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  1. Cali WR LV Bunkley-Shelton will be visiting July 26th-28th. Polished slot receiver with big-play ability.
  2. And who was right there with them through all of that all the way up to now? Its not like they're able to say "told you so" lol and now they point the finger at the staff? And you paid for that ride. lol Brainiacs, who have the best record on recruiting than the stuff you ingest, haven't said a word about Bijan trending OSU. In fact, their update as of yesterday (interview with mom) indicated Texas likely leads. The 9/95ers started this after Ransom's comments (tweet) confirming that OSU leads for him. But I've seen no tweets from Bijan indicating anything about OSU. If you have, please share.
  3. Texas won't settle. Bijan will be a Horn, IMO. OSU is too far from home. USC was the original favorite. Texas presents the best of both worlds.
  4. lol, Wilson is STILL in Austin RIGHT NOW and is coming back for an official. You should ask for a refund. lol
  5. Well, you hang on to that because after all, you did pay money for it. lol I have nothing against Jason. I like the guy, know him personally. I've never had an issue with him. If you can argue against what I said, know that I'm not stopping you. Do you have something other than speculation saying Bijan leans to OSU? Ransom, yes. Solid evidence there. Otherwise, I've seen nothing but people trying to tie the two together for whatever reason.
  6. Yeah, we have a couple that we're looking at that might be better options, especially at OT. Lindberg ends up at G, IMO. I've heard the recent arrivals all showed up in very good physical shape. Another player, Coburn, looks better than he ever has at UT.
  7. From your list, I am skeptical about Justin Flowe Lathan Ransom Mookie Cooper Chad Lindberg
  8. When was the last time Suchomel and OB scooped anything? Why doesn't anyone pass around War Room like they do with prime content from other sites? This is why you're being met with great skepticism. Even if they're right, the main takeaway will be "how did they suddenly get good info on a player?" lol
  9. As long as Buddha is associated with it, I won't go back.
  10. If there are two, I agree that Thompson and Johnston would be the two. Remember, IT guys said there would be 2-3 more before end of June. We're in the last week and 1 of the 2-3 is down. So there must be another or two in the cue.
  11. Of his list, I'd say Eaton and Cooper are headed elsewhere. The other three are very much in play for us. Just remember Doc, this is self-inflicted. In piss fights, everybody gets pissed on.
  12. When originally presented, it was secretly meeting and communicating with UT staff. Now one visit under the radar? This has already gone on longer than it's worth.
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