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  1. That’s ok Half-Baked we can’t stand you either.
  2. Who's ready?

    You only get to dog pile 1 time and 1 place
  3. 2018 Texas Baseball Preview: Infield

    Clemens is going to have to catch the ball at third. I would have preferred Reynolds stay there cause that kid can pick it. Hamilton can get it at short.
  4. 2018 Texas Baseball Preview: The Bullpen

    Kendall Rogers and the guys at D1 baseball have us in their preseason projections as a 2 in the Dallas Baptist region.
  5. Baseball-Game Times Announced

    Really couldn’t they just give us the Zeke and Zonk show and left Lowell in the parking lot.
  6. *****Texas vs. Missouri Game Thread*****

    Dude Aaron you’ve been around most of us awhile now, I don’t think cool describes most of these cats. Except @joeywa he has that cool Canadia thing going eh
  7. *****Texas vs. Missouri Game Thread*****

    Thanks Joeywa
  8. *****Texas vs. Missouri Game Thread*****

    Somebody go to the store for Bear. Got to make sure he stays with it.
  9. Joey Wa & McPhaul

    The real reason is because the interwebz in Canada doesn’t actually work in the winter eh. He’s to busy drinking Molson and chasing moose off his lawn.
  10. Astros World Series

    Two sweetest words in Baseball, but also the two saddest Game 7
  11. Dear Echeese . . . . .

    Happy Birthday Chuck
  12. Was driving back from corpus during the game today. Was it the Zeke and Zonk show on LHN?
  13. Astros World Series

    5 games next year seems about right given the current climate in baseball
  14. 2018 Texas Baseball Schedule

    Kind of surprised not to see rice back on the schedule
  15. Astros World Series

    I hate Dave Roberts with the fiery passion of 1,000,000 suns. That said I love Kershaw but really want to see the Astros win. They have truly done it the right way, great scouting, player development, and adding a great piece in Verlander at the right time.