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  1. How many jobs can you get that pay 6 or 7 figures after one year of college? I never fault guys for leaving early. He is far from a polished player but why not get paid while learning his trade. Good or bad, it’s the system right now. I miss the great college teams we saw before the “one and done” era but it is what it is. Best of luck to him!
  2. Some schools don’t hold a spring game. It’s not unprecedented. The practices are for the players and coaches, the game for fans and PR.
  3. One of my dear college friends swam for him. The guy loves him. I mean truly loves the man. I met him a couple of occasions and he is super down to earth. I was a track athlete so I really respect the athletes in the non revenue sports. Swimmers training is tough stuff. Props to your boys!
  4. Eddie Reece is a freaking living legend.
  5. I’m sorry but I’m done with this disappointing season. I just want it to go away and maybe I’ll be hopeful again by next season.
  6. The 83 game crushed me. I’m convinced the Horns would have beaten Bama had Colt not gotten hurt.
  7. Shows how the college game has changed. You can’t play a big run stopping plugger anymore. Defenses need fast athletes who are more versatile. The guys that would be a strong safety back in the day are your linebackers now.
  8. Who the hell were they watching? Not Gary Johnson!
  9. This is great stuff and makes me proud to be a Longhorn!
  10. Everything you pointed out can be said about each of Smart’s seasons. I’m disappointed we haven’t seen any progress. The guys play hard for Smart but at some point the program has to show improvement. I was hoping things would get better this year but it’s more of the same. P.S. I was at the game in Ft Worth and the court is even worse in person.
  11. Loved watching his physical style. Wish the young man well and I have no doubt he will be successful in life. Hope he ends up on a good team.
  12. Daniel not going answering those is the sign of a good husband lol
  13. Thank you Daniel for your hard work! I love reading takes from an insightful guy who has been part of the game and “gets it”. Keep up the great work.
  14. A big reason the students don’t go is other than under the goals, the stick the students in the nosebleeds. I wouldn’t have gone either when I was at UT if they had stuck us in the upper deck. Students should all be down low if you want a good environment. Look what changing the student seating did for football!
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