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  1. Congrats! I'm partial to the little ones.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I think we dodged a bullet there. Besides, I don't think he could have beat out Jake Smith anyway. Saying that I don't think Evans could have beat out Dijan either. We are in for some thrills watching Dijan with the ball in his hands.
  3. I'll give you my take on this and I base it on personal opinion, experience, observation and behind the scenes info. 1. Money, money,Money, money,Money, money,Money, money,Money, money,Money, money,Money, money,Money, money,Money, money, Does everyone understand this and are there any questions? 2. College football and basketball are multi, multi-million dollar enterprises. They are a business - pure and simple. 3. Multi-million dollar businesses must be protected. At any cost. You've seen UT's revenues. They are simply enormous. but the trickle down to lesser schools and their revenues remains basically the same. So shenanigans happen and they happen mostly out of desperation. Consider the aggy's. They just did a multi-million dollar upgrade to their stadium. Paid $75 M to a football head coach. Increasing their enrollment to 80,000. Moved to the SEC. Do you think they won't do everything in their power to support that investment and movement? If it means paying a top player they are going to pay him. Because winning equals money and money is what they are all about. The Georgia's, Alabamas, Oregons, etc. are no different.
  4. There is always a chance. That's the way recruiting goes. When I say he is gone, I mean there is not much confidence amongst the coaches.
  5. Buffett cost me a sizable amount of money. When I die my wife and her new boyfriend will have a lot less to party on.
  6. Ringo is gone. But, honestly, I lean more towards Bijan than I do Evans. I agree that Evans is an elite back, but keep in mind he played behind an OL that was, arguably bigger and better than Baylor's., Hell, SirHornsa Lot could have run up some stats behind that line. Bijan has some quicks, jerks, jumps and twitches that Evans doesn't. That translates into a possible future superstar. Maybe even on the same level as Ricky. (don't yell at me).
  7. And I have been right each time and I'm right this time. Not because I have some kind of prognosticating powers, but because I am told what the coaches are saying behind the scenes. And the coaches have been right the majority of the time - except with Bru. That was a shocker for everyone.
  8. Well, the point is that a kid may take an OV only for the fun of it and have no intention of attending that school. But that being said I think that you and I pretty well know this recruiting class is going to be monstrous. This will be the best lineman class in my memory. Comparable to the DKR days. Herman has some huge, nasty boys coming and that means we are getting Bama good and the ass kickings are coming as well.
  9. A couple of recruits that I know said that most of them get together at camps, bowls, tryouts, and discuss the best schools to take OV's. By best, they mean the most entertaining, food and towns. Local talent is a high consideration as well. Very high. UT is considered one of the top schools to visit as well as LSU, Georgia and USC.
  10. Who was the coach during the gold Trans Am days?
  11. No curse, just football. Every team in the country, including Bama, suffers the same "bad luck".
  12. I heard Fenves hated that damned thing and was always fearful someone would get hurt and sue the university.
  13. I think what they meant was McCoy hasn't gotten approval from the NCAA to play this year yet.
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