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  1. joeywa

    The Dead Period Hang Out

    All I know is I grilled some prime ribeye cap steaks tonight and they were off the charts.
  2. Max roster size when the season begins is 35. There will be some guys that don’t make the cut. We are over the limit as it stands today.
  3. joeywa

    ***CWS Elimination Game: Florida vs Texas***

    Phenomenal run by an overachieving team. Nobody felt Omaha was on the table this year. And if you say you did, I likely wouldn't believe you anyway. Let's do this again next season, but then, stay all night, stay a little longer.
  4. joeywa

    ***CWS Elimination Game: Florida vs Texas***

    Why don't y'all stream Craig Way?
  5. joeywa

    ***CWS Elimination Game: Florida vs Texas***

    Let's do this......for Jameson.
  6. joeywa

    **College World Series Thread**

    They're off and running in the UNC/Miss St game. Miss St up 4-1, B4
  7. joeywa

    **College World Series Thread**

    Seems this young lad needs some help with his poll. Y'all up for assisting him?
  8. joeywa

    **College World Series Thread**

    And in T8, it's 10-5 Oregon St.
  9. joeywa

    **College World Series Thread**

    9-5 Oregon St., B7 UW brings back their P from pre-rain delay, (4.5 hours sitting,) back out after the break. He walks in a run. Then he comes out and gives up a 3-run dinger.
  10. joeywa

    **College World Series Thread**

    Another marathon rain delay. Welcome to Omaha in June. It's a daily occurrence.
  11. joeywa

    **College World Series Thread**

    texas.leanplayer.com Listen to Craig Way, Roger Wallace and Keith Moreland.
  12. joeywa

    **College World Series Thread**

    OK, Texas vs Florida Tuesday at 2 PM ET.
  13. joeywa

    ***CWS Opener: Texas vs Arkansas***

    Boys need to regroup tomorrow and be ready for Tuesday.
  14. joeywa

    ***CWS Opener: Texas vs Arkansas***

    Also, O'Donnell, Fields and Whelan headed to the pen. All hands on deck.