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  1. If I had to choose between the 2, I'd go to the LSU game. There's nothing like the RRR but it is played every year and more than likely the 2 teams will meet twice in the same year. I've been to a few TX/Ho-U games and there's definitely nothing else like it. And I was at the Cotton Bowl for TX/Loser State in 01 and it was bananas. But this year's TX/Loser State game is in Austin, which won't happen again possibly in our lifetime.
  2. Per the comment section on TFB who is referencing Broughton's Instagram, Broughton is in Austin right now #grainofsalt
  3. Ringo just ran a 4.35 and Robinson just won MVP at the Rivals Challenge. We really need to sign these guys! LOL!
  4. Just a stab but I would guess Johnny Wilson...
  5. FWIW, a poster on TFB said in the comments that he heard from a source close to the Evans family that Zach's mom made him come and apologize to UT for his comments and that she wants him close to home...#grainofsalt
  6. Sounds like someone heard that Bijan was coming to town tomorrow and felt some type of way...
  7. Is this real??? Did this guy really say "...have him make a donation to some kind of retarded kid foundation"???? Unbelievable!!! WOW!
  8. "We" decided the LBs from TX were not what we wanted." LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! These guys are a trip
  9. Congratulations! As a father of 3 girls,1 being a newborn,( my youngest daughter Bryslynn was born March 2nd), you don't stand a chance pal! Lol!
  10. According to comments on TFB, Anwar Richardson is reporting that Herman, Ehlinger, Mehringer & Washington are all flying out to Cali to bring Bru back...
  11. According to TFB that could indeed be the case...when his brother (who's big on Texas) was asked if Texas was in Evan's top 5, his answer was "I don't know".
  12. Chris Simms spoke of "$100 handshakes"
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