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  1. Follow @joeywa on Twitter @joeywa_44 for complete play by play but yes sir currently middle of 5 Texas 8 Rice 1 in Houston
  2. Even though they come out with some questions unanswered I think if you offered DP 2 out of 3 with a dominate Friday out of Elder he would take it and run to the home opener. Oops edited to add I forgot about Rice in Houston on Tuesday
  3. Anytime someone brings up the name Omar Quintanilla I’m obligated to tell the story of the time Tommy Harmon cussed me and former Longhorn Scotty Pugh out for deciding to walk him every at bat in playoff series in 2000. He was a man amongst boys at the High School level. We kindly thanked Tommy for coming and watching us play and continuing the recruitment of him, but then also reminded him that we won the series and advanced. For the record he hit 19 out of 20 swings out of our ballpark in BP on Thursday dimensions from left to right 350, 385, 410, 380, 345
  4. Absolutely the correct move by DP to get Elder when he did you can’t allow him face the go ahead run. He pitched so well he deserved better than the ND but still what an outing out of the gate.
  5. When Bear is drinking Dos XX it’s a great night for the Longhorn 9.
  6. Leger is as good a left hander as you will see anywhere in the country
  7. Johnstark23

    New Baseball look for 2019

    It’s the most wonderful day of the year. Go get’em boys hit em where they ain’t.
  8. Johnstark23

    Shout out to John Stark

    Thanks @joeywa as much as I’ve loved all my time playing, coaching and just being around the game of baseball, I can honestly say that the experiences I’ve had coaching and being around beep baseball is the most rewarding I’ve had in the game. It’s not easy (from having to raise 15-20k per year to pay for it, to driving back and forth to Fort Worth every Friday and Saturday to pick up players to teaching how to hit and play defense with no sight)but the stories I can tell will make you laugh and cry at the same time.
  9. Johnstark23

    New Baseball look for 2019

    Is it just me but does it feel weird that it’s a road opener. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I can’t remember too many.
  10. Johnstark23

    How Baylor Happened

    How Kendall keeps getting jobs I’ll never understand. Briles was a csucker in Stephenville and is still to this day. Level 1
  11. Johnstark23

    UT Baseball Alumni Game Thread

    Just now watching... daughter’s 10 birthday soirée and extravaganza is next weekend... Henley only threw one decent slider looked like he was trying to steer if and feel for it too much rather than throwing it. Got to settle in and be the MAN.
  12. Johnstark23

    Baseball 2019 Q&A

    To follow up on @joeywa last year there was no reason to throw Zubia a fastball it was proven he couldn’t handle even a mediocre breaking ball... however if he has learned a little patience and that the ball carries well on to Comal Street he has a chance to be really special in the middle of the order.
  13. Johnstark23

    Baseball 2019 Q&A

    Just quickly 1. Going to be hard to replace the kid that hit in the 3 hole and played second base, not just production wise but also in then clubhouse. Hamilton and his scooter isn’t going to help matters much but it will be a group effort. 2. Henley will have a chance to be the Friday night guy. I would like to see Cam Fields close personally, that young man had some electric stuff and throws Fn hard and heavy. 4. Talent is there it’s just young going to have to mature. Going to be some growing pains especially in early March that’s the best schedule in the country.
  14. Johnstark23

    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    To quote the great @Bear19 F AGGY