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  • Texas will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, December 1st @ 11:00 AM in Arlington, TX. Game will be televised on ABC
  • Texas Basketball (5-1) loses to Michigan State in title game of Las Vegas Invitational 78-68

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  1. Extremely raw. You can go to YouTube and watch the full game vs. La Marque last season.
  2. Coal Harbour

    ***Super Regional Thread: Tennessee Tech vs Texas***

    I thought Kingham had good stuff today. The third inning was more about location as he was getting ahead 0-2 to most hitters, just caught too much of the plate with pitches after that. Tenn Tech is a good team, but not impossible to get this to a deciding game 3 if Horns take care of business today.
  3. Coal Harbour

    Commitment Spotlight: Brayden Liebrock

    I've learned over the years to ignore TE signings or verbal commits. The position has turned into a "big WR" that is dependent on matching up with undersized slot CB's. Very rarely can a versatile TE put his hand on the ground in a spread offense or tight formation and be an above average blocker. That is why the NFL draft's best TE's are usually guys you haven't heard of. Andrews of OU thrived in college, but fell in the draft b/c of a lack of athleticism and below average blocking technique. Hopefully, UT has a plan for this position and this young man can help, but I'm going to take a wait and see approach based on today's college football trends.
  4. Coal Harbour

    Commitment Spotlight: Tre Watson

    Under the radar move judging by the lack of posts, but a huge addition for the Horns. I'm in the Daniel Young camp as a lead back, but Watson has terrific hands and the RB room needed a veteran badly. Carter's inability to hold onto the football made this type of addition necessary. Ingram may provide an impact his freshman season, but Watson and Young both do the little things well and if both stay healthy, this should be the best shape the UT backfield has been in dating back awhile. Hook em!
  5. Coal Harbour

    Review of Dallas' Draft

    Sky is the limit for Vander Esch. Has uncommon size and length and is so comfortable in coverage. Now that this his job 24/7, he should continue to get stronger. I think there will be packages and situations where he will start year 1 as Dallas rolled out several 3 LB sets last season instead of the nickel back. Connor Williams must prove that he is pre-injury productive; if so, he will move inside to OG and Collins can stay at OT with FA Cameron Flemming as the swing backup at both OT spots. On the fence on Gallup. He may flash year 1, but don't see consistent production of any kind. I like his ability to separate quickly vs CB's, this should help his maturation greatly and unlike many other WR's taken ahead of him, has reliable strong hands. Only time will tell, but hoping 4 or 5 of these kids stick.
  6. Coal Harbour

    ***** NFL DRAFT THREAD *****

    I love the Vander Esch pick from Dallas. This is the player I hoped would be there and the Cowboys didn't get caught up in the "we need a WR" narrative and pick from a group that don't belong in the first round. Evans from Bama would have been fine, but I believe Vander Esch is much better in coverage which is where the league is headed. I've read that some are concerned about Vander Esch's strength, the same was said about Sean Lee coming out of Penn State. Once this is his job 24/7, strength won't be an issue.
  7. Coal Harbour

    Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    Dallas and Seattle talking Earl Thomas to the Cowboys for a 2nd round pick (50). Seattle apparently has agreed, but Dallas is wanting to see if they can work out an extension with Earl before consummating the trade. Earl would be the first true star in the secondary that the Cowboys have had since Darren Woodson. I hope Earl is coming home. Hook em!
  8. Coal Harbour

    Spring Game Takeaways and Observations

    I'm just not sure this offense can be explosive enough to challenge for a Big XII Championship. Both QB's don't push the ball vertically as evident by the Yards/Attempt being 7.0 or lower for both last season. This means that the offense can afford no mistakes and most likely sets up multiple 3rd down conversion attempts to maintain possession. A running game would help, and I do believe Daniel Young is a good player, but the OL is still suspect unless Anderson and Grandy become top flight starters. I think the defense will be good, as Orlando's scheme is the closest in the conference that resembles a NFL type scheme. UT has recruited that side of the ball very well, I just hope its not wasted with a poor offense.
  9. Coal Harbour

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    OU had an outstanding weekend via the verbal commits from top flight recruits. Texas, Texas A&M and OU should rule the lone star state for awhile, but UT better start producing wins on the field or momentum can stop. Hoping for 9 wins this year and that should show recruits that things are headed in the right direction.
  10. Coal Harbour

    Storylines to Watch as Texas Begins Spring Practice

    I hate to be "that guy" and I apologize if the content is embedded in another thread, but the lack of Spring practice reporting by this site is surprising and leaves me having to look to other sites and newspaper outlets for practice news. I love HornSports, but I'm certainly disappointed this time of the year.
  11. Coal Harbour

    Way too early predictions - Longhorns

    History has shown you must have a generational type QB if the OLine is just above average or a game manager type behind a top 5 OLine with playmakers around the QB. UT has neither scenario working in its favor. Consistency on offense will continue to be a struggle and despite the best efforts of the defense, UT will more than likely drop a few games this season, but remain in the Big XII race b/c of the average nature of the conference.
  12. Coal Harbour

    Commitment Spotlight: Stud LB De'Gabriel Floyd chooses Texas

    The biggest plus for me is that he plays multiple positions on offense, which shows he has ball skills. Today's LB's vs. spread offenses need to be good in space and he looks very comfortable in space judging from the video. Nice pickup for the Horns.
  13. Coal Harbour

    Texas Hooks Graduate Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    Huge get, hook em!
  14. Coal Harbour

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I respectfully disagree. Before the knee injury, Glass was the best player in the class. There was no comparison in athleticism between Porter and Glass as the latter was a couple of tiers above Porter. Glass wasn't the same runner last season coming off the knee injury, but as the season progressed, started to close in on his previous form. I think with another off-season removed from the injury, people will once again see what all the buzz was about. Glass has a chance to be special IMO and hope UT lands the young man.