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  1. Sean Adams

  2. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    College Football's 10 Most Disappointing Teams 1. TEXAS A&M
  3. The natives are indeed restless already! Too soon? http://fireherman.com/ Petition We true Longhorn Alumni ask you to sign our petition to remove Tom Herman from his position as head coach. It's clear that we've replaced a bad coach with a terrible coach. Let's allow the University to perform an uninhibited six-month search for a new coach and MOVE ON!
  4. Wisdom from Urban Meyer

  5. Wisdom from Urban Meyer

    Urban Meyer driven 'insane' by Herman, Muschamp blaming inherited players The Ohio State coach believes, once you take over a team, there's no one to blame but yourself
  6. Aggy just blew a 34 pt lead, lost

    Relive and savor the aggy tears from this highlight reel
  7. Pissed Off

    Angry people win football games. Maybe these Longhorns are just too damn nice.
  8. My Thoughts Following The Maryland Debacle

    Really? That's too bad. He played his ass off for UMD.
  9. Friday Night Lights – Week 2

    Yet another good TXHSFB write up, SHA. Hey, I sent you a PM. Lemme know if you're interested in getting a closer look at a good game on Friday. Oh...and a HS kid moving to follow his OC to another high school? Good grief...that's ridiculous and more than a little surprising.
  10. My Thoughts Following The Maryland Debacle

    The B1G East is actually the better of their two divisions with Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State, but yeah. Maryland was a bottom-feeder. We single-handedly added "Piggy" to the Heisman watch list.
  11. Not Afraid to Say Heard Should Be Playing QB

    Buechele ain't our biggest problem on offense - the right side's pass protection is - but, yeah. I don't understand why Heard wasn't given a longer look at QB this spring if TFH really wanted a dual-threat QB. Isn't he supposed to be some kinda QB whisperer? Just sayin' - Boo will never be a credible running threat.