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  1. Slocum was arrogant and smug as hell regarding recruiting until Mack came to town. Then after a couple of years he would not even talk about it.
  2. Slocum was caught banging his secretary. It was almost covered up by the local ministry until his wife filed divorce papers.
  3. NTG Thanks for putting that here. I don’t know how to do that shit. But I do know how to google and there’s more than one article on SEC bagmen. I’m sure you know that. And the only SEC schools that haven’t been caught doing that shit are probably Florida Kentucky and Vanderbilt. And since the NCAA no longer cares they’re going to keep doing it.
  4. At this time last year we were getting better as a team. Just the opposite this year. What bothers me about Pierce this year is some boneheaded decisions he has made during our At Bats. Several times he has failed baseball 101. On the other hand I think he knows that and would tell you so. But he has got to change his recruiting strategy. He has to get better bats. And shocker Smart should have been fired two years ago.
  5. I don’t know him personally but he is a rat bastard aggy who was Jackie Sherril’s bagman, then carried it on as head coach through Dallas boosters. I think he’s a slimy snake in the grass. Whatever connections he has left he will pass along to Dumbo. You can count on it.
  6. I hate blow u sucks, partly because they’ve been so damn good. I have nothing but disdain for aggy, like I do for all vermin.
  7. aggy would not have to pay any of his salary if he left voluntarily.
  8. I listened to part of chin pubes radio show at noon today. He spent several sentences talking about how much money they had. Then he repeatedly said “this is not a clown show. This is not a clown show.” My interpretation, which I would love to run by him for his comments, is “we are still a clown show. But now we have enough money to buy our way out of it.”
  9. The money would not come from government. It would come from their big boosters, if it were to happen.
  10. There is no buy-out. And Woodward is the one who gave Jimbo that contract. Let that sink in.
  11. I agree he should probably take the money and run. The point is I can take my interest in college basketball and run. And I have.
  12. I don’t know what criteria Pierce uses to evaluate high school position players. But it’s not like he is recruiting gold glovers at every position. If I were he I would pay a little more attention to their offensive skills. He has to recruit better. A lot better.
  13. My take away is no serious injuries. At least none I saw. That’s all that really mattered.
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