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  1. I was coaching at Abilene Cooper when he was at Lee. He was without question the finest high school football player I’ve ever seen. Three straight state championships when everyone in the entire state knew they were giving him the ball almost every snap... amazing. But he was an amazing baseball player. He played in turfs not spikes. I didn’t have my pitchers throw him a fastball in two seasons. RIP CED
  2. Thanks @joeywa but as Ebby Calvin LaLoosh once famously said “I love winning man. It’s like so much better than losing”. In all seriousness what our program has been able to accomplish is life changing to individuals. Now we are talking about how to start a youth program here in the Brazos Valley with visually impaired kids as young as 8 learning the game, but more importantly teaching them and there parents that just because they are blind doesn’t mean they can’t compete.
  3. @joeywa sorry to resurrect an old post, but I just got back from the 2019 Beep Baseball World Series where my little team finished 8th in the world. I couldn’t be prouder of my team...
  4. Liked by the guy currently sitting at his desk at the corner of Wellborn and Holleman with a view of their mecca
  5. See damn it Cheese I get into lists and forget things. Kind of like that time a few years ago I got stuck at the Stonebriar in Frisco and didn’t reach out... we could have had a drink
  6. I miss Slim as well. I also miss that Renegades Hole in a Wall we had.
  7. Yeah Bear you are correct... I kept thinking about his ENMQB one. I forgot to mention you as well. This is why you should never list your favorites cause you are invariably gonna miss one.
  8. I was there for a few years. Got to know a few really good guys like @joeywa and @armadillo slim and @streettopeschel @TEXPIMP and sportzcaster and whatever Trace’s username was. Stayed mostly cause McComas is the best Texas Baseball guy (outside of Joeywa of course) on the interwebz and the community was always good to me. Left cause Ketchum ramped up the OBnoxious (see what I did there). But have been thinking of going back cause I miss some of the mind bottling banter.
  9. I know Tim Tadlock. He’s a good guy. I hate the pig people so my nod goes to tech. But I hope FSU beats the tires off them. Mark Martin deserves a run.
  10. Interesting on Reynolds as he has no leverage after this season. Hamilton waiting being so much over slot leads me to think he might comeback. He would have two years left by taking the shirt this year.
  11. Congratulations sir. Daughters are amazing... as you already know, they come out of the womb knowing how to wrap you around there little finger
  12. Wow they found some extra money somewhere that’s a lot for someone coming off an injury that had some questions anyway. Take that and run DHam
  13. Both of those slots are around 150k... Henley should probably go ahead senior year players don’t have much leverage. Hamilton still has two years left so he could comeback after the injury.
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