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  1. Interesting on Reynolds as he has no leverage after this season. Hamilton waiting being so much over slot leads me to think he might comeback. He would have two years left by taking the shirt this year.
  2. Congratulations sir. Daughters are amazing... as you already know, they come out of the womb knowing how to wrap you around there little finger
  3. Wow they found some extra money somewhere that’s a lot for someone coming off an injury that had some questions anyway. Take that and run DHam
  4. Both of those slots are around 150k... Henley should probably go ahead senior year players don’t have much leverage. Hamilton still has two years left so he could comeback after the injury.
  5. I’m beginning to think this is an entitlement issue.
  6. Staff discussion on this in the 2020 recruiting thread.
  7. Taylor Estes at 24/7 reported this over the weekend. It is not behind the pay wall so I will post the link. Essentially she says he might or might not but is thinking about it. https://247sports.com/college/texas/Article/Texas-Longhorns-Bru-McCoy-transfer-Texas-to-USC-Trojans-132351839/Amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  8. I think this year is the fluke to be honest with you Bear. I agree this season has turned into the most god awful shit show I have ever seen. A lot of that is on Pierce, the rest is on the roster. There isn’t anybody in that dugout that is built to grab this team by the throat and drag it across the line. I’m not making excuses for the staff but losing late makes me question the size of the balls in the locker room. At least I had Beep Baseball this weekend... we went 2-2 against the number 3, 5, 6, & 18 teams in the country. Including a last inning 3 run rally to beat number 6.
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