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  1. Orlando to stick with Texas

    IMO, this will be more important than going to a bowl. We finally have an elite defense again and we really, really need to maintain that until the offense catches up. Losing Orlando to a HC job has been my fear for awhile now. Pay him as much as Herman, whatever it takes, just keep him as long as we can.
  2. If the review officials can call a penalty with no flag thrown on the field, why couldn't they do the same when Hager was facemasked?
  3. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss To TCU

    Certainly agree with that, but please, no more "trick" plays.
  4. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    O U Suckers must be telling recruits that Orlando will be gone next year.
  5. Who's Starting QB vs Baylor???

    Whoever hands the ball off, I just want to see them stop trying to run Warren wide and Porter up the middle.
  6. Depth Chart Note For OSU

    Not to mention his hands coming across CJ's facemask and turning his head slightly.
  7. 5 Thoughts Following The Win Over KSU

    Purple Wizard vs Orange Wizard? Purple is okay, but I LOVE orange.
  8. 5 Thoughts Following The Win Over KSU

    Was this the same guy who said that blocking should be illegal unless both players are going in the same direction?
  9. OT: Las Vegas Shooting

    Thank you very much, my friends. Your kind words and prayers are truly appreciated. As one who's been there, my intent was simply to offer prayers of comfort and understanding for the grieving families as you and others have done for us. Love you guys. (And Java, and Sho, and SFLonghorngirl...wherever you are...)
  10. OT: Las Vegas Shooting

    Our only child was raped and murdered a few years back. Your heart is ripped right out of you. There is no way to lose a child that's easier than any other. She was raised a Christian, and I believe with all my heart that she is with God and happier than she ever could be on Earth. I stand firm on this belief, for it is what keeps me going and gives me hope that one day we'll be together again. So I pray for the families who lost loved ones, that they, too, turn to God for strength and guidance in their time of need.
  11. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I agree, Sho. Yes, the O-line is in shambles now, but it's the play calling that worries me most. We've gone into every game so far hearing that we're going to establish the run first, then we abandon that plan after the first series.
  12. *****TEXAS vs. IOWA STATE Game Thread*****

    Yeah, that's when I put the game on pause and fixed a drink to calm down. Three trick plays in a row. No one would expect Porter to get the ball 3 times at the one yard line, right? Of course, the O-line couldn't punch a hole in a wet paper bag, but at least a 250# power back should help move the pile in the right direction. That being said, except for the touchdown run, CW was pretty much gang tackled all night. But what happened to the plan of wearing the defense out with a heavy dose of Warren until they got tired tackling him? Give him the ball enough and he'll start breaking some of those tackles. As for quarterbacks, a healthy Shane as backup is better than no backup for Sam when Shane goes down long term. The kid is tough, but he's taking a beating.
  13. *****TEXAS vs. IOWA STATE Game Thread*****

    Maybe he should... He's a great run-stopper.(Porter)
  14. Piggies vs ags

    That's one of the saddest stories I ever heard, SHA. They removed one tumor and another one walks through the door...
  15. Toneil Carter's skill trainer..and bag man ?

    Maybe blocking is the issue. Blocking by the running backs is more important now than ever, with our porous O line. O line depletion is bad enough, we sure can't afford to lose our quarterbacks.