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  • Texas Basketball falls to #7 Kansas 80-78 in Lawrence on Monday night


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  1. hornag

    God, I Can't Stand Kim Mulkey!

    Kim Mulkey is a whiney little twit. She has coached some great Lady Bear basketball teams and has had much success as a coach. BUT she does not know how to win with grace and class. She is a whiney, classless and very unattractive person. Unattractive physically and the way she conducts herself in a basketball arena.
  2. Please make the new basketball arena more friendly to and increased exposure to UT students. Consider making the first 10 rows all around the arena for students. The blue/gray hairs will still have very cushy and excellent seats in order to watch the games. By the way, I am an alumnus of UT and am a blue/gray hair. We need the energy and support of our student body. The environment needs to be electrified.
  3. hornag

    BREAKING: Texas Hires TCU AD Chris Del Conte

    I truly hope that the information about Del Conte taking control and oversight over both men's and women's athletics is accurate. Longhorn Nation can only hope this is accurate.
  4. Still think that Tom Brady would have ended up concussed with the way we performed against Maryland, but do agree that Shane's performance left a lot to be considered. His decision making needs to be much improved. Coach Herman did comment on the play when Nickelson shifted to the left and Shane blew it rather than Nickelson.
  5. Even if Sam starts in place of Shane (injured), the offensive line will need to drastically improve!!! Tom Brady would end up concussed the way the offensive line performed this past Saturday.
  6. If Coach Herman is awarding him with a scholarship, this man must be able to play. What an awesome happening and a great video!!! HOOK'EM
  7. hornag

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    That is an incredible committment video. WOW!!!!!
  8. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Mr. Bamba is definitely mature beyond his young years. He will not only be a positive for Texas Basketball, but also for The University of Texas. This young man has set himself up for unlimited future success. Congratulations and all the best to you, Mr. Bamba.
  9. You might consider giving East Bernard, Texas honest consideration.
  10. Okiehorn, The June issue of Texas Highways magazine has a 6 page article about Wharton! Look for it; you'll enjoy! I grew up in Wharton and it was a great place to grow up, but the town was more vibrant at the time and much more economically sound with the farming and ranchng, oil production and Texas Gulf Sulphur Company. Also was an extension of the Houston Medical System, having 2 major hospitals with some very sound and professional doctors. Don't think todays medical system in Wharton is the greatest and most of the merchants and business or yesteryear are no longer to be found. Just do your research so you can formulate a decision that is best for you and your family.
  11. hornag

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Can you yodel, Sirhornsalot? Something like old lady who...lol.
  12. Only thing that makes Wharton still a viable community is Wharton County Jr. College. Much of Wharton has changed since the 60;s and the 70:s. There are still many good people in Wharton, but it is truly not the great community that it once was.
  13. hornag

    What happened to "Burnt ends"?

    I am not capable in doing graphics or any type of visual presentation, but am wondering people's thoughts on a matte finished burnt orange helmet with a white Longhorn decal on each side of the helmet. This would look good with storm trooper white, all burnt orange or a combo burnt orange jersey or pant with the opposite in white. Just a thought. Would be interested in others opinions.
  14. hornag

    Friday Chat

    I go back to the Leon Black and Gregory Gym days of Texas Basketball. Although we were not very good, we had great crowds and very much enjoyed sitting right behind an opposing teams bench or on the first row with my toes sticking over the out of bounds. Harassed the opposing teams and the refs. It was awesome. Present day students need to experience this opportunity which I feel will extend to creating enthusiasm and enhanced performance from our team. Texas students need to have courtside seating and at least the first 5 to 10 rows all the way around the court. Although I am not an engineer, could a new arena be considered to be placed atop an existing structure such as a parking garage or some other avenue be explored? Just some thoughts. I do think the new arena needs to be on or as near campus as possible.
  15. hornag

    Baylor makes deal with the devil

    Definitely a devil of a deal!!!