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  1. Your best Cheap Seats to date.
  2. Bear19

    Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    SHA What does your insider say about our chances of landing Bru? And does he have a timetable for making a decision?
  3. Bear19

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    A 1st° sprain may not totally heal in that period of time. He may be medically cleared to play without being 100% healthy. I would wait until he’s 100% healthy. We should be able to beat OSU with my playing quarterback.
  4. Bear19

    New Top 25 poll

    It was a struggle,usually, with Sam.
  5. Bear19

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    I would give him OSU game off. Let there be three weeks of healing before he plays again.
  6. I think winning the conference will at least be an automatic New Year’s six.
  7. Bear19

    Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Baylor

    I resemble that remark.
  8. We just need to get back to the true burnt orange.
  9. Bear19

    Tom Herman O.C.

    @Daniel Seahorn
  10. Bear19

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    FYI Word on another site is that Evans will be in Austin this weekend for the Baylor game.
  11. It’s not the beginning of the end (We’re back), But it’s the end of the beginning (We suck). Or whatever Sir Winston said.
  12. Murray is going to get hurt before the end of the year. And I am not wishing that on him.
  13. Bear19

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    For some reason when I use Siri it double posts.
  14. Bear19

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Well the half you can make out let me know. Because I’m 100% in the dark.