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  1. What’s your handle Doc? I’ll vouch for you. But understand a couple of things; there are a plethora of dbags on most large sites and as a noob you’ll be questioned. Also, recruiting “scoops” “news” etc are all guesses. 18 yr old boys are more fickle than most girls. Good luck
  2. That kind of ranking usually makes it difficult for a kid to make it to campus, but we'll see how it goes.
  3. Pierce and Co are busy this week. Just got a commitment from a JUCO RHP prospect who's playing in the Cape right now. Soph RHP Dawson Merryman from Midland College.
  4. Horns also picked up a commitment tonight from a 2022 RHP from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, Matthew Porchas.
  5. Word is it’s really good, but Donald is the man to ask as he’s seen him live.
  6. 2020 IF from Strake Jesuit HS Good speed and athletic kid. Had a very impressive Area Code tryout in Dallas recently
  7. Tech got boat raced today vs Michigan. It wasn’t even a game. Tough to come from the losers bracket and make it to the championship series.
  8. Texas recruit Brett Baty signed with the Mets this week. Also Blair Henley signed with the Astros and Matteo Bocchi with the Cubs. I have not seen that Hamilton or Reynolds have signed yet.
  9. He was, but made it known he was coming back so wasn’t drafted. A full season post injury should do him well.
  10. Ryan was draft eligible as a sophomore. He will more than likely sign this year. A lot of offseason was spent in the weight room, and his defense at 3B is attractive to MLB clubs, as is his switch-hitting ability. Get some professional swing instruction and I think he can have an impact at the next level. Also, don't forget that his dad had a nice MLB career, and knows the ropes. Keep in mind that after the 10th round, the max bonus is $125K, so in the grand scheme of things, where he was taken is not to be confused with being taken in the first 10 rounds. Ryan is a great kid from a fantastic family. Hate to see him depart, but I think he's in a good spot with the Cubs.
  11. HUGE gamble if he does that. On the one hand, he's unproven in regards to how this injury has affected his speed. I have heard that the Brewers took a chance on him, (and offered a higher amount than slot,) to get him into their system and rehab further. He won't be rushed to get onto the field. Secondly, if he comes back and doesn't perform, he would cost himself significant money. Plus, after next year he has zero leverage; he can't say, "I can go back to school next year and get another year of experience and improve my draft position." On the other hand, yes, if he was fully recovered AND had a stellar year, he'd definitely move up in the draft, likely top 4 rounds depending on what he did on the field. That would only put him in the 406-538K range being a 4th round pick. IMO, it would be foolish to come back for his senior year given what Milwaukee offered. He's being paid like a low 4th/high 5th round pick being picked near the end of the 8th round.
  12. By the conclusion of the 2019 MLB Draft, David Pierce and Texas Baseball experienced pretty much what was expected going in, the loss of one of their prized recruits and a couple of current players taken. That's the good news. The bad news is, one of the current players drafted was David Hamilton. Taken in the 8th round by the Milwaukee Brewers, there is very little thought that he will return to the 40 Acres for his senior season. Following a season-ending Achilles injury, there were questions about where scouts would have him ranked, and whether they'd take a flyer on him after being out of the game for an entire season. Milwaukee answered that question, and reportedly has offered him well above slot to sign. Word is he will sign. Now, with the departure of Masen Hibbeler, (graduated,) Bryce Reagan, (entered the transfer portal,) and Hamilton, the Longhorns will have to do some work finding an immediate replacement at SS. Pencil in late-season signee Camryn Williams, (San Jacinto Junior College) as the odds-on favorite. There are younger options with some of the new recruits, but he will come in with collegiate experience and a reportedly solid work ethic. On to the other draftees. Texas' highest draftee was Longhorn signee Brett Baty (Lake Travis HS.) He was taken 12th overall by the NY Mets. Expected to go somewhere in the top 15-20, this was no surprise. The young man is a serious stick. I spoke with a friend of mine who is a Mets scout and he couldn't be happier. Said what we all know, "Really a good looking hitter." Texas players had to wait until Day two for any other Longhorns to be selected. Blair Henley went in the 7th round to Houston David Hamilton went in the 8th round to Milwaukee Ryan Reynolds went in the 14th round to the Chicago Cubs Texas recruit Jared Southard (RHP-Leander Rouse) was selected in the 20th round by the Angels. (Jared's dad and Jared have both said he is coming to Texas and will not sign.) Texas recruit Silas Ardoin (C-Sam Houston HS-LA) was taken in the 36th round by Colorado. Highly unlikely he signs. Texas recruit Trey Faltine (SS/P-Travis HS) was taken in the 39th round by Boston. Trey has already tweeted out that he's coming to Texas. Draft eligible guys not taken were Duke Ellis, Austin Todd and Zach Zubia. Now we wait until July 15th to see if any of the players above change their minds. Obvioiusly Baty is gone. I see Henley and Hamilton as gone. Reynolds will likely move forward as well. Overall, the draft did not hit Texas as hard as it has in the past. Now Pierce needs to fill some holes. This team will have some tremendous talent arriving this summer. There will be plenty of youth next season, several who are not afraid of a little leadership and will bring with them a competitive nature.
  13. That is correct. Bryce needs a fresh start somewhere. He has the tools but I think he was asked to perform a very difficult task as a freshman whenever Ham went down, and the errors got into his head. Some be scenery will help the young man. Have heard mixed things about whether he is leaving on his own or was told it would be best to depart. Either way, it sounds like it’s on good terms and I wish him luck and success moving forward.
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