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  1. Lol! My mom just text me that JD recieved a TCU offer which is where he wants to go. A whole lotta time left but consider TCU the lead
  2. This is gonna sound "weird" but I just found out from my mother that he's actually my little cousin lol. I don't know him personally ( I mean I am 30 years his senior) but during the conversation with my mom, she also noted that he attends the yearly Falls Creek Easter retreat with her church; well that he went went her church this past year. Needless to say I'm rooting on the kid for continued success and hopefully he'll commit to the good guys
  3. I'm pretty surprised/excited about this. I only saw him play once because I live in Frisco and don't get up to Denison too much. He does "freshman" things like, when given the option, will break outside to out run defenders. Not sure how well he pass protects because Denison's offense is extremely run oriented. We'll see how he grows and develops. My best friend who lives in Denison and follows high school ball raves about him. Good kid; high character...absolutely deserving of this offer.
  4. I really don't think the organization viewed TE & S as their " biggest needs" dues to signing Iloka and also Witten returning. How high was Roy Williams (Hoe-U safety) drafted?
  5. TFB is working to confirm that both Zach Evans & Damien George will be on campus this weekend...
  6. True but also regarding TE, I wonder in a Kellen Moore offense how much that position will be valued? Kid is from Boise State. While it's "nice" to have a Witten to mentor the TE's on the roster, and I do think it's great that he's returning, I really believe we'll see this offense sorta transform to more spread concepts; moving away from the traditional inline TE and 2 TE formations except for goal line situations...
  7. Awesome breakdown of the draft @echeese! Perhaps the best I've seen. My only comment regarding the "whiff" at safety and TE is I think Dallas is extremely comfortable with Iloka and the return of Jason Witten.
  8. Off the top of my head (& I'm going all offense): Vince Young, Ricky Williams, Roy Williams
  9. Did we ever get an update on Kirk Johnson's wrist? That's the only injury I recall...
  10. As happy as I am to see some Longhorn football, this scrimmage has been very uneventful
  11. Texas has low key blown everyone out in the tournament. The defense has been staggering. And they're hitting 3's. Shame they weren't this consistent throughout the season. Good job tho!
  12. A combo of both. Actually if these Horn would make shots in the paint, it would really be a blow out. The boys are playing great defense
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