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  1. Herman Era Year 2

    ESPN has a pretty good, positive "puff" piece about Tom Herman and our beloved Texas Longhorn football team as they enter year 2 of the Herman regime. Check it out! http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/23434806/texas-longhorns-tracking-well-year-2-tom-herman-era
  2. ***** NFL DRAFT THREAD *****

    YES! YES!! YES!!!
  3. ***** NFL DRAFT THREAD *****

    Only the seniors should have entered the draft. Idk what info these kids received but it appears it was misleading...
  4. ***** NFL DRAFT THREAD *****

    I'm clueless as to why the Cowboys didn't pick Evans out of Alabama. But whatever...
  5. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    While he in no way will end up there, they did win the D2 natty last year...
  6. Did Poona visit with the Cowboys ahead of the draft?
  7. True, Sutton definitely isn't a burner. Idk how well he separates tho. Irving wasn't the fastest but he definitely could separate. What you think of Washington out of Okie Lite?
  8. I really wish the kid out of GA would slide to us (Smith) but LVE or Evans would would be nice as well. IF we go WR, I think Ridley, of course is the guy. Chances ae tho that he won't be there in which case the SMU kid (Sutton) or Moore are cool, I guess. I just really hope we wait til the 2nd round to go WR tho. I rather see them draft a DT in the 1st than a WR
  9. I just hope they don't use the 1st pick on a WR. We need a LB in the worst way imo
  10. Great read! Thanks for posting!
  11. I’m Not One To Typically Ask....

    So sorry for your loss Daniel. Will keep your family in my prayers
  12. AND I believe he ran a 4.36 40....that's picking em up and puttin em down!
  13. I agree to an extent. EVERYONE should have left the scene. The QB punched a wall and said "bullsh**t" and the officer went out of his way to arrest the guy. For what? Reacting to his friend being arrested? The officer had no problem arresting that chick but what about the couple who were standing right next to her filming as well? Saying it without saying it, the LPD singled out certain individuals. And having gone to school there (although 20 years ago) I can see nothing has changed...I do agree tho that the guy who punched the windshield absolutely deserved to be detained...
  14. Y'all should peep the bodycam footage. QB arrested for NO REASON. Also, some random chick was arrested for no reason. I hope these charges get dropped. Except for the cat who punched and cracked a windshield, the police were out of line imo