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  1. echeese

    View from the Cheap Seats-Texas Tech

    There was a really good write up, I'll try to find it that new coaches who are going to amount to something, have done so by year 2 generally. Are we improved from last year/the last 4 years? Sure, that bar represents the WORST 4 years in TEXAS football history. . . which is damn sure not our birth right either. We continue to lose games due to coaching mistakes (not ready vs Maryland or OSU, poor clock management vs WVU). The questions about CTH stand until they don't. Would you argue he's doing a better job than Matt Campbell? This week's opponent. Full disclosure, 1998 Mack wins the south if Major doesn't get hurt in Lubbock 1999 Mack does win the south 2000 Trip to Lubbock where we can't force a punt again costs us the South 2001 Mack wins the South Now CTH has a chance with a win this weekend and a WVU win over OU to earn a CCG berth but he wouldn't need any help if we were ready of OSU or had we managed the clock just a shade better vs WVU.
  2. echeese

    Welcome Sundancekid

    Well there goes the freaking neighborhood. .. . Hey, Eddie, welcome to the board. It's a good group and the one richard head was run off. OTOH, we haven't figured out how to get rid of JoeyWa yet. . . .
  3. View from the Cheap Seats-Texas Tech Happy Marine Corps Birthday Happy Veterans Day This is getting out a bit late as we were called upon to narrate the Marine Corps Ball in Collin County. It was an amazing evening as our guest of honor was Medal of Honor recipient Hershel "Woody" Williams, the last Marine Medal of Honor survivor from World War II. An incredible man with an incredible story. It was an amazing evening though not quite as dramatic as TEXAS' trip to Lubbock. And our own Eugene, TEXPIMP, tied the knot with the lovely Ms Heather that afternoon. Congrats kids.. . At the end of the night, TEXAS won despite our defense giving up 17 points to squander (last week's word too) yet another 4th quarter lead. Sam and Lil Jordan saved the day as Sam completed a 29 yard pass for a TD to close out the scoring and deliver the win. Pre-season most considered TEXAS' schedule heavily front loaded with TCU/USC/KSU and OU early. Come to find out, the season since OU actually featured better teams and a much tougher path. Though WVU was always the "one tough game" in the 2nd half. Sadly, since 2017, TEXAS now has a 2 game lead among teams who have blown 4th quarter leads with 7. This is a dubious record at best and casts serious concerns about the "growth" of the team. We will come back to "growth" and open focusing on the positives. To their credit, the defense came up with 3 turnovers and an excellent stop on a 4th and very short which were critical to TEXAS' win. More explanation of each in the 5 Key plays of the game below. Our offense? Wow, 203 yards rushing and 312 passing. Zero turnovers while putting up 41 points for the 2nd week in a row. We have now moved up to #36 in scoring which is our best standing since the days of Greg Davis of being in the Top 20 every year but 1. The development of Sam Ehlinger into one of the Top BigXII QBs might be the highlight of the season. And he was hardly the only offensive highlight, Lil Jordan Humphrey simply went beast mode with an 8 catch, 159 yard, 2 TD night. Devin Duvernay wasn't far behind with a 4 catch, 66 yard 2 TD evening while Jerod Heard with his best evening of the year, 6 grabs for 54 yards. Couple with the WRs,our RBs were balling out too. They made tough runs, ground out extra yardage and helped TEXAS towards a season best 28 1st downs. TEXAS' strategy of controlling the clock and keeping the ball away from TT almost worked as they took a 17 point lead into the 4th quarter. After losing a fumble to close out the 3rd quarter, TT would open the 4th quarter with a 3 play 64 yard TD drive. Then with nothing to lose at this point, their onside kick attempt bounced of PJ Locke on the hands team right to TT. TT would kick a FG on that drive then follow up with 2 more TD drives of 77 and 61 yards as TEXAS saw their 3 score lead evaporate into a tied game with 1:24 on the clock. The Cheap Seats has irked many by questioning the 4th quarter game management of Coach Herman. With 3 Time outs in his pocket and TT driving for their last score, CTH ignored trying to save time for Sam & company and let the clock run. Sam should have had over 2 minutes to work with though he would still bail TEXAS out with a TD at the 21 second mark. TEXAS' D would be gashed for almost 600 yards (595 for those counting at home) and continue to show a lack of ability to tackle and to play assignment football. Sam would also be sacked 4 times. If we knew how to fix it, we'd likely be coaching football right now. OK, positives and negatives out of the way. Barring losing out, we have improved upon last year. Now the flip side, we win out and WVU beats OU, which isn't far fetched given OU's last two games, we get a re-match with WVU in Dallas for the CCG. For all the negative, the Cheap Seats will take TEXAS in the upset. Frankly between some really oddly timed calls and some really odd late game management, TEXAS should have beat WVU. Even in a mid-point outcome, lose to an ISU (better team than OSU and TT) that might be playing the best ball in the conference, beat Kansas and play a UDub or Utah team in the Alamo Bowl, CTH/TEXAS has clearly improved on the year. The question is how much? Even if TEXAS wins the BigXII (again, not farfetched though we hate needing help), there is real questions about some of the play. Biggest of those is Coach Orlando and the D which went from team strength through 3 quarters of the OU game to major liability since then. And to be clear, we do not see this as Manny Diaz' Part Duex. We are worried about the future as TEXAS will lose it's top 2 CBs, it's entire defensive line and starting LBs. But let us save that discussion for the offseason. We wonder how our D matches up against a very well coached Iowa State team coming to town looking to make some noise. Make no mistake, the Iowa State game will go a long way between determining if TEXAS can make that next step. Is Coach Tom going to take TEXAS to the level of Mack Brown or are we simply an improvement on CFS which puts us in the world of limbo with more in common with the John McKovic, Freddy Akers and David McWilliams teams than the "standard/expectation" at TEXAS (standard being Mack). Gotta pass Mack or no reason to even mention the man the stadium is named after. Top 5 Plays that made the game: #1 Caden Stephens picks off a very poorly thrown ball stopping TT on the TEXAS 3 yard line. TEXAS would drive to score a FG #2 TT goes for it on 4th and very short but on their side of the field. Chris Nelson submarines to play and Charles Ominehu goes over the top to stuff Duffy for no gain. TEXAS' ball, result of the drive TD #3 Devonte Davis forces a fumble on Duffy scrambling on the TEXAS 31 to blunt another drive in TEXAS territory, TEXAS would drive for a FG #4 Kris Boyd tracks down a scrambling (hey,the kid can run) Duffy, strips the ball away like a kid stealing candy and blunts another TT drive at the TEXAS 25 In a game decided by 1 score, each drive killing turnover was critical. #5 Sam to Lil Jordan, 29 yards, TD with :21 seconds left in the game. Doesn't get any better than that. Players of the Game: Offense: Sam the Man with Lil Jordan in a close 2nd. Props to Tre Watson, Keaontay Ingram, Devin Duvernay and Jerrod Heard for balling out all night. Defense: Charles Ominehu though we'll be honest, not sure there was a defender who was not up and down all night. Ranking the BigXII #1 Land Thieves. 2nd week in a row the Sooners have escaped by the skin of their teeth. But we think they are out of the playoff mix and now it's a fight for best bowl berth. Still in the driver's seat for a Conference Championship game berth #2 WVU Would not dispute a claim they are #1 in the league but any hope of a playoff berth on life support. They are cheering TEXAS to beat ISU which would put them onto one side of the CCG regardless of the outcome of their game with OU assuming they win this week vs Okie Lite. #3 ISU Sorry not sorry fans, ISU playing better football than TEXAS. This week is YUGE as they say. TEXAS has to beat ISU for any hope of a CCG berth. Given the way both teams are playing, can only imagine ISU and their true freshman QB Purdy licking their chops to face our D. Win and ISU is cheering OU to beat WVU which would put ISU in the CCG (again, assuming they win out) since they would then hold the tie breaker with WVU. #4 TEXAS. Like #1 & #2, you can put 3 & 4 in either order. TEXAS has to win to have any hope of getting to the CCG with a WVU upset of OU. Will get ISU without the top RB in the BigXII for the 1st half. #5 Baylor Again, #5 #6 & #7 can be listed in any order, all at 5-5 but Baylor beat OSU so, Baylor gets the higher nod. And like OSU, Baylor needs to beat one of their last 2, TCU or TT to go bowling. Think they wrap up a bowl bid this week vs TCU. #6 Texas Tech Needs to beat KSU to go bowling or that sets up a big last week match up with Baylor. #7 Okie Lite Coulda/shoulda/woulda We like Gundy going for 2 and potentially the win (2:30 left in the game) but his QB threw the ball in the dirt to an open WR. What a weird year for Gundy. #8 TCU #8 and #9 in the same boat. Either must win out to go bowling. It appears TCU has packed it in already.. #9 KSU. Beat Kansas but fear they lose out as they face TT & ISU. We wish Coach Snyder the best #10 Kansas Basketball season is here, Beatty has been canned. Kansas continues to be a mess. PLAYOFF HUNT #1 Bama #2 Clemson #3 ND #4 Michigan. Potential 1 loss teams with a shot if either ND is upset or tOSU pulls the upset of Michigan. #5 Georgia, they face Bama in the SEC title game. The lose, they have no shot, they win and chaos reigns as don't see anyway Bama isn't invited too. #6 Burglars of dirt playing to poorly and not sure they can survive WVU #7 The Pirate and Wazzu #8 WVU, win out and they are in the mix barely though as stated above, think TEXAS beats them in a re-match. Did we mention re-matches suck. #9 tOSU, beat Michigan they might jump to #6 but a date with Northwestern would do them no real favors.
  4. echeese

    View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    Sorry, that might be the case but I don't know it. If Sam made the call, he cost us the game and the staff should have told the players, stay in bounds, drain the clock. PS, per the announcers, Dicker the Kicker was hitting 55 yards with the wind warming up. Given the way we had moved the ball in the 2nd half, the odds we didn't gain at least another 10 or more are pretty low. And in his post game, CTH talked about the importance of game management, haven't watched review yet. I think if we could ask him privately, he'd admit it was the wrong thing to do.
  5. Quick question. If we are going to replace our front yard with Zyoia (sp?), do you recommend doing it before winter or after?
  6. echeese

    View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, let me make the case for why I view it this way: 1st lets get all the facts out there, we went bombs away on 1st down, not 3rd. So we choose to give up burning off another 60 seconds at least. Bombs away on 3rd down is a different story. We put WVU in a position where they could use all 4 downs to gain a 1st, not the usual 3 on their final drive. You really think increasing the chances of moving the ball by 25% against a REALLY GOOD offense is smart?. We had been gashed by their RB to the tune of 13.4 per carry, they were so unconcerned about clock management, they ran the ball 4 times on their last drive knowing he'd continue to go through our D, get a 1st and stop the clock. So in the worst case scenario you describe, we go to over time without giving WVU a chance to score. Would that have been better or worse? Personally, I'd take OT vs a loss. . .but that's just me. Let's check with CTH . . ..pre-game he said, control the clock keep WVU off the field. We did not need a TD to win (though it would be nice). . . we only needed a FG and WVU would have had little to no time to get back on the field. WVU's D had not stopped us in the 2nd half, the ONLY drive we did not score on was stopped because Sam lost his helmet. Remind me again, how scoring quick lead to victory? It's funny, fielded 4 calls from Sunday through this morning, 2 from coaches, each one started (none had read the Cheap Seats) what the hell was CTH thinking? PS, my criticism of the call was not hindsight, I had turned to my wife early in the drive and said, this is perfect, they haven't stopped us this half, we drive to the 25-30, run off all the clock and kick a FG with the wind to our backs. PSS, in hindsight, do you think CTH makes the same call on 1st down today? Or do you think he plays to win.
  7. echeese

    View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    TT's QB appears done. Without him, think we beat them. ISU? Don't know On 4 of the previous 9 possessions, they drove 75 yards. We've had this debate. . . . .It was a dumb move on our coaches part. Just like 2008 vs TT we lost a national title shot because we refused to milk the clock. Clearly you supported bombs away, facts showed you were wrong, we lost. Worst case under my assumption, we miss the FG and go to overtime. Best case we score (FG or TD doesn't matter) with less than a minute to play and/or burning out their TOs Why not drive 20 more yards, kick a FG for the win giving them less than a minute?
  8. View from the Cheap Seats-West Virginia Since 2017 We lead the nation in blown 4th quarter leads . . . .it's not an accident. Holy how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. TEXAS comes out and shows it learned NOTHING from it's loss to Okie Lite. We SQUANDERED(our word of the game) an outstanding offensive performance by the players only to be done in by piss poor coaching/game management at the end and some atrocious defense. Along the way, we blew a great chance to play in the BigXII title game. Now we are forced sit back and cheer for teams to hang another loss on OU or to do what we failed to do, beat WVU. In fact to leap frog WVU, we'll need them to lose twice. , We are in that boat because before a record crowd our DC can't figure out how to make an adjustment or teach his players how to make a simple tackle. Even a loss by the agroids gives us no solace. It's a dark day in Longhorn land with a trip to Lubbock on tap with ISU right behind them. You don't think their OCs are licking their chops to get at our D? TEXAS has now assumed the #1 position in teams blowing 4th quarter leads in the nation since 2017. Lots of people want to make snide comments about Mack Brown. We remember ABC posting the stat that under Mack/TEXAS lead the nation in having 4th quarter leads turning into wins. CTH might want to call Mack for some advice. This trend is ugly. And sadly, as poorly as our D was playing, our O was playing lights out. You had not stopped WVU all day, we were driving the ball and only need a FG to win with 2:30 in the 4th. Instead of continuing to drive the ball CTH/Beck say let's show everyone how smart we are and go bombs away. Why in the Wide Wide World of Sports would anyone do that? Worst case you run all the time off the clock and go to overtime even if you miss the FG. Your D had only recorded 2 punts and 1 turnover on downs all day. How poor was our D playing? Even on their final drive with time running down, they had no problem running the ball for 8-12 yards a pop. Why oh why would you call such a dumb play????? You were gashing their D, the only 2 things that beat you are scoring too quick or a turnover. This was a game were the Gods of Football were clearly on our side. In a wretchedly called football game, we had more bad calls go our way than they did. And trust us, those were some bizarre calls. An example of poor calls was highlighted by the Faux Horse Collar tackle on Grier where instead of getting the ball after a 3rd down incompletition, WVU got 15 yards and a free 1st down. And the one time we fumbled, the ball got knocked out of bounds by them. We thought it was a huge break at the time. We shouldn't try to type this right after the game, the monumental stupidity is physically making us sick. Not even sure what to say about the defense. How stupid do you have to be to line a true freshman up on David Siles, an All American WR and front runner for the Belitnikoff award? With your best CB standing right next to him. We're sure someone will claim that because we never coached at the D 1 level, we are not allowed to point out a Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious (BGO for short). 2nd half, with Kris Boyd pretty much assigned to Siles every play, 1 reception for 3 yards though it was a 1st down. DBU? Who are we kidding, TT and ISU are licking their chops to get at our D. With the bowl game, 5 losses wouldn't be shocking at this point. PS, props to Kris Boyd who actually showed up to play and the one PI penalty on his was ticky tacky at best and likely another poor call. TEXAS/Coach Todd's run D is getting gashed, their top 2 RBs averaged 13.4 YPC and 5.5 YPC, at some point do you think about adjusting and going to 4 down linemen? or doing something to get some/any pressure on Grier? After OSU, Coach Todd said they have to work on tackling, guess what, it got worse. Yep, we get it, losing Brandon Jones and Devante Adams hurts. But our defense has gone from a team strength to a major liability. We now have virtually no shot at a BigXII title game appearance. That appearance was firmly in our grasp until our D rolled over the past 2 games. Back to back weeks D has surrendered 500 plus yards and 41 points a game on average. Cheap Seats predicted pre-season this D wouldn't give up 23 to anyone. Wowzer did we miss that call. And talk about squandering by far the best offensive game we've had under CTH. Even the brain dead call at the 2:30 mark was a great play, just way too early. Sam was money, as usual but the difference between this game and OSU, Sam's WRs caught just about everything thrown their way. Including two heave it up long in Lil Jordan's zip code, both times LJH made spectacular catches to bail us out on 3rd and long. He, Collin and Duvernay were flat balling. 35 wasn't enough last week, 41 not enough this week. Sam and the O have to be looking around thinking what is it going to take? A really weird turn of events this season as through the early weeks and 3 quarters of the OU game, our D was very good. Since the 4th quarter of OU where they gave up 21 points, they have allowed 17 points though Baylor was knocking on the door to score the winning points, 38 to OSU and 42 to WVU. This is not a good trend and there appears no change in sight. Frankly our top defenders appear to be dropping like flies. FURK UPs of the games/plays that killed us #1 Coming up 6 inches short on 4th and 1 in the shadow of our goal post. Coupled with #3 a 10 point swing in WVU's favor bracketing either side of halftime. #2 2:30 left in the game, you have driven the ball almost into FG range (their 46), WVU's D is gassed, the score is tied. Kick a FG with 30 seconds or less on the clock and take the win. Coach Mensa and his OC say "hey let's show everyone how smart we are and burn them deep". . . . BRILLIANT Dana Holgerson says thank you very much, I'll take my chances with one of the best QB/WR combos in the game against a D that can't tackle to save their lives. Result, TE and 2 point conversion to win the game with 10 seconds to play. #3 The Iceman cometh, Coach Mensa ices a missed FG right before half then lets him kick without icing him a second time. If you thought it was a good strategy, don't leave TOs in your pocket and ice him again. As it turned out, the margin of the game. #4 Pettaway. He carried the ball only 9 times, pick one as he averaged 13.4 yards per tote on his way to 121 yards for the game. Amazing for a guy who came into the game averaging just 5.2, nice but not in the Heisman hunt. Last 2 weeks TEXAS D has made players look Heisman worthy. #5 Well it's not like we've been burned by QBs running on our, "we don't need no stinking contain from our DEs at TEXAS" all year defense, 1 play from the 2 to win or lose the game. We give up a rushing 2 point conversion to a gimpy QB. #6 In a play that highlighted our game long poor tacking, 3rd and 4 at their 34, Grier completes a pass to McCoy who's 2-3 yards behind the LOS, PJ Locke comes flying up, easily gets faked out of his jock and dives at McCoy's ankles. 34 yards later McCoy knocked out of bounds. . . .. ..Break down, don't let McCoy gain yards, let teammates fly to help. It's basic HS football. Not to solely pick on PJ, he was hardly the only player who consistently did not make plays. WVU would score a FG on a drive where fundamental football most likely give TEXAS back the ball. Oh yeah, come end of the game, 3 points is all we needed. Conclusions/Future This has been a year of tests for CTH. Some he has passed and make no mistake, beating OU was a nice one. Some, he's not doing so well. He failed to have his team ready coming off a bye week. Really good (forget great) coaches come off bye weeks with their teams ready to go. He now has failed the test of letting 1 loss become 2. We shall see if with winning the conference all but gone, CTH can get his team ready to close out the season with just a bowl game to play for. Barring someone upsetting WVU or OU, which we don't see, we've blown a lay up BigXII title shot. Now our best hope is that WVU can beat OU in Morgantown, giving us the tie breaker. Assuming we win out. We have one win ahead of us in putrid Kansas but as mentioned before TT and ISU have to be licking their chops to get at us. So can we win out then be in a position to cheer for WVU? We also do not understand why our offensive staff has decided to go pass heavy, throwing for more (42) than we rushed (33) which includes Sam's scrambles. After being teased with the chance of title game appearances and New Year's Day bowls, we're back to dreaming of San Antonio or Houston, at best. Yesterday, 8-4 was a barely acceptable floor, today it appears reality. Seriously doubt (and we haven't cracked open the booze yet) we beat both ISU & TT. How can we, we don't play defense. We can pat ourselves on the back about beating what now we realize was 2 weak teams in TCU & USC, but can we win out from here to at least put us in a spot to cheer for WVU against OU. . . . .well truth be told, we'd do that anyway but is it a game that will matter to us? Coach Mensa's next test, win out, salvage the season and at least give TEXAS a rooting interest in the OU/WVU game. The path to the BigXII title game has taken an interesting twist. Grier's 2 point conversion run broke ISU's hearts as well. Had we won, ISU would have also controlled it's own path to DFW. Should they win out, a WVU win over OU puts them in the title game. So they will come to Austin in a week with something to play for and TEXAS will face another very good QB. Cheap Seats will always give you are unvarnished opinion. Some say we are better off now than we were under CFS. Well we certainly hope so. That was the worst era in TEXAS football history. The objective here is being relevant on the National Stage, reaching the playoffs and winning 70% of our games. What we are seeing a team who has not learned to win yet and struggles with the bright lights of being on the top of the pile. Ranking the BigXII #1 Land Thieves. Dodged the upset whenTech's starting QB left the game. Still with a dark horse shot at a playoff berth #2 WVU Win out, they are going to the BigXII title game. Any loss by ISU and they have a game to give. #3 ISU Needs one win to go bowling, outside shot at a title game invite but they need help. ISU/TEXAS/OSU/Baylor, all pretty much a toss up and could be ranked in any order. #4 TEXAS Still with a small glimmer of hope for a BigXII title game invite. #5 Baylor Needs one win to go bowling. Faces ISU, TT and TCU. We can see them going 3-0 or 1-2 but we think they get a bowl bid. #6 Okie State. Was it Gundy or Herman's late 4th quarter mistake that was the biggest blunder? Does it matter? Both cost their teams the game. Needs one win to go bowling, faces OU/WVU/TCU. TCU for the bowl bid? #7 Texas Tech. They had OU on the ropes then lost their QB. Backup QB is weak Another team needing a win to go bowling. TEXAS/KSU/Baylor on deck. Will largely depend on getting their QB back #8 TCU Won the battle not to be in last place. Needs 2 wins vs WVU/Baylor/OSU to go bowling. #9 KSU. Beat OSU fairly well then lose to a struggling TCU?. Needs to win out vs KU/TT/ISU to go bowling #10 Kansas Another team that needs to win out to go bowling. Bad news, they face KSU/OU/TEXAS. Bottom 3 can pretty much be ranked in any order. PLAYOFF HUNT #1 Bama LS who? #2 Clemson Destroyed Louisville #3 ND FSU & Syracuse at home and USC on the road #4 Michigan though every 1 loss team in the land will be a buckeye fan when they play. Potential 1 loss teams with a shot if either ND is upset or tOSU pulls the upset. #5 Georgia, would need to knock off Bama which then gets really odd #6 Burglars of dirt #7 The Pirate and Wazzu #8 WVU, win out and they are in the mix #9 tOSU, not sure they can leapfrog the other 1 loss teams
  9. Cheaps Seats going to open with the positives because we think our fans could use some positivity to offset the negativity created by this game. #1 positive? For all the consternation, bitching, grousing and belly aching, guess what? TEXAS still controls her own destiny on the path to winning the BigXII. It's true, TEXAS began the day with a game to give. They then wasted their mulligan on the 2nd worst team left on the schedule. Second biggest positive, let's talk about Sam Ellinger's outstanding 2nd half, kid did everything he could to put TEXAS in a position to win. It was a great performance and showed that TEXAS can in fact score when they need to in the 4th. Frankly if his WRs could catch a pass (we counted 4 drops in the 1st half), Sam would have had a great game not just a great 2nd half. Kid did everything asked of him. 2 TDs passing and the TD to Ingram a thing of beauty and 2 TDs rushing. Well that sucked Positives didn't take long, Cheap Seats was worried about TEXAS eating the cheese coming off a bye week. While many of our fans wanted to debate our "paths to the playoffs", the team seemed to lose focus as it devoured the cheese. One talking head said this TEXAS team hasn't learned how to win, many scoffed but he seems to be right. The Cheap Seats concerns were validated. Playoffs???? In our best Jim Mora. . Playoffs???? Against a middle of the road Oklahoma State team, TEXAS did everything they could to help make the Cowboys look like world beaters. OSU opened the game with drives ending in: TD,TD, FG, FGA TD punt TD. That is how you beat a ranked team at your house on Homecoming. Twice on 4th down, OSU would complete long passes for touchdowns. Now to match Coach Todd's crews problems, the TEXAS O would go TD Punt Punt Punt (with the longest drive being 5 plays) TD Punt to head to half time down by 17, 31-17. Now CTH faces another test. He has a team whose confidence has to be shattered, they face 3 better teams in a row, fortunately 2 of them at home. And they still have a shot at winning the conference. Yes as hard as it is to believe, we still control our destiny. And so does WVU which will come to Austin this week off their throttling of Baylor. No rest for the wicked, a trip to Lubbock follows WVU then a return to Austin to face an ISU team that is absolutely surging. So make no mistake, WVU will show up ready to play and their QB/WR combo is better than the OSU combo that ate Coach Orlando's D up like a fat kid in a candy store. So here is the next coaching test for CTH, can he keep one loss from becoming 2? Can he and Coach Todd figure out how to stop a WVU's talented WR/QB combo? Good news here, Will Grier nowhere near the runner of Cornelius or Murray. TEXAS' overly aggressive D has shown a real vulnerability to a true dual threat QB. We would be remiss if we did not point out this was a complete breakdown loss. In the 2nd half, the offense would come alive and tease the TEXAS fans by twice coming within 3 points of OSU. And the D would step it up in the 2nd half, holding OSU to just 7 points, this effort helped by Mike Gundy slowing down the game, going away from what built the lead and scoring the 1 TD he needed to keep to keep the game just out of reach for the visiting Longhorns. Special teams would play their part as well. To start the 2nd half, Jamison takes the ball from his own end zone and would return it to the 13 and starting TEXAS in a hole at a point where every 1st down was coming at a premium. Later we see Brandon Jones run back from the 10 to field a punt, giving TEXAS the ball at their own 2 yard line. TEXAS would not enjoy a short field all day with their best starting field positions their own 41 and 31. Nor would TEXAS enjoy a turnover on the day. So offensive failures, defensive failures, special teams failures, questionable coaching calls and players failing to execute. Not the recipe for a win on the road. Key plays that cost TEXAS the game: Twice on 4th down, TEXAS DBs would give up long TD passes (16 + 34 yards) to OSU in the 1st half. One of those drives kept alive by a fake punt by OSU which drew Graham offsides. But inexplicably, the refs call TEXAS for encroachment?????? OSU would score a TD on the drive. Brandon Jones tracks down a punt he should have let go over his head to give TEXAS their 2 yard line to start the drive. On that drive, a 19 yard competition snuffed out by a holding call on Vahe keeps TEXAS in a hole. And in perhaps a makeup call from the blown 1st half call, review showed it was Anderson who held in the end zone, so it should have been a safety. Opening kickoff, Jamison decides to "make a play" from the end zone on the KO return and gets out to the 13 instead of taking a knee and having the ball at the 25. Late in the game, TEXAS pulls within 3. With 3 timeouts in his pocket, CTH elects to go onside kick, which only works 20% of the time, instead of kicking deep and trusting a D that was playing better. Now key to this regardless of onsides or kicking away, you have to stop OSU. But the loss of field position made no sense. Sorry, wrong call. Not one play but why the coaches panicked and went away from game plan was odd. 42 passes to 30 rushes when KI has the ability to break long runs, just odd. Especially in the 1st half. In perfect position, Kris Boyd mis-times his jump and instead of a potential INT/pass break up, Tylan Wallace records one of his 4 TDs and part of his personal best 222 yards receiving. Numerous dropped passes, penalties at the worst times of times Key Stats: 1 of 5 TEXAS' 1st half 3rd down conversion %. Need to keep drives alive 0 number of turnovers. a positive for the O a negative for the D 11-86 Penalties on TEXAS. Most of them dumb 21 TEXAS' average starting field position Where do we go from here? Ugly game, outside of Sam, too few positives to discuss so let's bury that crap and look forward. TEXAS still controls its destiny but now with zero margin of error. WVU on deck. Bad news, this is the best or 2nd best QB/WR duo we'll face this year. Good news in Austin. CTH has a major coaching challenge in not letting one loss turn into two. Never been a better time to focus on 1-0. Game plan to beat WVU is to run the ball, pressure Grier and create turnovers. Cheap Seats biggest question this morning, can the staff find a D. RANKING THE BIGXII #1 TEXAS. Homer call? Maybe but TEXAS still leads the conference though faces a brutal 3 game stretch. Can TEXAS handle the pressure? We're about to see CTH tested. #2 Land Thieves destroyed KSU, biggest game left is season ending tilt with WVU. Last BigXII team with playoff hopes. #3 WVU, put on a show vs Baylor. They control their destiny to the CCG. #4 ISU Matt Campbell has ISU playing well behind their freshman QB. Needs 2 wins to go bowling but schedule is favorable. Big statement game in Austin for both teams #5 Texas Tech Faces Oklahoma and TEXAS in back to back weeks. Who knew TT would play good defense? They need 1 win to be bowl eligible but finish with Baylor and KSU so they should be going bowling. #6 Okie State. Had a great game plan for TEXAS and did just enough in the 2nd half to protect a 17 point half time lead. Needs 1 game to go bowling but the path isn't easy till they finish with falling off the map TCU. Curious to see how OSU plays down the stretch with WVU, Bedlam and Baylor on the schedule #7 Baylor Need to win 2 of the next 4 to go bowling following their azz whopping at the hands of WVU. Since OSU and TCU 2 of those teams and both very beatable, cheap seats thinks they might nab a bowl spot. #8 KSU Another team needing 3 wins and with OU/TCU/KU/TT & ISU on deck, can they find win #3? Another not sure we're taking that bet #9 Kansas. Been some time since they have been out of the cellar. #10 TCU. When you lose to Kansas, last place in the conference is your claim. Team in absolute free fall. PLAYOFF HUNT 7 of the teams ranked in the Top 20 fell. Wild weekend in college football. If the Cheap Seats had a vote today: #1 Bama Coming off a bye but clearly the best team in CFB #2 Clemson Destroyed FSU #3 ND Does not appear to be an upset in their path #4 winner of tOSU/Michigan game. #5 1 loss BigXII winner? But noticed something. Never realized on the padding around the goalpost (I assume both ends) is a big paper clip. . . .but above it is an upside down Longhorn logo. Some teams hate TEXAS more than they love themselves. We thought aggies were weird. #6 LSU Here is the nightmare scenario. LSU upsets Bama and wins the SEC. How in the wide wide world of sports is a 1 loss Bama left out?
  10. I think part of this is circumstances but agree part of this is depth as well. PSI thought that was a Jerry Jeff Walker quote
  11. View from the Cheap Seats-Baylor Thank you Coach Orlando Let us make no mistake, our D is seriously bad azzed. They faced an excellent offense and held them to 17 points. More importantly, they held them to 7 points in the 2nd half while our offense was being shut out. We will bitch about the offense later but we open praising Coach Orlando and his charges excellent work. TEXAS remains unbeaten in conference play and the front runner for a seat in the non-sensical Conference Title Game thanks to the outstanding play of our defense. And make no mistake, pulling up the conference standings and seeing TEXAS in sole possession of 1st place in the conference is SWEET SWEET music to our eyes (get it? Eyes of TEXAS). Two weeks in a row TEXAS has risked blowing a 4th quarter lead, a stat we still lead the nation in over the past 2 years. Two weeks in a row, Coach Orlando and crew did just enough to secure the win. Though like last week, they made sure most Horn fans were pucker factored to the max. Here at the Cheap Seats we'll take an ugly win over a "pretty" loss any day of the week. We are not aggies afterall. Despite a career day in catches for Collin Johnson and a career number of carries and yards gained by Keoatay Ingram, our offense looked pretty lame. Coach Herman survived another test, for 4 straight weeks TEXAS faced bigger and bigger challenges and produced emotional wins. This week TEXAS was coming off the biggest game of CTH's career here against a 2nd Tier team. The opportunity for a let down stared the team right in the face. And the team would lose it's emotional leader and single most important player as Sam E went down with a shoulder injury on the 1st drive. Perhaps one of the medical types can explain to me why he didn't have an ice pack bandaged to his shoulder while in street cloths. We saw just how important Sam is to this offense. Sadly, we also saw how much he has been disguising some real weakness in the offensive and in the game plan. Our offensive line should have feasted on Baylor's poor rushing D, worst in the BigXII and one of the very worst in the nation yet TEXAS threw the ball as often as we rushed the ball. We also reverted back to a very predictable and unimaginative offense. We also saw the value of quality depth. While Shane wasn't perfect (who would expect him to be), he also made some great throws, showed good pocket presence and helped deliver a win. Lots to like about the kid. Had we faced a decent team today, we lose. It's that simple. Where was the jet sweep? Even if only to distract Baylor inept D? Where was a play action, waggle? And once again, we see the middle of the field turn into a scary dark place we need to avoid in the passing game. The one time we ran a seam route, our TE didn't bother to turn and look for the ball. Why we bring that play up? Had we completed the play, instead of kicking a career long FG, we kick a chip shot at worst. The difference between a 6 point and 9 point lead in the 4th quarter would have been YUGE late in the game. What is critical, we eeked out a win, we remain atop the BigXII standings and most importantly, we have a bye week coming up for Sam to heal. Since the Cheap Seats reads no other write ups or listens to any post game, at this point, we have no idea the severity of Sam's injuries. We do know that after a 5 game win streak, we have over rated our offensive line. Against an outmatched Baylor D, we should have been able to establish a run game, move the ball and shorten the game. Missing not one but two 2nd half FGs certainly did us no favors. Make no mistake, the offense will not be eating the cheese over the bye week. OTOH, the defense was truly impressive. It was not a pleasant welcome home as Charlie Brewer was rudely welcomed to DKR. Sacked, hit, pressured and harassed, the TEXAS D did not seem too concerned with Charlie's pedigree. Baylor's rushing attack was held to less than 3 yards a carry and Baylor was held to half their season scoring average. The Defense showed up to play. 5 Key plays of the game +1 Not 2 minutes into the game, Sam suffers a shoulder injury sidelining him for at least the rest of this game. Shane's TD pass to Collin Johnson putting TEXAS in the lead. Caden Sterns INT late in the 1st half sets TEXAS up with a short field and FG. Gotta score points off takeaways Will lump the 2 missed FGs together. Difference in a 6 point instead of 9 point game was significant in the 4th quarter. Lil Jordan from the Wildcat on the goal line gives TEXAS the margin of victory they would need. +1 Chris Nelson has 2 batted balls and the DL would get another. Seemed all came on 3rd downs Players of the Game Offense: Collin Johnson was in beast mode. 11 for 132 and a TD. And his presence drew a key pass interference call keeping another drive alive. Runner up: Keaontay Ingram with his best day as a Horn, 19 for 111. This kid is special Defensive: Caden Sterns with his 4th INT of the season. Runner up: Chris Nelson who was very disruptive at the line and came up with 2 (3?) key pass blocks. Key Stats 17-52 Margin which TEXAS has been outscored this year in the 4th quarter. 9-18 3rd down conversion rate 4.1 Rush average against a team giving up 6.1 36 Baylor's season scoring average, we gave up 17 8-52 Penalties. RANDOM THOUGHTS We will make not bones, we thought the offensive play calling was offensive. We seemed to go turtle. Yes, we get you don't go wild with a QB who had not thrown a ball in a game all year. So why did we ask him to throw 34 times? Why didn't we run a single jet sweep or even just fake a jet sweep? We also thought the game was poorly called and the refs took far too much time conferencing after each call. Make the call and get out of the way. We think Rod Gilmore might be the most annoying announcer in CFB, his partner not far behind. Seemed that the fans helped impact the outcome which is a very good thing. We loved ISU's win but were not impressed at all with WVU. Who would have thought TT's D better than their O v TCU. . .though the game scares us, Halloween weekend in Lubbock. Need to "Orange Out" vs WVU at our house. Come early, be LOUD, wear ORANGE and stay late. WTF happened to Okie State???? Bye week couldn't come at a better time. Just random thoughts (alright, mostly bitching). In the race for a 1000 receiver, it's possible TEXAS has 2 this season. As it stands through 7 games which should be half the season. LJH and CJ are in a virtual tie with 576 and 563 yards each. Collin with 1 more (5) TD and both averaging 13.7 ypc. Rushing wise, KI simply does not have enough touches though if he can pick that pace up, he is averaging 6.1 a carry. Going Forward To quote Bill Parcells, DON'T EAT THE CHEESE (read your press clippings). Should not be a big problem after this game. Players know they dodged a bullet and they have a welcomed bye week to heal. Hope Sam can come back 100% RANKING THE BIGXII #1 TEXAS Undefeated in conference, your TEXAS Longhorns, in the hunt for a 1 January bowl at worst. And now getting National love as a potential play off team. #2 Land Thieves advance a notch thanks to WVU getting OWNED in Ames #3 Texas Tech More impressed with their D than O in a big win for them at Horny Froggy U. They need to win 2 more to go bowling and Cheap Seats things they should get there #4 Iowa State YUGE win vs Top 10 WVU. Will need 3 wins but the addition of Incarnate Word should be win #6 and a bowl bid for them. Their QB is for real. #5 WVU Heisman dreams crushed, playoff berth dreams crushed. Expect 1 loss to turn into 2. #6 Baylor Need to win 2 of the next 5. Will be interesting as they do not have an easy road #7 TCU Needs to win 3 of their last 6. Last game vs Okie State might be for the last BigXII bowl slot. #8 KSU Another team needing 3 wins and with OU/TCU/KU/TT & ISU on deck, can they find 3? Not taking that bet #9 Okie State They looked so good early on, 4 early wins set them up but a brutal schedule down the strech. Not sure they get there #10 Kansas Is it basketball season yet? Playoff Vote today: #1 Bama (or SEC champ if they are upset in CCG) #2 Clemson #3 tOSU #4 ND Outside looking in? #5 is your TEXAS Longhorns. #6 Michigan, they win out, they take tOSU's place #7 OU re-match at the Death Star for the final playoff spot? Of course assuming one of the top 4 stumble.
  12. Make no mistake, Kyler has OU's offense playing better than Mayfield did last year. That was no small task our D was faced with. Which is what made those 2 drives killed by penalties hurt so bad, we almost let one get away.
  13. 10 years ago, Colt McCoy lead TEXAS to the greatest game in the history of one of the greatest rivarly games in college football. Sam Elhinger would turn in a performance Colt would be proud of in a game that was an instant classic. TEXAS and Oklahoma would have us on the edge of our seats for 59:51 of the game. And the Cheap Seats was not real excited Kyler Murray was left with 9 ticks on the clock. This years RRW featured 3 of the best quarters of football under Coach Herman at TEXAS. . . . . . before the 4th quarter from hell which almost ruined things. DICKER THE KICKER is THE MAN. 2 big field goals but none bigger than his 40 yarder with 9 seconds to play. TEXAS has not had a game winning kick this big since Justin Tucker sent the aggies off with a big ole shit sandwich. Dicker should not have needed such a big kick going into the 4th quarter with a 21 point lead but he was MONEY and he delivered. Had you said the game would come down to a shoot out between Sam and Kyler, the cheap seats would have predicted a TEXAS loss. But Sam had not only his best game as a Horn but the best game by a TEXAS QB since that 10 year ago classic and Colt McCoy bringing TEXAS back from 2 double digit deficits. He was MONEY with his passing 25 of 35 (he wisely threw several balls away or were thrown where only our guys could make plays) 314 yards and 2 TD passes. NO INTs. 19 of 72 on the ground and added 3 rushing TDs. Our new favorite play, student body right with Sam carrying the ball. More importantly, Sam out dueled Heisman candidate Kyler Murray which is pretty impressive considering Murray had a decent day himself. If Sam can avoid an INT vs Baylor, he'll set the TEXAS record for most consecutive passes without an INT in TEXAS history. And he was hardly the only offensive star, Lil Jordan Humphrey with a little bit of everything, TEXAS leader in both yards and receptions added 2 pass completions, 1 for a TD and some quality/critical YAC to go with a receiving TD. His biggest catch of a game with multiple big plays came on 3rd and 21 in the 3rd for a 19 yard completion. This set up a 4th and 2, TEXAS/CTH says go for it. TEXAS converts. Andrew Beck would have a similar catch in the 2nd quarter in a similar same situation setting TEXAS up 4th and 2. Those 2 plays critical in drives which would end in TEXAS touchdowns. Key Stats 98 Most combined points in the RRW series 48 Most points TEXAS has ever scored in the series OU out rushed TEXAS but lost, very rare in the series +2 turnovers (not counting the last play of the game) 45-24 Score through 3 quarters 3-21 4th quarter score Pre Game, the Cheap Seats keys to victory were rush the ball for more than OU. . .we didn't get there. .. +1 or more in turnovers . . .survey says +2 (not counting the last play of the game) and converting turnovers into points. . . .we would score 10 points off those 2 turnovers. Thought we'd need a big day from Keaotay Ingram, he was our leading rusher going for 6.6 a carry but fear he tweaked the knee again as he only carried 13 times. We also wanted big games by CJ & LJH and they both delivered. Of course had you told us OU would score 45. . . we would not have liked our chances. The position group of the game was the often maligned offensive line. For 3 quarters they were awesome and basically manhandled OU. There were holes to run through and Sam had time to find open WRs. TEXAS would score on their first 5 drives (4 TDs 1 FG) before being forced to punt then 2 more TD drives. . . and then came the 4th quarter. With a 21 point lead and trying to run out the clock, 3 holding calls would snuff out 2 drives forcing punts. This needs to be an area of emphasis as had we lost, those become the 3 of the biggest plays of the game. Props also to CTH/Beck/Hand. When you score on 7 of your 1st 8 drives, 6 of those TDs, when you put together drives of 10, 8, 11 and 9 plays and control time of possession, you are calling a really good game. 500+ yards and 48 points. They also seem to be creating a real offensive identify. No clue who is calling plays and we don't really care, keep doing what you are doing. Not sure what to say about the defense. They had done a fairly good job against a very good offensive for 3 quarters but then gave up 188 yards and 3 TDs in the 4th quarter to make this a VERY INTERESTING, super pucker factor game. 5 Key plays of the game DICKER THE KICKER . . .. say hello win column, biggest play of the season. INT Brandon Jones, lead to 3 points and a TEXAS would never again trail in the game. Fumble recovery Brecklyn Hager leading to a short field TD 3rd and 21 competition to Lil Jordan Humphrey 19 yards setting up 4th and 2 conversion to keep a TD drive alive/Andrew Beck, same play same outcome of the drive. Opening drive, 3rd quarter Keaotay Ingram gashes OU for 31 flipping the field for TEXAS on our opening TD drive of the 3rd to take a 31-17 lead. Offensive player of the Game Sam, he was the man. Passing for 300+ and 2 TDs while rushing for 72 and 3 more TDs. Runner up-Lil Jordan, leading receiver (yards and catches) some strong YAC, TD reception and TD pass. Honorable Mention: Collin Johnson, made some BIG catches for 1st downs. Defensive player of the Game Brandon Jones, INT setting up a score and leading tackler on the day. Runner up-Charles Ominehu, his back to back 10 yard sack then run stuff puts OU in a hole forcing them to punt after an incompletion on their 1st drive of the 2nd quarter. What's Next? Coach Herman and the Horns have answered some big tests so far this year. Beating a "brand team" in USC at home. Coming off a big win to beat TCU the following week. Beating KSU on the road and getting the Purple Monkeys off TEXAS' back. Winning the Red River War and more importantly, TEXAS is the worst team in the past 2 years blowing 4th quarter leads. Not this week. TEXAS held off a 21 point run by OU to drive the field for a FG and win under pressure. Now CTH faces a new test, TEXAS is playing with a target on their backs and most likely a Top 12-15 ranking. No longer will we be the under dogs this year. TEXAS has gone from BigXII dark horse to BigXII front runner. And on the heels of a SWEET Red River War win comes Baylor with their high powered offense heading to Austin. Can CTH get his young charges up for Baylor after such an emotional game? TEXAS has a "game to give" and can lose to anyone in the BigXII and still advance to the BigXII Conference Title game. As Bill Parcells would say, not time to start eating the Cheese. Baylor just one of 4 very good offenses left on the schedule. Coach Herman's work is hardly done this year and Coach Orlando needs to mend some holes. Ranking the BigXII: #1 TEXAS We've said all year, to be the champ, you have to beat the champ. TEXAS going bowling, question is, how good a bowl? #2 WVU Ho Hum win vs Kansas but they have some excellent talent. WVU v OU game to determine TEXAS' opponent in the CCG? #3 OU Can OU get back in the CCG hunt or does 1 loss become 2? #4 TCU Off this week, needs 3 wins to go bowling. Should get there but it might be close. 4-8 could be listed in any order #5 Texas Tech Big offense and playing some much better defense. Needs 3 wins to go bowling. They should get there but some ???? games coming #6 Baylor F Baylor 2-1 in conference only needs 2 wins to go bowling but has a brutal end of season stretch #7 ISU Yeah you might not be going bowling as they need 4 wins in qualify but you did just beat OSU in Stillwater #8 OSU 2 losses to 2nd tier BigXII teams at home. What's up Gundy? #9 KSU Loss to Baylor leaves Snyder needing 4 wins to go bowling. Need to elevate their game #10 Kansas Is it basketball season yet? Playoff Predictions Way too early but this is how we see it today #1 Bama #2 tOSU #3 Clemson #4 Norte Dame ND wins out and they will NOT leave ND out to take 2 SEC teams. In the hunt: Georgia WVU Best of the unbeatens. TEXAS would need to win out, win the BigXII title game and hope for no more than 2 unbeatens. Even with 1 loss we see ND getting in. But 3 weeks ago had the Cheap Seats typed that, most would have thought we were crazy. Now . .. not so much. On a personal note, speaking at a friend's funeral sucks. Guys, cancer is a bitch, regular check ups and catch that shit early.
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