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  1. per brainiacs, . . . T'Vondre Sweat reported in at 320 lbs, up from 285 on NSD. Myron Warren reported in at 270 lbs, up from 240 on NSD. Peter Mpag reported in at 260, up from 225. i
  2. The one I heard discussed was located in Tomball, but I can't recall the name.
  3. I'm sorry, but a senior in high school SHOULD be able to use the correct form of the word break. Probably has a part time job at JustBrakes.
  4. I actually heard Caldwell's name a couple of times over the past two weeks (when I ask who stands out).
  5. Stumbled across this stat today. Apparently, these teams enjoy quite the home field advantage. This type of scheduling must be ridiculed and called out as often as possible. Alabama – 8 home games Michigan – 7 home games Texas A&M – 7 home games Ohio State – 7 home games Clemson – 7 home games
  6. I hear he's considering private school. Not sure how that works but thats what I hear.
  7. I can confirm thats not true. Nothing on his twitter page. There is some noise elsewhere that Ty Jordan will be pulling the trigger very soon.
  8. And it was a 6-0 vote, so you have to think they were informed in some way. By contrast, I've heard he didn't have the best home life and I have no idea if this is true, but I saw his former school, Houston North Forest, described as a shit show on another board. I think North Forest is in the 1960 area on the north side, which was once a pretty nice little community. I haven't been through there in years though.
  9. I think we get Eaton Friday. Eaton is fast. His speed is one of the things that stick out about him. He's a little raw in technique but thats fixable (coachable). There's a ton of potential with Eaton and he will most definitely redshirt to get those skills down before he hits game time. We will add another DB after Eaton, but only if his name is Ringo.
  10. https://www.foxsports.com/southwest/story/third-annual-texas-football-days-kicks-off-sunday-aug-25-on-fox-sports-southwest-072219
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