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  1. That brings back hazy memories lol
  2. Impressive video for an impressive young man. I’m ecstatic he’s coming home to Austin!
  3. It’s not coming up. Only softball. Anybody know who’s carrying the broadcast?
  4. ***Series Thread: Louisiana Lafayette vs Texas***

    It’s way way early but an encouraging start. Winning those close ones makes all the difference in the world. Now for the sweep!
  5. ***Game Thread: Baylor vs Texas***

    It’s trending that the Horns could easily lose the next 5. Even OSU is playing pretty decent right now. Even NIT might be tough to attain. I have been majorly disappointed
  6. The combine is all about “measurable”. Poona is a player. May not do well in the underwear olympics but the dude is a player. He will make somebody’s roster. This is opposed to Warren, who will make everyone ooh and ahh but hasn’t shown he is a player. just my 2 cents Wish them both well as well as the other Horns going pro. Hook ‘em
  7. ***Game Thread: Texas vs TCU***

    I’m glad he’s doing well. He took Texas to a new level but unfortunately things got stale. I think the change was good for him. Not so much for UT so far.
  8. ***Game Thread: Texas vs TCU***

    Horns laid an egg in Ft Worth. Not looking good for a strong finish. I hate when I get pessimistic
  9. Texas vs Ou tomorrow night....

    Ditto. I’ve been to many games. Walk down the west side of Red River, across the street from the drum.
  10. Prayers

    Prayers going her way and yours SHA.
  11. Solid win. Beat a team they should beat. Would like to see them get on a roll now.
  12. Well it’s official....

    Hope your birthday was great Daniel
  13. Big 12 officiating is bad but you can't blame a 30 plus point loss on officiating. The Horns just aren't very good. Better than last year's atrocity and can put a game together once in a while, but in the big picture not good. I hate saying that because I like all the players individually and would love nothing better than see them succeed. I'll keep cheering them on! Hook 'em