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  1. C'mon, Dee We're the "burnt orange sleeping GIANT" of NCAA hoops. Kinda like aggy in every sport.
  2. The Patterson Curse lives on with Shaka's shit-shows.... CDC can't be happy with his performance.
  3. Don't overlook the prestigious NIT Tourney, hater!
  4. I think they're probably right. BMDs don't care enough about hoops to make an expensive change. It'll happen before the new gym opens, IMO.
  5. Welp Just another reason not to get too excited about verbal commitments.
  6. VY didn't even bother to show up to work, from what I've read. UT gives him a cushy PR job and he can't be bothered to actually do it. Good riddance. He'll get no sympathy from me.
  7. The problem with allowing "student-athletes" the opportunity to monetize their likeness is this - it opens up a HUGE can of worms. University X can promise obscene royalties for merchandise sales in advance on the down low. Come to UT and you'll sell a helluva lot more Sam E t-shirts and whatnot. Just appreciate your free education, room & board, meals, swag, etc. while you're at UT, Sam.
  8. That's unfortunate because it gives ignorant fans the illusion that Shaka coached 'em up to the Tourney. Big 12 is a tough league, but still...we're not a good team.
  9. Hilarious, but WTF does this have to do with Lil' Kyler?
  10. At this point, UT probably only gets into The Dance if they win the Big 12 Tourney. Spares us another one & done. NIT, here we come!
  11. Footwork looked more like a guard's, too, from his HUDL. But, great to get another coveted BIG BODY for the OL. #fUTure19
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