will be key. Still have to win one of the next 2 to record a winning season, very important after 3 straight years of failure. Now the big question is which bowl. Going to assume most TEXAS fans hoping for a close trip to Houston and the Texas Bowl. Sounds good to us. Ranking the BigXII #1 OU and their crotch grabbing classless QB. Hey genius, it's Kansas.. #2 TCU Looking for a New Year's Day bowl thanks to ISU's upset, no Playoff shot. . .maybe?#3 OSU Even with their loss to KSU, still #3 in the conference#4 TEXAS Beating WVU on the road moves up the horns, wins over ISU & KSU add to the resume. Bowl Eligible now, win one of the next 2 to assure a winning season. #5 KSU by virtue of their huge win @Stillwater. And they are bowl eligible now#6 WVU Losing Grier is a big loss but they were already going bowling#7 ISU Having a great season and going bowling. Lots to like about ISU and the job Campbell is doing#8 TT Needs to beat TEXAS to go bowling. . . . . .sorry sand aggies, think you are spending the holidays at home.#9 Baylor F Baylor#10 Kansas. . . ..you were talking shit to OU???? Why, you are Kansas. SMDH. Doesn't excuse Mayfield's childishness but hey, you started it. Playoffs (if I had a vote today) #1 Bama, simply best team in the nation#2 Miami, got a scare today but nice come from behind win#3 Clemson, yep, will not finish this way. Only 1 from the ACC gets in#4 OU#5 Whisky. Gotta beat Neb (who has really fallen) then tOSU. Lose and you go to the Rose Bowl, win and you get a playoff berth#6 Georgia, beat Bama in the SEC title game to earn a berthUntil we get some real chaos, this isn't the year for a 2 loss team to get in.
  4. View from the Cheap Seats-Kansas Controlled scrimmage It was Kansas, we always expect to beat Kansas. . .every year. Well except for last year, when we lost in OT. In some ways, just exactly the opponent we needed this week. Decent passing attack, which abused our secondary at times.On a personal note, this was Michelle's 1st game in person in 2005, Senior Day. . Veterans Day. We got to visit with Ahrmed Hall's mom, Hall was in Afghanistan the same time as my brother in late 2001. We got to visit with Frank Denius, a true Texas and American hero. Kansas was actually a decent football team that year, TEXAS was on it's way to a National Title and destroyed Kansas.Not this year, TEXAS came away with a win which is always nice but plenty to be concerned with as TEXAS now needs at least a split with West Virginia on the road and Texas Tech on T+1. Let's start with the highlights, Defense came out on fire and tonight's clear Player of the Game is Senior Antwuan Davis who was both an offensive and defensive star. He started with a Pick 6 to give TEXAS a 14-0 lead. Then he recovers a fumbled punt to give the O a short field and a TD. His last "big play" was taking points off the board for Kansas, deep in the red zone, he picks off a pass altered by Poona Ford getting pressure on Kansas' QB. Offensive player of the game was another senior, Lorenzo Joe who opened the game on play 1 with a 49 yard TD grab on his way to 5 catches for a career best 98 yards. What went right * Opening with a 49 yard TD pass always great* Drive #3 was 5 runs, 56 yards and a TD. Thought we'd have a big night running with the freshmen RBs* Chris Warren to HBack, an excellent role for him, one suggested here since the beginning of the year. He was also run wildcat for our last TD. Says a great deal about him that he is willing to sacrifice for the team* Cheap Seats are a fan of the 3 WR/HBack look. Makes for better blocking. Now if we'll get our best players on the field, it would really help.* 21 offensive points in the 1st quarter, 28 points total matched TEXAS' 1st quarter scoring for the entire year so far.* Defense looked dominat at times. Held Kansas 8 times to 5 plays or less and punt or turnover.* Michael Dickson remains the MVP of the Season, 2 great punts, one pinning KU at their 2. * 3 Seniors had excellent days, Jason Hall, Antwuan Davis and Jason Hall* Sam Ehlinger in the game in the red zone. Excellent play call (there were actually a few of these though too few) with a run pass option to a wide open Brewer.* Many like to bitch about Shane, young man was good tonight and certainly took a beating but kept coming back. Gotta love his grit. * Lil Jordan Humphrey continues to make plays, why he is not on the field more is simply a head scratcher. Reminder, we called him as the break out player of the year.* TEXAS 4 of 6 on 4th down, keeping drives alive* TEXAS 3 of 3 for TDs in the red zone* Like the max protect concept* 4 Turnovers, 1 a pick 6.* Poona Ford is a beast, Hager a terror, Malik with an excellent night and REALLY glad we landed Gary Johnson.* DeShaun Ellott is the best Safety since Earl Thomas, highlight stop in the 2nd quarter.* Secondary won't be taking WVU and TT lightly. Lots of good "coaching moments" this week. What went wrong * We made Kansas look like a respectable football team at times.* Defense was abused by Kansas' passing at times. Holton Hill will be missed, we do not have another CB like him* After running the ball well in the 1st quarter, Kansas put a damper on our run game.* Even in max protect, Buchelle was under way too much pressure all night* Kansas' passing O does not bode well vs our next two opponents, especially WVU on the road in cold weather.* Kyle Porter with 5 carries. 3 yards, 2 yards, 2 yards, -2 yards and 4 yards. 1.6 ypc. Can someone explain why to me? * Can someone explain to me why our best WR (Reggie Hemphill Mapps) gets no reps in our offense? While we start 2 players who are backups at best, though one had a nice game. * Can someone explain to me why a matchup nightmare in Lil Jordan barely saw the field in the 1st half? Why do we continue to self handicap?* Our offensive line is ugly. Kansas came into the game giving up 180 yards rushing, we only managed 113* Our play calling is perplexing, we have no rhythm. We simply cannot or do not use scheme and play calling to keep defenses off balance. * Did we mentioned we managed to make Kansas look like a football team? Jerrod Heard Have to give serious props to this young man. Last year he's moved to WR after a record setting performance as QB, the position he came to TEXAS to play. Then this year he's moved back to QB because we have no depth. Gives up a promising year as a pass catcher this year and now relegated to bench duty. Part of it circumstances but hate to see the talent wasted. Wedge Sighting Former poster Wedge 75 spotted on the sideline (or at least I think it's him). Flashing his T ring (lettered in golf) was part of the pre game flyover.Great poster great Longhorn. Key to the year Make no mistake, this team needs to win at least one of the next 2 in order to qualify for a bowl game. Whether we have under-performed up till now (we have) is moot. This team is about the future and those extra 2 weeks of practice are critical to this young team. Making a bowl gives CTH something to build upon. Tough test coming up, WVU on the road, in the cold. WVU coming off a nice win over KSU. Ranking the Big XII#1 OU .. . ..biggest question, who will be their re-match opponent in the BigXII title game (what a joke that is)#2 TCU yes, they lost to OU, still 2nd best team in the conference. Most likely re-match in CCG barring loss to Baylor or TT.#3 OSU wild game with ISU, need some chaos to get to CCG.#4 WVU Need help to get to CCG, going bowling#5 TEXAS Needs a split to go bowling from next 2#6 ISU Cinderella lost her slipper but she will be going bowling#7 KSU Needs to split with ISU or OSU to go bowling. They might be staying home#8 TT Needs to split with TCU or TEXAS to go bowling.#9 Baylor F Baylor#10 Kansas at least basketball has started Playoffs Sort out weekend, if I had a vote today #1 Bama#2 Miami making a big jump with their huge win over ND#3 Whisky One of three Power 5 unbeatens#4 OUOutside looking in#5 Clemson They win out, they are in#6 Georgia They win out, they are inCould this be the 1st year either one conference gets 2 invitees or we see a 2 loss team invited? And we might have both.
  5. Dear Echeese . . . . .

    Now I remember, wondered is that was you when I answered your emai. Tell me what date works for everyone and we'll do an Longhorn lunch there. . .wouldn't be the 1st.
  6. Dear Echeese . . . . .

    Sounds like we need a Longhorn Lunch
  7. Dear Echeese . . . . .

    I keep coming back to this. . . ..how would you know that? Buddy of mine and I used to be regulars there.
  8. View from the Cheap Seats-Horned Frogs New Head Coach, Same Ole Story Cheap Seats thinks Tom Herman was the right hire this off season, he is an unquestioned upgrade over the last guy. But without question, he was out-coached last night. Not a big surprise, Gary Patterson is one of the Top 10 (Top 5?) active coaches in CFB. TCU has been a member of the Big XII now for 6 years, since 2012. They are 5-1 against the Longhorns, with our only win coming Mack's last year. TCU always trots out a well coached, disciplined football team. CTH and TEXAS are now 0-4 vs the Top 12 teams, sadly 3 of those games were very winnable. Last night was not.Stop me if you have heard this before but the defense showed up to play, sorta. They were great except for the 1st drive where a couple of dumb penalties basically handed TCU a early 7-0 lead. #26 offense in the nation and TEXAS/Orlando held them 10 points under their season average. In the chess match between Orlando and Cumbie. . it was Orlando doing the teaching. After TCU's opening TD drive, D would bow up, force a 3 and out then would give up a long FG drive followed by a Frog TD drive after a TEXAS missed FG. 17-0 early on and that would be all the points TCU would need. As well as the D played, which was by far from their best game of the season, the O was the opposite.Malik Jefferson with another excellent game, made more notable by the fact he was playing sick which forced him to the trainers tent at least once. After half, Orlando made some adjustments and shut down TCU's offense, harassing Thrill Hill constantly. Sadly with 17 points on the board, Gary Patterson seemed content to just run out the clock in the 2nd half, he had full confidence in his D.Pre game, the comment was made, 1st team to 20 wins. While TCU did eventually get to 20, 17 was the magic number. Sadly, all TEXAS could manage was 7. 7 ain't going to get it done. Was pleased to see Daniel Young get the majority of the RB reps, young man appears to be the future of RB at TEXAS. He showed a couple flashed but against a talented and disciplined D, he had no chance. Lil Jordan Humphrey Lost in our offensive ineptness was the play of Lil Jordan, Cheap Seats pick for break out player of the year. Young man has been an excellent offensive weapon all season. . ..with the caveat, when he's been used. 6 catches for 109 yards . .. . He was Shane Buechelle's favorite weapon and TEXAS best offensive player. He is a match up night mare andOne thing the Cheap Seats does not understand, in a game where we needed every offensive spark we could get, why do we continue to self handicap. No idea what Reggie Hemphill Mapps is doing or not doing in practice but he is TEXAS' best WR and can't seem to get on the field. Instead we start a pair of 2nd string kids and we have Cade Brewer on the field constantly. Now Cade blocking is a good thing but Cade lining up wide in the slot, which he did often, is simply a head scratcher when players like RHM and Duvernay are available. Oh and on the topic of WRs, now we know what Armanti Foreman isn't playing, saw at least 3 drops. Been the young man's history. Him catching a pass is a 50/50 proposition at best. Hey Dad. . ..STFU. . . . .as a former USC WR once very loudly said. . . . .CATCH THE DAMN BALL. Exposed Cannot think of a better word to describe our patchwork offensive line. Is this the worst TEXAS OL in 30 years? Certainly seems like it to us. And given our offense did not seem to want to do anything creative, it was a reciepe for disaster. Some wonder why people question the lack of offensive line recruiting. It's pretty simple, we are thin along the OL, there is not a great deal of help coming and to win championships, you need to be strong along both lines. Need more focus on Big Uggly love in recruiting from this staff if they want to win.Now everyone knows our OL is a handicap so riddle me this batman, why are we constantly in 4 WR sets where a solid blocker like Cade Brewer is in the pass pattern not in protection? Why from that set do we frequently shift the RB to go 5 wides or we send him immediately into the pattern? None of these concerns are new, we've had the same problems all year. Going back to Maryland, we saw both sides of the ball stink up the place. Defense fixed it's problems, stepped up and became a strength. Sterling Gilbert ran a HS level offense last year, it's better than this one. Ray Guy winner in da house? Easily the MVP of the season, our Aussie import had another amazing night punting the ball finishing with almost a 51 yard average, pinning TCU inside it's 20, 3 times on 9 punts. TCU would only mount one decent punt return. . . .so who stopped the returner? None other than Ray Guy semi-finalist Michael Dickson. Does TEXAS go bowling 4-5 so TEXAS needs 2 wins vs WVU, Kansas and Texas Tech. Basically we need at least a split vs WVU and TT. This means our T+1 game may very well be between 2 teams who need a win to go bowling. TEXAS and CTH really needs to go bowling for several reasons. #1 breaking a 3 season streak of losing records, per Iceman, we are in the worst 8 year period for TEXAS since the 30s, we have a young team that really needs the practice time and we need to go out this year with a positive. Ranking the BigXII #1a TCU They get the nod because they actually play defense, next week vs OU to keep their long shot playoff hopes aline#1b OU Did Mayfield just win the Heisman? Ugh, that hurts to type. Most likely that TCU and OU play twice in 30 days (based on their win over OSU), how stupid is a BigXII title game? beyond dumb#3 Mullet's team OSU choked. they have no one but themselves to blame for not being #2 (they still lost to TCU) in the Conference with a longshot playoff chance#4 WVU Just broke the heel on Cinderella's slipper, tough test for TEXAS on the road this week. They close with OU and should they win the next 2, will be playing for a BigXII title shot.#5 ISU Cinderella season and BigXII title shot all but gone. Still, bowl eligible (as are all teams ranked above them) and enjoying an excellent season.#6 TEXAS 0-4 vs ranked teams, 3 of those games woulda/shoulda/coulda won#7 KSU Needs a win to go bowling. . .bad news, WVU, OSU and ISU on deck#8 Texas Tech Needs 2 wins to go bowling. . .Baylor TCU TEXAS on deck. T+1 for a bowl bid?#9 Baylor. . . . F Baylor#10 Kansas Playoffs if Cheap Seats has a vote today #1 Bama not the best resume but the best team#2 Georgia Best resume, SEC title game should be a great one#3 ND 2nd best resume, HUGE game with Miami this week, potentially a play off elimination game.#4 Clemson Defending Champ, nice win. ACC title game for a playoff bid vs Miami?Outside looking inWhisky could an unbeaten be left out of teh playoffs?TCU/OU. . .can either finish with 1 loss? Can they get just a little bit of help?UDub. .. .anyone paying attention to the left coast? Yeah, we didn't think so
  9. Dear Echeese . . . . .

    SW corner Tollway and Lebanon. . . . in the Shops of Starwood.
  10. Dear Echeese . . . . .

    Actually I've shifted and the owner's son (Jeff) has a Tupy's in Frisco. Awesome thread, thank you guys.
  11. View from the Cheap Seats-Baylor All right with the world For one amazing, cool sun drenched Texas fall morning which gave way to afternoon, all was right with the world. Baylor has once again returned to mean and face it, they suck. TEXAS dominated play on both sides of the ball and left Waco with a blow out win, ho-hum, isn't that the way the world is supposed to turn? Oh, well except for the last 8 years where Baylor has actually been a decent football team, regularly making appearances in the Top 15, even once finishing in the Top 5. Over the same period, TEXAS has only finished ranked once. Baylor even won a Heisman, all was out of whack in college football and for one afternoon, sanity reigned and all was right with the world. Doubling down on a great day for College Football was an early celebration of the 242nd Birthday of our beloved Marine Corps and we were at the Omni Hotel at the Star. It's pretty cool to be able to watch games on a 50 foot (if not bigger) screen off the reception area. Awesome location with some great friends. My role was narrator and have to confess, part way through the explanation of the single table by itself, the face of my friend in the sig pic kept appearing at the table, smacking on Doritos (his favorite) and doing his best to choke me up. Absent companions. Happy Early Birthday @HALOMAN @WapitiHorn @Texas X @USMC Groper@usmc88 @USMCAIRWINGER @usmchat @USMCVET and many others left off. With the win, TEXAS put itself in great shape to go bowling. 4-4 with 4 games to go and one is Kansas. Yes, they beat us last year but they are battling Baylor for the cellar of the conference. Which means TEXAS only needs one win vs TCU/WVU or Texas Tech, all teams that now have clear holes. But then, so does TEXAS. Bowling means extra practice, something this team needs. It also means we might have a couple more OLs back from injury. One observation which seemed odd at the 3/4 of the game mark. Cheap Seats was already thinking "next year". Conner Williams is projected to be gone but what of Malik? What of DeSean? Would he bolt with a 2nd round grade? What does our OL look like next year with many backups getting extensive experience? Can someone step up to fill Poona Ford under discussed but very important role? Stop me if you have heard this before but once again the defense won the day. D played with their hair on fire and set the tone one Baylor's 1st pass, again, stop me if you have heard this before but DeSean Elliott took an INT to the house (more on him later), Malik Jefferson and Bricklyn Hager played like men with their hair on fire and Holton Hill is positioning himself as one of (if not the) top Cornerbacks in the conference. And while Baylor is a REALLY BAD football team, make no mistake, they still have a good offense. In fact the only quibble the Cheap Seats has with the D' was that we did not substitute more heavily in the 4th quarter. Would hate losing someone in a blow out game. Speaking of which, hope Charles Omenihu is ok, he was in a great deal of pain in the 4th and heard no further reports. Keep in mind the Cheap Seats avoid all reports, post game shows etc before going to press to avoid being influenced by others opinions. Good bad or indifferent, our thoughts are our own. Defensive player of the game? Should do a poll, one can make the case for Malik, Holton Hill and Bricklyn. All American We have had one player who has played all year at an All American level, our Aussie transplant Michael Dickson. Currently ranked #3 in the nation in average punting, his biggest strength (besides flipping field position) is pinning opponents deep inside their 20. Kid has been a huge weapon for the team. Offense The Cheap Seats has been heard. Tim Beck ran a diverse offense, potentially the best scheme of the year, utilizing the short passing game to supplement our ineffective run game. We actually saw extensive playing time for Toneil Carter who showed well along with Daniel Young. Both flashed speed and the ability to break tackles. Of course excitement should be tempered considering Baylor is the WORST rushing D in the nation. Still, would not be surprised if Carter isn't our go to back for the balance of the year. He was elusive, broke tackles, showed good vision and has good speed in the open field. In the course of recruiting, things often work out for reasons beyond a team's control. Carter is one of those cases. He basically fell in Coach Herman's lap when Georgia landed a windfall of RBs. Personally don't care how he got here, just glad he's here and FINALLY getting used. Big props to Shane Buechelle. Kid is a competitor, came out on a bad ankle and still ran the ball, including a 28 yard TD scamper right up the middle. More importantly, he used his superior accuracy to throw for 256 yards on 27 for 34 passing and a 74.3 QBR. Seems QBR is a better measure of QB success and that is the 2nd best mark recorded by a TEXAS QB this year, glass half full. Glass half empty shows the best QBRs set against the 2 worst teams on the schedule. Shane also the easy choice for Offensive player of the game QB Controversy? Don't think so but hope CTH does not go brain dead stupid like the Baylor coach and flip QBs each series. Continuing on the theme of "next year", we have to have a more accurate passer along with an improved offensive line to have success in 2018. CTH with a huge call this week. TCU on the road and they are now playing for their lives as all BigXII teams have a conference loss. Shane would spread teh ball among 10 different pass catchers, with Cheap Seats pre-season break out player Lil Jordan Humphrey logging 5 grabs for 55 yards and a TD, oh and another great hurdle but this time he didn't fumble. We also saw slant and drag routes, which were odd as one Mod swore Shane didn't like those routes. Weird cuz he sure throws them well. In another oddity, Reggie Mapps continues to return punts but is in the WR dog house for some reason. Considering he has been TEXAS best WR this year and most effective with the ball in his hands, we hope CTH is more worried about winning than practice vs TCU. We just don't get benching superior playmakers to play back ups trying to prove some point. And was Jerrod Heard full time back up QB? If so, why didn't he play the whole 4th quarter. Great chance to get him some meaningful reps. In summation, defense continues to show it's the pride of the BigXII and one of the best in the nation. They need to keep it up, we have the #7 #17 and #22 scoring offenses still on the schedule. No rest for the weary/wicked. Offense sputtered and struggled at times, took too long to get going but in the end put up a nice day vs a tomato can. Cannot do that vs TCU or WVU on the road and hope to win. We continue to handicap ourselves by playing backups at WR. Individual player honors Another mid game thought, we have 3 players legitimately competing for post season honors. DeSean Elliott is an easy Thorpe finalist, DBU is BACK BABY. Michael Dickson for the Ray Guy Award and Malik Jefferson for multiple Defensive player of the year and Top LB of the Year awards (Butkus, Nagurski and/or Lombardi). Ranking the BigXII #1 Iowa State. They have wins over OU and TCU (#2 and #3), where else should they be ranked? Bowl eligible, how good a bowl bid do they get? #2 OU Continuing to play great offense, still with a shot at the playoffs, need to win out to play for the conference and hope. #3 TCU Frankly thought about dropping them further, they did NOT look good vs ISU, well they are going bowling, still with a shot at the conference, can't imagine they are still in the playoff hunt #4 OSU Mullet still the best interview in CFB.. . .yeah Mike, drinking heavily leads to wins, shot at the conference title and a Sugar Bowl bid #5 TEXAS in a coulda/shoulda/woulda season, we coulda/shoulda/woulda been ranked higher. Need two more wins to go bowling, thinking Texas Bowl. TCU/Kansas/WVU/TT on deck. #6 WVU need a win to go bowling but a tough road, ISU, KSU, TEXAS, OU #7 KSU Need 2 wins to go bowling and they have a tough slate, ISU, wVU Okie Lite and TT #8 TT Needs 2 wins to go bowling, KSU Baylor TCU TEXAS. #9 Kansas battle for the cellar this week #10 Baylor F Baylor CFB Playoffs (if we had a vote today) #1 Bama Resume not great but they are destroying people #2 Georgia My question, if Georgia upsets Bama, do both get in? #3 tOSU win out and they should be in #4 Notre Dame looked great since 1 point Dawgs loss Just a bit outside Clemson, big game with NCSt then a title match vs Miami? Whisky, unbeaten UDub OU Bedlam looms large
  12. Horns win 4 of their next 5!!!!!

    I wonder if all of us are watching the same teams?
  13. View from the Cheap Seats-Okie Lite Squandered Not much else you can say, TEXAS and CTH squandered what might have been the finest defensive effort since the 2009 season. And this time the View was from REALLY good seats. Thank you my friend. JP, your support over the years means the world. Once again, TEXAS' defense shows up huge. Outside of one drive, Coach Orlando and crew had things figured out. Taking a page out of TCU's play book, they played 2 Safeties deep and man under which completely frustrated 1st round draft pick Mason Rudolph.CTH was the 3rd leg in setting a TEXAS record for futility. Never in our history has another program come into our house and won 5 games in a row. Not anymore, new record is established with 3 on Mack, 1 on Chicken fried steak and now one on CTH, we have a new record for failing to protect our house. Oh and this was also a conference title game elimination match. OK, it was mathematically possible but no longer. Now the concern is can we score enough points against some combination of 2 out of 3 vs WVU TT and Baylor to gain the 3 more wins needed to be bowl eligible. After OU, we would have said no problem. After OSU .. . . . . not so fast my friend. Not sure which year is was but TEXAS had one of the finest defenses in the nation matched with a questionable at best offense, this feels like that year. Tale of the Tape-Defense Before we go too far into lambasting the offensive game plan, let's open with the positive. And there was LOTS of positives on the D side + our Aussie punter who was magnificent. We saw without question the best performance by our back 5 since the days some All Pro/Potential NFL Hall of Famer named Earl Thomas roamed the secondary. Much maligned Kris Boyd had by far his best day as a Horn, Holton Hill was a tackling machine. There were a couple big plays given up but this was the #1 offense in the nation that came in averaging 400+ a game passing (held under 300) and 48 points a game scoring, (held them to 13). And the Cowboys were no slouch rushing, they came in averaging almost 6 ypc and 220 yards per game, they would leave with a sub 3 ypc average and only 146 yards. More importantly, they were averaging just under 60% on 3rd down.. . . .Not today Mullet Head (good lord Gundy's mullet looks stupid), 5-18 on 3rd downswas all they could muster including 2 VERY IMPRESSIVE stops not just in the red zone but inside the 10. 5 OSU drives of 5 plays or less and punt to go with 7 plays where the D forced punts.Front 7 was not to be left out of the accolades either. Malik Jefferson with a great game, lead the team in tackles and was very disruptive. Poona Ford is going to be really missed next year, he really wrecked havoc on their OL and recorded 3 TFLs. Bricklyn Hager had 2 sacks and a key QB hurry on 3rd down ending another OSU drive. At times he made the OSU Left Tackle look stupid.Fully expected to see OSU make some adjustments at half time but once again, Coach Orlando won the battle of adjustments, schemes and matchups. 2 weeks in a row, TEXAS' Defense has faced the #1 offense in the nation. 2 weeks in a row, our D has been our opponents worst day so far this year. The turn around by the defense since Maryland is simply GREAT coaching.Play of the Day, Poona Ford stripping the ball from their RB inside the red zone, DeShaun "Mr Turnover" Elliott with the recovery snuffing out an OSU drive to keep the game from going 14-0. Poona gets Defensive Player of the game but this easily could go to 3 or 4 players starting with Malik. Aussie magnificence Young man simple deserves his own praise. While the TEXAS offense was inept, Michael Dickson flipped field position time after time after time. He pinned OSU at the 9, the 4, 12, 8 and 14 while averaging 51 yards per punt and only allowing 3 returns for a total of 14 yards. Our Aussie's play was critical given TEXAS had 7 drives of 5 plays or less and lost the Time of Possession battle. On his way to an All American season and likely TEXAS' MVP.And before we go off on the off-ense, props to John Burt for a 90 yard TD reception which was pretty much the sole offensive highlight of the game. Gee Coach, look what happens when you get the ball in playmakers hands. GREAT job tight roping the sideline. Glass half empty section Had you told the Cheap Seats TEXAS would have held OSU to 13 points, we'd have bet the house. . .seriously. OSU's D is athletic and their best in some time but they aren't USC good, KSU good or OU good. We're quite sure Tim Beck is being blasted and by no means is this a defense of some frankly clueless play calling. But before you hang Beck in effigy, don't forget this is 100% Coach Tom Herman's offense and it's indicative of so many coaches these days. They develop "their offense" and try to force feed it everywhere. Great coaches put their talent in a position to make plays, TEXAS is failing to do that. Cry about Beck all you wish, this is on CTH, it is his offense. He's decided Cade Brewer is his TE of the future and plays him by taking Lil Jordan Humphrey off the field. And the Cheap Seats understands the value of practicing hard but you don't start effectively your 2nd team WR crew (less Heard) at the most critical time of the game.Yes, the offensive line is a patchwork group. So why are we constantly in 4 and 5 wide without either TE or RB blocking help. Yes, we would line up with a RB but frequently they would immediately take off into the pattern leaving said patchwork OLs to fend off the rush. It has been suggested here and elsewhere, given the talent on the team, taking a page from the past and using the 2008 TEXAS offense's scheme where the short passing game became the running game. Since our running game didn't seem to do anything till the 4th quarter. But that would require some flexibility from the staff. They seem to have none whether it's failures to adjust at the half or the failure to adjust over the course of the season. Watching the OU/KSU game, noticed that Lincoln Riley has seriously adapted his East Carolina "Air Raid" approach and frequently kept a RB and/or TE to provide extra pass pro. He's working with the best OL in the Big XII.Let's talk about the running game. Why would you start Toniel Carter, try to throw one pass to him then replace him? He would finish with 1 carry. Chris Warren was largely ineffective till the 4th quarter where he would rip off a 10 yard run then on the next drive a 16 yard run. Both carries dives between the tackles, it was clear OSU's D was wearing down. The 16 yarder called back due to penalty, something that is coming back to haunt the Horns. But it showed that running north and south more effective than running east and west.TEXAS' running game has been Sam Ehlinger. In three games he's toted the rock 20 times, 22 times and 16 times. This to go with 19 carries vs USC. We're going to get the kid broken. And we do this while refusing to allow our most explosive back (Carter) to carry the ball. Daniel Young might be even more explosive but his redshirt year has been burned in mop up duty vs San Jose State though we thought we spotted him on the field once yesterday so no idea what he can bring to the table. Overtime For the 3rd time this season, TEXAS is playing in overtime. As inept as our offense was all day, our defense was up to the task and forced a field goal. Biggest coaching failure of the day. We line up our 2nd team WR group with Dorian Lenard and Lorenzo Joe with Cade Brewer at TE and Heard in the slot. Who is not on the field? 6'6" Collin Johnson who has shown all year he can pull down 50/50 balls, Lil Jordan Humphrey, 6'4" and a mis-match nightmare, John Burt 6'3" who had TEXAS' biggest offensive play of the day. WHY? Why do you not have your best players on the field? Reggie Mapps was hurt, we get that one. The others, simply do not understand.2nd down, Sam rolls left and throws a pass we have not seen from him all year, a soft floater to the corner of the end zone where no TEXAS players were hanging. Easy INT and for the 2nd time this year, OT ends in a loss with a Sam turnover. Damn shame, staff did not put him in the best position to succeed. Kid played his heart out but this staff is putting the game on a true freshman's shoulders.Kick in the balls. That sums up the feeling. We've now lost 3 games we should have won, certainly could have won. 2 of them in overtime. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result Will we see anything different from our offensive staff this year or are we going to continue the same thing? Who knows. Ranking the Big XII #1 TCU. .. .they are hoping for a playoff berth but will have to survive a BigXII title re-match with a team they have already played. Who thought of this stupidity????? BigXII's chances of a 1 loss playoff team has gotten better the past 2 weeks as the Pac's likely options have horrid schedules. Bowl eligible, Sugar or CFP (if they win out)#2 OU. . . .Their game vs TCU will either put them in the BigXII title or eliminate them. Sugar if TCU goes CFP or Alamo#3 OSU. . .Need to win out to get to the BigXII title game. Russell AthleticThe next 5 teams are basically in the 2nd tier, upper tier already bowl eligible#4 WVU . . . .eeked by Baylor, still in the BigXII playoff hunt, Liberty#5 ISU. . . .Took TT to the wood shed, don't look not but they are 5-2/3-1 and they win out, they play for the conference title. Cactus Bowl#6 TEXAS .. . Can we win 3 of Baylor, TCU, KU WVU and TT.. . . . Advocare Bowl (Houston)#7 KSU Needs 3 from KU, TT, WVU, OSU and ISU. #8 TT . .. . starting to slide, 4-3, need to win 2 of OU, Baylor, KSU, TCU and TEXAS to get to a bowl. They likely play TEXAS for a bowl bid. Projecting no bowl#9 Baylor. . ..F Baylor#10 Kansas . . . .basketball season is hereFYI, BigXII has a contractual tie to the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft Worth but has informed their committee they don't want a BigXII team playing before Christmas (23 Dec game). If BigXII does not make the playoffs, don't be surprised if Cotton Bowl extends an invite. Today's Playoff Vote #1 Bama#2 Penn State#3 TCU#4 ClemsonWildest scenario, Dawgs beat Bama in the SEC title game, could see bama still invited.Chomping at the bit:GeorgiatOSUOU (sucks to type)NDWhiskyUDub (SOS sucks even if they win out)Va TechNCStOkie LiteAny of these teams win out, they are likely in
  14. Tech Question on viewing the board

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  15. I have 2 inches of gray border on either side of the threads/posts. Is there a way to view this with a full screen. And keep in mind, I'm lucky to be able to turn on a computer so not a tech wiz.