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  1. doc longhorn

    How Baylor Happened

    Notwithstanding the Baylor/SWC debacle, BU had become a pariah in UT's eyes. There were elements of the UT admin that did not care what BU or the Big 12 did, but cared only what UT would do. The unknown fact is UT was perilously close to bolting to the PAC 12. Primarily because of BU, the WPD and Waco itself. And, yes, because of aggy shenanigans. This is when the media stepped in, as the LHN was threatened and "future" plans as well. I'll discuss this later. The bottom line, as always, was money. All schools are whores, even rich ones like UT. Well, a little ego as well. The arrogance accusations at UT are not far fetched.
  2. doc longhorn

    Commitment Spotlight: Bru McCoy

    Of course. But it is already a done deal. Best prime rib steaks in the state.
  3. doc longhorn

    Commitment Spotlight: Bru McCoy

    Sadly, I turned on my friend like the rotten and blatantly coward that I am and said he lied - the kid is signed, sealed and delivered to SC and I would bet on it. Afterward, I asked him if he would still provide me with Texas info and he said: "and miss the opportunity for more paid for meals?" He delights in rubbing it in. I delight in beating his ass on the golf course.
  4. doc longhorn

    Commitment Spotlight: Bru McCoy

    My credibility was on the line with this kid. I boasted on another site that a 5^ was coming and then he signed with USC, shocking my source and a few others. My other guy said not to worry, but we worried. A lot. Bets were made and now I must foot a bill at Taste of Texas for 11 people. I will learn to keep my big mouth shut and trust a little more.
  5. doc longhorn

    Happy New Year

    Loved our time in NOLA, but very tired. Had a bumpy flight back but landed safely in Sugarland. But we beat them Dawgs, so I am very happy. and now all my family is at my house in Katy wanting something to eat.
  6. doc longhorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    We should really like our 2019 class, but I am here to tell you that we will be ecstatic over our 2020 class. I'm convinced our W/L record will be in direct correlation to the success of our OL and DL recruiting. Always, I mean always, follow our linemen recruiting.
  7. doc longhorn

    Happy New Year

    Oh, I know. There are a bunch like him over there. A lot of them are refugees from Orange Blood. You should know they all get together at their little tailgate and badmouth all the members they have clashed with. Malaise thinks he is being cute - bashing other members. He ain't. I've gotten so many PM's from people that don't like him. I'm not well liked either. That's because I won't take crap off the mods or the lawyer cult over there. There are many members that I do like and I like Scipio's and Ian's stuff.
  8. doc longhorn

    Happy New Year

    I prefer not to name it. Most on here know which one. I have just never been a fan of people, when disagreeing with someone else, choose to personally insult and denigrate them because they do. Conversely, when a goober chooses to attack me, I will return fire with all guns. I'm old and crotchety like that. And I don't suffer fools very well.
  9. doc longhorn

    Welcome new Sponsor Greater Austin Urology

    I've always been a fan of pee pee and poo poo doctors. However, when as a young intern and considering a specialty, Urology, and proctology were not at the top of my list. I figured I would leave that part of the anatomy to the truly objective people that were actually a lot smarter than me. instead, I chose children (what monster doesn't like children?) and have spent a career quite often dealing with pee pee and poo poo and having to get advice from urologists and proctologists.
  10. doc longhorn

    Happy New Year

    While I await watching UT crush Gawga, I thought I would make a few inane and inconsequential asides (I used to be known as snide aside). Other sites - I refuse to join a site that creates fake profiles in order to generate clicks. I am a member of a site that, collectively, has the largest number of assholes and sophomores than even Texags. (I guess I'm one as well) . I am a member of one site that I just discovered one of the mods is not even a Longhorn and refuses to back UT against Georgia. I will be unmerciful on him. Bowl game fans - for the most part, Gawga fans are pretty decent. I, on the other hand, have not been and have totally been in their face. I love smack talk as I am the master and cannot be beaten Del Conti has been a godsend and the next few years will be proof.. I am not sold on Herman. Not yet. Bru McCoy really likes Texas. But he really likes USC as well. Monitor KK and see if he goes pro. Doc's prediction - 2019 class is excellent, but the 2020 class will be historic. Ingram will be an All American Next years team will be better than this years. MBHorns is being crucified by arrogant pricks of a well known site. I will defend him. Once again, Happy New Year and remember - family love far surpasses money.
  11. doc longhorn

    Sugar Bowl Roll Call

    You were probably smelling dead bodies. My party is planning to be at Petunia's around 9ish. Come on by and have breakfast with us. I'm buying. You will recognize me - 6'2", white-haired and extremely good looking.
  12. doc longhorn

    Sugar Bowl Roll Call

    Don't tell me you were at that VT disaster in '95?
  13. doc longhorn

    Sugar Bowl Roll Call

    No, thanks for asking, but my friend reserved a couple of suites at the Omni Royal, in the Quarter. It's a short walk from Petunia's, where we like to eat breakfast. Maybe we will see you at the game Edit: I'm sorry, I thought I was replying to a PM. I'm dumb.
  14. doc longhorn

    Sugar Bowl Roll Call

    I have tickets. My wife and a couple of friends of mine are going to fly my plane to NOLA. Hopefully, the weather is good, otherwise, it will be a long drive.
  15. doc longhorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    The poster was asking for names to wrap up the program.