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  1. UTfish

    Football practices - any info?

    Is this covered by your medical malpractice insurance if the season doesn't go as planned?
  2. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Do you get chills and fever and hallucinations of 300# D linemen crashing in on you with this preseasonitus? Maybe you should see doclonghorn.
  3. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Absolutely right, Java, but there was more accountability then than there seems to be now....just look at the journalism (with the exception of the Hornsports staff). Look at the damage they can do with an unsubstantiated report, and what does it really cost them? Loss of credibility by some, while others accept what they say without question because they want to believe it's true.
  4. UTfish

    John Bonney and Eric Cuffee to transfer

    Agree about Carter. Bonney suprises me though. Thought he would see lots of playing time this year.
  5. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    We all wanted Wilson, but he chose another school. Isn't it kinda refreshing though, to see a young man honor his word and try to make the most of it? I admire his loyalty, too, even if I don't like his choice. Hope he does well and we kick his butt in the national championship game.
  6. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Wilson and us, or Wilson and OSU?
  7. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Happy Birthday, texbound, regardless! One of these days they'll be goals, not milestones. Lol
  8. UTfish

    DeMarco Boyd Suspended Indefinitely

    I hear you, Dillo, but we don't know what was in his head at the time. The kids are taught to love and protect their family of brothers, and DeMarco might have overreacted emotionally out of fear that his brother had been hurt. Certainly not good, especially with his size and strength, but different than a thug act if that was the case, IMO.
  9. UTfish

    Not good

    Maybe it's my phone, but I couldn't get the volume up loud enough. What did he say?
  10. UTfish

    Forum Mobile Interface Issue

    This may sound too simple, but have you tried turning your phone off, then back on? Mine does crazy things sometime and often, that helps.
  11. UTfish

    My Take On The DeShon Elliott Stuff...

    My guess is that there may have been some borderline team violations at the pool party. Some of the players may have thought it was no big deal. The coaches thought it was. Deshon may have been on the hot seat for awhile and some may have been warned to stay clear until things cooled down. Strictly a family matter. We probably will never know. Unfortunately, SHO is right about ammo for the competition. I also agree with Java that there may have been more personal reasons involved with his rant. Just win starting in September.
  12. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    (Yawn)...reading makes me sleepy. Free trip to the Himalayas to meet Yeti in person?
  13. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    So, you're saying 'bama?
  14. UTfish

    Edwin Freeman Transferring

    I thought he showed a lot of potential at times, but maybe he just wasn't "Big 12 good enough". Lol. He could go to aggy and be a star in the sec. Seriously, though, he's a good young man and I appreciate what he gave to us and I really do wish him well. Thanks, Edwin.
  15. UTfish

    Edwin Freeman Transferring

    You may be right, but I read somewhere that he was projected to be a starter this year. Really hate to lose him, but wish him well.