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  1. aggy's stock response is, "Everybody cheats, including holier-than-thou tu." My retort? "So you're saying only the brazenly incompetent or stupid get caught?"
  2. F 'em I guess HS just wants more activity.
  3. Are you HS mods asleep at the wheel or are you happy with a bot taking over the Burnt Orange Board? I smell aggy at work. Maybe they've finally upgraded their computer science department to allow for this level of aggy douchebaggery...er...shenanigans? IMO, it's annoying
  4. "...headed into the football desert." doesn't sound like a good thing. But, I agree with your assessments of the offense and defense. It'll be fun to watch a few of these much-ballyhooed newbies; Coburn, Eagles, etc.
  5. Go get 'em, Tom and Judicial Watch! Inquiring minds wanna know why aggy is sponsored by Middle East terrorists.
  6. I had some 0u alum/fan tell me today that "more gooners/okies served and died in the World Wars than any other university in the country". He sounded just like aggy. Kindred spirits, perhaps? Paging Randy Duke.....
  7. aggy says, "Slocum is better than no cum". Whoop!
  8. Only aggy would pay thru the ass for a non-rev, women's sport. Foolishness
  9. https://twitter.com/LongHornFrenzy/status/1119625417868988417
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