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  1. Thanks Mike. Glad you enjoyed it. The Twitter PBP keeps me pretty busy which is why the content here is less detailed. Hopefully if folks want more detail they can find it on the Twitter feed.
  2. T9 Horns had bases loaded with 2 outs and could only manage one run.
  3. B8 Cajuns strand one, lead by 3, 8-5, headed to the 9th
  4. B7 Cajuns draw a walk, he makes it to 3B on a ground out and a WP, but he gets stranded there. After 7 complete, Horns trail 8-5
  5. T7 Horns don't add anymore runs but close the gap to 3 runs Headed B7, Horns trail 8-5
  6. T7 Horns have put 4 on the board in T7, McCann scores on an E9, then Kennedy PH for Fields drills a 3 run HR over the LF wall 8-5 now. Still no outs
  7. B6 Bocchi retires the Cajuns in order. Thru 6 complete, Horns trail 8-1
  8. T6 Horns get a couple of 2-out baserunners, but can't do anything with them. Headed B6, Horns trail 8-1 Bocchi on the bump
  9. Horns allow 4 runs before closing out B5 Cajuns 8 Horns 1 Thru 5 complete
  10. B5 Neeley loads the bases with nobody out. 2B/BB/BB Whelan comes in from the pen.
  11. B4 Cajuns plate 2, now lead 4-1 Cobb was replaced by Stevens, who lasted two batters (BB) and gave way to Ivey who closed out the inning. Horns trail 4-1 thru 4 T5 Horns strand a 2-out walk, still trail 4-1 headed B5 Jack Neeley on for B5
  12. B3 Horns retire Cajuns 1-2-3 with some great defense by Reagan as SS. Horns trail 2-1 thru 3
  13. T3 Texas gets a 1-out walk but Zubia hits into a 6-4-3 DP Nothing doing. Horns trail 2-1 headed B3