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  1. This is the first time we've heard about it? No update yet?
  2. Daniel, are we going to have the game by game prediction contest again this year?
  3. In all fairness, maybe he really did need to transfer to a school with a higher academic standard in order to pass the SAT. Otherwise, he could end up like Devonaire Clarington, forced to take the Junior College route.
  4. I saw where RB walk-on, Mason Ramirez, got a scholly. I wonder if he’s related to Rene' Ramirez, another pretty dang good running back for UT in the 50's?
  5. We can't quite match your indomitable spirit, Java, but just look at the optimism across the board so far. Not even an 8-4, yet. Sooooo much better than the hand wringing and wailing in the not so distant past. Yes, I'll always remember 2005. To be honest, I was just happy we were in the NC game. I really didn't expect us to beat USC, but we did, didn't we. Let's do it again. Hook'em!
  6. I read that too, on another site. BON said foot sprain, then went on to talk about high ankle sprains, so maybe that's where I got that. Concentration comes hard at my age. Lol Foot or ankle, neither is good.
  7. As I understand it, yes, there is. Heavy taping can help, too. Also read that once a player has had this injury, he is more seceptible to it recurring.
  8. . ...again. Read that return time is uncertain, but hoping for LA Tech. They really need for him to wear braces in practice.
  9. Shackleford had another ankle injury?
  10. I expect some busted coverages early on, and the D will give up some easy TD'S, but the O will carry us while the young backs learn. 11-2
  11. I think he said "We're gonna ge our butts kicked in ATX this year." My wife talks like that now that I'm older.
  12. Well, Houston isn't that far away. Get a job with the team doctor, report what you see to SHA, who will post it, and Bear19 will pay your salary. Problem solved. 😀
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