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  1. *****Texas vs. Michigan Game Thread*****

    Jacob was terrible last year and I groaned every time he got on the court last year. That being said, I think he has played great this season and I'm amazed at how much better he is! Props to him for working his butt off and improving. He and young are both markedly better. On the other hand, Davis and Roach are still what they were last year. At least with Kerwin, you get some really good defense. I'm not giving up in the team but last night bothered me. Michigan was not that good. I also wonder just what the Horns offensive philosophy is. There are long stretches where we seem not to run any offense other than a high screen and roll. No back screens, post screens, cuts to the basket etc. just venting
  2. *****Texas vs. Michigan Game Thread*****

    That looked more like last season unfortunately. We looked bad. The Big 12 is loaded so it may be another tough year. I hope I'm wrong and that was just a blip on the radar.
  3. *****Texas vs. Michigan Game Thread*****

    I think it will have to be a combination of guys as no one player has Jones' skills. Hoping Davis can hit some threes consistently. Jacob Young has flashed at times after being just awful last year.
  4. *****Texas vs. Michigan Game Thread*****

    Curious to see if anyone steps up to replace Jones while he's out. Door is open for more minutes for someone.
  5. Andrew Jones Fractured His Wrist

    That sucks. His shot selection and overall play has been so much better this year. Hope he heals soon
  6. BREAKING: Texas Hires TCU AD Chris Del Conte

    I'm stunned they could get that done. Props to my school for a superb hire. I stoked!!
  7. When Pigs Fly

    I'll be interesting to see if the Horns and Arky have the same head coaches in 2021. Seems head coaching gigs have a short shelf life these days.
  8. Texas Volleyball

    Go Horns! Keep it rolling
  9. Friday Night Lights – State Quarterfinals

    Muenster with a win! Two very good teams. Albany had a salty bunch. On to the final 4
  10. Friday Night Lights – State Quarterfinals

    My nephews play for Muenster so I hope you're right!
  11. Friday Night Lights – State Quarterfinals

    Headed to Iowa Park tomorrow for Muenster vs Albany. Two great small school squads.
  12. Good football teams find ways to win, bad ones find ways to lose. Ugh
  13. I realize our line is not very good but the play calling drives me nuts
  14. Worlds worst holding call!!!!