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  1. Why I love the aggies

    Do you live in Portland? I’m about 15 minutes from the Portland airport.
  2. Capitalize with an early 2H score and it’s there for the taking.
  3. Sam just gives this O a different mindset.
  4. There we go. 3rd stringer from a frosh. Ha
  5. Dear Echeese . . . . .

    Should've known that Cheese was born on Halloween. Happy belated buddy!
  6. Astros World Series

    Sorry guys, I had to step away from the Internet tonight for a game 7
  7. Clemens has a 1B, 2B & Dinger over the batter's eye in straightaway CF today.
  8. It's early. That's my assessment. Flashes from a few Ps and a few bats. 3B looks to be Kody's to lose. Not sure what they'll do about 1B, although I think it will probably be Reynolds if I had to base it on this series. OF is fast, really fast. They cover a lot of ground. There is a ton of youth on this team. I'll try to review today's game and see if there's anything of note to pass along. I know that @DonaldJBoyles was out there last night, so maybe he can chime in as well.
  9. Apologies ladies and gents, I failed to cover the game today due to (GASP!) work! Looks like Team Orange is rolling, up 9-2 in B8.
  10. Astros World Series

    Altuve is due tonight.
  11. Astros World Series

    Walks work too.
  12. Astros World Series

    Need some knocks here.