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  1. What post? What question, Daniel? My battery must have gone dead.
  2. Was thinking the same thing, but you got to it "earlier".
  3. Chris had power once he got to the hole, but as Java said, he was too slow off the ball. That game was also a clinic on poor tackling. Fun to see though, reminded me of Earl shedding tacklers.
  4. May as well hang it up, Bear. You've been out-tech'd...again.
  5. "They told me things that they were going to do and then didn’t do them until after the fact that Alabama offered me and I started to blow up in my recruiting process and I really didn’t respect that too much.” Well, obviously the Texas coaches didn't kiss his young Primadonna rear end enough to please him. Shame on them.
  6. In a head to head comparison, I'll bet our D won't give up 72 points to LSU.
  7. Good to have options, but LB with his speed, leadership and quarterback savvy...? May not have much experience there, but has seen the strengths and weaknesses of the position from the other side. On the other hand, putting Vince Young at any other position would have been a huge mistake.
  8. I agree he should be where he wants to be. I just don't like the misuse of the meaning of commitment.
  9. That's it! Give the girl a scholly to play tennis even if she doesn't know how! Wait...we just lost our tennis coach...
  10. From what I've read before, he was working hard, he just missed his mother. This is a decision he will regret later. We'll be good, USC won't.
  11. I guess he left his heart in San Francisco, or wherever. Don't like it, but I understand it. Always wanted to go to Alaska, but when I did, the prettiest thing I saw on the trip was the Texas state line coming home. Difference is that I honored my commitment to stay there till the job was done.
  12. Understand your point, but...he did say he likes Texas. Everyone is not as convinced that Texas is really back like we want to believe. There's still plenty of time to show him (and others) on the field that we are.
  13. Texas is a long way from California. The first year away from home is the hardest...for the kid and the parents. Some handle it well, some don't. May have worked out better if he hadn't enrolled early. Still not a done deal yet.
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