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  1. Gary Patterson says TCU has never had a problem with AC @ DKR
  2. UPDATE: Texas AD Chris Del Conte Says LSU and La Tech Are Full Of Shit #AirConditionGate
  3. You didn't see any LSU offensive players go down, either.
  4. Up yours, Slingblade Orgeron. Have the LSU trainers stock up on Midol for your out-of-shape defense next time.
  5. I wouldn't sit with those mouth-breathers. Save your money.
  6. You appear to be a needy, high-maintenance attention whore. I'm not sure that's a good fit for Texas Football. You should really consider A&M. You won't win anything with aggy, either, but you'll have plenty of your ilk to commiserate with. https://texags.com/aggie-football
  7. I'll be arriving right before kickoff because my kid has a baseball game @ 4 PM. *groan*
  8. I like the TFH acronym better than CTH. Nice write-up, Cheese.
  9. Wonderful tribute to Cedric Benson by LHN. Nicely done.
  10. Hoff is a transfer from South Carolina whose only offer currently is The Citadel. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/ron-hoff/9gqP418YEea-8KA2nzwbTA/default.htm
  11. 247365 Yes, indeed, that is the theme of this particular thread.
  12. Yep Slow to read, slow to move, and terrible in pass coverage. More addition by subtraction.
  13. Good kid, but Hager was a liability against the run. I expect Graham to be a significant upgrade as starting DE.
  14. Is there a better name in NCAA golf than Cole Hammer? It's almost as Texan as Colt McCoy.
  15. Furk Still relevant, but I've gotta start checking the fine print before retweeting articles from ESPN.
  16. It's gotta be Concordia Lutheran. They're a TAPPS 6A program, so the competition won't be too bad. Easier than UIL 6A, but it's better than not playing.
  17. What private schools in north Houston are viable given Demas' economic circumstances? Any award athletic scholarships like All Saints and Bishop Lynch?
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