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  1. Johnstark23

    Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    Haltom 48 Euless Trinity 34 Final
  2. Johnstark23

    Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    WF RIDER 34 Abilene Wylie 7 Talk about a Team completely unprepared to make a jump in Classification Ab Wylie is 0-7 On it’s first year in 5A
  3. Johnstark23

    Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    Abilene Cooper 49 Amarillo Palo Duro 14 final
  4. Johnstark23

    Friday Night Lights – Week 7

    Wow did not see that happening in the Westlake Lake Travis game.
  5. I love living somewhere I don’t have to pay rent or mortgage. #RentFreeInTheirHeads
  6. Wait, what? What the ever loving hell is this? Houston, Dallas, they are both the same right. RIGHT? I guess Texas geography wasn’t taught.
  7. Only an aggy could ever say Reggie McNeal was better in anyway than VY.
  8. Johnstark23

    Quick baseball note

    Thanks Donald. I would have written the same scouting report for Omar Quintanilla 18 years ago.
  9. The NCAA allows 2 Fall games with Outside Competition that doesn’t count vs. your spring limit. In the past it would count. In saying such, Texas will play host to McClennan on 10/14 and San Jac 10/28. Both schools should have some decent live arms to run out there.
  10. Johnstark23

    Quick baseball note

    These are the guys that are already on campus.
  11. I so enjoy the twelfth choice for baseball coach line. Didn’t that guy whip your ass in a regional and go on the the CWS?
  12. Johnstark23

    My Take On The DeShon Elliott Stuff...

    From an outside perspective I imagine part of the rhetoric from the staff to dissuade people from showing up was, “why would you want to go do that when this guy decided to just F’n quit on y’all.” That’s exactly what I would have said if in that room. Whole lot of spoiled entitlement in the twitter rant anyway. #DontPressSend
  13. Johnstark23

    **College World Series Thread**

    I would put the over under at 1000
  14. Johnstark23

    **College World Series Thread**

    So how many fungos will Dave Van Horn hit into the right field Bermuda Triangle between now and next February
  15. Nope he’s a hell of a lot smarter than me and we all know Jake can Rake. I wouldn’t draw against 49 either.