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  1. Katy 24 - 21 over GP North Shore.
  2. I don't know anything about the circumstances of the U.I.L. ruling. I don't know the history of Demas. That been said, the article was obviously slanted. It makes you wonder about the writer's objectivity.
  3. In what order do you recommend applying fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed control?
  4. Sounds like the whole aggy team doesn't want to work hard for Jimbo since he stopped practice early the other day for lack of concentration, etc. 😁
  5. Perhaps. Then again, coming from aggy boards, that could be spinning. I wouldn't trust anything from them. Their record of Pinocchios and new discovered national championships speaks for itself. 😊
  6. Randolph, I always look forward to reading your posts. I may not agree, but I know you have put some thought into your post.
  7. This sounds like an indicator of your earlier point of being a bad influence in the locker room.
  8. Today is Darrell Royal's birthday. He was one of my childhood heroes. He loved to hear Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and other song writers sing.
  9. This. People need to quit knee jerking. Acting like ags.
  10. Including you. This is the type of comment one would expect on OB. Let it go.
  11. That is the reason why I refrain from posting things like that because along comes Captain Ignorant. That is also why I am a big fan of @Daniel Seahorn - just the facts ma'am and let's not get ahead of ourselves postings. PS - OB (and even IT at times) could take lessons.
  12. One of the more memorable quotes I remember from a professor (psychiatrist) from Abnormal Psychology class: "One cannot rationalize with an irrational mind." Practicing to yell is all you need to know about their mind set.
  13. I saw all three of those guys on the playoffs. Another player that jumped out as a wow factor was Warren McVea. Watching them play was something you will never forget. To a degree Steve Worster also jumped out during high school playoffs. I am old enough to remember Jimmy Saxton in college. I don't think he gets enough credit for his athletic ability, then again I was young and relying on childhood memories of him playing. Darrell Royal changed his whole offensive system to accommodate Jimmy's ability. Coach Royal said, "Watching him run was like watching the air come out of a balloon." I think he still owns school record for longest punt in a bowl game (73 yards). As I wrote earlier, watching these guys on the field was special.
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