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  1. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I've seen Glass play. He is a player cut from the same mold as Porter. And, like Porter, he was running behind an OL line as big as UT's - and probably better But, IMO, both would have to wait until Ingram graduates or goes to the league. Neither are in his class as an RB.
  2. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I wasn't trying to suggest that Roschon would flip. I was simply using him as an example. Should Leal commit, he would be another example.
  3. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    One of the other sites noted how firm QB Rochon's commitment was to UT. It also noted how hard aggy was pursuing him. This got me to thinking (look out!). If you just got hired at TAMU, who would you look at as your biggest rival in recruiting? You guessed it. So, what would I, as the new coach, have to do to swing momentum my way? Again, right - flip a headliner recruit from Texas. That flip would seal the deal for aggy for 2019 and further. I think this mission will be a top priority for Jimbo this year. Herman will need to gird his loins.
  4. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    It's true that the NCAA is almost completely toothless. But aggy is aggy and they will find a way to screw up so even the NCAA won't be able to ignore it.
  5. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Here is the thing about aggy. They have invested multi-millions to build their bat cave. They just invested $75MM for a coach. A coach, mind you. They disgraced themselves with their move to the SEC. Even though they have a so called "honor code", they have proven themselves, time and time again, to not be honorable. They will do anything to make themselves relevant and they are now in a conference that will look the other way while they try doing it. They didn't pay what they did for a coach to not go all in and cheat if they have to. They are deadly serious about wanting to win. And they will do anything to show up Texas. Archive this comment and when the day comes they are busted, and it will, refer back to it.
  6. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    My daughter as well. Nah, I can't be brainwashed about the aggy culture. And most of you are but youngsters and have no idea how insidious the aggy Corps has been in shaping the culture of that woe begotten bunch of goobers.
  7. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Actually, I read him on IT - he has a sub there. I like him. He is an Aggie and not an aggy.
  8. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    This is really a cool dude for an aggie. This comment was made sarcastically and not meant to be serious.
  9. Burnt Ends - 02/05/17

    Well, I only knew of two and one has already openly committed. Texas is going to have a really good day tomorrow. Herman rules.
  10. Burnt Ends - 02/05/17

    One of these has already committed behind the scenes - let's have a contest to see who guesses which one. There were two, but Moore has already publically committed. And this one wants his time in the spotlight. Hornsports can anoint the winner.
  11. This cat is not only the laughing stock of the twit, but of texags as well.
  12. Prayers

    Modern medical science is amazing. So much has changed and advanced even from my medical school days. I predict that one day we will have the means to PREVENT the scourge of mankind - before it even can get started. Genetic engineering will be our savior science to accomplish this. And it is not too far off either.
  13. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Daughter (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until it gets rid of the Corps and all its faux "traditions". Son-in-law (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until they get rid of the yell leaders and fish school. To be clear - daughter went to TAMU because they have the finest veterinarian school and son-in-law went to TAMU on a baseball scholarhip..and vet school. And both want to resume the rivalry with UT. Both think Dodds and bow tie were idiots. Neither are allowed to wear aggie swag in my home - including grandkids. That is my punishment for my daughter going to aggy. Told daughter she has been removed from my will, with the exception of a 12 year old, dumb as hell, sway-backed old Longhorn steer. Who farts when alarmed. Wife threatened to make my life hell if I removed daughter from will. Daughter still in will.
  14. New Big 12 members

    Now you are getting me stirred up again. And all the time they were retreating, they were looking over their shoulders saying we were afraid to play them. This after we had just kicked their butts with a bandy-legged legacy who "ran down the goddammed middle of Kyle field like a newborn fawn trying to find its legs". I put that last sentence in quotations as I stole it from another site and because it was quoted by a well liked Aggie named String. And because it was so accurate.
  15. New Big 12 members

    Ha, ha! How do you really feel? Of course, I'm sure there is not an aggy out there that doesn't feel the same about UT. It's interesting how that cult is so brainwashed about UT. Did you know that UT lit up the tower in maroon after the aggie bonfire tragedy? Did you, also, know that the UT band played Amazing Grace at halftime during the game? You do things like this when you are not filled with hatred and you aren't a collection of classless goobers. On the flip side, I've not heard or seen a consoling word from aggy about our kid diagnosed with leukemia - twitter or otherwise. And there is the absolute insult the aggy band gave us at the last game we will play - the marching to a sawing off the horns formation at halftime. This, right after our band showed the real class by playing "Thanks for the memories". Most of us won't forget all of this.