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  1. University of Oklahoma gave false data to U.S. News college rankings for 20 years


    The company that makes the annual Best Colleges rankings said that the University of Oklahoma gave "inflated" data on its alumni giving rates for two decades.

    U.S. News & World Report, which produces the coveted Best Colleges rankings, said Oklahoma would be listed as unranked in its 2019 edition because of the false data, which stretched back to 1999.
    For the 2019 Best Colleges rankings, the university originally said its two-year alumni giving rate was 14% but later informed U.S. News that the correct number is 9.7%, the magazine said.

    The false data affected Oklahoma's placement in the national universities, best value schools, top public schools, best colleges for veterans and A-plus schools for B students rankings and lists, U.S. News said.
    The rankings are based largely on data provided by the universities, such as graduation rates, class sizes and standardized test scores of students. Alumni giving rates make up 5% of the rankings formula because "giving measures student satisfaction and post-graduate engagement," U.S. News writes in its methodology.

    Last year, the University of Oklahoma was ranked 97th in the Best Colleges survey, and the school touted that placement as the first time it had been ranked among the top 100 universities and colleges.

    "This recognition marks a truly historic moment for the university," then-President David Boren said at the time.

    In a statement, OU said that it discovered the "misreporting of donations" in 2018 and provided the updated information to U.S. News immediately afterward. 
    "We appreciate the work of U.S. News and World Report and continue to have pride in the top rankings of several of our programs including our Masters of Business Administration, online bachelor's and graduate programs, specifically in Criminal Justice, Nursing and programs for veterans," said Joseph Harroz Jr., the interim OU President.

    "Rest assured, our University has learned from this occurrence and is working toward the goal of achieving future rankings for 2020 and beyond that reflect OU's excellence and academic success."
    Oklahoma is not alone in this type of data issue. Last year, U.S. News said that the Fox School of Business at Temple University had "significantly overstated" the number of new entrants to the 2016-2017 class who submitted GMAT scores, which resulted in it receiving a higher ranking.

    The Best Colleges rankings have long been criticized by higher education experts. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, former president of George Washington University, has called them a "racket" and said schools feel pressure to game the rankings.

    "Just as athletes use steroids and gambling happens at Rick's, colleges and universities succumb to their own set of pressures, including the desire to be on top in the rankings," he wrote in a 2012 opinion piece for CNN.
    The announcement of the false data comes amid a rocky transition for the University of Oklahoma's leadership. Boren, who had led the school since 1994, retired last year amid an investigation into sexual harassment claims, CNN affiliate KOCO reported. 

    His replacement, James Gallogly, retired May 12, and the university named Harroz, dean of its College of Law, as interim president last week.
    Lauren Brookey, the school's vice president of marketing and communications, said the university has retained the law firm Jones Day to conduct an independent investigation into the Boren allegations.

  2. 3 hours ago, texbound said:

    Can someone please explain to me what this means...WTH is a "Pull Out Day"? Only Aggy can come up with that.



    I can't tell you what it means, but I can tell you what it doesn't mean.  It's not the day that they pull their heads out of their asses.  That day never comes for them.

  3. 8 hours ago, J.B. TexasEx said:

    I'm pretty sure DeLoss, Powers, and the UT leadership let aggy know there'd be consequences for running away to the SEC. For them to state otherwise is disingenuous at best. It was no surprise to anyone paying attention to the rhetoric.

    I, for one, am not in favor of renewing the rivalry until both schools have the same number of OOC games. Right now, we've got 3 to aggy's 4. I also don't want it to be an early season game. Let it die if it can't be played in November during the SEC's "cupcake weekend" or on Thanksgiving.

    Hell, I'd rather play the SEC bluebloods anyway. F aggy

    At the time aggy president bow tie said it was a 100 year decision.  We have 93 years to go before we should schedule them.

  4. Ex-student files Title IX lawsuit against Baylor over alleged sexual assault


    The lawsuit said McCraw told Roe that she was “the sixth female student to come in to McCraw’s office to report that they had been sexually         assaulted by Elliott.†The suit further stated that Baylor coach Art Briles â€œwas aware of the reports.â€


    According to the suit, McCraw allegedly told Roe that there was “nothing the school could do for Roe unless there was a court determination that Elliott had indeed raped Roe. Otherwise McCraw said it would come down to a ‘he said-she said’ situation, and the school could not act on it.â€


    The lawsuit stated that Hernandez enrolled at Baylor in the fall 2011 and that on April 15, 2012, she was attending a party at a residence near campus. The suit says Elliott invited Hernandez and her friends to the party as he knew one of the friends.


    The lawsuit stated that at one point in the evening, Hernandez became separated from her friends and that Elliott grabbed her by the wrist and led her outside. The suit states that as Hernandez continued to protest, the player picked her up over his shoulder and carried her behind a secluded shack on the property.


    According to the lawsuit, one behind the shack, “Elliott pushed Hernandez up against an embankment, ripped off her pants and began to rape her.†The suit says Hernandez began to pull her pants back up and Elliott grabbed her again, pulled her pants back down and raped her again.


    Hernandez went back into the party and told her friends what had happened and they took her to a nearby hospital so a rape kit could be performed, according to the suit. The suit said Hernandez also gave an account of what happened to a Waco Police officer.


    The lawsuit says Hernandez’s mother arrived to help the next day and was turned away for help by: the Baylor Counseling Center, the psychology department at Baylor’s Student Health Center, and Baylor’s Academic Services Department which allegedly told the mother, ‘If a plane falls on your daughter, there’s nothing we can do to help you.


    According to the suit, Hernandez’s mother and father both contacted Briles’ office multiple times to follow-up on the incident. The suit said the mother received a call saying the coach was looking into it and the father never received a return phone call.

    The suit said despite Hernandez’s report to several administrative offices, “Baylor did not take any action whatsoever to investigate Hernandez’s claims."


    The suit accuses Baylor of multiple failures to comply with federal law, Title IX, and that the school acted “with deliberate indifference towards Hernandez’s reports of rape to several different Baylor departments as reflected by Defendants’ actions and inaction alleged herein.â€


    The lawsuit also alleged that a former member of Baylor’s advisory board that “reviewed sexual assault response issues with community leaders has publicly stated that Baylor officials have known abou the larger problem of sexual assaults committed by student-athletes for years.†The suit said the former member is a nurse who “has estimated that despite only making up 4% of the student population at Baylor, male student-athletes are responsible for 25% to 50% of all reported assaults that occur at Baylor.â€


    Baylor had another player convicted of sexual assault last year. Defensive end Sam Ukwuachu was convicted of sexually assaulting a Baylor student following a football game against Iowa State in 2013. The victim in that case reached a settlement with the university late in 2015.



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