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  1. UTfish

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    More and more money being spent at the college level. High school players represented by agents. Free agency through the portal. Recruiting younger players. College football has become blatant minor league professional. Someday, parents with the right genetics will sign contracts for their future children to play football.
  2. UTfish

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Yeah, right, Daniel. Enough of that sensible thinking. Dalton and I want a new bike for Christmas, and we will continue to be excited about it until we don't get one.
  3. UTfish

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    May have been a conflict in scheduling, but I hope it means that he wants to stay closer to home...like Austin.
  4. UTfish

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    That's why the team with the best defensive backs will win. Hook'em!
  5. Wasn't that a rumor about David Bailey awhile back?
  6. UTfish

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Only one running back?
  7. The latest post on the Caring Bridge site says Derrian started talking the day after he started walking again. He is now in a private room and expects to start pt Tuesday or Thursday. Sounds like he is continuing to improve. Please keep the prayers coming for Derrian.
  8. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    So much for the "Your word is your bond" ideology that we older guys were taught. Sad. Can't blame the kids, the lack of commitment goes both ways. This has really gotten out of control, but who will stop it? The NCAA? I don't think so. Thanks, PD.
  9. Well said. We join you in that prayer.
  10. UTfish

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I hope he does. I think he's just a young man who is really enjoying all the attention and being treated like royalty by some of the top schools in the nation. Yancey will bring him back to earth.
  11. UTfish

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Do well on your covert assignment, and we'll put you on the payroll.
  12. Nah. My lawn looks like that now. It's not that great.
  13. UTfish

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Okay, LAHORN, here's your first assignment as a spy. Turn him to us.
  14. UTfish

    Commitment Spotlight: Bru McCoy

    I would think "family reasons" is accurate. They want the best for him.
  15. UTfish

    Welcome LAHORN

    But you could be... Do you know of any other 5*s you could turn and send this way?