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  1. See my post above. You're are correct. He had one really good year in 10-11 and made the final four. Never won a conference championship in 6 years. VCU won their conference the 3 years before he came and the year after he left.
  2. You probably should just go with Herman and Hand on this one. And probably Yancey. And then go research what our OL depth has looked like over the past 5 years. We played in a damn bowl game 5 years ago with only 6 scholarship offensive lineman.
  3. Daniel, any thoughts on this guy? Man, if he can play a lick he seems like he would definitely be take. Especially since he weighs 330 and has 3 years left.
  4. My wife likes to tell me that she would like to agree with me but then we would both be wrong.
  5. As always, take it for what it's worth, but I am aware that there are some people close to the program who believe he is a silent commit.
  6. Just watched the Ishmael Sopsher highlights and then the announcement. Something about both makes me think this kid is a prime candidate to be a total bust.
  7. Well yea, it's a tough crowd. We have standards Edit: I thought we did until I saw Primal's post. Now I'm on his side.
  8. Check out his Hudl. Don't know how good the competition is and I don't know what to look for in these, but damn! https://www.hudl.com/video/3/7121778/5b9d30f93deae70a84a89082
  9. Surely Bru is worth more than one Kate
  10. Okay, now SirHorns needs to bring the very best of Kate. But it's got to be really good
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