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  1. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread ****Part 3****

    Why did you wrap it with bacon? i just dry run a breakfast sausage roll then smoke it.
  2. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Did not expect this team to stay within 15 points. To lose in 2OT and show the improvement from week 1 to now that we showed speaks volumes for the future.
  3. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    My experience is faster than a brisket but looking for the same type of signs; fork tender, heavy bark, internal of 200-205-ish.
  4. Sean Adams

    Rest In Peace Sean.
  5. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    I will tell you to steer clear of any Char Broil product. They have significantly cheapened the materials that they use on the New Braunfels line of pits. This was likely done to hit a price point but they don't last. I would recoomend looking into the Old Country brand carried at Academy. They have on offset that runs around $499 I believe, and another that's $699. Quality built and durable. Whatever you buy, you will get what you pay for.
  6. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    I have not. Tell me about it. Looks like a way to isolate your smoking wood chunks and keep them above the hot coals, allowing them to smoke/smolder and not completely catch fire. Is that about right?
  7. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    @Bear19, I tried something this weekend for the first time with brisket. After the brisket was done and rested, I took it out of the wrap and cut off about an inch of the end of the point, and both sides from the point, same, about an inch or two thick slice. I cubed these, put a dry rub on them that had more sugar content, then drizzled them with a small bit of Stubbs BBQ Sauce. Tossed them in a pan really well so they were all coated with the rub and a light glaze of the sauce. Threw them back into the pit at 200 for about an hour or so. Boom-burnt ends. The glaze and sugar-based rub carmelized on the pieces nicely, and they were very tender. It was a hit.
  8. Requested BBQ Smoking Thread****Part 4****

    Sauce on brisket? Only if I've screwed something up.
  9. View from the Cheap Seats-SJSU

    The Big 12 top half is strong this season.
  10. SJSU Film Review (by Ryan Bridges)

    I love this feature. Nice job @Ryan Bridges
  11. He looks very good today. Athletic and not going down after initial contact.
  12. I just don't want to see this board turn into one that allows bashing of players. I get that we can all run a bit hot at times, but let's try to keep it in check. It's one of the things that makes HornSports enjoyable on game days compared to others. If a guy messes up, makes a bonehead play, make mention. Let's not get personal. Every kid on this team isn't here because they have "nothing to input." Players and prospective players read this site. As Ron Burgundy would say, "stay classy San Diego." And trust me, I want Texas to win and be successful as much as anyone on here Now, let's look forward to a second half of more Texas points.
  13. Offensively it pretty much needed to be a basic game plan for Ehlinger in his first collegiate start. I'm OK with what I'm seeing so far.
  14. Rat bastards. Oops. Sorry. Was channeling my inner @Bear19