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  • Texas vs Iowa State kickoff will take place on Saturday, November 17th @ 7:00 PM at DKR-TMS in Austin
  • Texas Football schedules Georgia for home and home series in 2028 and 2029
  • Texas Football ranked 13th in AP Poll and 14th in Coaches Poll


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  1. That response from Courtney was as classy and heart felt as anyone could write. It’s a shame she still has to deal with that psycho as she is rebuilding her life. If you haven’t read that you need to click the link. I also respect Herman for not giving the loser any acknowledgement. He doesn’t deserve the time or effort.
  2. Yes. Red shirts and eligibility years are sport independent. That’s also why Kyler Murray can go pro in baseball, lose his baseball eligibility, and still play football. Ricky Williams and Ced Benson did a similar thing. I coached a kid who went D1 in football and track. Staggered his redshirt years (football his freshman year, track junior year), went to school (all paid for) and left in 6 yrs with an MBA.
  3. Huskie1

    Texas Tip-Off Thread

    I’m still worried about shooting and offense in general. No flow to the offense. Just spread the court and pick and roll. I think this team would benefit from a motion offense as there aren’t any players who can carry the team. They are long and athletic but that doesn’t always translate into being able to score. Hoping to see some improvement as I think they have been very underwhelming under Shaka. Hook ‘em
  4. Track participation has no bearing on his football status.
  5. Just need to keep finding ways to win. All that stuff is BS at this point in the season IMHO. Gives the talking heads something to ramble about incessantly.
  6. Huskie1

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    A win is a win. Don’t forget 6-6 last year. Offense won the day last week and the defense this week. Bye week finds the Horns 6-1! Who on here can honestly say they saw 6-1 at this point of the season. Enjoy the win and Hook ‘em!
  7. Huskie1

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Interesting offensive change going to the quick screen game.
  8. Huskie1

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Because in years past they would find a way to lose. This year’s group has been finding ways to win. Go Horns!
  9. Huskie1

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    BIG STOP. Now run out the clock
  10. Huskie1

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    One of those field goals would have been HUGE. Time for the D to earn their money (so to speak)
  11. Huskie1

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Need one more score
  12. Huskie1

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Now I’m nervous