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  1. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Kansas

    Good points, all. The use of Sam was a head scratcher. Toeneil gets one carry for a TD burst. And disappears. I try to stay in my lane and not dog the coaches, but I'll be damned if I have a clue what we're trying to establish offensively. And that's with full acknowledgement our OL is substandard.
  2. Astros World Series

    Same here. Been smiling for 3 days.
  3. Five Quick Thoughts: Iowa State (by Jameson McCausland)

    As fans we'll bitch about Beck and the O. And there's some bitching to be done. For me? A road conference W feels pretty good. The D looks pretty damn good. And how about some love for Rowland. (Hint...he's the kicker). Can't say I was confident on the 49 that pretty well locked up the game. Just win baby.
  4. My Thoughts Following The Maryland Debacle

    Apologies to the author. My attention span is too short. If you said Tom Herman and his staff got pantsed, I agree.
  5. Potential Injury News

    There MAY be some injury news but it COULD be minor. Why post this?
  6. Offensive game plan---F we abandoned the running game shortly after the National Anthem. And Gred Davis thought the use of the horizontal passing game was over the top. At halftime, it was Holton Hill 14, UT offense 0.
  7. Herman and his staff got pantsed today. One of the most discouraging games I've ever been to all things considered.
  8. Justin Verlander Traded To Houston

    Love it. Good baseball move, gives a morale boost to a team and city in the doldrums.
  9. 2017 Season Predictions

    Figuring in the CCG loss takes us to 10-3. And the Alamo is the #1 bowl tie-in for the Big 12 after the New Years 6.
  10. 2017 Season Predictions

    10-2 regular season. Lose CCG (which is a joke) to some school from OK. Win Alamo Bowl for an 11-3 finish and #12 in final AP poll. Preseason #3 in 2018. Why? Because I know shit.
  11. Chip Brown RIPS Chris Polonsky

    who says UT Admin doesn't want her around anymore?
  12. Lowering season expectations!

    Why do fans feel the need to 'lower expectations '? We're just fans. I WANT to have high expectations.
  13. Thoughts on "T-Shirt" Fans

    The reason I went to Texas is my dad was a huge fan. Not an alum. He had a football scholarship to SFA. He was good enough to make their Hall of Honor and get drafted in 1952. He was an East Texas kid and in his era there was no pro football in Texas. The SWC was king. A HS teammate of his went to Texas and later the NFL. Dad became more and more a fan of UT and by his late 20's, he was a full blown UT 't-shirt' fan. By the time I came around and became aware of sports, I just assumed UT was who you rooted for. For some reason, a pennant from the 1969 NC season survived and hangs in my study still today. That's a long way of saying this Longhorn wouldn't have gone to Texas if he's 'tshirt' fan Dad hadn't made it possible. Anybody who derides fans without diplomas as lesser fans can kiss my ass.
  14. they both got raked. I doubt which order they went mattered.