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  1. I'm going to go ahead and get this started, and if @Jameson McCausland wants to put in his preview here, bring it on! Couple of notes. Team arrived yesterday and took some time at Alex Box Stadium to get in a few cuts and some light practice. This morning the crew took a tour of the Marucci facilities. It's currently 72 and there's a steady rain falling. The series schedule for this weekend is as follows: FRIDAY 7 PM CST—LSU RHP Zack Hess (0-1, 30.86) vs. Texas RHP Nolan Kingham (1-0, 0.00) SATURDAY 6:30 PM CST—LSU RHP Caleb Gilbert (0-0,10.38) vs. Texas RHP Chase Shugart (0-0, 0.00) SUNDAY 2 PM CST—LSU RHP Todd Peterson (0-1, 6.75) vs. Texas RHP Blair Henley (0-0, 1.80) All games will be streamed live on SECN+ via WatchESPN Live Stats will be available on www.LSUsports.net Radio: 104.9 The Horn I will have play-by-play on twitter, https://twitter.com/joeywa_44 I'll have updates as the weekend goes along. #HookEm!
  2. Hearing the LSU May be getting their C back this week. ND ran wild on the basepaths against their backup. Also their SS is out for a good stretch with a back issue I believe.
  3. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    10 hits for the Horns tonight from all location in the order. 4 hits allowed by 5 Ps for UT. Let’s get to Baton Rouge!
  4. Baseball: LSU road trip?

    All day man. Get in late TH
  5. Baseball: LSU road trip?

    /\/\/\ Gets it.
  6. Baseball: LSU road trip?

    FR: 7 PM SA: 6:30 PM SU: 2 PM A little shower never hurt anyone.
  7. Baseball: LSU road trip?

    Yep, I'm in. @Aaron Carrara has hinted he 'may' head over for a day. Not sure though. @armadillo slim is heading over as well.
  8. 3 thoughts following Texas' series win against ULL

    Early series, like this past weekend's, are generally used by coaches to assess what they have. While the staff has spent the past several months with these guys, you truly don't know how individuals will react in a game situation until you put them into a game situation. A few notes: The starters that Texas faced this weekend are all likely MLB draft picks. These were not slouches. It won't get easier this weekend. Texas travels to Baton Rouge this weekend to face a very solid LSU team that just took it on the chin from Notre Dame, dropping 2/3 and needing a great comeback to just win one. Do not think for a minute that this weekend will be easy. A series win would be HUGE for this squad. This team does not quit. Nice to see that trait early on. Hitting will come around, as will run production. On Sunday it took some spectacular plays by Lahare in CF to keep Texas off the board. He absolutely robbed a couple of guys, making over-the-should catches of deep fly balls at the track and wall. Several guys were taking hacks in the box, squaring up the barrel of the bat and hitting the ball hard, just at-'em. In baseball you're going to have days like that. Sawyer's performance should give every Texas fan some hope. This summer there was still a 'wait-and-see' mindset around the program with regards to his comeback. Glad to see him out there and the stuff he had was electric at times. We will continue to see some shuffling of the positions/lineups until the staff gets the chemistry/production they want. Nice recap @Jameson McCausland You're doing great!
  9. College Baseball Top 25: February 19

    Thanks Donald. Good stuff
  10. ***Series Thread: Louisiana Lafayette vs Texas***

    Boys hit the ball hard today and couldn't get hardly anything to fall. Couple of nice plays by CF Lahare for ULALA robbed some XBHs. Overall I'm pleased with the weekend. LSU dropped their series to Notre Dame, so I'm confident in what we'll see next weekend. The bullpen for Texas did pretty well, think they let up 1 or 2 earned runs on the weekend. I'll take that every series and take my chances. See y'all next weekend reporting live from Baton Rouge. Say a prayer for my liver!
  11. ***Series Thread: Louisiana Lafayette vs Texas***

    Harris was way up there in pitch count.
  12. ***Series Thread: Louisiana Lafayette vs Texas***

    Really like the new pinstripe look