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  1. 4. I agree. But he wasn't asked to win games with his arm. And no reason to with Cedric Benson flanking him. And when he was asked to pass, he had Roy, Sloan, BJ, Scaife, and D Thomas to chuck it to. With the exception of TE, this squad is eerily similar (dynamic runner, adequate passer (more on that in #5) & an extremely talented group of receivers. 5. If all the plays called for the Heard package, he's been given the opportunity to pass 3 times (I think). Of course defenses are gonna assume run. Until Beck gives him more opportunities to pass, at least show it as a threat, defenses will continue to do so. And I think is fully capable right now to lead this team providing we establish the run. He's shown that he's a more than capable passer imo.
  2. I have absolutely no insight but I wonder if Tom Herman is the least bit annoyed with Tim Beck. Idk it just seems to me that this offense should be, or I would at least hope it would be, clicking on all cylinders going into conference play. We've only had 1 game where we established any semblance of a running game. And that came against SJSU. And regarding the qb, who's the guy? I mean we're about to hit a stretch where this team needs to be rocking and rollin. While it appears that this defense is hitting its stride, the offense is a crap shoot. Personally, it's starting to bother me that between the 2 runningbacks who see significant playing time that these coaches refuse to play the one whose better adept at doing his primary job; which is run the damn ball. I get it, he sux in pass pro. In my not so humble opinion, you continue to give him carries, let him establish a rhythm, and beat his a$$/punish him every time he misses a block until it's ingrained in him to do so. Porter should only get carries when Warren needs a breather. Another way to circumvent that is you play the qb who's better at escaping a collapsing pocket. 2 of the 3 qb's on the roster were top 5 dual threats coming out of high school. As talented a passer as Shane is, he's not as fleet of foot as either Sam or Heard. And there A LOT of yards to be gained from the qb position in college football. Seeing how your best runningback isn't the best blocker and we're depleted, due to injuries, across the offensive line, why wouldn't you play the qb who gives you the best chance to mirage those deficiencies? We forget that Vince didn't become the passer he was until his last season. Before that, he was extremely suspect and he had a trio of wideouts who may be the best to ever play here. Greg Davis tailored the offense around what he did do well (zone read) while allowing him to develop. I vote to allow history to repeat itself with either Sam or Heard. I believe either gives us the best chance to win now while also helping us to mirage any shortcomings we have at other offensive positions...thought?
  3. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    I don't know if he just tries "to survive it" but I get what you're saying. To this day, offensive players, hell every player on the national championship team still say "we always knew we would would win because we had VY". Of course Vince's skills were otherworldly, but a lot of that had to do with the intangibles he brought along as well. His swag or moxie, his ability to keep the team loose. His leadership. We seem to see more of those traits in Sam as opposed to Shane. That's not to say Shane isn't talented or even a leader. He and Sam just approach the position in a different way.
  4. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    I believe "violation of team rules" was the reason given
  5. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Idk, kinda reminds me of the Applewhite/Sims "controversy" where Mack was pretty much spineless and refused to make a decision and played them both. Mack was actually able to save face a bit when Major got injured and allowed Sims to takeover. And, of course, we missed a shot at the Natty because of it...
  6. It would nice to cross reference this against how many times each receiver has been targeted. And how many catches per targets...
  7. I just re-watched the game last night and all I can say is I agree 100%!
  8. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    The beef ribs were amazing!
  9. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    Hey Joey! I'm attempting beef short ribs for the 1st time. As far as cook times, should they take about as long as a brisket of equal weight. Or can I expect that they'll cook faster due to the bone? I got em prepped and ready but I'm trying to time em to be ready for the game. Thanks!
  10. Staff Predictions for the Texas & USC game

    Dammit man! Can we get one of y'all to pick with your heart and call the upset???? Geez!!!
  11. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread ****Part 3****

    Bout to put a brisket on and beff short ribs for the game and fight. Joey, do beef ribs cook quicker due to the bone? It's my 1st go at em
  12. Friday Night Lights – Week 3

    Denison is my alma mater!!! And it's their homecoming. Go Jackets!!!
  13. Sean Adams

    "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted" Matthew 5:4. Prayers for the family during this difficult time. rest in peace Sean Adams
  14. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    Thanks Joey! I had heard/read that the quality of those pits had diminished since CharBroil bought them. And yes, Old Country makes a solid unit for the price.
  15. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    LOL! Stop it! My pleasure