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  1. I really don't care where Jimbo, or Ag & Mech Tech go. We keep winning, they're still irrelevant.
  2. Thank the Lord, the Ahmad Brooks and Lowell Gallindo show is over. Is it just me, or are those two motor mouths annoying to anyone else?
  3. Just thankful that he was held out of spring practice prior to the diagnosis. Apparently he had been playing football with this problem for a while. He must be a really tough young man. Kudos to the Texas coaches and medical staff for taking care of him.
  4. Oh, oh, Coach O, et.al. I hope this is not true, or at least limited in scope so it doesn't include the entire athletic program. I have several close friends who are avid Tiger fans. We are already getting hyped for the game this year.
  5. I agree with this, too, but my point is that I don't think we should assume that all our conference games are going to be a cakewalk except ou.
  6. But our garbage teams were still better their garbage teams. Talentwise, yes. There's a wide gap. But until these younger players display the cohesiveness of the experienced players in the Sugar Bowl, I don't think the gap's that wide. Until then, every game will be a challenge.
  7. February 18, 2019 Journal entry by Jennifer Mcguire — 7 hours ago Everyday Derrian get's stronger and stronger and is setting his own goals and he said that 3 to 4 weeks he is out and ready to run that football for Texas. His first full day of therapy and he ROCKED IT!!! That's my boy!!! DB3 STRONG!!! HE keeps me strong.
  8. Better stick with football. You have a BOOMing voice. Lol
  9. Great news, Daniel, but please stick with "BOOM!", like the Texas cannon. "Bang" sounds too ttechish. Not enough firepower.
  10. I really liked the sub-article in there about Jake Smith comparing him to Christian McCaffery.
  11. More and more money being spent at the college level. High school players represented by agents. Free agency through the portal. Recruiting younger players. College football has become blatant minor league professional. Someday, parents with the right genetics will sign contracts for their future children to play football.
  12. Yeah, right, Daniel. Enough of that sensible thinking. Dalton and I want a new bike for Christmas, and we will continue to be excited about it until we don't get one.
  13. May have been a conflict in scheduling, but I hope it means that he wants to stay closer to home...like Austin.
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