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  1. I’m just hoping that all of the pay sites are now in one big echo chamber. That happens a lot. I’m also hoping my next Dos XX is as good as this one.
  2. Tracy was “not Texas good” on “Renegades”. But I think he had the same handle on OB. I do miss Slim. Wish he would come back on here.
  3. Hey I got no problem with that. I don’t judge a man by the book he reads.
  4. I think it’s possible we recruit over or at least sideways from Lindberg.
  5. Wasn’t Tracy’s username “Not Texas Good?”
  6. I believe we have two “Shhh’s” unaccounted for. I think one is Chris Thompson. I believe it’s the other one we are all guessing about, and my first guess was Robinson. But SHA shot that down. Now I think it is Johnston, the Temple receiver
  7. I belonged to OB from its inception until about six years ago. No one over there (including Such) ever knew any more about recruiting than I did. Which was and is nothing.
  8. JB Post that article on the free board at texaggy. I’ll buy you a cold one.
  9. OK I’m confused. Are there two shss’s out there from BC or just one? I think there’s two.
  10. I think there are two “Shhhs” out there. Assume Thompson is one of them. Trying to figure out who the second one is.
  11. Then I’ve got my nuts crossed it’s Collins.
  12. Not SHA, but I have a feeling he could be one of the silents.
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