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  1. doc longhorn

    Not good

    I know what I was told and it wasn't nearly as bad as Elliot made it out to be. Herman advised a few that came out, Elliott being one, that he didn't believe they would be drafted as high as they thought they would. He, also, told them what he told the scouts. That was the end of it until one of the asshole agents told him that Herman badmouthing him was the reason he was drafted lower than he thought. There is even more to this story, but I cannot relate it because I promised not to. Daniel, if you have any inside, you know I speak the truth. Regardless, aggy, OU, TCU, and LSU are trying vigorously to capitalize on it and, unfortunately, they have made a little traction with a couple. This weekend will hopefully set things straight.
  2. doc longhorn

    Burnt Ends - 7/6/18

    An old friend of mine and longtime golf partner (he has cost me a lot of money on the course) was once the next door neighbor to Royal. DKR had allowed him to see the inner organization of the legendary coach, and he said Royal's attention to detail was an almost autistic genius. As a former regent, he has had an opportunity to interface with Tom Herman and his organization as well. He declared that Herman was every bit a detail oriented person as Royal. He also has Royal's uncanny ability to remember the names of every one he has met - including family details. It can't be overly expressed how extraordinarily useful this trait is in recruiting. He thinks the football program is in good hands.
  3. doc longhorn

    Congratulations are in order

    Congrats! And have babies - lots of them.
  4. doc longhorn

    The Dead Period Hang Out

    I love this guy: Mitch Hedberg "The ultimate stocking stuffer is a severed foot"
  5. doc longhorn

    The Dead Period Hang Out

    Aggy has been lost, without food or water, in a Navasota pasture for 6 days. He is crawling on the ground when he comes upon a flock of sheep and an aggy sheepherder. He promptly begs the herder for some water which the herder gives him from his canteen. After the aggy slacks his thirst he says to the aggy herder "Sir, I haven't had sex in months, would you care if I partook of one of your sheep?" Herder says sure, but the aggy askes him to please not laugh and the herder agreed. The poor aggy selects a ewe and mounts her forthwith. At which the aggy herder started laughing uproariously. the aggy jumps off the sheep totally embarrassed and told the herder "I thought you weren't going to laugh?" At which the herder replied, "Yeah, but I didn't think you would pick the ugliest one.".
  6. doc longhorn

    Herman Era Year 2

    Proving that game pants pads are virtually worthless.
  7. doc longhorn

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Understand, Daniel, that I am only paraphrasing what I heard is being used against us. None of it is surprising as UT has had worse things said about it over the years. In recruiting that is.
  8. doc longhorn

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Daniel - just heard a few of the storylines our opponents are using to negative recruit against us. tell us if you hae heard a few of these: "Orlando is good for one more year at UT and then he will be gone" "RB's at UT will never be showcased - just check the last five years" "UT rarely sends OL to the NFL - check the last 10 years drafts" "WR's aren't showcased because of poor QBing and the OC" And finally: "There is no comparison to the Big 12 and the SEC - do you want to play in the Baylor and ISU stadiums? Sec's are always sold out"
  9. doc longhorn

    May Landscapes – Rose Rosette Disease

    Where can I get this miracle fertilizer? Wife had her guy re-pot the plant into a larger pot - seems to be perking up. Frankly, I hate the SOB (the plant, not the guy). I dislike any plant that can hurt you - Sego Palms, Meyer lemon bushes, etc. I will PM you the details. I was rather mis-leading in my comment. Two acres are mowed and manicured, but the yard area (about a half acre) is fenced (to keep the deer out) with a large pool, sidewalks, gazebo and bath house.. Love of my life is bored and thinking about re-landscaping it all. I, on the other hand, think it is just fine as it is. Who do you think will win this conflict? Can you re-landscape for about a $100?
  10. doc longhorn

    May Landscapes – Rose Rosette Disease

    Okay, young man, I have a problem with a pot of Bougainvillea by my barn at my ranch. It gets plenty of water (every other day), but is not flowering and looks wilted all the time. It's driving my wife crazy. I have told her that I know an expert and he is a Longhorn as well. By-the-way, how are you at landscaping 3 acres of lawn and gardens?
  11. doc longhorn

    More questions about who were the best?

    It sounds as if I am anti-Malik. Far from it, I just think Malik was the equivalent to Super Bill Bradly - who never lived up to his potential as a QB. But found his niche as a safety. IMO, Maliki was either a huge DB or an outside LB. He should NEVER have been played as a MLB. The coaches of UT did him no favors.
  12. doc longhorn

    More questions about who were the best?

    Oh, no doubt he was miscast as an MLB. But he had the size and speed to be fearsome. I don't think anyone would call him fearsome. The pros will put him outside, where he should be. And they will test him on his physicality.
  13. doc longhorn

    More questions about who were the best?

    You will note that I said I didn't include interior linemen. Mostly because it is such a tough position to identify. There were some great All Americans I could have named - even Studdard. Yeah, I considered Leaks - Koy and Saxton as well. Don't forget Chris Gilbert. At the time the most prolific RB in the nation.
  14. doc longhorn

    More questions about who were the best?

    I agree. The kid had worlds of talent and was extremely fast for a big man. But he was not physical - an absolute requirement for playing middle linebacker. While he played MLB, there were way too many runs gashed up the middle as Malik wouldn't or couldn't stick his head in there.
  15. doc longhorn

    Way too early predictions - Longhorns

    I've thought about this comment a bit. As good as last years? There is no doubt that last years defense, with the exception of Maryland and Tech, was pretty salty. However, it had an Achilles heel and that was stopping runs up the middle. And, most on here probably won't like this, but I lay the blame, on Malik Jefferson. As an outside backer he was awesome. As a MLB he was average at best. In the pros, Malik is going going to get a cold dose of reality. If you can't or won't play physical, you aren't going to last long.