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  1. T9 Reynolds gets his 3rd knock of the night with a leadoff single; advances to 2B on a balk Shaw F8; 1 out Ford walks; runners on 1&2 Bertelson PH for McCann KS on full count Ellis Walks, bases loaded Kennedy gets a 2 RBI single Todd F8 ends it Horns fall 2-10, but finally plate a couple of runs.
  2. B8 Kubichek back in KS Single Single KS PB puts 2 RISP Walk 2 RBI single off of Kubichek's mitt glances into RF past Ford Horns trail 0-10 thru 8 complete
  3. T8 Horns get a 1-out walk from Todd off the new Cowboy pitcher, but can't advance him Horns trail 0-8 headed B8
  4. T7 Horns get B2B 1-out singles from Shaw and Ford, but they're stranded on 2&3 B7 Kubichek comes in to Pitch for Texas, gets a 1-2-3 frame Ok St up 8-0 thru 7
  5. B6 Henley back out for the 6th with 103 pitches 4-3; 1 out Solo Dinger over RF fence. Walk That's all for Henley, here comes Stevens Stevens walks two batters, then gives up a Grand Slam off the RF foul pole Ok St up 8-0 Pierce calls on Bocchi He gives up a walk, then gets two pop flies to end the frame Ok State up 8-0 thru 6 complete
  6. T6 Kennedy F4 Todd liner over the RF-er head off the RF wall for a double Hibbeler IF single puts runners on the corners Zubia KS; Hibbeler thrown out on the strike em out throw em out to end it 1 LOB Horns trail 0-3 headed B6
  7. B5 Henley at 78 pitches 1-3 bunt out Walk Single into LCF; runners on the corners SAC FLY plates a run; 2 outs SB; throw late; runner on 2b Walk WP moves 2 RISP KS ends it 2 LOB Horns trail 0-3 thru 5 complete
  8. T5 Ford F4 McCann KL Ellis F8 in LCF alley; nice play by CF Horns trial 0-2 headed B5
  9. B4 KS; Henley's 7th K of the night 4-3 U3 Henley works a 1-2-3 frame. Horns trail 0-2 thru 4 complete
  10. T4 Hibbeler KS; 1 out Zubia KL Reynolds Single into LF; 2/2 on the day Shaw gives one a ride but is just a loud out at the RCF warning track. 1 LOB Horns trail 0-2 headed B4
  11. Exactly. Pierce has done it at Texas in his first 2 seasons. Augie went to Omaha just once in his first 5 seasons at UT.
  12. B3 Single thru left side KS; 1 out Walk, but the runner on 1B was thrown out on a CS, 2-4; 2 outs Single puts runners on the corners, 2 outs KS 2 LOB Horns trail 0-2 thru 3
  13. Difference being Pierce took Texas to a Regional final in his first year, and Omaha in his second year. I think he has earned some leniency, certainly more so than Smart.
  14. T3 Ford single into short LF, E7 moves him to 2B McCann KS Ellis 4-pitch walk Kennedy FC 3-6; 2 outs Todd FC 6-4 ends it 2 LOB Horns trail 0-2 headed B3
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