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  1. Wow, things have changed a lot with this team. Regardless of whether we make it to post season play, I hope this team pulls together and comes out of this funk. Thanks Joeywa for these threads. You do a fabulous job.
  2. I'll never forget that he was fired via text while at a recruit's house. lol
  3. Texas-Florida negotiate series https://www.burntorangenation.com/2019/4/18/18494427/texas-longhorns-florida-gators-home-and-home-series
  4. Wonder if Herman has Nathan Vasher on this guy. Vasher played ball at Texas High.
  5. It definitely wasn't a good night for him. I don't know where his head was at though.
  6. OU is the rival. Too many things confirm that. Special stage - Cotton Bowl. Special date – ALWAYS on second Saturday in October. Special results – throw out the rankings, this is a slugfest. That makes it what it is to so many Longhorns – a true rivalry. With aggy, it's the unwarranted arrogance from a program that hasn't won squat in so long – I don't think anybody on this board can tell you when they won their last title. Some weren't even born then. So each meeting we had with them was nothing more than a collective "I hope they see the big picture here" group thought from Texas. We weren't preoccupied with wondering who would win. We knew that already.
  7. LSU can't financially afford to match his current contract. La govt is not the wealthiest at the moment.
  8. Jimbo will never get out of the SEC West at aggy. Maybe he's realizing this. I think he'd do pretty well at LSU. I don't think LSU can or would match his current contract.
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