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  1. So...if this team makes the tournament and goes as far as the sweet 16, do you still fire Shaka? That would put his teams in the dance 3 out of 4 years...
  2. These ags are genuinely bothered....and it's hilarious!!! #rentfree
  3. frosh Dictionary result for frosh /fräSH/ noun INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN a college freshman. "frosh week"
  4. Yeah I totally forgot that he's been a Longhorn for like 8 month lol
  5. @Daniel Seahorn is there a write up for Shepard that I'm missing? A commitment spotlight?
  6. Anyone getting the feeling that Orlando may leave? I didn't see Herman's press conference but posters on TFB seem to think it's a possibility considering Naivar's "promotion" to co-defensive coordinator along with some comments Herman made during his press conference...thoughts?
  7. Why was Vince in collie station is the real question...
  8. This is a great, thoughtful and well written article. And I agree 100%. Thanks for posting @primal defense
  9. I assume he will be in competition with Moore to replace LJH...that's just a guess. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in...
  10. McCoy didn’t make his commitment to USC public until Jan. 5, but he signed a few weeks earlier, and had already started taking classes as an early enrollee. But just a few days after McCoy’s commitment went public, Kingsbury left his barely touched job at USC to become the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. It was a step up for Kingsbury, but it unsurprisingly seems to have pulled the rug out from under McCoy, who, according to ESPN, has entered the transfer portal and most likely will go to Texas. So far, so logical. A man backs out of his commitment, and a kid—having been misled—wants to do the same. But aside from the fact that there’s no guarantee USC allows him a release, here’s the brutal, unfair line from ESPN, about a player who has never played a single snap for USC: Kingsbury, meanwhile, will reportedly not have to sit out the 2019 season before coaching the Cardinals. https://deadspin.com/five-star-usc-wideout-bru-mccoy-got-screwed-by-kliff-ki-1832049334 I think that the university will petition the NCAA for a waiver that will allow Bru to play immediately. From what I've read there's a pretty good chance it'll be granted... @Daniel Seahorn isn't that the case?
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