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  1. This is great stuff and makes me proud to be a Longhorn!
  2. Huskie1

    Texas falls to TCU 65-61

    Everything you pointed out can be said about each of Smart’s seasons. I’m disappointed we haven’t seen any progress. The guys play hard for Smart but at some point the program has to show improvement. I was hoping things would get better this year but it’s more of the same. P.S. I was at the game in Ft Worth and the court is even worse in person.
  3. Huskie1

    Lil’Jordan Humphrey Declares

    Loved watching his physical style. Wish the young man well and I have no doubt he will be successful in life. Hope he ends up on a good team.
  4. Huskie1

    5 Thoughts: Sugar Bowl Edition

    Daniel not going answering those is the sign of a good husband lol
  5. Huskie1

    5 Thoughts: Sugar Bowl Edition

    Thank you Daniel for your hard work! I love reading takes from an insightful guy who has been part of the game and “gets it”. Keep up the great work.
  6. Huskie1

    Another Shaka shitshow

    A big reason the students don’t go is other than under the goals, the stick the students in the nosebleeds. I wouldn’t have gone either when I was at UT if they had stuck us in the upper deck. Students should all be down low if you want a good environment. Look what changing the student seating did for football!
  7. Huskie1

    So Long Purple Wizard

    Coach Snyder always did more with less and with class.
  8. Huskie1

    Initial Thoughts: Texas to play Georgia in Sugar Bowl

    I think at this point in the program reboot, this is a good measuring stick. We will find out how close the program is to where it should be. You gotta embrace the challenge. I’m sure the team is more excited about playing Georgia than they would be to play in the Alamo Bowl.
  9. Good drive going! Let’s take the lead back!
  10. No ABC in the metroplex on Dish either. I’m beyond pissed.
  11. Dish fighting with channel 8 and not showing the game. Anybody have any ideas for alternative viewing?
  12. Huskie1

    No. 17 Texas falls to Radford, 62-59

    Strong had his Kansas. Will Shaka have his Radford?
  13. Huskie1

    No. 17 Texas falls to Radford, 62-59

    Strong had his Kansas. Will Shaka have his Radford?
  14. Huskie1

    No. 17 Texas falls to Radford, 62-59

    I thought they might be turning the corner after the last two games but a loss to Radford is tough. I hope the season doesn’t turn ugly.
  15. Huskie1

    Texas MBB Ranked No. 17 in AP Poll

    Way too early and ranked way too high. They need to keep improving in all areas. I’m not sold yet but hope to be by the end of the season.