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  1. Check out the following HUDL link: https://www.hudl.com/v/2AUF77 My nephew had the longest pass last week in Texas HS football (weekend of September 21th). FWIIW: UT coaches have been talking to him.
  2. aggy finds a way to lose. Thank God for that.
  3. TV announcers at aggy game proclaiming Fisher has changed the culture at a&m and you are seeing it tonight. aggy in position to beat the number 2 team in the country in only Fisher's second game. Not good.
  4. UT1983

    Best BBQ joints in Austin

    Styles Switch. North Lamar.
  5. UT1983

    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Wow. Talk about tempting fate or in aggy’s case: Counting chickens before they are hatched.
  6. UT1983

    2017-2018 Bowl Schedule

    Please, no all $EC NC game. Go Clemson.
  7. UT1983

    Thinking of pulling for OU in the playoff?

    Is it wrong to laugh when Mayfield throws an interception and ou gives up 24 unanswered points when trying to root for ou to win?
  8. UT1983

    Thinking of pulling for OU in the playoff?

    I am on recorded of thinking it’s best if ou were to beat Georgia but having a hard time not smiling when Mayfield gets sacked.
  9. UT1983

    McMillon moving on from football

    Best of luck to you Jake. Enjoy the next chapter of your life.
  10. UT1983

    Thinking of pulling for OU in the playoff?

    Speaking for my friend, he is glad UT would have a chance to kick some ou ass next season to shut their fans up. May not have a chance otherwise to play the defending NC. And he is never happy a recruit picks ou or aggy over UT.
  11. UT1983

    2017-2018 Bowl Schedule

    Tuned in to the Rose Bowl thinking I would see a football game. Instead I find I am watching a track meet. Where is the $EC defense I keep hearing about?
  12. UT1983

    2017-2018 Bowl Schedule

    Selling point being no need to play in the $EC to win a NC. Besides, next season UT gets to beat the defending NC.
  13. UT1983

    Thinking of pulling for OU in the playoff?

    Going to try to root for a Big 12 ou over SEC Georgia. But hope Mayfield has his worst game ever.
  14. UT1983

    2017-2018 Bowl Schedule

    Glad to see ND knock off LSU.