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  1. utparothed

    Not good

  2. I talked to seven members of the norman media today and they're still reporting that Texas hasn't fallen into the Gulf because oklahoma sucks!
  3. I hate to be the grammar police but WTF? "Hay Buford I fynalee past english and graduwaited frum a an m?"
  4. "I haven't taken the time to watch film on the Texas recruits so I really don't know what the f*** I'm talking about but isn't ignorance one of the many things that make us all aggy??"
  5. utparothed

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Doesn't he know that Texas already has Houston?!?
  6. utparothed

    June Landscapes – All About the Lawn!

    Cotton burr compost doesn't sound like anything that Lowe's, Home Depot or the Houston Garden Center carries (especially those that are around me...they suck). Any suggestions on the type of place that might carry it?
  7. utparothed

    June Landscapes – All About the Lawn!

    I have big dogs, mastiffs, who have made big dog paths in my backyard that I'd like to fix if possible. Is there a way to get grass growing in that area again?
  8. utparothed

    The Dead Period Hang Out

    I had one of the old aggy joke books when I was a kid and thought it was hilarious!! here are the only four that I can remember...they're not the funniest from the book but I couldn't stop laughing when I was 10. Did you hear about the aggy who picked his nose so much that his head caved in? How do you break an aggy's finger? Punch him in the nose Did you hear about the aggy who drank so much Fresca he snowed in his pants? Did you hear about the aggy glowworm who made love to the lit end of a cigarette?
  9. utparothed

    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    aggy is 0-7 against LSU since they joined the SEC...
  10. utparothed

    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Is this the same Myles Garrett who led the 102 ranked aggy defense to a 3-5 conference record in 2014, the 51st ranked defense to a 4-4 conference record in 2015 and the 90th ranked defense to another 4-4 conference record in 2016? Didn't he play defense for the 0-16 Browns last year? What does he know about getting wins?
  11. This is what an aggy education gets you. My dog has better grammar...
  12. utparothed

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Is there any talk about a committed player(s) starting the aggy decomit season?