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  1. Pierce has done it at Texas with the pieces of a team that 25-32 the year prior to his arrival. This guy can coach and has been successful here. Remember people wanted to run Augie out of town the first time they saw Jeff Ontiveras bunt... this team has been more snakebit than any I can remember and still can win the conference. Let’s tap the breaks on the David Pierce is Shaka Smart.
  2. To quote the great Harry Doyle “1 hit? 1 g()dd@mn hit. That’s all we got?” Its about time you get your ass back in the captains chair Joeywa and go on a run. I’m holding you personally responsible. If you hadn’t have gone off to sip mai tai cocktails and work on your tan, this team would still be on its run. Now sing a rousing stanza of Oh Canada embrace your homeland and steer us to a win.
  3. Hey @Donald J Boyles does Sam Carpenter still run the Mustangs or did he give it up?
  4. Gonna have to rebuild him in Tuesday’s for awhile. It’s all between the ears with that young man it isn’t physical his velo looks ok. At least on my phone as I’m driving down highway 36
  5. I actually disagree with Fields being solid this year. He’s been ok in low leverage situations but has blown a couple of saves and not performed well in high leverage situations. He has been overthrowing the ball under pressure. Great kid great family and hope he gets it right between the ears but let’s not use Quintanilla for two innings on a Wednesday anymore.
  6. Or Meth. He seems like a meth dealer TBH.
  7. What TB14 said. That is an elite staff in Lubbock, but what was encouraging to me and @joeywa mentioned on Twitter 0 errors and held Tech to 9 runs for the weekend. That team will hit and score runs as Tadlock is one of the best hitting guys in the country. Also and sometimes certain teams and players just have great success against you no matter what...I mean Geno Petralli owned Roger Clemens for goodness sakes
  8. Just think about this Abilene Christian is in The University of Texas is in the NIT.
  9. Not sure I would teach Whelan’s motion it’s the walking definition of herky jerky but my lord I love his fire. He’s a gritty little sucker. Glad he’s on our side.
  10. And this is why Sunday is such a big deal in college baseball. Here come the Winstripe uniforms and as meatloaf once said 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
  11. McCann being back is huge. I really like his work, but where his bruising is is why they are called the tools of ignorance.
  12. At least we are one step closer to this season being over.
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